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MUHARRAM-Sohbets von Maulana 2.Teil

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

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Thank you very much! May Allah bless you and give more!

Sohbets by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani

1425; from March 2004 onward

Muharram: March 14th, 15th, 18th, 2oth, 21st

14th Israfil’s frist blow of the trumpet takes everyone’s life and with the second blow everyone is coming back to life again on the Resurrection Day- Shaitan is making people to waste their life and efforts for Dunya only and because of their egos’ laziness they are loosing their chance to gain something for Akhirat- Prophets, Saints and strong believers work for Akhirat and according to their efforts they will have places in the first row in Akhirat- This is the time that the fitna of democracy and nationalism reached even Damascus and there is no more safe place on earth- Shaitan thinks ‘it’ has power, but I am going to make ‘it’ and ‘its’ supporters under my feet!

15th When Adam a.s. came to the earth he was keenly keeping Allah’s Orders not to be once again rebellious and to keep his honour as a deputy of Allah- up to the age of maturity everyone is clean- Shaitan is running after mankind to make them dirty and he is never resting or heedless for even one moment- 7 Shaitans follow a man, 7o Shaitans a woman when they go outside- who can keep himself clean in our time gets the reward of 1oo martyrs- now Allah’s Order is reaching to the Qutbu-l Mutassarif to clean the whole world for Allah’s clean and sincere servants and believers from all dirtiness and that is the time of Mehdi a.s.

18th Speak truth or don’t speak, speak good, or don’t speak- If you do something it must be useful for you or mankind according to the heavenly Balance of the 5oo goodnessess or 8oo prohibitions- who is doing from 8oo is going to be a trouble maker like Shaitan and belongs to him- people are claming to be powerful and to be the owners of the earth, denying the Lord of Creation- when they deny truth, they have no heavenly support-all politicians are liars- it is impossible to change peoples’ way until a heavenly involvement with miraculous power comes- people rely on their power, but Shaitan, the teacher of Pharaohs, can finish all people’s powers and knowledge if Allah orders him to do so

2oth Man’s value is with his spiritual being- A dead body and a living body are not same Allah is the only One to grant the secret of life to a material and make it a living being- Everything created is changing and only the Creator never changes- Nowadays teaching systems are based on lies and cause misunderstandings so that all people live in their own imaginated worlds – Imagination is the source of troubles and prevents people from reaching peace and an understanding about themselves and about the reality of the Creator

21st Every day is like a Black Hole swallowing the day- Western people look down on Oriental people, but can’t save themselves from being swallowed and everyone is waiting his fixed time to be swallowed also- bad servants are swallowed and end up in Hell, but the Lord’s servants are reaching through lightening Holes to the divinely Presence

Sunday, 14th

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahu mina shaitani rajim

Inna li-llah wa inna ilayhi rajiun, fa-l hukmu li-llahi ‘Aliyu-l Kabir…

Our Dunya (is) running to its end. It is not stable, because everything that belongs (to the time) before (the) Last Day, everything must finish in fana, finishing. And Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Archangel Israfil…

(Someone is interrupting, there are people asking to see the Sheikh and the Sheikh is saying: Shaitan ready to make a trouble everywhere and it has countless agents, countless supporters in our days everywhere you can find it and its supporters…and this is the time that Shaitan just reached to his last limit, top limit that it was asking to reach, thinking that now whole world under my command, I can do everything! But I am making that Shaitan and everyone supporting it under my feet! I shall show Shaitan and its supporters what is the power of servant for Allah. I am weakest servant! Dog of this world, Shaitan, thinking that it has power- therefore I am not saying he, (but) ‘it’- thinking that everything under its command. No!… Astaghfirullah…)

Till Allah Almighty (is) ordering Archangel Israfil (for) blowing (the) trumpet, everything up to that time is going to die and everything, every living ones (are) going to be passed away, dead, (and) Dunya (is) going to be empty for 4o years. That is the limit of this life. And whole angels also (are) dying, falling down … And after 4o years Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Archangel Israfil- making Israfil to stand up and (he is) coming and blowing by His Allah Almighty’s holy Command- (making him) to blow (a) second blowing of (that) trumpet, and every living ones from (the) beginning of our period up to that time, they are standing up. Every living one (is) coming once again into life.

That is (the) second stage or (a) new beginning after (the) ending (of the) first period that people were coming, generations after generations and ending. Then (is) coming a new beginning. That new beginning- (the) first (blow of the) trumpet (is) taking life from every living one- Shaitan also (is) going to die. (And the) second blowing (of the trumpet is)giving life. (The) first trumpet (blow is) taking life from living one and (the) second trumpet (blow is) giving life. When standing every living one, they should be forever alive. They are passing to (the) eternal world, passing to eternal life either through Paradise or through Hells-

everything (is) going to be up to eternal after (that) second trumpet (blow). (The) first trumpet (blow is) for everyone, must take their shares; should be taken from them their imitated or periodic lives. (It is) just taken from them and (then the) second blowing (is) giving eternal life for every living one from man and from jinn and (from) angels.

Therefore now we are running and struggling, because people they are drunk, they are heedless. They are looking every day what (is) happening around themselves or through East and West: that people (are) always taken away, but they are heedless to look and to understand, because they are drunk through Dunya. Because their main target is Dunya and everything in it (is) their targets. And they are not looking to understand to where they are running. They are thinking that they may live or they are going to live eternally and our belief is ‘ba’thu ba’dal maut’- (resurrection after death)- no one can reach eternal life until he should taste to be dead, to die, and then (only he is) coming (to the) eternal life. If not passing that bridge, no one can reach eternal life.

