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Sohbets Rabiu-l Awwal Part 1

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

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Thank you very much! May Allah bless you and give more!

Thursday, 29th

(Allah Almighty was addressing to the Seal of Prophets, sending the Holy Quran to his heart and the Prophet passed on the divinely Message to all mankind- Sultans represent the real royal one, S.Muhammad, sws, the representative of the Lord of Heavens- the angels bowed to S.Adam and the family of S.Yusuf bowed to him, because Allah dressed them to represent His Own Glory- Angels are created from the Order of Allah “Be!”, and Shaitan was created from fire, but only S.Adam has been honoured to be created by the Hands of Allah Almighty- Sultans and Prophets are selected, elected and chosen by Allah and dressed a special honour, the Glory from Heavens, that common people don’t have- democracy is cheating people to believe that they are all the same or that anyone can be a VIP- common people were asking a miracle form the Prophet to believe in him, while others accepted his prophecy when he was even only reciting the Holy Quran)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Allah Allah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. The Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured servant in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him. (The) Holy Quran (was) coming from Heavens on his heart and (the) divinely Addressing (was) coming through himself to (all of) his nation. And his nation (is) all mankind- in his time and (everyone) up to (the) Last Day, the Day of Judgment, Resurrection Day. Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him and He was saying through his words (His divinely Message) to all mankind.

(A) Sultan (is) addressing (only) to one person for his royal commands, royal orders, royal rules. He is saying (his decisions) to the Grand Wezir and (then) that one is saying (it) to all (the) citizens of the Sultanate. There is no need for the Sultan to call everyone and to speak to them, no. One (person) is enough, (and) from (that) one (it is coming) to all. If that one is not there, then (it) can’t be (like that); (the) Sultan (is) never going to address to anyone, because His position is not suitable to come down; to come to the level of his citizens and to speak to them, no. Therefore Sultans were (always) keeping themselves; (they were) not coming through people, through common people, because (a Sultan) he has a glory and greatness, which belongs to him only. When he is coming to the level of common people, he is going to loose his greatness and glory. Common people should say: “Oh, this one is also like ourselves. Why? What is his position to be over ourselves, and why we are bowing (ourselves) to be under his command? Why we are going to bow to him?”

Yes, you are not bowing to the Sultan, but you are bowing to the position of his royal existence. You are not bowing to that man, but (to him) whom he is representing- you are bowing to that one. The Sultan is representing the real royal one; he is representing the Lord of Heavens’ representative!

Therefore ignorant people were saying to everyone from Prophets and also to the last Prophet: “Oh, that one is like ourselves. He is going through streets, through markets, he is doing what we are doing- how he can be over our position?” They were not looking to his representation, that the Lord of Heavens (was) dressing him from His (own) Greatness and Glory. (Because of) his position you must bow to him, as when Allah Almighty created Adam and (He was) ordering to all angels: “Bow to Adam”- angels immediately were bowing. They were

understanding his position, his essence, that Allah Almighty dressed him from His representation. Angels were knowing that just he had been dressed from Allah Almighty’s Glory. They were looking and seeing (that) and quickly (they were) running and bowing; they (were) never looking to his physical being, no. “Adam, just I created him. I am that One that created Adam with My Hands. This must be well-known through all creation.”

Allah Almighty never (was) giving that honour except to the father of mankind: to be made by His divinely Hands. Angels no, they are created by His Order, but Adam’s being Allah created it by his divinely Hands. That is glory, and that was only given to Adam. And after him, all of his generation was taking their shares from that honour. Angels are knowing that they have been created by the divinely Command (of Allah) to say: “Be”, and they were coming. They belong to Light Worlds. From divinely Lights they are coming. Through seconds billions and trillions of them are coming, no need for Allah Almighty to make them, their being with his divinely Hands. That is only granted to Adam. Dressing him from His Glory and putting from His divinely Crown on his head and angels were looking (that). When Allah Almighty was saying: “Bow to Adam”, immediately they were falling (down) and making Sajdah and bowing to him.

S.Yusuf a.s., Joseph, he had a dream when he was a young boy and through this dream he was seeing that (his) twelve brothers, his father and mother were bowing to him. Why? That time that divinely crown was just dressed on his head therefore all others were seeing (that) and (they were) falling (into Sajdah) and bowing to Yusuf a.s. Not to his physical being, but (to) what he was representing- the Lord of Heaven’s Glory. That Glory was just dressed to him, and they were falling down.

Shaitan was looking: “Oh, what is that?” (He was) objecting (to Allah’s Will and Order) and (so the) first rebellious one, (the) first troublemaker for creation and the first rebellious one to his Lord was Shaitan. Because he was looking and saying: “Oh! This is a person (is) just created from clay! I am created from fire, (from the) flames of fire- how it can be for me to bow to a creation that (is) just created form clay?” That was his mentality, donkey’s mentality we are saying. He was saying: “It can’t be! I must be that one who should be bowed to. I am over his creation.” He was seeing (only the) material of the being of Adam and himself also, (he was) not seeing which glory was dressed on Adam and that the divinely crown was put on his head. Then he was thrown away…

Therefore (a) Sultan is that one who is crowned and given glory, and they are only a few ones, selected ones, as (the) Prophets line; they are (also) elected and selected and chosen ones, (the) Prophets. And if anyone (is) objecting and saying, “Why? This person (is) like ourselves- going, coming, eating, drinking, marrying- what is the difference between ourselves? Why he is going to be bowed (to), (and) to be obeyed? For what? “ they are not seeing the reason, what he is granted from the Lord of Heavens.

Now people in the 21st century are all looking to everyone (only) from their outlooking. And Shaitan just made people not to believe in any other being, in any other title for mankind and they are saying, “We are all same.” No. You are all same by your physical being, but what you are representing it is not same. Chosen people, Prophets, they have been dressed Glory from Heavens, but you are not dressed (by that glory). You must look to the Prophet’s position that he is coming and people (are) just ordered to be obedient to that one.

