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MUHARRAM-Sohbets von Maulana 1.Teil

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

Here are my details for anybody who appreciates my work and likes to support me :

Maud-Alexandra Siegel

SPARKASSE Bochum; Account Nr: 120 313 89; Bank code: 430 500 01

The IBAN is: DE 19 4305 0001 0120 3138 95


OR: Via PayPal and my email address: Khairiyah.Siegel (at)

OR: Via cashiers-cheque to: Maud-Alexandra Siegel (Khairiyah)

c/o Sheikh Nazim


Thank you very much! May Allah bless you and give more!

Sohbets by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani

1425; from March 2004 onward

Muharram: March 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 1oth, 11th, 13th

3rd The importance of association - Look after yourself to learn about your identity and your mission!- Our oath from the Day of Promises: To work for Allah’s servanthood!- Leave devils and be with the friends of Allah- Clean yourself and everywhere- Who is with Allah always will be victorious

4th Heavenly Orders are for our benefit, bringing satisfaction, lights and peace- Laziness: the unchangeable characteristic of egos- the new Methab of youngsters: No responsibility, only playing- Democracy= Shaitan’s trick to prevent peace among people- who is not praying, must face troubles always

6th Real knowledge is that which brings you closer to the divine Presence and brings you perfection- people are learning to reach more from Dunya- the whole existence is only by Allah’s Order in existence or in non-existence- people leave servanthood to Allah and worship Shaitan and become trouble maker- people are drowned in problem oceans and take drugs not to feel their pain- ask for true ones if you ask a peaceful life and learn form them real knowledge, even if you must look for them in China

8th Lucky one is he whose heart is prepared and open for angels to land on it and to receive inspirations and light that spreads through one’s whole being- not everyone can reach Heavens without a mediator- Prophets were sent to take people to their heavenly stations- La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah opens hearts - belief takes you from darkness and fear to heavenly Lights and peace- people in the 21st century are in the darkness and fear of unbelief- electricity is light outside of the heart, not giving benefit- everyone who is a trouble maker for himself or for others will suffer- only some selected people will be in the spiritual station of peace and will not suffer- come to the enlightened and peaceful land

1oth Thinking is the key for understanding about the Creator and about ourselves- Mothers’ milk becomes all organs of a baby’s body- With maturity comes the understanding of what it means to be a boy or a girl- Shaitan is after the youth to cheat them- Learning must begin with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim- first learn the holy Commands of Allah, then learn a handcraft-

Muslims run to the West only for money- We are calling people to Allah and peace is to be with Allah

11th Passed generations were also mostly running after this world’s treasures but never reaching- everything that is passed becomes imagination, but reality is stable and never changes- everything is going to be changed, because it has no reality- we live in imagination and we struggle until we reach Allah’s Unity Oceans- every appearance is going back to the Ocean of non-existence- people are asking to reach something every day and they are loosing the day they are in- running after Dunya is like running after a mirage- only Prophets and their followers turned from imagination to reality, the Existence of the Lord

13th Everyone of the 7 days of the week has a speciality- changing is written for the whole of creation, but the Creator never changed- people try to bring the Creator down to their minds understanding level, but finally they realize that it is impossible to know Him- the best action is to increase one’s knowledge about Him- with the knowledge about Him, His perfection, power an glory our respect towards Him increases- two Rakaats of the Prophet are more valuable than all creatures glorifying of Allah


Wednesday, 3rd

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Long time I am not coming here ( to the Dergah) and I am in need for a rest, (but) today our South African brothers and sisters (are) coming from the end of Africa, last point…

Our Imam that he is the most important pillar through (the) most distinguished Naqshbandi Order, Shah Bahaudin Naqshband, he was saying that our Tariqat is just built on association with Sheikh. And if (the) Sheikh is not ready, (then with those) whom they have been authorized through (the) Sheikh to speak (to) people, to make association with people. (Association) must be, even (for) a short time. If you can find a (period of) time (as long as) that (in it) you can be able to milk two sheep- that make take 5 minutes- you must not leave association. If two brothers or sisters are coming together and (they) can’t do anything, but (they) may say, one of them: “Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah”, and (the) second (one) may say: “wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadun Rasulullah sws. Ya Rabb, keep us on this real belief”, that (for) who (is) keeping this He (Almighty) may open His Paradise entrance. No one can be able to enter Paradise without using that key, the key of Heavens.

The key of Paradise- what is that? “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah”, and to say: “I am witnessing the Oneness and the Existence of Allah Almighty, Who created everything and (Who is) giving to everything what they may be in need. Nothing can be hidden from Allah, impossible, because everything He created. If He created (everything), how He is not going to know? No one can be in existence, if Allah Almighty (is) not putting that one in existence.

Therefore we may say: “Oh, this atmosphere is full with atoms. We are breathing- what (is) coming in it and what (is) coming out, how we can know?” Must know! (It) can’t be hidden. If it is hidden (it) means (It is) not coming in existence. Don’t use your balance (material measures) for Allah, no! He is the Creator, He is the Lord of everyone, (of) everything in existence, and everything (is) saying: “O my Lord, glory to You!” Everything (is) glorifying Allah and He is knowing. Subhanallah! Don’t use your balance for understanding Allah Almighty, no! Leave Him- even you can’t understand a real being from an ant. (And) leave it- you are knowing yourself? You are knowing yourself, who are you? You may say: “I am Sheikh X..” “From where?” “From Germany.” That is your identity! You know nothing else about yourself? Who are you? You are different from that one, and he is different from that one- everyone has a special condition, a special foundation, a special identity. You are one, (there) can’t be (a) second one as you. Who are you? How you came? How you are living? How you are living this life? From where you came? You think from the womb of your mother (you are) coming? How you entered in it and coming out? Who are you?!

Today you are here, (but) tomorrow coming someone else, you are disappearing. 1oo years ago no one from here (was) in appearance, in existence here. Now we are in existence, (but) tomorrow, that means (in the) coming 5o years, or 6o years, or 1oo years no one (is) going to be…How (it) happened? So many millions of people lived on (the) same area- where they are? They are becoming imagination, no reality (for them).

But (there) must be something from reality that (they are) coming and living here and (then) leaving this life and going away. Must be something! Through that imagination (there) must be one point that belongs to reality. What is that? Man through (the) 21st century (they) are not leaving the way of heedless people! They are leaving themselves and (they are) running through nature or through space and spend huge amounts of money and energy and effort

asking to go to space. They are making such instruments, rockets, saying: “We are going to reach to (the) comet.” “Which comet?” “Any comet. We are asking to reach there.” “You are reaching through your eyes?” “No, we are putting some instruments to look on behalf of ourselves.” “Your eyes (are) much more important or your instruments? What you are asking?” “We are trying to reach know the beginning of space, of our earth.”

Ma sha Allah! So foolish people! “What you are going to know? And everything had been sent from Heavens to know it! Why not looking through the messages that the Creator of space and universe sent to you to look and to learn? What you are going to say?” They say: “(The) Big-Bang(-theory) (is) just getting older and (it is) getting to be out of time, going to be useless. We must try to occupy (the) minds of people with another theory! (So) we are saying: Oh, we looked (and saw) that comets that they are making such planets everywhere they are going, and they are bringing new born world planets.”

What happened? We are riding on camel to take this new planets for yourself? Registering on Americans or Russians? American rockets (are) going straight, Russian (rockets are) going like this and coming on them…therefore (the) Russians (are) very unhappy, (wondering): “Why (this happened)?” After a while also American rockets (are) going to disappear…

Look through yourself! Ask yourself! Why occupying yourself with nonsense things? “Who are you?” I am asking, (and): “What is your mission?” You know it or now when sending this rocket up? No! Look after yourself to learn your identity and mission!