And Shaitan (is) making to drink people as much as possible from (the) dirty love or imitated love of this life and making people to give every chance that they have been granted (for this dirty life)- to put everything (for Dunya). As a person who is gambling: (Shaitan is) coming to them and saying: “Oh, don’t put one Pound, two Pounds, ten Pounds, hundred Pounds or one thousand Dollars, no! Put everything and you should be so…because you have a chance for gambling, put everything and I am guarantor for you!” Allah, Allah, what a guarantor! Shaitan (is) saying: “I am guarantor. O my people, you don’t believe in me? I am training you and I am teaching you and looking that you have such a chance. If you put all, you take everything. They must put also everything (and) you are going to collect everything and I am guarantor for you…” Good guarantor? (Shaitan is) for whole people guarantor! We are also asking, Cypriots (are) also asking (a) guarantor…asking Arabs also…and Shaitan (is) saying: “I am first guarantor, why you are asking anyone else? What is that? Put everything and take! (You) must be (succesful), how many people (are) there, all of you put everything…and I am saying, I am giving to you guarantee that you collect everything…” Then (Shaitan is) coming to (the) second one and saying: “Don’t worry, I am guarantor for you. Put everything. Look, they are putting everything at once. Quickly, you are taking everything! Therefore don’t worry, put!”

And whole foolish people now living on earth they are believing (in the) guarantee of Shaitan and (they are) putting everything, every effort for Dunya and (they are) saying for Akhirat (nothing)- they are not interesting in Akhirat anything, saying: “Oh, I am putting everything and taking everything” and just that moment (when they are taking their last breath)…coming Shaitan in front of him (in his) last moment. (And the person is) saying: “Ya Hu, I am passing, I (thought that) am going to be something, (that it is) going to be with me something- what is that?” (And Shaitan is coming to them at that moment also, saying:) “Don’t worry, just now you are reaching your last point. I am your guarantor. Now you are changing (from) this life and taking everything! You are accepting me? Quickly say: ‘Yes, I am trusting.’ You are trusting to me, my guarantee?” “Yes.” “Make your head down for me that you are accepting me as your guarantor.” And (that person is) making like this (Sajdah), his soul (is) taken away and he made Sajdah to Shaitan and lost everything…That is (the) general view of mankind under the guarantee of Shaitan. “(I am) guarantor” he is saying…

Even I am asking and saying: “O people, o believers! You have not (even such) a short time to make two Sajdas through 24 hours. You are unable to make two Sajdas for your Lord, saying: ‘No, no, we are busy…’” - busy, because Shaitan gives guarantee to them and they are gambling and everyone less or more they are believing or trusting Shaitan’s guarantee and (they are) going to be repented finally. If (someone is) making two Rakaats daily he should be repented: “Why I am not making it 2o?” Who (is) making (prayer) from Cuma to Cuma they should be repented: “Why I am not giving my good deals with my Lord every day?” And everyone should be repented, because they have been given or granted a chance to do more and more, but laziness, atale, (the) laziness of our egos and Shaitanic urging (is) making them not to do anything!

And people, some Awliyas they are saying (that people) they are like a caravan. It is written through traditional Books through traditional knowledge from Prophets and Saints that people are like a caravan people: they are going from one country to another country and night time they reach to a valley and (there are) no lights. They are landing and asking to sleep there and when (the) day (light is) shining they may move. And one of caravan people (is) saying: “O people, this is a valley (that) whole stones (here) they are jewels! Collect! As much as possible try to collect, to take. And some people (are) saying: “Ehhhh stones, so many stones, I am not listening, I am so tired. I am not listening to such a things”… Some of them (are) saying: “Eh, I may take some to put (in) my pocket”…Some of them (are) taking as a sample: “I may take some, a handful I may carry”…Some of them they are believing that person who said it is true and they are making their sacks empty and filling (their sacks), instead (of) their goods putting in it from that stones (and loading) on their camels…And then the trumpet for leaving this valley (is blown)- it was darkness of night (and) they were taking a rest- and (then they are) beginning to go. They are passing through a bridge and reaching to a place and then (the) sun (is) shining, (the) day (is) opening….When (the) day (is) opening they are looking that really that stones (are) sparkling (and they are) so beautiful jewels. Beginning those people that (were) never taking anything to hit their heads and other people that (were) taking for a sample they are also repented and others that they are only taking for their pockets they are also repented. Only those people that (were) making empty their sacks and filling (with these stones)…Ohhhh, they reached (the) top of their happiness and pleasure, wealth… But (there is) no way to come back to that valley. It was only once, one way, that you are passing through that. It is impossible to come back, because (the) way (is) just blocked with other people (and) you must move…

And this life- people whom they are believing in Prophets, they may reach, as much as they have from effort, to take more for Akhirat: Prophets, Saints and strong believers. Other people: Oh! They are coming and landing, (then) people (are) burying them into their graveyards and (they are) looking (that there is)- nothing. Not nothing, but (their grave is) full with snakes and scorpions and poisoned spiders, and such terrible insects they should find them in it. They should be in fire from inside, from outside. (But) those (other) people Allah Almighty (is) ordering to be for them a Paradise garden…

Therefore, o people, even take for samples! Don’t go (from this life) empty hands, no! As much as possible do for your eternal life! And eternal life’s levels (are) countless…And most pleasure (should be) for servants whom should be on (the) first row (there) and behind and behind and behind (that pleasure is) coming less, coming less…Therefore Prophets they were urging servants to run to reach a seat from (the) first row that (there are) countless seats also in (the) first row, and (they were) urging people (and saying): “Run and take!” But people they are so lazy, they are saying: “It is enough what we are reaching”- but (they) should be repented that time!