Before, up to end of the 19th century, the line of Kings and Sultans was going on, but Shaitan was working to make a false, to make Kingdoms (to be seen as) something no good. And he was trying to take away this line and to make people (believe that): “All of you, you may dress what Kings and Sultans were dressing.” No! Their dressings are from Heavens! You may dress their clothes, but you are not (going to be) like Kings or Sultans that have been dressed Glory from Heavens. That is the main source for the troubles of mankind in the 21st century, because everyone is trying to show themselves that they are something: “We are Kings, we are Queens, we are Sultans…” No. Man can’t give to another man an honour, no, it is impossible. Honour, real honour is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. That honour, real honour, is coming from Heavens, not from people. Don’t think that ‘President’, or ‘Prime Minster’ or ‘Minister’ or such a titles are giving a person a real honour. No! When you are taking their clothes, they are going to be nothing. When they are dressing (these clothes), they are thinking that they are something, but when they are taken from them, they are looking: “Oh, we are nothing…” Sometimes, when they are getting in (the) bathroom and looking (into the mirror)- now new fashion bathrooms have mirrors all around- they are getting in and looking this side, that side, that side…may speak to themselves (and say): “Oh, I am looking like nothing… How- if I am getting out in such a way- who is going to give an honour to ourselves? Quickly bring our clothes to cover our ugly being! So ugly! Quickly bring our royal clothes…” Not royal; that is given form Heavens to man and they are dressing hats…this way, that way…”Now people will respect us”…(They are) not respecting you, but respecting your imitated title…So that people now (are) running after imitated titles.

People can’t give to you a title, because (those) whom they are giving you a title, they are expecting also (that): “One day maybe we have been given also a title from people. We must try to make much more voting…Bring so many pheasants! Doesn’t matter!” It is no need to be learned people in this democracy. No need clever ones, no. No mind people also (count). Important is to bring thousands and thousands. People (are) never understand anything- (it) doesn’t matter, but is it written that: “Ohhh, voting for that person one million people! He must be dressed!” Millions of people can’t give anything to you. (The) real title (is that) which Allah Almighty (is) giving…

Shaitan was looking and asking to be honoured or to be given or granted that honour. What he did through angels? He was expecting the title (of deputy of Allah), (but) that title is a grant from Allah Almighty to His (chosen) servants (only) and (so) he was thrown away. Now people (are) working on that point…What we are saying, oh people- the honour of mankind, that is important.

And Allah Almighty is choosing one of mankind to be on behalf of Him Almighty (and) to address and to call people; giving to one only. He is not calling everyone to be granted a Book, as ignorant people were saying: “Why this Holy Book is just given to him? Why (it was) not coming to ourselves also?” That is their ignorance. Allah (is) calling one and dressing him and sending to him: “Say My Commands, My Orders to My servants! If they are accepting, I am making everything to bow to them, because they are representing Me.”

The Prophet sws was going out and he met one Bedouin, and he was saying: “Oh Abdullah, oh servant of my Lord. Do you like to believe in God, Allah Almighty, and in me (, His Prophet) and to be Muslim?” And the Bedouin was saying: “Who are you?” “I am (the) representative of the Lord of Heavens, Ana Muhammadun”, sws, “Say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws. “Have you any evidence (for your claim)?” (was) asking that Bedouin and the Prophet was saying: “I have. Oh tree! Come to me!“ That (palm-) tree was walking and coming in front of the Prophet and making Sajdah in front of him. Then (it was) standing up and the Prophet was saying: “Go to your own place” and it was going back and standing there. That Bedouin was saying: “Now I am believing that you are the representative of the Lord of Heavens. I am saying: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws...

Yes, evidence…must be evidence! If you have been granted from Allah Almighty an order, you must (also) be granted that power. Trees they were bowing, animals they were coming and bowing in front of the Seal of Prophets. Common people were asking such evidence, to see and to look.

But (for those) whom they were working through their minds if he was reciting just one verse: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Alif Lam Mim…” (it was) enough (for them to understand that) no on can say like this! Through any (other) book you can’t find the ‘heybet’, (the) Greatness of the Lord’s heavenly Book, heavenly addressing. To say: “Alif Lam Mim.”…(was) making a man to come and to bow (to him) who (was) bringing that Holy Book, holy addressing. If he was not in such a way, how 15 centuries Islam is standing up in spite of all Shaitans and evil that are asking to take it away? But they are going to be taken away and Islam is standing up, from earth to Heavens!

May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 28th

(The greatest grant of Allah for each creature is its existence, be it as small as an atom or as big as a universe- a perfect person is looking from whom a grant is coming and not to its amount- creatures know their Creator and that existence can be only granted by Him and they are all glorifying Him, except heedless mankind, who is not thanking their Creator for their existence- mankind’s heedlessness and ignorance is causing their hearts to be dark- people are leaving their abilities to computers, internet and fax and they are feeding their egos- all people are asking to study, but they are not learning anything about their Creator and the target of mankind in this life- try to give more respect and glorifying to Allah to become His accepted servant for His divinely Service)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu- Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim...By the Name of Allah Almighty, the All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent, the Creator, (who is) giving everything their creation. If He is not giving creation, nothing (is) going to appear in existence. From (the) smallest part of matter, everything’s existence is a grant from the Creator. Its creation is a grant that you can’t imagine its greatness. (Even) if all (the) imaginations from people (are) coming together, (they) can’t imagine. (The) greatness of (that) grant is according (to) the Greatness of the Creator, not according to (the) smallness of creatures, no. You must not look (to) that gift, that grant; (it) may be an atom- don’t look (to) the amount of that grant, but you must look from whom (it is) coming to you!