But people (are) working for Shaitan! 1oo % people (are) working for Shaitan now! You can’t find a person working for Allah. Perhaps through one million you may find 1o or 1oo, but others are all working for Shaitan. That is the source of troubles on earth, because Shaitan (is) trying to give trouble and (the) first trouble-maker (ever) was Shaitan. When Allah Almighty (was) ordering for Sajdah and he was refusing, (he was) making (the) first trouble through (the) heavenly existence, making angels and every creature there not to be happy, because he did a trouble. And he continues up today (to make trouble) and he is going to make that trouble up to the end of this life (on earth).

Therefore every trouble (is) coming from Shaitan and every trouble that people fall in it (and all) unsolved problems (come) after Shaitan. Shaitan (is) teaching (people) and as long as people (are) working for Shaitan they are not reaching a peace on earth until (the) earth (is) going to be destroyed with these people. As Allah destroyed the nation of Noah with (the) flood, (He is) going to destroy whole Shaitan’s workers. When they are destroyed our planet is going to be clean. Then, when (it is) clean, (it) means (that) people on earth should work for Allah, because (that was) our oath (on) the Day of Promises: “O our Lord, we are going to work for Your servanthood. We are not going to work for anyone else.”

That is our oath! Now everyone (is) forgetting this and (they are) changing and saying: “We are working for Shaitan.” May Allah forgive us!

O people! Save yourself from the hands of devils that (they) are all representatives of Shaitan. Leave them; don’t give (them) any support! Don’t give your support! If you give, you fall in sufferings and miseries! Come to the friends of Allah! Try to be with them to save yourself, to be clean and to try to clean (everywhere) from East to West, from North to South. Allah Almighty (is) promising: “Who is trying to do this, I am his Supporter!” Don’t worry that you are (only a) handful (of) people. (It) doesn’t matter! If Allah (is) with you, you are victorious, (you are) never going to be defeated, always (you are a) winner. Who is with Allah (is) always (a) winner and victorious! We are humbly asking (this) from our Lord Almighty Allah!

For the honour of the most honoured one His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…It is difficult, but it is the best way for our lives…

Thursday, 4th

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ’Azim…Meded ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded ya Rijalallah, Meded ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…

As-salamu alaikum! When Salam just left, coming troubles…

Islam coming with its perfection; every command (in Islam) is a way to perfection. Commands (are) going to be for acting something or for leaving something, (and) every command (is) making a way to perfection. From outlooking that is servanthood. Servanthood (is) for our Lord, but (the) benefit (of it is) for ourselves, because Allah Almighty is not in need (of) benefit. When He is creating, He is not asking any benefit from His creatures. Creatures (are) waiting (benefit) from Him, (but) He is not waiting (for) anything (from His creatures). If (they are) glorifying Allah Almighty- He is (already) glorified from eternal up to eternal. Glory (is) from His divinely Attributes. Through His Glory Oceans whole creatures’ glorifying is only (like) such a small spot through an endless ocean. Everything that you are doing is in limits and what He has is unlimited. You may imagine whole creatures’ glorifying bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger- but it is only (like) this (pot)… you can imagine this pot to be 1o times, 1oo times, 1ooo times, million, trillion times big, big, big- but what is in it, is in limits. (It is) in this pot, (and) around (it there is an) unlimited ocean…

Therefore every command that (is) ordering to you: “Do this”, try to keep it! Don’t be lazy, don’t follow your ego! Because ‘atalet’, laziness is (the) unchangeable characteristic for our egos. Unchangeable! Our ego (are) asking to eat and to sleep always (saying:) “Give to me to eat and cover me to sleep!” (This is the) new Methab, (the) new Tariqat of egos, that our youngsters (are) growing up (in it). (The) new generations’ new lifestyle that they like it, (is): “Oh, no work, but give us for eating and drinking”, then: “Put on me something, I am (going) to sleep”, and third: music! Shaitan (was) asking for himself: “You, our Lord, You, the Lord of Heavens. You are giving to Your Prophets (music); (You are) sending to them Holy Books and they are singing with Your Holy Books. I am asking also for me (music), for my followers to be happy with me.” And the Lord of Heavens (was) saying: “Just I gave to you whole singers, (whole) musical people, that (are) making egos to awake, to get up and to play, to dance and to jump.” Yes, everywhere! Look that Shaitan box (television): 24 hours youngsters (are) jumping, playing, dancing…and these clarinets and trumpets…Ohhh, making (movements with their bodies)…Shaitan very happy! The Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “All for you!”

Whom they are going to be in such a way happy, they should be underground, their eyes’ tears (are) going to be blood and going to be their teeth fire…(This is) coming for them…Whom they are following Shaitanic singings and playing, finally their tears (are) going to be blood and their teeth (are) going to be fire. Audhu bi-llah!

That is (the) new lifestyle that (makes) Shaitan very happy; (he is) finding (the) majority of people to follow him in such a way. ‘Atalet’(, laziness)…(the) nafs, (the) ego, (is) never asking to get up, only because laziness it is (its) real characteristic. And now that bad characteristic (is) just finding for itself (a) very suitable atmosphere. Everywhere people are free they like to be much more lazy, and they are waiting without doing anything to come to them everything for eating, drinking and dressing. That is their new way. Therefore they are going not to carry anything from their responsibility. (That is why) you are looking and seeing (in) every country youngsters (are) running through streets and (they are) asking: “More freedom!” What is more freedom? Or: “More money, salary”, saying: “It is very little, we are asking more!” They are asking only for their egos: a short time to work and to be paid much more. That is their idea: to make, to do, to work as much as possible very short time, but (to get a) high, highest salary. That is (a) trick of Shaitan (in the) whole world. (People are) running through streets, they are saying: “We don’t like this Prime Minister, change him”, running in another country, saying: “We don’t like this President, make him down.” (In) another country (they say): “We must elect another one to give us much more freedom and highest salary.” And so many (of) Shaitan’s representatives (are) saying: “Yes, I am that one! Come after me, I shall give to you highest salary and shortest time for working!” And people (are) running after him: “Ohhh, this is the best one”, “that is the best one”…

But that person, when (he is) sitting on his table after (the) election (he is) finding a book in front of him, saying: “Ohhh, please don’t give what you promised to your electors. Don’t give! If you are giving, you are making them happy, (and) then (it) should be peace through your country. It is not our way to make peace among people! What you promised, don’t look after it! You continue as your predecessor that before he was here he did same thing. You must follow his ways, not what you promised to people, no!”

Then (he is) beginning, (and) one day, one week, one month they are waiting, (but) his promise (is) not coming (true). Then people (are) going to be very angry, saying: “Next election! We are making that one down and we are bringing another one!”…In such a way... That is (the) shaitanic way; (the) democratic system (is) just built on shaitanic principles (that) can’t be changed. Shaitan (is) trying not to give peace to people. Not only through Cyprus, no, everywhere. Shaitan (is) never asking to come peace to countries, to people. No, no, don’t believe!

Therefore we are saying that every heavenly Command is for your benefit; (it is) really bringing you to a peaceful area, to a peaceful life, to an enjoyful life, to an enlightened life, to an excellent life standard- but people are not patient and never believing. (So what is happening) that is their punishment!

Every Command brings to you satisfaction, brings to you lights, brings to you peace! And also everything that the Lord of Heavens (is) preventing you (to do), every forbidden thing, it is against your peaceful life. If you are entering in it, you are loosing (your) peaceful atmosphere, personally and commonly.

O people! Try to keep heavenly Orders, either commands or forbidden things! You should find yourself in (a) Paradise atmosphere here (and) nothing from this life’s troubles can reach to you. You are on (the) safe side; you saved yourself from trouble oceans and you are taken out. But people (are not keeping heavenly orders and) they are getting (in) troubles; endless sufferings (for them) through troubles and sufferings oceans.