May Allah forgive me and give ourselves good understanding not to be cheated through this short life, tasteless life. Look what (is) happening everywhere! And (the) Prophet was saying: “If fitna, trouble (is) reaching to Damascus, Sham, if that trouble that (is) coming through unbelievers (is also) reaching to Damascus, Sham, you can’t find any place safe on earth!” Now we are hearing that that fitna, that trouble (is) reaching to the center of Damascus and people (are) running after some useless and imagined titles. They are not saying: “We are the nation of Muhammad sws”, but they are saying: “We are Kurdish”, or: “We are Turkish”, or: “We are Arabs”, or: “We are American”, or: “We are Iranian”, or: “We are Egyptian”, “Libyan people”, “Palestinian”- they are not coming to say: “We are Ummati Muhammad, the nation of Muhammad sws”, and trouble (is) coming on them. To kill Muqmin one Muqmin its punishment (is) to be in fire forever! For the name (of) imitated honours! Every tribe they are claiming and saying: “Oh, we are Kurds”, “Turks”, “Arabs”- all those people they are running after imitated honours, that (have) no value in divinely Presence. Therefore Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Ya ayyuhal ladhina amanu”, not saying: “Ya ayyuhal Arabs”,” ya ayyuhal atrak”…no!

Everything Shaitan (is) making for cheating people! But insha Allah should be under my feet everything that it did against the Children of Adam! May Allah give us much more power! I am the weakest and the strongest ones they are occupied in (the) divine Presence. For this dirty Dunya I am enough, insha Allah. Weakest… May Allah forgive me and support His believers against Shaitan and his supporters, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 15th

Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim wa atoubu ilayh…Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

What is Fasad, corruption? How it can be Fasad? Milk- when you are putting it in a pot (that) may be in it a little bit dirtiness, that milk quickly changing and loosing its originality for the reason, for the cause of that dirtiness. You can’t use it as you like…

Now- mankind has been landed on earth. S.Adam, peace be upon him, he had been sent on earth to be there and to bring their generation because Allah Almighty making Adam to be Allah Almighty’s deputy on earth and to make his best for his Lord Almighty Allah. And he was taking his most care not to repeat what happened from him in Paradise. He was very careful to follow his Lord’s Commands on earth, not to be again a rebellious servant. Because he repented what he did on Paradise and for that reason was crying and asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty hundreds (of) years. And then Allah Almighty He forgiving him and that was the reason he was very appreciative for keeping Allah Almighty’s Commands. And he was knowing that the honour which he had been granted by Allah Almighty no any other honour may be on it or above that honour, can’t be. The honour that Allah Almighty honoured him and promised to Adam that: “Everyone (who is) keeping my divinely Commands I am granting to him, to her, to them, what I granted to you, that honour. One condition: they must keep what I was asking from them the Day of Promising and (that time) they were all accepting to be My servants. That is their promise, oath, that they were giving to Me! I am asking only from them to keep that oath, nothing else. If they are keeping that oath that they were giving to Me the Day of Promising, just I am going to fulfil My promise for them to grant to them that honour that I am not giving to anyone else from other creatures, I am fulfilling My Promise also.”

And Adam was so appreciate to keep his oath and to make his descendants to keep their promises and oaths for their Lord, for their Creator. He was clean, just Allah was cleaning him and Eve also, and he was giving his advises, calling his generation: “Oh my children, I promised to my Lord to be clean on earth, to remain clean and I am asking from you to keep my advise to be clean and to keep yourself clean!” They were asking: “ We think that we are clean ones.”

Yes, mankind when they are coming, coming clean. No one (is) born dirty, everyone (is) coming clean. Up to the age of maturity (everyone is) clean. After the age of maturity the enemy of the Children of Adam (is after them) that he was (the) first rebellious one to his Lord Almighty Allah through creation. He was clean, and when he did what he did in (the) divinely Presence, taken from him cleanliness and he (was) becoming fully dirty. Shaitan (is) fully (a) dirty creature; through (the) whole (of) creation he is (the) dirtiest one. And he was running after the Children of Adam, (saying): “If I was becoming dirty for the (reason of the) Children of Adam, I am not leaving them to be clean ones, (but) I shall try as much as possible to make them dirty or to throw on them dirtiness.”

Grandsheikh, our Grandsheikh- Allah bless him- Sultanu-l Awliya, he was saying through his associations, that Shah-u-Naqshiband (was) the main pillar for this holy Tariqat, (the) most distinguished Naqshibandi Order; its main pillar. As a tent has a pillar at the middle of (the) tent; if that pillar you are not putting, that tent (is) coming down, can’t (stand up). When putting (it in the) tent, it is okay. Therefore- this (is an) example- we may say: if not Shah-u Naqshiband (was) coming in existence, that most distinguished Naqshbandi Order can’t stand up. He was saying: “I was looking for Shaitan to catch him a little bit making like this (resting). Day and night I was so keenly running after him to find him a little bit like this…(but) never (he was) making like this (closing his eyes)!” So keenly (he is) running after mankind to make them dirty, to throw on them dirtiness. Or, if he is not carrying them to dirty channels, at least he is trying to take from that dirty channels something and to throw on them. Some of them (are) surrendering and running with Shaitan. Whom they are running away from him, he is trying to throw on them dirtiness also.