(A) Sultan may send one cent, one piaster, one penny to you. If you are in a perfect understanding, you are not going to look what has been sent to you, but you must be happy (and say) that: “It is a grant from Allah Almighty to me”, and you must make its value the value of a Paradise, (as) if you have been granted a Paradise. Because we are always (in an) imperfect position, (the) imperfection through mankind (is) making man to look (to) the bigness or the value, the amount of (a) grant. That is imperfection for man. Perfect people are looking from whom (it is) coming. They (are) ever looking to that gift and its amount, but (they are) looking: “From whom it is coming? From Allah Almighty (it is) coming” and he should be so happy! That is (signing the) perfection of a person: to look: “From whom that grant (is) coming to me?” Allah Allah, Allah Allah…

It is not similar- if a person (is) giving to you one orange (it is not) as (when) a Sultan (is) giving to you an orange, no, can’t be. It is same- this is an orange, that is an orange, but its value (is with) who sent (it) to you, from whom (it is) coming to you: from the Lord of Heavens (is) coming to you an orange. Or- I may give you, I am putting there boxes, I am giving. (If) anyone (is) coming, (I am) giving oranges (to him). But- because I am nothing (and) He is our Lord- if He is sending, that has another value, and (the) same orange that has been sent by the Lord, by (the) Sultan, its value (is) so high. And (if) from (a) common person (is) coming an orange, its value is something else.

I was in Turkey 194o, 65 years ago or 64…I went to a shop that they were selling some drinks, old style. That time (there was) no Coca-cola and such things... I saw in that shop a glass, written on it that he- that now people are making his bust and worshipping to him- he once came there and (he) was drinking with that glass from that drink and therefore they were putting that glass on a golden protection. And I was surprising. That was an ordinary glass, but (it was) going to be valuable for people, because that one just drank from it. Even (there is) such a little value for that glass, and they are keenly trying to keep it, to protect it.

Therefore anything (that is) coming from (a) Sultan is valuable and according to the Sultan’s position it is getting much more valuable. A big Sultan’s grant is much more valuable. (A grant) may be given from a high title person, but (a) King’s grant is something else.

Therefore- the creation is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. Even if a creature is going to be (as small as) one atom, it can’t be in existence by itself. Creation makes things to come in existence. Therefore existence really is the grant of the Creator. Therefore everything (is) knowing this and they are glorifying (Him) and their glorifying (is) never stopping.

“Kullu shayin yusabbihu bi hamdihi”…Everything (is) glorifying Allah Almighty, because He granted to that ones to be in existence. And existence can’t be given from anyone else except Him only, He granted. They are knowing (this) and (they are) giving their high glorifying, highest glorifying to their Creator, Allah Almighty.

Mankind- we are heedless creatures, particularly in our times; we are (the) most heedless ones through all historical periods. From beginning up today (there has been) no any nation, no any people (that were) heedless like (these people that are) living now, not thinking for their Creator. Most heedless (people are the) ones now living, because they never give any time to think on their existence and to say: “Thanks to our Creator Allah, the Lord of Heavens!” They are so heedless ones!

From beginning up today every nation was (either) taking a little bit or more or most care to give their highest respects and highest glorifying to their Lord, but through (the) 2oth century and now- that we are in the 21st century- people are becoming so far away to think on it; they are so heedless, so ignorant ones and so dark heart people, perhaps their level is going to be under the level of rocks. Rocks (are) knowing and they (are) saying: “Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!” but people living through the 21st century are never saying this. They are never taking care to say: “Thanks to our Lord” and “Glory to our Lord” and: “This existence just it is a grant from the Lord of Heavens to ourselves and our being is (the) most perfect being through creation, through creatures.” (They are) not even thinking on it.

People are running after computers. They are asking to leave their abilities to be out of order; they are trying to make every ability that Allah Almighty (has) granted to them (to be) out of work and they are trying to make some instruments to give every ability- that big grant from Allah Almighty to mankind- to that machines: computers, internet, fax… and they are so happy: “We have so many computers; we can count how many galaxies (there are), how many stars, how many suns, how many distances…” (and) all (of them) they are liars, all is imagination, their imagination.

They are trying to make themselves only for their egos, to feed their donkeys. They are asking not to give to their donkeys straw, but (they are) trying to give their egos baklava, sweet. If you are bringing and putting in front of a donkey a tray full with best sweets, and putting there straw, the donkey is coming and looking…(and it is) never eating from this, (but) eating straw…Particularly for old donkeys- that have no more teeth (and) its owner is making a soup from straw and ground barley and a little bit (of) flour, mixing (it) and putting- if you are putting this there and here a good Kebab, (the donkey is) looking, but (still it is) drinking (that) soup, (and it is) very happy…

Now 21st century people they are feeding their donkeys with soup, never tasting from these best foods…(and) therefore their level is going to be under the level of animals. Animals (are) not changing their natures, they are not eating that sweets, but they are asking to drink (that) soup of barley with water, without cooking also… If you are putting salt also, they should be very happy…(But) if you are asking to come and look, (they) may kick you (with) two legs, because you are disturbing it when it is drinking and you are coming from the back…I heard that it was written in the newspaper that one person was disturbing its donkey and the donkey was biting his hand and breaking three bones...(Donkeys are) very angry when you are coming (near), because they are thinking (that) you are coming to be (their) partner for the soup and (therefore they are) kicking…

These 21st century people, everyone is coming to learn through universities. And there is here also now one (of these) foolish ones, coming to be student- no money, no food, no place to sleep…and I am saying: “Ya Hu, what you are doing? Finally, if you are finishing, what you are going to take?” (The) university should give to them a black hat as priests or rabbis (are) putting on their heads and finally a paper, (and) they are saying: “That is diploma for you. Take it. You learnt something.” And (when) I am asking: “What you learnt?” They are saying: “Nothing.”

“(You are) knowing Allah?” No. “No rights of Allah? No (answer). “What are the rights of a person?” No (answer). “What is the aim and target of mankind?” Knowing nothing (about that). “What is the benefit of this world, this universe? From where (it is) beginning, to where (it is) ending?” (They are) not knowing. “And who is its Owner?” If you are asking (them), they don’t know…May Allah forgive us!