For the sake of the most beloved one in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad, peace be upon him… Keep his way and keep the way of Paradise! Who (is) coming (to the) Paradise way, he is never faced with bad things. Whom they are following Paradise way, they are never facing something that (is) hurting themselves physically or spiritually. But those who are leaving (the) Paradise way and coming to (the) shaitanic way, (there is) not any moment (for them) that they should be free from facing bad things. Always they should meet bad things, troubles, sufferings, problems, miseries- everything that it is going to be for Hells people, they should find on that way.

Don’t come and ask me! So many people (are) coming and complaining. I am asking (them): “On which way you are going? You are praying?” “No.” Finished, I am not asking anything else. Ask him! If he is not praying, (say to him:) “Don’t say anything! You are on (the) wrong way and you must carry this. If you are asking to save yourself, come (to the) Paradise way, (and) everything is okay for you. (In Turkish:) When you break up the connection between you and Allah- who is going to help you? One thousand Prophets can’t help you!

Allah forgives us and sends us from His lions, heavenly lions, to take away jackals, wolves, bears and foxes, to take away dragons and devils and to destroy the Sultanate of Shaitan.

For the honour of His most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

Keep it, it is enough for whole nations, for whole Children of Adam! No any other way! No one can speak (against) what we are saying now. It is (the) summary of whole Holy Books. May Allah forgive me…

Saturday, 6th

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded!

It is an association…Professor X.- who is professor? He is that one who, if he (is) asked, may answer for everything. If not, he is not professor…Ya Allah, ya Allah…’Alimna, ya Rabbi! Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…’Ilm, knowledge- if Allah Almighty (is) giving to His servant, he may know. That is ‘ilmu nafia that gives benefit. ‘Ilm must give benefit, it is not a zinat, a decoration, no! ‘Ilm, knowledge, (is) just a grant from Allah Almighty to make a way to His divinely Presence. That is (the) real purpose of knowledge. Why we are learning?

Now people (are) learning only for Dunya. It is not knowledge. Everything that you are studying and learning- what is your target? To reach to Dunya. And you are (already) in Dunya, but you are asking more Dunya, much more. If I have 1o $ today, tomorrow I must reach to 1oo. What is the way to reach to 1oo $? I must look…I am trying to learn the way that I can reach to 1ooo $. Then, Shaitan (is) saying: “No, you must try to reach $ and look what is the way (to it).” Everything, every knowledge that it is not good knowledge (is) from Shaitan. Shaitan (is) teaching people to reach much more from Dunya and (he is) urging them and whipping them. As a car rider (is) whipping horses, Shaitan is whipping people to reach much more from Dunya.

Therefore (the) Prophet was saying: “Allahumma inni asaluka ‘ilman nafian”, asking from Allah Almighty: “O my Lord, I am asking from You real knowledge making me to be much closer to Your divinely Presence.” (And) another prayer from Rasul sws, saying: “Allahumma, inni audhu bika mina ‘ilma la yanfa”, “O my Lord, I am running to you from such learning that makes me to run away from You and to run after Dunya.”

Where is our people now? Whole world? Listening to Allah? Asking Allah or asking Dunya? “Innahum la yuflihun”…If they continue on that way they never reach anything good for them here or Hereafter; they are loosing everything that Allah Almighty (is) promising: (He is) promising His servants eternity, eternal life. But Shaitan (is) calling people to something

that is only going to be imagining.

Now today here (there are) so many people, may be in different ages; may be 1o years, 12, 2o, 3o, 4o, 5o, 6o, 7o, 8o, (that one there) 9o…Yes, so many years passed- now what is remaining with you from so many years? Just you are living in that moment now and after a while this also (is) taken to unexisted worlds, that unexisted means: imagination.

You may do a fire, (and) you may put on (that) fire so many things: from wood, from furniture, so many things you may put on it, and leave (it). After one hour come and see what is remaining there? Ashes, finished, where is that what you put there? And now time (is) taking everything from you, burning, making (it) ashes, and coming a storm and ashes…(get blown all over the place)… and when He is asking, the Lord of Heavens, this globe, our planet, if He is ordering to be explosion from its centre like this…through space- after seconds you never find even atoms, just (gone)… because what (is) keeping (the) atoms in their existence is such an Order, the Order from Allah Almighty, to keep atoms(‘ system:) in center the nucleus and around it (there are the) electrons. To keep this system. If Allah Almighty is not keeping, if His Order (is) not keeping (it), atoms (are) going to disappear. (The) electrons are going away and also (the nucleus) is going away and disappearing.

And (the) whole world also with His Order (only is) keeping each one the other. When His Order is saying: “Leave and go as you are coming from where you are coming. Go, return back” and in seconds, (even) less than seconds, 1/3 (of a second), ¼, 1/5- (it) is going to disappear.

If He is ordering to (the) universe: “Come back in your real position” - that they are (all) coming from (His) Power Oceans- coming and finishing, (and there is going to be) nothing in space, finished, and space (is) remaining in its original situation- dark darkness, nothing in it. If He is ordering, coming this space (to be) full with stars and galaxies and suns. When He orders: “Come (back)! As you came in existence come back” (it is disappearing). And space (is) only a dark darkness. No one is knowing what is space; from where (it is) beginning, up to where (it is) ending and from where (are) coming these things in it, because satanic teaching (is) preventing them to ask or to learn or to teach such things.

Everything (that is) taking (you) away from Allah Almighty is satanic teachings and people now just fell in it. No one is happy now, no one (is) in peace now. Exceptions (are) never changing the general situation. There is exceptions, but it is not commonly. Commonly people are ignorant, they are not learning, and (they are) following Shaitan, shaitanic teachings- ‘ilma la yanfa”, that is some learnings that (are) never giving benefit to their holders here or Hereafter.

Therefore we are asking from Allah Almighty: “Ya Rabbi, let us to reach from Your Grant that You granted to Your respected and honoured servants, Your messengers, particularly the Seal of Prophets, S. Muhammad sws. You granted to him from real knowledge that (is) bringing man in(to) perfection, making them to be Your servants, preparing them for that perfection and to reach their Lord’s pleasement and pleasure. We are asking from that!”

And it is now just closed down and (there are) only satanic teachings around the world, making people to be much more violent, to be much more far away from their real being, to make them to run away (from) what they have been created for- as we (are) created for Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence (to be His) servants. We have been honoured to be for His divinely Presence servants, and (for) servanthood. People they are not learning servanthood for their Creator, for their Lord. They are running to learn satanic knowledge and they are respecting Shaitan and they are (even) worshipping Shaitan. And (that is) everywhere now… When Allah Almighty sent S.Nuh to his nation, (and he was) calling people to Allah , to their Lord, their Creator, they were running away, not accepting. They were saying: “We are knowing our way. Our teachings (are) just opposite (to) your teachings. We are happy with our teachings and (we are) not following you.” And Allah Almighty (was) sending (a) flood on them and everywhere, (on) every step from earth (it was) coming (up) fountains and from up also (was) coming rain and (the) flood was coming and taking they away- everything.

Now it is (the) same, but in another way. Now everywhere you are going there are fountains of troubles and problems- everywhere! Look, (the) whole world (is) full! (On) every step you should find a problem, trouble. People just graduated by Shaitan to be trouble makers- men, women, old ones, young ones, learned ones, ignorant ones- all of them (are) trouble makers, just graduated.

Look that Shaitan’s box (television) to see how people (are) running through streets! Everywhere (there is) trouble! No one (is) in rest, no one (is) in peace, no one is hopeful, all of them (they are) hopeless. They are drowning in trouble oceans, because everyone (is) making a trouble! No one is keeping himself not to do a trouble, everyone (is) becoming (a) trouble maker, pouring their troubles and people from East to West, from North to South just drowned through that trouble oceans of miseries and problems and sufferings, no one (is in peace)!