Now we are living in a time (that) if a man (is) getting out from his home to (the) street, waiting in front of doors of houses or shops or anywhere that people may be in it, looking for man 7 Shaitans. Waiting. When looking (that he is) coming out, quickly running after him. Second one coming (out), another 7 Shaitans (are) coming to make him heedless and to carry him into dirty channels or at least to throw on him dirtiness. If women- 7o Shaitans waiting (for them). If a woman (is) getting out by herself, alone, or two of them, or three of them without a man, 7o Shaitans (are) waiting for them and quickly surround them to carry them to dirty channels. If they are asking to run away at least they are throwing on them dirtiness. Shah-u Naqshiband was saying: “I never find Shaitan even a little bit like this (resting, closing his eyes), no, always awake!” Running from East to West, from West to East, even from Mecca Mukarrama to Medina Munawwara, fro Medina Munawwara to Mecca Mukarrama, or from Damascus to Mascid Aqsa, from Mascid Aqsa to Baghdad, from Baghdad to Yesher- from East to West (he is) running, running to make mankind to fall into Hells. Dirty channels reaching to Hells.

Shah-u-Naqshiband was saying: “If I can catch Shaitan even a second making like this (closing his eyes), I was trying to make a veil between him and (the) Ummah (so) that he can’t be able to see where is (the) Ummah. But I can’t reach!” Shaitan (is) running after the Children of Adam and making them to forget their oaths in (the) divinely Presence. When you forget it, you can do everything! (The Prophet was saying:) “If you are not ashaming you may do everything…” Now people (are) never ashaming, men and women; (and) therefore they are doing everything, every dirtiness they are doing! If (in) a pot you can find a dirtiness, (even) very little, (and it is) collapsing what it is put in it from milk- what about this world? Everywhere full with dirtiness! And people (are) running in it; they are not ashaming from their Creator. No one (is) thinking that: “Allah Almighty (is) looking to us and seeing what we are doing!” No one (is) asking and no one (is) remembering or no one (is) asking to remember what they just gave from their oath in (the) divinely Presence.

And this world now ( is so dirty!)… therefore Awliyas (are) saying: “We can’t find a clean place for Sajdah, we can’t find clean earth to make Tayyamun.” The Prophet was saying: “Should come a time that my nation (is) going through Fasad, corruption”- this is the time- and he was saying: ”Who is trying to keep himself clean and to keep my way, they should be granted the reward of hundred martyrs, Shahid.” (It is) so valuable now to keep the way of Rasulullah sws, (the) Seal of Prophets. To try to be clean it is so valuable, that Allah Almighty (is) granting hundred martyrs’ reward for one person who is keeping (himself on the) clean way.

What is going to be? You are looking sometimes may be Gala Night, big feast (in) big palaces or halls. Everything (is) prepared, (and) people (are) coming- eating, drinking, dancing, enjoying and what (is) there remaining? Remaining their dirtiness there. When (people are) going away, the owner of that place (is) ordering servants: “Quickly change everything and clean! Clean everything. Throw away!” Because second (time) you can’t use this place as it is. Now corruption reached (to everywhere) in such a way (that) from East to West, from North to South- all dirtiness! Therefore it is now His Order- His divinely Order-, reaching to (the) Qutbu-l Mutasarrif, the Pole of Awliyas that he is in charge for looking everything on earth and he is also in charge for cleaning everything. But he is looking until they are finishing. As that feast; (the) owner of that palace (is) waiting (until the) last one (is) leaving, then (he is) cleaning. Now (for) all people who make this dirtiness on earth, (the) holy Command (is) just reaching to that Grand Wali: “Now close the doors that no one can enter in it to make another dirtiness! Keep doors and begin to clean!”

Now time is over! Just (the) Order (is) coming: “Close the doors and everything from dirtiness take them away and change everything in it! Now it should be opened for My sincere servants and believers. For My clean people clean this dirtiness!” That is the time of Mehdi a.s!

May Allah forgive me and bless you and we are asking to reach to that clean time of Mehdi a.s. as well as with S.Isa a.s., Jesus Christ- and he is not coming on a dirty world, no, he is coming to a clean place!- to reach to them and to be from clean ones. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 18th

Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!… Destur, ya Sayyiduna, ya Rasulullah, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Allah Almighty (was) giving to (the) last Prophet everything that may be mankind in need; never leaving anything that people up to (the) Day of Resurrection may be in need- just sent to him. If this period (was) going to continue up to… not 15 centuries, but 5o centuries or more- mankind may look and find what is necessary for them to be here in peace and happiness and Hereafter also, what it is necessary for (the) eternal life through eternity…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim… Destur!

One Rule that may be written or must be written in Golden Letters: “Quli-l Haqq aw iskut”- Say, speak what is true or don’t speak! Or: “Quli-l Khair aw iskut”- Say what brings to you a benefit, to you or to others, or keep your tongue, don’t speak!

This is a formula that if mankind may keep this, they should reach to a level from their lives that it should be through the conditions of this temporary life (the) highest level for the life of mankind. (But) what people (are) doing now! This is a formula from Heavens that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Commands and Rules and He is asking His servants to follow His Wasiyat, His Commands and Rules. He is asking that servants may keep His Advise. He looks- but what is the situation now? Through (this) 21st century people just cut off their relationship from Heavens and they are saying: “We are a creation”- they are not saying creation- “we are the holders (of) the land of this planet. We are landlord. Whole world’s landlord we are! Can’t be anyone else from Heavens, no, we are landlords!” German people- what you are saying: “French people saying this, what about ourselves? We are better than French people to be landlords!” English people saying: “No, I am your master, I am patron. Patronage must be for me! “ US saying: “Oh- who are you? If I am here, you are speaking this?” English people saying: “You are long ones, long people not too much clever. I am your master; masterhood I may give. Academic masterhood I may give to people, for politics and every kind for keeping lordship for lands, because once upon a time I had an International Empire that when sun shining from one way, from another way setting down. I am that one! Who are you!”