Oh people, give much more glorifying to your Lord Almighty Allah! He is not in need for your glorifying, but you are in need (and) you must give (your) high and highest respect to your Lord that He created you and granted to you to be in existence. This is the biggest grant from Allah Almighty, because His Kingdom is endless, His Dominion countless, His Power Oceans (have) no end. Try to take His pleasure, to (make Him) say to you: “Oh My servant, come, I am accepting you for My divinely service in My divinely Presence. I accepted you, come!” Where (they are) going these people? (They are) finishing. (The) 21st century people (are the) most heedless people, most ignorant people. May Allah take (their) ignorance away, because ignorant ones are in darkness and who is in darkness, they are full with fear. And if a person is full with fear he is never going to taste the goodness and pleasure and peace of this life or after this life. May Allah forgive us and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

I don’t know, but when His teaching is coming to me, I know to speak and address to you…

Tuesday, 27th

(Allah is as He was and He will be as He is- Allah is One and like the number 1, He is not giving from His Essence anything to His creatures nor taking to always remain 1- you may think on His creatures, but not on His Oneness- a man can never fully understand a woman (and a woman cannot fully understand a man), but a man must be a woman (and a woman must be a man) to understand the real being of a woman (a man)- creatures cannot understand their Creator- Allah can put a universe in an atom and it is not going to be crowded- only our souls may understand how Allah’s Order: “Be!” is creating all creatures and they all glorify their Creator- our souls are swimming in that unknown Power Oceans’ Dominion, but man’s physical being can never get out of the limits of creation to reach Reality- man has the deep desire to move beyond their limits, but he must turn to himself and he should find everything through himself, not outside himself on other planets or galaxies, and then he should move from one horizon to another horizon through the countless levels of Allah Almighty’s countless Dominions)

Abdul Qadir Gilani…(Maulana is singing in praise of that big Saint)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

We are nothing! All Glory be for Allah! He is Powerful and no limit for His Power. (He is) never giving anything or never taking anything. If (He was) giving anything, that means He may be in pieces. Therefore He is not ‘something’ (so) that His Existence is going to be with pieces, no, He is One! If you are giving to 1 something, it is going to be changed, not to be 1. He is 1, Number 1, from numbers (He is the) 1. If you are giving something to 1, (it is) changing), (it is) never going to be 1. (And) if you are taking (something) from 1, also (it is) changing and 1 (is) going to disappear. Therefore 1 (is) never accepting to give or to take.

Allah Almighty, His Existence, His Personality can’t be like any other thing- (it is) impossible! And Allah Almighty, from pre-eternal up to eternal, He is (the) Creator, creating. Don’t think that when He is creating something (He is) giving to His creatures (something) from His Essence, no! If (He was) giving (to them something from His Essence), He was going to be like us; we can take (and) we can give.

(The) most difficult thing is to think on His Oneness, (the) Oneness of Allah’s Existence. To think on it is most difficult. A man- as much as a man (is) thinking (and) thinking about (a) female being, he can’t reach to understand (the) real being of (a) female. And also a female (is) never understanding (the) real being of (a) male. Man and woman- (for) a man it is impossible to understand the situation or position of a woman, and also (for) a woman it is impossible to understand a real being of man. If you are asking that- a female (to understand) 1oo% the situation of being a man- that woman must be (a) man, or it is impossible. And a man, if he (is) asking to understand 1oo% (the) situation of a woman, that one must be a woman.

And (it is the same for) everything. That is (a) palm-tree. (It is) never understanding (an) apricot (-tree). If (it is) understanding that must be an apricot (itself). Or: that is a plum tree, that is an apricot tree. (And) a banana tree can’t be (an) avocado (tree). Yes. If anyone (is) asking to be like X., he must be X., to understand who is X…Everything that He created, creation, creatures, it is impossible (for them) to understand how is (their) Creator. For understanding (the) Creator, (someone or something) must be (that) Creator. And it is impossible, because this universe can’t carry two Creators; (it) can (only) carry one Creator. What is creation and what are creatures? You may think on it, but you can’t be able to think on the Creator. He is (the) Creator (and He is) creating, and His creation (is) never ending.

This is an apricot tree- that is another apricot tree, but they are not 1oo% similar (or) same, no. This is one (tree), that is another (tree). Creation and Creator- leave them. Leave the Creator- (but) you may think on creation. Not creation, but the creation of creatures that are in existence.

He is (the) Creator, (and He) may fill this universe. (And) like this universe hundreds or billions or trillions times- He may create (a space) and this space (is) never going to be full (or) occupied, so that there is no more room. This space- when our Lord, the Creator (is) asking to bring in existence (and) to create such a universe (that is) quatrillion and quatrillion times (the size of our universe), this space (is) never going to be full; never (it is) getting (to be) ‘full-house’. And, if He likes, He is able to put all of (that space that is) like this universe billion and billion times in (the) distance of (an) atom!

Don’t use your balance for Allah, oh heedless people! Don’t show me icons! People (are) painting and say: “This is God.” Astaghfirullah! Yes! In the distance of (an) atom He may create (a space that is) like this universe millions, billions, trillions etc times and He may order (it) to be in (the) distance of (an) atom. Allah, Allah! (There) must be a crack through the heads of mankind to think on it! Don’t think! ‘Tafakkaru fi ala-i-llah, wa la tafakkaru fi dhatillah’- You can think on creatures, but not on the Creator! Don’t try to think on Him, no! How you can put (in) your mind (the thought) that (a space that is like) such (a universe as our) universe million and billion times may be in (an) atom’s distance? It is easy for (the) Lord of Heavens to say: “Be in that distance!” Finished- and they are ready in (that) atomic area, in that distance! And it is not crowded! Everyone freely may take their place and (they are) so happy; they are saying: “ Ohhh, (it is) such a big distance!” Think on creation, for whole creatures and (that) He is (their) Creator. You may look (to) creatures and through His creatures you may understand something…