Therefore people run to be drunk ones- for forgetting these troubles, to forget it, they are running to be drunk. So many kinds of spirits and drugs they are using. For what? To forget it, not to feel their troubles. As doctors are giving for a patient, (when there is) too much paining, drugs. It is not (a) cure, only (they are) giving them pain killers, (it is) not (something) to take away (their) sickness or illness. Now people (are) running to drugs, running at least for smoking and spirits everywhere. For what? Not to feel (their) pain! Everything (is) pain killer.

O people- come on (the) true way! Come and ask from true ones! Don’t think that true ones just finished, no! True ones (are) never going to finish, but they are hidden. Hiding themselves. They are hidden. If you are asking (for them), you can find. If not asking, you can’t find. Because everyone coming in front of you (is) representative of Shaitan. If you are carefully looking (for true ones), you can find (them) through East and West.

Therefore the Prophet was signing: “Utlubu ‘ilma wa law bi Sin.” O people, you should ask, you may ask real knowledge that (is) saving you from troubles, from devils here and from Hells through the Last Day. To learn that knowledge, if you can find (it even in China) that farest distance - that time China was farest country- you must run and learn. And knowledge is not through books! If (knowledge was) through books, Prophet was saying: “Bring from that knowledge from China through books and learn here.” (But) he is signing that: “You must go (to someone) who has such knowledge. Man (is) teaching you, not book teaching you! You can take knowledge from those people that their heart is full with that knowledge. You don’t think that you can read books and you can learn. No! Therefore (he was) signing: “…wa law bi Sin- If that one that knows that knowledge (is) in China, you must go to him, to learn from him.” Now Wahabi people say: “No need, you may read books, and you may learn.”

O people! Come (to the) true way and ask true ones, if you like to be happy and in peace here and Hereafter and to make your Lord Allah Almighty pleased with you! If not- everyone is just buried (alone) through his grave and no one can help another one through graves.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. I am saying (this) to whole (of) mankind and it is something, it is knowledge from (the) four Holy Books, particularly from (the) Holy Quran ( through (the) most beloved servant of Allah Almighty, (the) most honoured one- (that) just had been sent to him (the) last Message, (the) Holy Quran- to be for that one servants and asking knowledge from him and (from) his successors, successors for Prophet sws…bi hurmati-l Fatiha.

Monday, 8th

Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, lay haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahumma alhilma rushdana wa aidna min sharri anfusuna (?)

Who is lucky one? Lucky one is that one that his heart (is) opened and he may be able to receive from heavenly inspirations. (A) plane is not able to land everywhere, it needs prepared areas to come and to land on it. And angels from Heavens can’t be able to land through every heart. (Like a plane-) if it is an unprepared land, (it) can’t be able to land on it. A heart, if it is open, and the key for hearts is to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws. I am believing in God Allah Almighty, I am believing in His Existence, and I am believing in His Unity or Oneness.” That (is) opening hearts to be in connection with Heavens.

But no one can be able to reach Heavens without a mediator. Not everyone can fly! If you like to fly from here to London, to East or to West, you must use a flight, a plane, you must get in and you may go, (and) you may reach. That is for our physical being. And our spirituality also can’t be able to reach by itself to Heavens and heavenly stations; (we) must use mediators that they are Prophets.

Therefore Allah Almighty (was) sending to every nation through (all the) centuries from (the) beginning (Prophets). S.Adam he was first one. Who was believing in him, that he brought heavenly Orders and Commands, those people (that) were going with Adam peace be upon him, may reach to their heavenly stations. Whom they were not accepting they were remaining on earth. And in such a way reaching from beginning up to end thousands of Prophets (to mankind); that according to our traditional knowledge Prophets (were) coming through different times (and) through different nations. They were using their heavenly Powers and whom they are reaching to them, accepting (them), the (Prophets) are taking them up to their heavenly stations.

Yes, when our hearts (are) opened- that we are believing in whole Prophets and particularly the Seal of Prophets, the last one, S.Muhammad sws, (the) most praised one, (the) most beloved one, (the) most respected one in (the) divinely Presence, (and) our hearts (are) opening- angels (are) coming and landing (on it) and giving to those people heavenly Lights. That Lights (are) coming through hearts, reaching to every part of our bodies. Every cell (is)

taking its share. When (cells are) taking their shares, they are changing; they are not going to be only material pieces, material parts, no! They are going to be as an enlightened house through (the) darkness of night: If this light (is) not coming in it, this house is going to be dark. When the light (is) coming, it is going to be enlightened. And when angels (are) coming from heavenly Lights (Heavens) with that heavenly Lights and that Lights are running through our veins, everywhere, every cell (is) taking its share.

So that (a) ‘lucky one’ is that one whose whole physical being and cells (are) enlightened. He is not in darkness, finished. And whom they are closing their heart, not opening to accept what Prophets (are) bringing, and no way for angels to come and enter through their hearts, they are unlucky people; they are in darkness, and darkness (is) giving people fear. They are fearful people and they are hopeless people; no hope for them for coming days and also no Lights to make them to be saved from fear. When a person (is) going to be in darkness, (he is) feeling fear. Those people, whom they are not believing, they are always fearful people, because they are in darkness. When (their) heart (is) open and enlightened, they are going to be fearless people. They are looking and seeing, no fear for them.

Now people (are) in darkness. 21st century people (are) in darkness, even you may say: “Oh, (but) through electricity (the) whole world nighttimes it is going to be so bright and enjoyful and enlightened!” It is imitated lights! It is outside shining, not through your heart shining. Yes, everywhere (there are) thousands and thousands, millions of lamps- what is the benefit? It is outside from your heart, no benefit, never taking fear from your heart or never giving to you a hope. And even (there are) millions, billions of lamps, but they are also looking (and asking): “When (is the) sun going to shine?” When (the) sun (is) shining, finished, that (electric) lights (also) just finished, never giving to you anything. And people (are) looking for (the) sun rising and shining.

Therefore people now are not asking to reach faith and its Lights that (are) going to be through their hearts and they are (thinking that they are) going to be enjoying by their imitated lights. That is the source of sufferings and troubles for people. Or this world (is) enough for everyone. Allah Almighty just granted everything that mankind may be in need, but they are not happy and they are not in satisfaction, (there is) no contentment for them: “We have everything, but no peace through our hearts.” How can (they) be in peace!

People (are) asking peace, and peace first (is) going to be through ‘Ahadu nas’ (selected people), (then it is going) to be with everyone. If peace (is) reaching to everyone, then (the) community (is) going to be in peace. If not, it is impossible to be peace through communities or (through) nations. And if they are not accepting (Prophets), not opening their hearts through believing (it is impossible)…

That Light is coming from Heavens, and people are looking that light is coming from sky, (because the) sun it is not on earth, it is outside, through space; from there (is) coming that lights. How you are asking lights from earth? Earth is in darkness. And man also they are in darkness, if they are not looking and taking Lights from Heavens (through Prophets) that those people are like suns. (The) sun (is) giving its lights to the material beings on earth, but those whom they are taking from Heavens Lights, (Prophets,) they are reaching to the real being of mankind and saving them from darkness. The(se people) are going to be reached to safety and peace, (and) according to their needs, according to their efforts, according to their hearts more opening, more Lights (are) coming. (If their hearts are only a) small distance (opening), coming a little bit, (if) fully opening, fully heavenly Lights coming and entering.

Therefore (the) Prophet was saying a.s.: “Should come (this) on my nation: when Last Days (are) approaching should be so many problems and everyone (is) going to fall into troubles, because everyone (is) going to be a troublemaker for himself and for others. Everywhere should be full with darkness and troubles, suffering and miseries, but (there) should be not too much, (only) some servants through those people- (that) they are going to be with them, living with them,- but their position should be up. People (should be) suffering, but (on) the(se peoples’) station, spiritual station, there should be peace, absolute peace. No any trouble, no suffering. People (are) going to be in troubles (and) sufferings, but those people they are not going to feel or to see sufferings or troubles. No problems for them, because those people are not troublemakers.