America (saying): “Hm, hm, I may control you!”

Italians saying: “What about us? We are coming from Romus and Remulus, we have been milked with that giant wolf, giving us milk. Roman Empire! I am coming to you also, English people, what you are saying!” Greek saying: “Who are you? You learnt from ourselves! You were living in caves. When we were building Pantheon on that hill you were yet running after pigs to hunt them. Who are you!”

Iranian people saying: “Why? We were a gigantic Empire, before you we were leaders, patrons and masters at the time of Darius that we were coming from Thearon (?) and Shiraz.

Darius’ armies coming through Asia Minor up to your country with whips and swords. You were coming and kissing our feet!”

Russians saying: “What about ourselves?” “Psss- you are working with bears in the North, go there. Your land there, don’t come downstairs!” And every country asking…

Egyptians: “We are lords of land before you are coming through the wombs of your mummies. We have rights to be (the) patrons of whole lands on earth!”…and I am not speaking (about) Arabs and Turks…Chinese people always (eating and sleeping)…when they are awakening, they are always rushing here or that side…Japanese they are new, but Chinese people old time people. And Indians… Subhanallah- so many nations! If I am going to say about everyone (it is) going (on) from now up to next week what happened for them. My historical histories (are) something else (than) what they have written; my analysis (is) in another way…Switzerland people, what they have- nothing. Switzerland people, they are cashiers, nothing else. Wars, fightings, no. “I am keeping your gold, don’t approach, don’t come here, no, go away, or I am calling French, whips you”…(to) another (one saying): “I am calling this one”…All nations are guardians on Switzerland, because everyone has (a) private treasure there. Therefore: “Don’t speak. If I am saying this person has this amount, too much headache for you”…Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Ya Allah!

Man saying now through (the) 21st century: “We are landslords here! Landlordship (is) for (the) people whom they are living on earth We are not asking anyone to involve or to come and to say that: ‘I have also a share through this planet’ from other planet or from up.” That is Shaitanic teaching for them to deny everything that belongs to Heavens. Shaitan making them to accept that they are (the) owners of this planet and no one (else) can be landlords on this planet. When they are saying this, they are falling the way of Shaitan, under his hegemony. What Shaitan making them to do, they are doing.

Therefore they are never using (truth)- from (the) beginning they are denying truth. When they are saying that: “Lordship on earth that is on our shoulders, we are that ones”, finished, just they are running to wrong way. It is not true! They left truth. When they left truth, finished- they can’t speak truth, they can’t be true ones. Therefore whole politic people can’t speak truth and can’t be true ones, finished. Now we are in it.

And (the) Prophet (was) saying: “You must accept truth and when you are accepting truth you are going to be true ones, and true ones (are those) that they are going to be supported by heavenly support. And whole prophets have been supported by heavenly support and now you are refusing heavenly support and you are saying: “We are making missiles with minds and we are ordering that rockets to find that one or this one and that missile (is) running and finding”- it is nothing! Man (is) claiming: “We are not in need heavenly support, no, no, we have supports!”

Now they are in a trouble that (is) growing up daily. If it was yesterday one, it is going to be today two. Tomorrow going to be double two: 4. Next day going to be four and four: 16. 16 with 16- (in) such a (way), double, going to grow up troubles. Do you think that they are finding any solution for (the) problems of mankind? Even we are not. Here in Cyprus- (a) handful people- whole nations (are) involving to find a way for our problems, they can’t bring, what about big ones! What about big ones?

And it is important now we are saying- that is the advice of prophecy, (of) the Seal of Prophets: “If you are speaking, speak truth or don’t speak!”

Another important Command (is) coming through that words, that also it is important as the importance of this first Hadith, that (he was) bringing, (and) that means: “O people, if you are asking to do something, if it is going to be useful for you, for mankind, do it, or ,(if not,): don’t do!” (This) must be written in Golden Letters! So that if you are asking to do something that you are asking to be useful for you and for others, you are in need a balance, and that balance you can’t use (for) it, or you can’t find it or you can’t bring it on earth by your minds. Mindly productions never giving to you a balance if something is good or bad. Therefore we must use as balance (the) heavenly Balance. Heavenly Balance must be! (Through that) heavenly Balance that we have now there are 5oo different attributes or actings or efforts that all of them are good ones, giving benefit personally and commonly. (And there is) another table that on it there are 8oo kinds of works or actings or intentions or efforts that all of them (are) harming people, giving trouble, or all of them going to be trouble makers. Which one (of these) 8oo you are taking or trying to make one, you are going to be a trouble maker; your name (is going to be) written under the list of trouble makers and those trouble makers belong to (the) first trouble maker Shaitan. He did first trouble in divinely Presence, and all whom they are making that trouble they are belonging to (him, the) first trouble maker and written their names under that one’s name.

We lost it. People just lost it and it is impossible to change man’s way from wrong way to right way till the Lord of Heavens involving (and) sending someone for arranging everything with a power that it is over the powers of nature. That power which belongs to Heavens is miraculous power. When miracle coming, everything (is) going to finish.