Therefore we were saying: He is not giving even (an) atomic (part of His) Existence or (He is) never taking (anything). When He is creating, He is not taking anything (from) this creation. And also He is not giving anything. Only (it is) His Order: “Be!” and (it is) going to be, to appear and to take its room in that area and to say: “I am here, oh my Lord!” Glory be for my Lord!” Everything (is) glorifying Allah! So countless universes and creatures- all of them (are) shouting and saying: “Glory be for our Lord!” They are shouting! It is only an Order (from Allah Almighty that is bringing them in existence). (An) Order is not a material thing. (An) Order- your mind is never going to understand how is that Order; how that Order (is) bringing millions, billions, trillions (of) spaces (and) universes. Your imagination (is) never reaching (to understand), impossible! And everything that you are thinking for (an) understanding of our Lord’s Order and Command- to say: “Be!”- that is all imagination, and reality is beyond that! Therefore you can’t understand ‘Alem-u-Amr, His Dominion of Power or His Dominions of His Power Oceans. It is impossible to be understood! Always you can’t move more than in (an) atomic distance. You can’t be able. You are understanding- our souls may understand!

And which things that our masters (are) speaking- don’t think (that) their addressing is towards your physical being! (The) physical being (is) understanding nothing! But they are aiming at our spirituality and our souls are swimming through that unknown Power Oceans’ Dominions. And that is our limit, and beyond that limit you can’t reach (to an understanding); even your imagination can’t reach (to anything) after that limit. Every time you are moving towards (the) real Power Oceans’ Dominions, you should find yourself moving with that atom, as a vessel (that is) moving through an ocean- (it) is cutting distances, but always it is through that ocean. Because you are in a boat, a ship that is always moving through that countless Power Oceans’ Dominions. As much as you are moving, you can’t reach beyond that ship, always you are in it. (You) can’t be leaving that ship and coming in Power Oceans’ Dominions.

And this is (an) addressing to (the) 21st century people that they are thinking that they reached the top limits of understanding (the knowledge) from this world and (that) they are

asking to reach beyond this planet. They are never getting satisfied now to be on this planet only. They have some desires, deeply- (they are) asking to move beyond this planet (to look) what is there, but (they) can’t reach. Through themselves (they) may reach from distance to distance with this planet only. If (they are) asking to move beyond this planet, (they are) going to be finished; their existence (is) going to be on the point of zero, no more (there should be) their existence in this universe. They are asking to move and to understand, but they may use only this planet and this planet, (to) where it is going, they may look, but they can’t look. They can’t look, because materiality (is) never making mankind to move from this planet, beyond this galaxy. You must try to reach to another distance and you are on this planet. If this planet is moving beyond (the) solar system (and the) solar system (is) asking to move beyond our galaxy, and when (you are) leaving this galaxy, (you are) looking billions of (other) galaxies- how (you) can reach to (the) end of (all the) galaxies? That means: (it is) impossible to reach beyond of our imagination. All of it (is) remaining in (the) limits of our imagination and Reality is (always the) same.

As one Wali (was) saying: “Allah- Huwa ‘al ‘an kama kan”- The Lord of Heavens is (now), as He was, (and) He is from pre-eternal up to eternal (the same) and you can’t find a way to reach to that ‘manzar’, that view, to reach beyond this creation and to look. You can’t cut that distance and reach (the) end of creation and look who is Allah! It is impossible, but this desire, deep desire (is) teaching man to ask (to reach something) beyond their levels and to move through countless distances, through countless levels, through countless horizons to find the last horizon and to reach to Reality. And it is impossible!

Therefore mankind now (is) falling in troubles, because (people are) not thinking (on) such big subjects. If (they were) coming (and) turning to themselves (they) should find everything through themselves. But (they are) running to find everything out of their existence and it is impossible! Your existence, beyond your existence, your existence is not a real existence. You must turn back (to Him) Who is giving to you that existence with His Command and (Who is) making me, making you to appear through an atmosphere that you can’t reach to the ends of that atmosphere, because they are also swimming through countless Power Oceans of divine Dominions.

May Allah forgive us and make us to think on such high thoughts and to leave useless things, not to waste our valuable lives- that we have been granted as a chance from Allah Almighty- to think on it and to move through that area that no one (is) going to understand, but only their understanding continuously continues through their distances, and then they should be happy for that movement through their creation from level to level. You should reach through your creation from one horizon to another, (and) from that horizon to another, and your pleasure, your light (is) going to be more and more and more (and) you should be with you Lord’s divinely Presence as it is appointed for you through that atomic distance. And (the) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens- Alhamdulillah we are saying- (they are) unlimited. If (they) were in limits, man was going to be always in sadness, because (they would think that) one day that (is) going to finish. But (there is) real pleasure for mankind, who is (the) deputy (of Allah) and created (to be) patron on earth on behalf of their Lord, (who is) giving us endless pleasure. If that Dominions (were) going to be in limits, man (was) going to disappear or to finish under (the) darkness of sadness (and he was) never going to taste anything. But (the) Lord of Heavens has countless Dominions of Power Oceans as well as countless Dominions from His divinely Attributes.

May Allah give us something for (an) understanding, to be in pleasure her and Hereafter. For the honour of His most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 26th !!!

(Following the way of the masters and keeping our promise to Allah from the Day of Promises we reach the satisfaction of Allah and His Mercy and Blessings for a safe and fearless life here and Hereafter- who is with his beloved one is happy even in a prison- S.Adam was finding full contentment in Paradise only with S.Hawa- following the way of the Prophets and being with Allah makes you to enter a Paradise atmosphere already in this life- with one step anyone can change their cursed and poisoned atmosphere to a blessed atmosphere)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…At tariqatu mar’ahu Sheikh…Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…

We are keeping the way of (the) masters- may Allah bless them and through their blessings His Mercy may reach to ourselves also. We are in need (of) blessings from Allah Almighty. When He is sending blessings? When He is happy with His servant, (He is) sending blessings on him! If He is not happy with His servant, (He is) not sending His blessings. And if blessings (are) not coming, cursing (is) coming (instead) and when cursing (is) coming, that person (is) never going to be successful here and Hereafter (and) he can’t be in safety here and Hereafter. Safety is (the) most important factor for our lives. If a person (is) fearing that means he is not in safety. If a person (is) in safety, (there is) going to be satisfaction through his heart (and) fear can’t be. Fear can’t be for those people who are in satisfaction, because they are feeling (the) safety and protection from Allah Almighty.