Everyone whom they are troublemakers must be suffered and suffering is a punishment for them. Punishment. Suffering is not a grant from Allah Almighty, no, suffering is a punishment, and now people (are) in punishment. Communities, nations- in themselves, through themselves and with other nations- all of them (are) in troubles; (there is) no rest, no comfort, no peace for them.

Therefore, o people! We are calling you to (an) enlightened area. We are calling you to a safe way. We are calling you to a peaceful land. Come! Don’t run away! Who (is) running away, (he is) running to Hells. Who is coming and surrendering, they should be in safety and in peace, absolute enlightening and eternal life, they should be for eternity!

We are asking forgiveness and blessings from Allah Almighty for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 7th

(Traditional knowledge, real knowledge coming from Heavens, is the light of Iman and it enters open hearts- until now Christians and Jews deny the prophecy of Muhammad sws, fearing to look to the history of Islam and the Prophet’s personality- No declaration of faith “La ilaha ill-Allah” is perfect and accepted without saying also: “Muhammad Rasulullah sws”- keep the right path and true ones and no harm comes on you and no punishment from Allah)

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim.

Traditional knowledge- that it is real knowledge coming from Heavens, as revelations reaching to earth and reaching to hearts of people- if finding hearts open, entering, if it is closed, locked, can’t be. Therefore (the) Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws- Allah Almighty (was) sending him with His Last Message, the last one of (the) Holy Books, Quran Karim, (the) Holy Quran. Whom their hearts (were) open, (whom) they were hearing and listening and obeying, they are believers. Who (is) believing in Allah Almighty and through His messengers, particularly the Seal of Prophets, their hearts (are) opened.

At the time of S.Muhammad peace be upon him, through his land that he was living there, there were Jewish people as well as neighbourhood Christians, that (both of them are) Book- given people (that) they have been granted Holy Books through their Prophets. And they were claiming that they are believing in Allah Almighty and believing in His Messages as Holy Books coming from Heavens, and they were also claiming that Allah Almighty is sending some special beings from His servants as Prophets. They are believing, and they are not like idol worshippers, no. And they are knowing what happened in past times through historical periods that (are) mentioned through their holy Books: the beginning of creation and the beginning of the creation of Adam and Eve, Allah bless them, and they are believing. And through their beliefs they are knowing that Allah Almighty is sending prophets, one after one after S.Adam, peace be upon them and upon them. They have that knowledge.

But when the Seal of Prophets (was) coming with his holy Book, (the) Holy Quran, they were first coming to be against his prophecy and to be first deniers of his holy Book, (the) Holy Quran. It is biggest blame for book-keepers to do that! Up today they are carrying that blame. Yet they are not saying that the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad just had been sent as (the) last Prophet up to end of the world. That is biggest blame on them and they should be punished!

They are saying that mars is a star, but they are looking moon (and) saying: “No, we are not accepting this. We are accepting Mars.” 2ooo years ago or 4ooo years ago, for Moses and Jesus Christ and Abraham, peace be upon them, S.Noah, you are saying they are prophets, they are stars on the sky of prophecy. And (then the) moon, (the) full moon (is) coming and you are saying: “No”? What is that foolishness? Allah should ask them and before the last Day they should be asked! Before the Last Day. That is biggest blame, biggest sin for them not to say (that): “S.Muhammad is a Prophet, (that) just (he) had been sent with a holy Book, (the) last holy Book, (the) Holy Quran.” And they are without ashaming saying to the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad: “Our hearts (are) locked and our ears (are) never hearing what you are saying and nothing (is) entering through our hearts what you are reciting. We are not accepting you!”

Ya Hu- idol worshippers doesn’t matter, they haven’t even (a) holy Book. But you- Christians and Jewish people that you are reciting your holy Book Taurah and Evangelos, Gospels- how you are saying (to him): “You are not Prophet”? If the is not (a) Prophet, how his power (is) reaching through 15oo years, (how) his power (is) working on the hearts of people and now about 2 billions people 5x (daily) they are getting up on minarets and say: “Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadun ‘abduhu wa Rasuluhu”. How happening? If that person that he was an orphan from father and mother and through unknown deserts standing up and saying after 4o years: “O people, now I have been sent as a last Messenger for you with the last Message of Heavens: You must say: La ilaha ill-Allah, only one God that He is Allah and Muhammad, peace be upon Him, is His servant and His Prophet”- how, (with) which power he was standing up one, alone, and his tribe (was) so jealous, so ignorant people? When he was saying: “I am coming to destroy your idols and I am coming here to you to make you to believe in one God that He is Allah, our Creator” even nothing (was) in his hand, only may be a stick. (But) he was saying (this)!

What they can do? What they did for him? They tried to do everything to make him away and to extinguish the lights that he brought from Heavens, but they (were) never able to do that! They did their worst for him and (the) believers and finally they were asking to take him away from life, to kill him, but he was saying: “I am under my Lord’s protection, you can’t do anything, but I am going. I am going and then coming.” And he left the most lovely land for him, Mecca Mukarrama, and he went. 13 years he was in Mecca, but finally they were doing their worst for him and he said: “I am going.” Leaving, and he left to Medina Munawwara. He reached there and he was emigrated from Mecca to Medina. They ran after, him. They (were) never leaving him, thinking that: “He is ordinary person. We can do everything.” They ran after him, fighting, fighting, fighting…When they reached the limits of their enmity, they finished, (and they had) no more power to come on him, then Allah Almighty (was) ordering: “Now you may go to conquer Mecca Mukarrama, o My beloved, My most beloved servant. Now prepare yourself to enter, to go back to (that) most lovely land for you, where there is My House, (the) House of (the) Lord, Baitullah!”

After 8 years (the) Prophet (was) running and reaching and conquering Mecca Mukarrama, the land of (the) House of (the) Lord, and he (was) breaking every idol. And (then) Bilal (was) getting on (the) House of Lord, saying: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah! Ashadu ana Muhammadun Rasulullah, ashadu ana Muhammadun Rasulullah ! Hayya ‘ala salah, hayya ‘ala salah! Hayya ‘ala falah, hayya ‘ala falah! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! La ilaha ill-Allah!

As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Rasulullah!- haqqan wa sidqa-, As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya

Nabiyullah!- haqqan wa sidqa-, As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Habibullah!- haqqan wa sidqa!”

Allah promised to him! Then, what happened? They must look (at the) history of Islam, not to speak ignorantly, no! But they are fearing to look (at the) history of Islam, they are fearing to look (at) the life of the Seal of Prophets- it is so magnificent!- and they are saying: “He is not Prophet”! Oh! His name (is) written (on the Arch), that (it was) granted to Adam from heavenly Messages his name and (also) through whole Prophets. They were saying his name and asking from their nations to believe in him. If they were not believing in him, their Iman, their faith (had) no value. If a person (is) saying: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, but not saying: “Muhammadun Rasulullah” their faith is not perfect!

Running… that (was) coming, that Nur... Now also we are speaking on that knowledge that if hearts (are) opened, coming that lights, heavenly lights, and entering and giving to those whom they are opening their hearts and accepting. They are always fresh, they are always hopeful, they are always happy, they are always in peace here and Hereafter!

May Allah forgive me and bless you… and I am calling whole nations to look one after one to study on the life of the Seal of Prophets before coming divinely Revenge to them; to look once again or divinely Revenge (is) coming and grinding them, finishing them. It is not only His punishment for: “Alam tara kayfa fa’ala Rabbuka bi ashabul fil”, those people that were coming from Yemen to destroy (the) House of (the) Lord. Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Look what happened to them, o my beloved one, and look whole mankind what I did for them, how I dealt with them, when they were coming to destroy My House in Mecca. I sent on them birds, each one carrying three small stones (big) as a lentil through their beak and two on their feet, throwing, each one never getting wrong, coming just on target. “Fa ja’alahum ka asfin makul”…making them as a field (that when) wheat or barley (is) reaching up to ears and harvesting and nothing remaining. Just I did them as those harvested lands, finishing (them).”