Pharaoh was claiming that he is the Lord of Egyptians and Egyptian people because their mind small one they said: “Yes, yes”… Tauba Astaghfirullah!…Once the teacher of Pharaohs (was) coming. Pharaoh was sitting on his throne and thinking something, and suddenly looking a person in front of him. Saying: “Who are you? How you came? Without my permission how you are here? …Porters, who is that one, how you are leaving (him) to come in front of me?” (And they came) running, with spears…”Kill him!” They are making their swords like this, like that…(but that person was still) standing up…”Who are you?” “You are not recognizing me? Who are asking who am I? I am your master, I am your teacher, I am your supporter.” “Oh…how you came?” “Your swords can’t cut me, your spears can’t touch me, your power can’t reach to me, I am here.” “Why you are coming?” “You are saying, o Pharaoh: ‘I am the lord of these Egyptians people’ and making them your servants, and you are not knowing who I am? I am asking you, coming to check up pharaohood, how you are saying: “I am the lord of there heedless Egyptian people’. How you are claiming this?” “Because I have hundreds of witches and wizards, therefore I am claiming that I am their lord.” “Call them here! I must look your power, I am examining you, making big check up for you.” (Pharaoh) calling all the head ones, and they are coming: “Show your power!” (And) the head ones of wizards making a huge vision. “This is your power?” “Yes, this is my power that I am claiming I am lord of Egyptians.” (And) Shaitan making: “Phhh…” (blowing on it)- disappeared. “Where is your power?” “I don’t know, just disappeared.” “I am your master. Look what I am putting now- my power.” Making a power, (and) Pharaoh (was) falling down from his seat. Falling down, (hiding himself), so full with fear. “O Pharaoh, how is my power?” (Pharaoh was trembling), (he) can’t speak from fear. (And Shaitan) making: “Phhh” (spitting) on Pharaoh. “Look! I have such a power and the Lord of Creation, the Lord of Heavens (is) not accepting me even (as His) servant- how (He is) accepting you to be His partner?” Spitting on him once again…Why we are saying this?

People now they are thinking what they have is something! If (it is) given a permission to Shaitan, in one second (he) may finish all these things, taking from their heads every knowledge, (so that) they can’t even know how to make fire. Even if you are giving (a) matchbox (to them), people (are) not going to know how they can do fire! If (the) Lord of Heavens (is) saying to Shaitan: “Make them to be under zero”, whole power they are going they are forgetting, even forgetting (what) to make (with) a match, making like this (striking)…they are thinking that they reached to power. Heedless people 21st century people! May Allah forgive me and bless you… and we are asking His heavenly Support for Islam, for Majdu-l Islam, the Glory of Islam, to appear soonerly, before sun setting or before sun rising…For the honour of the last Prophet, (the) most praised and most honoured one in His divinely Presence, Fatiha

Saturday, 2oth

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasul, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. Most valuable creatures on earth which one? You are saying, you may say: Mankind is most valuable. What is their value? You can’t eat them, you can’t use them- what is value? A goat you can eat, you can buy, you can sell. Man, mankind that (is) most valuable, that is true. (If) you are looking their creation and their attributes and their missions and their representing points then you are finding (that) mankind (is) most valuable creature on earth. That is true.

Now living ones; one day their value (is) going to be zero. Their value is with their spiritual being, not (with) their material being. (The) material being is nothing, no value, but (the) spiritual being is valuable from ourselves. Therefore when a person is leaving this life (it) means (that) his spiritual being (is) leaving his material being (and) that material being (is) going to be (of) no value and no one (is) asking to be with that material being (anymore) or keeping (the) material being of a man through their home, through their beds, through their rooms, no. They are taking (it) quickly to (the) cemetery to bury (it), because (the) spiritual being just left him, left her, left them- no value.

And we are going to be cheated always by satanic agents, because they are making people to look after their material being only, they never taking any care for their real being, (and their) real being that (is) their spiritual being. If those people say that: “(The) spiritual being and (the) material being (are) the same, we are not accepting (a) spiritual being in a man”, we may say: “If you are claiming this that (there is) no spirituality, or no spiritual being in man, why you are not keeping that one (with you) when he is closing his eyes and his bodies’ movements (are) stopping, never moving? Why not keeping (him) if that one is only a material being and quickly taking him to (the) cemetery? What is (the) difference between (a) living one and a passing one? If (there is) no difference between (a) living and (a ) dying one, why you are not keeping (him)? If it is same, (a) dead one and an alive one, if you are saying (they are) same, equal, must be something wrong with your mind! How you can say! How you can say (that a) dead one and (a) living one (are) equal? Why you are saying this? Why you are denying (that there is) something else with a living one? What is your proof to say: ‘No other being in a man’? You must be a liar, ignorant one or you must be a cheated one. Why you are saying (a) living and (a) dead body (are the) same? You can’t say this!”

That is for atheist people that their beliefs (are) just built on materialism. They are saying: “(There is) nothing beyond (the) material world.” And they are (the) biggest liars, no mind people, most ignorant ones! I am asking: “A dead body- if you are saying (that it is) only material- which mentality is accepting to be same (a) living and (a) dead body?” What is their proof? They are so Shaitan people!

And everywhere this (is) going on- through (the) programs of whole schools, high schools, universities- (that) they are saying only: “Material, material...”! May fall on their heads (a) big rock to take their heads away, to kill them! What is the meaning living and dying? What (is) happening to (a) dead body? This is the biggest cheating that (is) making people to fall into unlimited problems. If (they are) trying to bring a solution for one problem, beyond this problem coming ten (other problems), and (they are) asking to bring a solution through their material aspects, through their material ideas, (and) they can’t be able. They can’t bring any solution, because beyond this (problem there is) coming other problems. And every time (they are) asking to bring a solution, ten problems (are) going to be 1oo problems, because it is (the) wrong way for (a) solution.