Therefore we have a saying in Islam through our traditional knowledge: “Al khainu khaifun”. ‘Khayin’ that means: that person promised to Allah Almighty to keep his promising, and- when he is keeping that divinely oath as he was promising to Allah Almighty the Day of Promises- then he feels through himself a satisfaction. When satisfaction (is) coming, fear (is) leaving. But (those) whom (they are) not keeping their promises, they are going to be in fear and they can’t feel a contentment through their hearts. They are always full with fear and when fear (is) running through the heart of a servant, his life (is) going to be bitter- (it has) no taste. A fearful person may eat something, but (he) can’t take his pleasure from (what he is) eating, because there is a fear through himself. (Those) whom (they are) not keeping their promises in (the) divinely Presence fear must be through their hearts and their lives (are) never going to be a safe life, no, always they are fearing! He may be President, he may be King, he may be Prime Minister, he may be richest one, biggest business man- but fear always (is) hurting him and never leaving him to taste the pleasure of this life.

Don’t say (that there is) no pleasure through this life, no! There is pleasure, here and Hereafter, for those who are keeping their promises and their Lord (is) pleased with them. When your Lord is going to be pleased with you, your life here should be a peaceful life, and you must be in pleasure! Even he may eat dry bread, even he may drink salty water, even he may live through a small hut, even he may live under a tent, (he) may live through (the) dessert, (and) even he may be in prison- but he is tasting pleasure; he is never going to be displeased even through (that) prison or jail!

S. Yaqub’s son, S.Yusuf, he was in prison so many years, but, because he was pleased with his Lord, Allah Almighty just was giving to him pleasure, even he was in a terrible jail; not (that kind of) jail (like) nowadays), that governments (are) giving every comfort to prisoners. (Still) they are unhappy; they are feeling that they are in prison. S.Yusuf a.s. he was in jail, but he was with Allah! He was with his Lord! (What) do you think? If you are going to be with your beloved one, with your darling, it is not important to be in a palace or to be in a jail, because (the) important point is that he is with your darling. He is asking his darling: “Oh my darling…!” If (there is) no darling with you, (even) if I am putting you in Buckingham Palace, you are saying: “Eh…(what is that palace to me)! I am asking my darling, but she is not there” or “he is not there- what I am going to do with (that) palace and its furniture? No (I am not happy)…”

The first man, our Grandfather Adam, a.s., he was in Paradise and he was going around, (and there was) everything, every beauty through Paradise, but (still) he was saying(: ”Eh…”) The Lord (was) knowing that he was unhappy, no pleasure (for him). He was unhappy, not pleased to be in Paradise. Looking palaces, looking trees, looking jewels- such beauty in Paradise, but (all of this was) never giving to him a full pleasure.

Then Allah Almighty (was) giving (a kind of sleep to Adam through). (For) some seconds or even for the 1/3 of a second it was coming to Adam not to sleep, but to be away from himself. If a person (is) sleeping, he is not through himself, no. (A) sleeping person is not with himself, no, he is leaving himself and sleeping. And Adam a.s. in a very short time a kind of sleeping (was) coming to him and (then he was) awakening. Through that time- that (there is) no any watch or instrument for measuring that time, that unit of time- (that Allah Almighty was) giving that (sleep) to Adam and quickly (he was) awakening- Allah just created our Grandmother Eva. Then Adam a.s. (was) opening his eyes and (he was) looking (and seeing her) and he was full with pleasure. He felt that just he reached the pleasure and pleasement that he had been asking. Just 1oo% contentment (was) coming to him and he was never looking (to) any other beauty through Paradises, no, only his eyes (were) going on her, (and he was) saying: “That one (is) filling my heart now with pleasure” and (he was calling her and) saying: “Come!” And our grandmother (was) saying: “No, you come!” (and he was getting up and going to her…) Then Paradise was full (for him)... If (even there was) nothing (else) from Paradise, his heart (would be) just full with (the) beauty of our Grandmother’s beauty; making him so pleased, full (with) pleasure! (So) if they were in a prison, they would never mind for being in jail or through a palace.

Now- Allah Almighty (was) sending our first Grandfather and Grandmother to be here, in this world, and Adam and Eve were happy to be on earth; (even) this is the world of troubles, of problems, of evil and devils, but they were happy. Through this (world) everything is hurting people, but they were happy with each other; they were feeling that: “Now we are in Paradise, real Paradise, because our hearts (are) in contentment and full with love.” And her beauty is enough, more than enough, because (it is more than the) beauty of all (the) palaces and gardens of Paradise…That is an example for people, (showing) that if a person (is) going to be with his beloved one, he may be everywhere and he should be happy and in pleasure. (And) if he is loosing his beloved one, (even) if you are putting him in (a) palace- not here, (but) even in Paradise- he is not going to take any pleasure (from it).

Therefore- Allah Almighty is giving pleasure to His servants here and Hereafter. (And the) pleasure that they are finding here Allah Almighty’s beloved servants (is) making them to be in Paradise (already) here (in this world). But whom (they are) not happy with their Lord, (their) Creator, everything (is) giving to them trouble, making them to be displeased and their hearts (are) going to be full with fear. And therefore there is pleasure through this life, (but) not for those people that have billions of Dollars or Pounds or Euro! That millions or billions (are) never giving a pleasure or pleasement to them here. But (those people who are with their beloved one,) they may eat broken and dry bread or- as the Companions of S.Muhammad sws- they were eating only one or two dates through 24 hours and no bread, even no dry bread- but they were happy people; they were pleased and they were feeling that they are in safety, because they were with their beloved one!