Allah (is) looking now; but He is not sending that birds. He left those unbelievers to make through their hands flying big birds, big birds- airplanes, aircrafts with bombs, to make everything as that birds (were) making for that unbelievers. Their nations (are now) preparing for each other that huge power to make them as a land (that is) just harvested, finished.

O people, keep (to the) right path, keep true ones, (and) no harm comes on you! If you are insisting on (the) wrong way, shaitanic way, you are going to be- just (as) that nation finished- finishing. May Allah forgive me and bless you. I am asking forgiveness for whole nations to come and to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah sws!”

For the honour of the most honoured one in divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 1oth

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Atiu-llaha wa atiu Rasul wa ulu-l amri minkum. Meded Ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

Allah the Creator! No any other Creator, can’t be. Everything in existence Allah Almighty’s stamp on it that it belongs to the Lord of Heavens. We are His creatures, we are also His servants. We are coming to this life through our mothers womb, we are coming and we are knowing nothing. Only what it is necessary for that baby it is granted to him or to her by their Creator. Born a child and rushing to his mum’s chest- who was teaching him? The Creator. Running, asking to eat, to drink- who taught them? The Creator. They were we were nine months through our mum’s womb, we never seeing anything from outside and we never using our mouth through the wombs of our mums. When coming outside, quickly rushing and asking and Allah Almighty just making to run through the chests of our mums milk, and we are rushing and asking to drink from that milk. Allah Almighty giving that baby one year or two years what that baby may be in need from that milk. Milk it is only a white liquid. Drinking and baby’s every organ inner or outer taking from that one liquid and growing. How it can be? One liquid going to be kidney, going to be lungs, going to be heart, going to be pancreas, going to be stomach, going to be liver, going to be bones, going to be muscles, going to be brain- Subhanallah! How it can be?

Therefore Islam just coming with its perfection and asking mission, real mission for Islam for believers, to understand about their Creator and giving a key to everyone to use it, to find secret knowledge or secrets through our creation. That is the key of thinking, to think. Allah Almighty ordering through several holy Verses, ordering to believers to think for everything. And first of all man must think on himself. Before looking around may look around, but deeply thinking must be on ourselves. How we are coming on existence? At the beginning it is two drops from man and from woman, coming together and from that coming a perfect creature and then that one growing, growing and their understanding day by day monthly, yearly coming more and more. And they are reaching the age of maturity, they are knowing about themselves. Until that age they are not knowing the secret of being male or female. They are not knowing. When they are reaching the age of maturity, they are beginning to understand. Because the Lord of Heavens asking to continue generation of Adam’s children up to last day, the Day of resurrection. And everyone carrying a kind of generation through themselves and it is the beginning of awakening, because they must give that they have been given or granted by their Lord from their descendants and their generation. That forcing them to look and to give what they have been granted from generation to come through this life. And that is a dangerous period for children, boys or girls, they have been cheated through so many satanic tricks and traps, running after youngsters to make them to fall into a bad condition that we may say to be damaged. Shaitan and his groups from devils making youth through that time to take them and to harm them and to give every trouble to them through that age and after this period that the age of maturity must be protected boys and girls to reach to the age of stable level age that he may be able to understand about himself and about their mission and about their enemies, they may reach to that level that it is going to be a difficult age for shaitanic groups to cheat them. But from the time of age of maturity they should be so quickly cheated. But when they are reaching to that age of maturity…after a whole they may understand they may learn.

And the Lord of Heavens…therefore He was sending His Messengers with His holy messages, holy Books to protect, for protection of new generation from falling into dirty channels, sewage channels. Therefore every Prophet they did their best for protecting new generation, youth. So that they should be able to face their enemies and they may be able to fight to them and to save themselves from the tricks of Shaitan and from his traps. Therefore first thing that man must learn (is) how he is going to protect himself from falling through the nets of Shaitan and shaitanic traps.

Therefore in traditional teaching we were beginning by saying: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

We are saying first. When we are beginning to learn we must say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. That means: we are accepting our Lord, our Creator and we are doing everything for Himself and we are asking His divinely support using His holy Names Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. When finishing, then coming…this is a strong foundation. Then you may build on it what you are in need to build on it. If you are not using that foundation everything that you are building must fall on you. Can’t stand up. That is our old teaching style through Islamic world up to 1924 at the beginning first quarter of 21st century. And after it beginning a changing. Shaitan forcing and running after Islamic world, because they were against Shaitan and shaitanic teachings and Shaitan knows that if his teachings not coming through Islamic world, Islamic countries, through Muslims, Shaitan knows that Islam can’t be fall down. Shaitan he did his worst particularly for heedless Muslim world and they changed everything. First they changed traditional style of studying, of learning, that we are using first holy Quran and we are learning about holy Commands and then we are learning something what it is necessary for ourselves to reach our provision: So many handcrafts. They changed it and now whole Islamic world just fall down and Western people are stepping on them and they are asking from Western people mercy or justice or to help them- it is impossible. Islam is something else and in front of Islam unislamic world. Unislamic world another world. Our world is another world and their world is another world. We can’t leave our world for unislamic world. When you are leaving then you are going to be with them and no hope. That is what we are in it now through East and West. People running to West. For what? Because they are thinking that Eastern countries their Lord- ha sha- poor one, Astaghfirullah, and Western peoples’ idols so much powerful and rich one. Therefore running Islam, Muslims to Western countries to take much more money. He is same Lord, giving here, giving there, but you are asking your provision through Western countries and Allah Almighty ordering for believers to move through East and West, but only for their beliefs and for their religions. He ordered to them to move, to reach the most far place from Western countries to bring the lights of Heavens. Because we have been granted Lights from Heavens. Their lights just extinguished. Western peoples’ beliefs and their Books no more giving to them lights, because they are making themselves slaves from this life. They never taking any interest or care for their eternal life, no. Look, every day look through their shaitanic box, TV. You can find one word calling people to their Lord? Never! All of them they are running to take much more money and Muslims on their ways running to take much more. What is happening? What is going t o happen? Finally Rolls Royce in England- and in America I don’t know which famous car- going to be their last journeys car…and I think that it is black glasses, not to be seen who is inside…running, running to cemetery. Some people ten people coming, some hundred people coming, some with music coming, some coming with whole governments, whole soldiers, with so many ceremonies, big ceremony, and finally they are burying that person- ohhh flying away, and that person crying to them, calling: “Were you are going? How you left me here? What is that? You are my so friends, my family, my children, and government making so big ceremony and finally leaving me here and I am lying here by myself, no anyone with me”…

I was in Brookland cemetery, a very rich person we are burying. There was a cover and under it there is a beton, a concrete room. And they are opening this cover and with ropes sending it down; no one coming under it. They are fearing if another one they are covering him also under it…I was saying: “O people, I shall give to that one who may be here up to morning to be with that one under this, I am leaving open this cover to be side by side with this person, I shall give to you Pounds. Who is there?” Saying, people running away….”Ya Hu come! I shall give you are check Pounds!” “O Sheikh, if you are giving us England’s banks whole golden, we are not coming! Up to morning we may die also with that, fearing under it”…No one! We left it, covering, (and) people run away…

That is the final point of man. So many people they never reach to be buried also. So many events happening, people just buried hundreds on same place…Audhu bi-llah! That it the final point of our life. That person was millionaire or billionaire- what is the benefit? But never thinking!

Therefore Islam giving to mankind a power for thinking. Think on yourself, think on your beginning, think for your ending; how began your existence, how ended? People not (thinking), people they are drunk people. And troubles like flood of Noah covering everywhere. I am not seeing anyone in that Shaitanic box, TV, one person even smiling. What to laugh! Smiling people no. Only smiling people they are making toys, puppets, they are smiling and laughing, but man through that TV box no one. All of them their face the face of Hells people. Allah Allah!