Astaithu bi-llah: “Alladhi khalaqa mauta wa hayyata…”Allah Almighty (is) saying, the Creator (is saying): “I am creating a living body or a dead body. Through My divinely Order a material is standing up. With My Order (a body) is standing up and (is being) dressed (to be) a living being. If My Order (is) not coming on a material, that material can’t be a living one. You can paint so many statues, but you can’t give that secret of life to that stone. You are keeping through your museums hundreds of figures from rocks, from golden, from copper, from every kind; you can paint it, but you can’t be able to give the secret of life to that (material). I am only One that I am giving my Order to unliving elements to come and to be alive; to be able to look and see, to hear and listen, to touch and to know to walk, to keep and to do. That is My divinely Secret that I am granting to those originally material beings. I am making them (to do these things) with my Order: “Stand up and walk and do.” But you can’t do this. You can paint rocks (to look) as (a) man, as a lion, as an eagle, as an ox, as a wolf, as a bear- but you can’t dress them what I am dressing, because you are creatures. I am (the) Creator. I can do, you can’t do! And you- (it is only) for some time what I dressed you from My secret Order to be alive; I am giving a limit for your lives. When it is finishing, you must fall down.” As (when) you are doing a battery for some instruments and that battery (is) serving through (a) recorder or other instruments- when (it is) finishing, this (instrument is) going to be dead, finished…

“I am that One that is giving to everyone, dressing them”- (even) from smallest beings that you are saying bacterial world’s creatures, that you can only look under microscope to make you to understand (about their existence), but you can’t reach a full ability to see (the) smallest one, like (a) virus, even you may use most powerful microscopes. They can’t see that. They may know (that) there is (a virus), but they can’t be able to look and see (it). “That ones (even) I am dressing them life!” Subhanallah, Glory to the Lord of Heavens! (He is saying): “If I am not dressing that one can’t be alive, may stay on the level of materials.”

Therefore all teaching systems, teaching methods now through (the) 21st century (are) 1oo % wrong and just built on lies and on imagination. And when you are looking and seeing this coming whole new generation, their understanding is (a) wrong understanding. And wrong understanding is the source of troubles.

How many men (are) living- you can’t find (that) two (person’s) imagination (is) going to be same. Everyone (has an) imaginated world and they are living in that imaginated world. You are living in your world, he is living in his imaginated world- everyone! It is so different. Billions kinds of imagination worlds that you can’t enter his imagination and he can’t enter his imaginated world- it is for you. Therefore man is single, everyone (is) single. “Oh, how we are single, sitting with so many people?” “You are single. When you are taking your rest through (your) bed, through your bedroom, that time you are feeling: “I am alone. I am a single one.” “Ya Hu- (but) your wife (is) next to you!” “No, she is just in her (own) imaginated world, she is in it. You are in your imaginated world, and you are single as she is single also.”

And people, when they are imagining, their thoughts (are) so different for misunderstanding. They can’t reach through misunderstanding to (the) real being. Until you are leaving imagining, then you can understand about yourself something through heavenly knowledges, (and) you can be able to ask (an understanding about the) real being of the Creator. Then you can understand that there is a reality that (is) never changing; and ourselves daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, aniversally (are) going to be changed.

You are not (the) same as (in the) morning; now it is noontime. You are not going to be (the) same Maghreb time, you are not going to be (the) same night time, (and you are) not going to be (the) same tomorrow as today. Everything that (is) changing is not a reality, no! Reality can’t change! Reality (is) just fixed, no any changing (is) coming on it. Therefore everything is changing except the Creator. (The) Creator never changed!

And whom (they are) building their knowledge on imagining, they never ask to reach to reality, because (they are) not using (the) real measures or real balance for an understanding for (the) real being of creatures. When you are understanding, you may find a way; you may leave misunderstanding and take a way to (a) true understanding.

Now for everything you must find a way to take you out. “ Wa man yatakka li-llah fa ja’alahu makhraja…” If anyone (is) understanding (something) from (the) reality of the Lord of Heavens, anytime (that) he may fall in a difficult position, He Almighty may open a way to take him away, to save him from (the) dirtiness of imagining, from (the) darkness of imagining, from (the) hopelessness of imagining, or to save him from (the) fearful area and saving him from (the) imagining area. If not, misunderstanding (is) making people always to be in darkness and in (the) hopeless and fearful area. And that is the source of being mankind in sufferings and miseries and all of that (is) going to be as a punishment for them. And (the) reason of loosing peace, (that) everywhere (there is) no peace (is), because communities or nations, if their personal beings… personally, if a community (is) not reaching to peace, commonly (they also) can’t reach a peace.

And the Lord of Heavens – all Gory to Him- He knows what He created, particularly mankind. He knows what they may be in need to be peaceful through this life, through (this) temporary life, and how they should reach to a permanent peace through eternity. If anyone (is) keeping His Advice, the Lord of Heavens’ Advice, (they) should be happy here and Hereafter. Whom they are refusing (His Advice), they are never saving themselves from darkness, from dirtiness, from fears, from problems, and troubles (are) never leaving them here or Hereafter.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 21st

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya…Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik alayh, alaika ya Sayyidi ya Rasullullah. Alfu salat wa alfu salam alayka wa ‘ala alika wa sahabatika ya khairi khalqi-llahi ajmain…Destur ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

We are coming now to our proud people Europeans that they are looking from up and saying: “We are first class people and Oriental people are tail. We are head, Oriental people tail”...

I was speaking on Black Holes, but no one (is) understanding what I am saying…

Every day is a hole, (a) Black Hole…swallowing…From morning up to evening, what happened today, when (the) sun (is) setting, (the) Black Hole (is) just swallowing (it)…Where is yesterday now? (the) Black Hole (is) taking (it) and today also, when (the) sun (is) setting, swallowing today also (and) everything in it. La haula wa la quwatta!