O people, try to understand the heavenly Message! Try to understand the meaning of prophecy! You must try to understand for what Prophets were coming or for what they have been sent (and) then you should find a new atmosphere. When you are running in it, you can be pleased, you can be in pleasure; you should be happy (and) you should be in peace, if you are understanding what is the main purpose of sending messengers from Heavens to people. (When) you are following heavenly people that they are always related from earth to Heavens, you are entering in an atmosphere, (a) new atmosphere, that you are feeling the taste of life with pleasure and with pleasement!

If not- there in another atmosphere. If you are running in it, you may be (the) richest one, or (the) most powerful one on earth- but their atmosphere is going to be like (a) prison for these people. Even they have billions and palaces and power and titles- (but) their atmosphere is another. And believers’ atmosphere is something else! Believers may taste (the) pleasure of (this) life, (but) unbelievers are (only) tasting the difficulties and bitterness of life; they are always in troubles, (in) sufferings and in miseries.

Oh people, look once again! Your life (is) just going to reach to an end. Before your life is coming to (its) end, look, in which atmosphere you are living! If you are not happy, that means you are on (the) wrong way and (in an) poisoned atmosphere. Change your atmosphere! (With) any steps, that you may step, if you (are) asking to change (your atmosphere) from (a) bad and poisoned atmosphere to (a) good atmosphere, you may change (it)! You may find (the) exit! (It is) not like on motorways or Autobahns (that) exits (are only) rarely coming, showing an exit here or (on) that side. But (to find the way) for the best atmosphere, Allah Almighty (is) making on every step an exit! (With) only one step you can change your atmosphere to (a) good atmosphere (and) you should be happy! You should be happy! Through your life you should be happy, when (you are) leaving this temporary life you should be pleased, when you are buried you should be pleased and when your soul (is) taken from you and sent to divinely Presence, you should be happy.

May Allah bless you and forgive me for the honour of His most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 25th

(Shaitan can make a heedless person to fall into his trap and steal his faith- Shaitan is cheating Muslims and telling them for to be on the level of Non-Muslims they must renew their religion and take its pillars away and follow the life-routine of Non-Muslims until the building of Islam has no more pillar to stand on and it is falling down- now the Muslim nations are fighting each other and also within each nation as a punishment for leaving Islam- Allah is saying: “They are trying to destroy the building of Islam but I am the Shelterer and Guarantor for Islam and its Holy Book” - Now there is coming such a power to Islam that all the buildings of the Non-Muslim world is going to be taken away along with those Muslims who follow the West)

Destur ya, Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahumma alhimna rushdana wa aidna min sharri anfusuna…May Allah Almighty protect ourselves from (the tricks and traps of Shaitan!

(The) biggest danger for a person (is) to be heedless! (A) heedless person may be caught by a trap or may be cheated by (the) tricks of Shaitan. And we are in need (for a protection), because Shaitan (is) always asking to cheat and steal or faith, Iman. As the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured Prophet in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, was saying: “No hope remained through Shaitan that people (who are) living in Mecca and Medina (will ever) come back to worship idols. Finished. But Shaitan is (still) happy. (He is) making people to do something that is not a worshipping to idols, it is not like that, (and) he is happy if people step on the wrong way.” As now people in the Islamic world are just cheated. They are not saying: “We are Christians or Jewish or (of) an other religion”, but they are followers of (the) Western life routine. Shaitan (is) cheating them and (he is) insisting (and saying) that: “Muslims must try to be ‘Westernised’ Muslims, or Western people should (always) say to you: ‘You are not on our level. Always your level (is) under our level. You always should be backward. You can’t be like ourselves that we are representing modern civilization. You never reach, as long as you are Muslims.” (So) now they are not saying: “You are Muslims (and that is why we don’t accept you)”, but they are saying: “As long as you are not following ourselves you are not going to be on our level.”

“What we can do?” our first class square-head leaders and doctors (are) asking. They are saying: “You must renew (Islam), you must look after your religion, because your religion belongs to (the time of) 14 centuries ago, but now we are (already) living 14 centuries after S.Muhammad sws. Therefore you must think on it! If you are asking to come on our level, you must try to leave your religion’s principles.” Islam (is) bringing some principles that (are) unchangeable, but they are saying: “You must change it. You must take some (of its) pillars (away)”- that they are principles (of Islam)- “ and (then) you should be like ourselves, on our level.”

Last Eid-ul-Adha in Turkey, in Konya, (on) the first day of Eid a building (of) eleven floors through seconds (was) coming down- all of them. How (it) happened? They are saying that (the) first floor was a big gallery to be used as a showroom for a big store or something like this and they were renting this place to one company. That company was looking and seeing (that) it was a big area, 8oo square meter. What they said? (This is something (that) happened to (be) put in front of the eyes of (the) Muslims, (so they understand) what they are doing. Subhanallah! Allah Almighty is saying: “You must tell some events for people to think on them.” And just they are giving (this) to me to speak to you.) It was (a) 8oo square meter hall and there were so many columns or pillars. Who was renting (that building), he was saying: “These columns (are) no good, we must take them (away) to make (a) big store, (so that) when people (are) coming these pillars (are) not giving any trouble to (them to) go right and left.” And (so they were) taking (away) all (the) columns, that (the) building (was) on, and suddenly, after that happening, (because there were) no (more) pillars, (the) whole building (was) coming down. (That) 11 store big building (was) going down, and 11 stores (were) going to be 5 stores, all of them were coming down, one over the other…

Europeans (are) saying: “You must leave something from your religion. Take away some columns to be ‘Modernised Muslims’. You must take some pillars from it like (the first one): to pray. For what prayer? (And the) second pillar? Fasting? No need! Others? Zakat? No need, everyone is working, no need. Hajj? For what Hajj? Take holiday, going, coming. Why you are going there?” (This (originally) was holiday for people (in Islam): to go on Hajj, to (be able) to move…) ”And then you should be modernised Muslims. And- what you are saying? La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah? Say: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Come and say, (and) we shall draw also paintings”- their imaginated paintings. “Look! That is Father, that is Son, that is Holy Ghost. Look! You are saying: ‘Allah’. Where is Allah? Show me Allah. Look, we can show you (god), look!” And our heedless people (are) saying: “Oh (yes), I think it may be better to look (to my god) and to make like this, like that (cross).” And (they are) making (a) theatre now for Jesus Christ (with that new film) that (the) whole world (is) going up and going down… And it is far away from reality, (it is an) imagination production.