O people! We are coming to learn, we are coming to know something, and to know something its way passing through learning and learning through knowledge. Knowledge, real knowledge that now people they are denying it, is knowledge of Heavens, that coming. That is real knowledge. But they are making it away, throwing it away and bringing such foolish things and nonsense things, they are saying: “This is knowledge that mankind must follow, must be happy and in peace.” They are liars!

May Allah forgive us and grant to you from His endless Mercy Oceans. Therefore I am calling people from East to West, from North to South as whole Prophets were calling people to Allah only, to their Lord, because peace is to be with their Lord! If not reaching, never ending troubles here and Hereafter, punishment and fear and suffering climbing, never coming less. May Allah forgive me and forgive us and give His blessings.

I am looking what coming from Heavens. Two promises: One coming mercy whom they are running to their Lord and another promising that coming as a punishment whom they are running away from their Lord. May Allah forgive us, for the honour if the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…La ilaha ill-Allah, La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah…It is not what Sheikh X asking, but for common people, for whole people… Sheikh X his station I can’t reach…If I can reach, I shall speak to him…He is also very serious person, never smiling…Eh- when looking to me may smile…

Thursday, 11th

Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la

quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Yesterday just passed away. This is a new day. Tomorrow this new day is going to be disappeared and tomorrow is going to be a new day. So many days, so many weeks, months, years, centuries, thousands of years passed away. Where they are now? Finished! Through passing time millions or billions of Children of Adam they disappeared also. Once upon a time they were in existence, living, working, fighting, running, asking to reach something that it is not possible to reach that targets. For example, we may say: Everyone that they were passing, (that) they passed away, they are (like) such a person who was asking to reach (to the)moon, and he was giving his whole effort (for that) and making (this) his main target. To reach to (the) moon, main target. And he was trying to build a building that that building only to be steps. Trying to make steps (and) he is thinking that: “With steps it is going to be possible to reach to (the) moon. Very good!” Another one (is) saying: “What are you doing?” “Just I am trying to reach to moon, because I heard that (the) moon (is) full with treasures and I heard that on each diamond (it is) just painted on it miraculously the picture of Archangel Gabriel. On each diamond or jewel it is painted miraculously Archangels Gabriel’s picture and I am trying to reach that.” “Oh, if you are trying, why we are going to sit down? We must try also to reach that treasures…”

It is an example; people they are not asking to reach to moon, but they are asking to reach treasures on this world and they are making their main target to reach as much as possible from (the) treasures of this world. What (is) happening? (This is) their target and (like) those people millions or billions of people just ran after it. It was their main target, they were saying: “Our main aim is to reach as much as possible much more treasures from this world.” “Okay, no one (is) saying: don’t do. Do it. You may do.” And they did. And finally, what happened to them? Perhaps they reached (something) from treasures and (the) most (successful) ones who reached to treasures they were Kings, Emperors, beginning from Pharaohs and Nimrods.

They were most powerful people to reach (to) golden treasures and jewel treasures. They collected, and what they did finally? They built pyramids and just carried what they collected from treasures of this planet, (of) this world and (they were) putting (these treasures) in it. And they were knowing that one day they must pass away and they were saying: “If we are passing, it is not our last life. Our life is never ending. It is (just) a changing from this life to another life. Therefore we must prepare for ourselves as much as possible treasures. We must carry (them with us).” Therefore they were loading and filling pyramids with treasures and finally they were making their bodies mummy. They passed away, but they never touched these treasures but another (one) after their generation, thousands of years (later). Coming new generations that they were looking, searching a way to reach to that treasure to what is in that pyramids and they reached and they found (the) treasure under pyramids. And (they were also) finding Pharaoh that (was) buried through that pyramid as a mummy; you can’t look at it- so ugly, so dirty shapes! You can’t look it; if you are looking perhaps you may loose your sleep or (that shape is) coming to you through your dreams (and) it is going to be trouble maker for you through your life… They passed away. They are now in passed time. Their existence just became imagination no one (is) saying (anymore) that: “That mummy was Pharaoh, King of Egypt and he did this or that…” Finished!

Now- what we are doing today, tomorrow (it is) going to be imagination, no reality. Reality is stable, not changing. Reality never changed; beyond reality everything is imagination. And imagination- if you can keep a sea, (the) surface of (an) ocean on (the) same situation, on (the) same condition even (for) one second, then you can keep passed time (also), or, beyond reality, imagination (is) going to be reality. (But) it is impossible (for) an ocean to be (the) same through even not seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths (of a second), (and further) down you can come- you may use your imagination to make (the) unit of time smaller- (you) can’t find (the) surface of (an) ocean to be same. You can’t keep (it). Therefore imagination is like that, changed, not stable. But reality (is) just stable, never changing.

Therefore everything (is) going to be changed, because (there is) no reality for their existence. Their existence is not a real existence. Real Existence (is only) for Allah Almighty, no changing (for Him). If (he was) changing, finished, (He) comes to the level of creation. He is (the) Creator, never changing, (and) everything that He is creating, (is) changing, Subhanallah! Finished. Yesterday just passed away, becoming an imagination, and we are in an imaginated life. Until we are reaching to Allah Almighty’s Unity Oceans we are in trouble, struggling, and asking to reach an existence through ourselves and it is impossible. When reaching to Unity Oceans- Unity Oceans (are) never changing, never accepting to be more or to be less. Solid, “Allahu Samad”. ‘Subud’(means:) never changing, finished.

But people they are thinking to reach something day by day. They are not looking what they are loosing. Every day they are loosing one day and asking from another day and they are saying: “We may reach something tomorrow” and when they are reaching tomorrow they are looking that: “We reached nothing also tomorrow” and: “We are looking if we can find (that) after tomorrow“ or they may say: ”This week we can’t reach anything. We hope to reach (something) next week”, or: “We are thinking to reach (it) next month” or: “We are thinking to reach what we are asking from real existence. Perhaps we may reach to a point that it is going to be (the) past point of our imagening and we may reach to a stable level that we may say: ‘Oh, I reached to my target, now I am in peace’...” “Innaka qadiun ila rabbik”- always people (are) running, running to reach something, personally, commonly, nationally and whole worldly. They are running, asking to reach to something and they can’t reach, because it is in (the) limits of (their) imagination, they are not in reality.

And everything that you are asking, it is through the limits of imagination. And you (are) never getting out of that limits for reaching to reality, because you are not preparing yourself to reach a stable ocean that (is) never moving, never changing, but you are running through your imaginations, through your imagening; you are not asking reality. That is (how) Shaitan (is) cheating people and people (are) running after Shaitan and finally they are understanding, when they reach the last point of their lives. (Then) they should understand that: “We ran after our imagination, our imagening, and we were thinking that it was a water there (on that horizon), but (now) we reached (there) and we (are) looking and seeing that it is (not an) oasis, (but a) mirage! Oh, we lost every chance for reaching (the) reality that it was with our Lord’s divinely Presence. We lost it and we have been cheated that (our) whole life just passed away ‘rah suda’, without any fruits. We lost it, finished!”

Therefore we are saying: Oh people, don’t run! Don’t run with your whole capacity or ability or your full effort after Dunya, because it is a mirage. It is an imagening, and one day Allah Almighty is saying for this planet: “How you came, from where you are coming in existence, go back to unexisted world, Unexistence Oceans, disappear!” La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

That is (the) main problem for mankind that we must understand and we must change our way from mirage to reality. Whole nations (are) running after imagening. Thousands of years Emperors, Kings, Sultans- everyone they gave their whole efforts and finally they were reaching to nothing. Only prophets- peace be upon them- and their followers they were turning their faces from imagination to reality. Reality (means): the Existence of our Lord Almighty Allah. And He is saying: “Fa ayna ma tuwalu fathabba wajhullah (?)…You may find Him, His Reality (everywhere)… Every direction (that) you my turn your face you may find His eternal divinely Face. Everywhere, but you are not looking to Him, you are looking (to) imagening worlds that it is going to be nothing.