People (are) looking to see Black Holes through skies. Ya Hu, look here! What is there, you may find here! Some of them (are) escaping from Black Hole, but some (others) of them (are) falling in it and (are) disappearing. Today so many million people (are) falling in that Black Hole, (and) tomorrow they are not in existence, finished…Black Hole is important!…Thousands of years, thousands of years, people from every level (were) just falling in (that) Black Hole and passed away. Where they are? Finished. In cemetery. (But the) cemetery (Also) it is dust, earth, finished. Their personality (is) disappearing and also their material (is) disappearing- why you are fighting?

O people, you are saying: “We are (the) most developed nations.” We know, but- you can’t save yourself to fall in Black Hole on earth. (So) why you are saying: “Oriental people, their level (is) under our level”? What is the difference between you, Western people and Eastern people? Both of you (are) coming and falling one day into (the) Black Hole and you are disappearing. If you are first class people, if you are most high-level people, keep yourself, don’t fall into (the) Black Hole, save yourself. Why you are not using your technology to prevent you not to fall into (the) Black Hole, every day’s Black Hole? How many days you have, you have also through days (a) new Black Hole. (the) Black Hole that belongs to yesterday, it passed away, taking everything and disappearing. Today a new Black Hole (is) coming and beginning to take everyone ‘ahyanan wa amwatan’, either living- also they are falling in it- or dying people that they are disappearing; swallowing (them) a new Black Hole every day.

Where is your science, where is your technology, o Western people? First class Germans, second English, third French, fourth Italians… Americans (are) saying: “We are the first one…because we have so many green banknotes, Dollars…” “Eh, but you can’t prevent yourself to fall into Black Holes! Give bribe to (the) Black Hole and say: “No, you must not take us. As much as you like, we may print green banknotes to give you every day billions or trillions. Don’t swallow from our people, because we are claiming we are first level, first class people!”…(The) Black Hole (is) saying: “I am not doing anything with our Dollars or Euros or Yens or Turkish Pounds! I must take my share. My share (is the) whole world that (the) sun (is) shining on them and then setting- I must take them, I must swallow them!”

Ush ibn Unuq, that gigantic man- (it is) coming through traditional knowledge that he was (a) giant or (a) gigantic being. When he was entering through (the) sea, (the) sea (was) not coming up to his belt, and he was taking fish from (the) ocean and putting (them near the) sun and eating. Such traditional man. Allah Almighty He can do everything! Don’t use your mind- your mind (is) only a spot! You can’t balance your Lord’s, your Creator’s Power (with your mind), therefore, if we are saying such things say: “Yes”.

And he was living from old times, even he was with Noah a.s. And Noah, that Prophet (he is) high level, supreme council Prophet. S.Muhamamd sws, S.Nuh, S.Ibrahim, S.Musa and S.Isa- five supreme (Prophets). S:Noah was ordered by Allah Almighty to make an Arch and he was in need for timber, wood. And he was saying to Ush ibn Unuq: “Bring to me some wood, I am making and Arch, because (the) flood (is) coming.” And Ush was saying. “If I am bringing (it) to you, what you are going to give to me?” Noah is saying: “I am making you to be full, no hunger.” And Ush was saying. “I am beginning from early morning, going around bakeries. What they are baking from breads I am eating and I am not getting full!” This Ush ibn Unuq (was) also like a Black Hole- eating everything from bakeries… Noah was saying: “I am making you to be full.” And (he was) bringing a big amount of wood from (the) forest, putting there, (saying to him): “Come!” And just he brought and S.Noah (was) putting in front of Ush three breads and he was saying: “Say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’ and eat.” And he was looking: “I am eating whole day from whole bakeries (and) I am not getting full- what you are doing this?” “I am saying to you say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’ and eat!“ “I am not saying! I am not going to say (this)!” Prophets power must be over those ignorant ones: “Oh Ush, what you are not going to say?” “I am not going to say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’.” “Eat now!” And he was eating one (bread), and second, half of it, saying: “Oh, I am full! You are a big wizard, you making for me trick? (Nothing in my stomach) but I am full! You made something! Even I am eating from bakeries (and) I am not getting full, (and eating) one bread, (and the) second I can’t finish? No, I am taking all this!” He was very angry; what bringing from wood, (he was) taking (it) and throwing (it) away. What (was) remaining (and falling) that he was not taking care, from that woods S.Noah (was) making (the) Arch…

Now Black Holes every day (are) going to work, to swallow every day’s people with their everything, until the Lord of Heavens (is) ordering to that Black Hole: “Now say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’” and finished, no more sun rising, no more sun setting, finishing.

That time (the) Black Hole that (was) appointed by divinely Order to swallow everything every day from (the) earth, that time (it is) going to be full and saying: “Enough for me now, I am full”…That is our Black Hole that every day (is) working now and taking everything from earth and never getting to be full, until (the) last moment that Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Archangel Israfil for (blowing the) trumpet. Blowing, and then time (is) stopping, finishing.

O people, use your minds! Every day (has) just (been) swallowed since thousands of years. The daily Black Hole (is) swallowing people. Now today you are here, and everyone (is) waiting their fixed time to be swallowed. You should be swallowed also, you and what you have, or what you are keeping. Before (the) Black Hole (is) swallowing you, try to be for the Lord servant in His divinely Presence to be saved! Because some people (are) going to be through Black Holes ground and disappeared and their way (is) going to be into Hells. But some of them, whom they are servants of their Lord, (the) Black Hole (is) taking them, swallowing, but (there is a) lightening Hole… (the) Black Hole (is) making them to reach to lightening Hole and they should find the way through lightening worlds. They should find themselves in (the) divinely Presence forever, for eternity, for eternal life.

May Allah bless you and forgive me for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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