May Allah forgive us and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 13th

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Meded ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded ya Rijalallah...

It is an association. Every day has a speciality, every day has a special personality. (The) days of week (are) seven days, and everyone feels through himself when (it is) going to be Friday and then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. You have a feeling that today is Saturday, it is not Friday, and it is not Sunday. And coming another week and it has also seven days, but when we are speaking about today- it is Saturday- or we are speaking (about) past Saturday- we are saying: “That passed Saturday happened something”- this Saturday also is not same (like) that Saturday. And it is now March moon, March. This is a new March, it is not (the) same (like the one) that passed away, and coming April it is (also a) new April (that) belongs to 2004. It is not (the) same (April like the one) that passed through 2003.

You also you are not (the) same one that you have been last year in March, no. You are now in a new position, a new one. “Kulli yaumin Huwa fi sha’an” - every day (is) appearing another appearance that that appearances (are countless like as the waves on an ocean), if you can be able to calculate the waves on an ocean, you can reach the number of appearances that you are entering in it and (that are) passing. Subhanallah! People (are) thinking that they are stable, (that) nothing (is) changing, (they are saying): “I was yesterday, and I am now (the) same one that (I was) yesterday.” No, that finished, (and) tomorrow you are (again) another personality.

That belongs to (the) divinely Will that (has) programmed everyone, it is not only for mankind. Around mankind what (there is) from creation, from creatures, they are also through every second or through (every) unit of time, the less one (of that unit of time)- they are changing.

Changing (is written) for creation, (and) unchangeable Existence (is only) for (the) real Being- for the Lord of Heavens, for the Creator. If (a) changing (was) coming (to Him), (He) can’t be the Creator. (The) Creator (is) creating through every creature according to our knowledge countless changings- but it is counted. He knows! He knows where is an atom or (a) nucleus, in (the) middle; how many pieces (it may have), each one has a personality, and (also) where it is He must know. “Ya yakhfa alayhi shayun fil ardi wa la fi samaa”- can’t be anything to be hidden to the Creator. How it can be! And He is (the) Creator. If He is not creating that, it can’t be in existence. He must know, but according to our capacity… Therefore Grandsheikh always he was saying, Allah bless him: “(The) biggest mistake from mankind is: for their understanding they are trying to bring the Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of whole Creation, to their understanding area.” And look, if you are getting (up) and saying to people: “I am asking to know about (the) sun and I am trying to bring it to my understanding area, to bring it here- (Sheikh is looking to a flower) (saying:) It is like this (flower), that is sun”, ma sha Allah, he understands. As long as they are trying to understand about (the) sun, their knowledge (is) never going (to be) more than that flower. They should say only: “It looks like this”…They can’t approach and enter in it and to see and to look what is that. From far away (they are looking and) saying: “Oh, (the) sun just looks like (a) sunflower.” For creation, for (the) understanding of creation, if you are using your understanding, it is impossible for you. What it is in our seeing, in our vision, you can’t reach a real understanding (of) what it is in our vision- what about if we are saying (about what is) beyond (the) sun, beyond (the) stars, beyond (the) galaxies?

But people try to know about such a creation according to their mindly capacity and it is making them to give a judgment about creation. (It is) wrong knowledge, and they are saying ‘positive knowledge’. Positive knowledge that is the new fashion through (the) 17th century or (the) 16th century, (when) they were trying to make everything through positive knowledge area. They are trying to bring everything under (the) microscope. If they can’t bring it, they are saying: “No.” That is (the) biggest mistake, (and) also biggest (the) foolishness for those people whom they are claiming: “We are learned people”, “we are scientists”, “we are professors”... Biggest mistake and biggest ignorance from them, because you can’t bring everything under (a) microscope to look what it is, it is impossible.

So that when we are speaking for Allah Almighty that that is the beginning of some knowledge for our Creator. We are asking to step (the) first step, that (there are) countless steps, (and) countless attempts should be after it- and (even if) you are reaching a knowledge for the Lord of Heavens, He is going to be beyond that knowledge. And we are speaking something now as they are making me to speak on some points that from His mainly Attributes (is) to be unchangeable Existence. Never changing. What was written in Sri Lanka on the entrance (of that holy one’s place)? It was written: “Allah- Huwa ‘al an kama kan”- Allah, He is now as He was through eternity. Allah (is) in His Eternity; through eternal and eternal (He is the) same, (He) never changed: “Huwa-l ‘an kama kan”. Subhanallah! Kelam Awliya, the words of Awliyas, they are saying on that point. Subhanallah! Unchangeable. We are changing.

Therefore I said to you: Everything (is) going to be changed. Haci X (is also) changing, because he was awakened, now becoming to sleep, just (he) changed…and therefore: “Al idraku an darki-l idraki idraku”; that means: If you are asking to understand (something about the) real Being of Allah Almighty’s Essence (and) you are reaching (up) to a (certain) point and (then) you are saying: “Impossible”- just (in that moment) you reached real Knowledge about Him Almighty. Finally you are saying: “Impossible”, because- a simple example: Do you think that an ant can bring to his understanding (knowledge about the) real being of a man? Perhaps it can be possible, but it is impossible for any creature to reach (a) real understanding of their Creator. They are saying finally: “It is impossible.” An ant, when it is running on earth, may say: “Oh, if I can have wings, I was reaching to Heavens.” And the Creator (is) giving it wings and it is trying to fly and flies, but its distance that it may reach and fly it is maybe one meter or less or a little bit more- (it is) nothing. Do you think that it may reach to Heavens? Impossible! Therefore: “Al idraku an darki-l idraki idraku.”

That is- Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim- we must put our knowledge on a safe base; if not, it is going to be nonsense and people (are) falling down. That is (the) biggest mistake for living people and whom they are claiming: “We are learned people, we are experts, we are professors, we are scientists, we are academic people, we must know who is that Creator! We must bring that one that you are saying (to Him) ‘Creator’ under our microscope…” Or (they are saying:) “We must look first through telescopes”, but then they are saying: “We are just astonishing- which direction we must put our telescope? This direction, that direction? (Because there are) countless directions to bring that One through our telescopes first. Then, if we are catching that One, we must bring that One and to put (Him) under our microscope to look…” Haha, Subhanallah, so foolish people, no understanding and they are claiming (that) they are learned people, Alim…they are thinking that they know everything! That is their knowledge about the Creator. Their heads (are) big one, but nothing in it!

If a person (is) knowing about his Lord, his Creator, as much as (he is) knowing, (he is) getting much more respecting for Him. Therefore when (the) Prophet had been asked: “What is the most valuebale effort or work or study for a person to make as aservanthood to his Lord?” What it is, when they were asking (him), he was saying: “Al ‘ilmu bi-llah- to know about his Creator.” That means: to try to reach much more knowledge, that according to our knowledge of someone, of his perfection and power and glory we are taking much more respect. A servant or a simple employee, when (he is) getting in front of his director (he is) closing his buttons, yes. Not for everyone, but for his director (he is) taking much more respect, because (he is) knowing about him what he can do. And man also, according to his knowledge about his Creator, his Lord, (is) taking much more respect. Therefore two Rakaats from the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, if put (on) one side of (a) balance and (on the) other side of (the) balance whole nations’ praying, two Rakaats from Rasulullah, (the) Seal of Prophets, (the) most beloved and most honoured one, (the weight of his) two Rakaats is getting (to be) much more, because no one can reach to his position and his knowledge about his Creator.

May Allah forgive me and forgive you and (grant His) blessing for the honour or of that most beloved and respected and honoured one, (the) most glorified one in (the) divine Presence despite of the Wahabis, Fatiha…It is not a prepared thing, but what they are sending we must speak on it. We don’t know, He knows…

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