They are teaching (those Muslims) whom they are going to Western countries; their educational systems (are) on that false. And making (that to come) also to Muslim countries and (they are) saying: “You people live yet (like) 14 and15 centuries ago. You must change everything, you must be modernised-head people.” And (so they are) taking (these pillars away,) one after one, one after one…That is Shaitan! He (is) saying: “I am very happy if (I am) cheating people and they should be from outlooking (Muslims, but from inside not).” (And if you ask them:) “What is your belief? they may say: “Islam.” “What is your praying?” “No prayer.” “What is your way? (The) Islamic way?” “No, (the) modern way.” “Now you are coming to be like ourselves. If you are not doing this, you are always under our level.”

And this is (the) big cheating from Shaitan!

And I am sorry to say that (the) Islamic world (is) just falling in such a terrible position (that) they are destroying themselves by themselves. Everywhere! First in Arabia; Arab countries they are going to be enemies to each other and (also) inside (each country) Shaitan (is) making them to be Shia- so many parties- and to fight to each other. Here there is a Cypriot Turkish government and we are only a handful people and they are saying (that there are) ten parties, fighting to each other. And (Shaitan is) making them to worship to idols also.

Oh people, you must be awakened! Wake up, oh Muslims, wake up! Because dangerous and very terrible and horrible events (are) facing you! And you are looking what (is already) happening in (the) Islamic world: everywhere (people are) killing each other, )everywhere there are) explosions. If these people were real Muslims or real followers of Islam, Allah (was) never assaulting them (with) Christians, Non- Muslims.

Don’t think that Non-Muslims can be supporters for you, no! Don’t be heedless! That, to be heedless is bringing every kind of troubles on Muslims and Muslim countries and (the whole) Muslim world, until they are coming back to put (the) pillars (of Islam) (and) to make (the) pillars more stronger. Then they should be sheltered by Allah Almighty. If they are not taking care, Shaitan (is) carrying them under that building without columns and (then the) whole building (is) coming on them, and they are disappearing…

We are believing that Islam will be renewed, because Allah Almighty (was) promising (this) to His most beloved and most honoured servant, S.Muhammad sws. He was promising and also giving good tidings for the future of Islam. Allah Almighty is saying: “I am the Protector for Islam! I am keeping Islam and no one can destroy (that) Islamic building. What they are doing, they may do- they are trying to make Islam to be taken away, (and) they are using every kind of tricks and traps- but I am keeping it, because Islam belongs to Me and I am the Protector, (the) Shelterer- I am sheltering. (I am the) armour for Islam - everything (is) coming (and) touching on Islam, (but it is) never touching (the) real Islam. I am (the) Guarantor for (the) Holy Quran and I am (the) Guarantor for Islam. They can’t touch it, no, no! They may do everything, but everything (is) finally coming on them and they should be repented. They are destroying themselves.”

As Egyptian people- they built a big dam to prevent the Nile to run freely, asking to make it under their control. A high dam. Nile mubarak (was) never saying anything: “Doesn’t matter. Put your hindrance on me. I am looking (for the) holy Command of my Lord to take (that) high dam and (those) who built it and their cities also, (and) to carry them to (the) sea as Allah Almighty (was) carrying Pharaoh and his soldiers through (the) Red Sea. Leave, they may do”… Their dam is so weak now (breaking down)… (And like this) they are trying to stop Islam, but their dam is so weak and the power of Islam is so big, but (still) they are trying to stop it. And Islam now is ‘sakin’, keeping quiet, never objecting: “Let them to be- Europeans, Christians, Jews, and ‘mesokotor’ people”- (‘mesokotorman’ means: never belonging to Islam or to Christianity, you can’t say this is a Christian or a Muslim- it is a Greek word.) They may build everything, they are trying to stop Islam. Yes, do it! (But) now (there is) coming a power, (that) not (only the building of) one Christian world’s, (but even) seventy Christian worlds’ buildings through one minute they should be taken away! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

Therefore heedless people now are on the side of Christians; they are looking and claiming that their safety and their success and their future is to be with (the) Christian world. (They) should be taken away with (the) Christian world! Those people that they are running with Europeans and Non-Muslims and (the) Christian world, they should be taken away…

(There is a) handful people here, inside (our Dergah that) they are saying: “We are not following Christianity, we are not modernised Muslims. That is only a cheating word that they are saying ‘modernised’. ‘Modernised Muslim’ means: Christian Muslim. Same time Christian and Muslim can’t be, no! They are liars and they have been cheated and they are cheating also (the) Islamic world.” But the Lord of Heavens is looking now. (There is) coming (such) a power (that) their building, that hindrance for preventing Islam to run through East and West, from North to South in a minute should be taken away. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

Don’t look what (is) happening now- everything that (is) happening and you are looking (that) it is against Muslims. If they were real Muslims, never were going to happen such sorrowful events (as they are) coming (on them). We must ask forgiveness from Allah and we must come to the safe side, to the Islamic side, not to be cheated.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 24th

(Allah Almighty, al Musawwir, with His unlimited Power and Ability is creating countless different faces by using the same elements of a face: eyes, ears, nose and mouth- He is also designing the lives of countless people and every day’s worldwide events never to be similar one to the other- Allah has given man the authority to use an unknown natural power, electricity, for their benefit, but Shaitan has made man to use it for harming people and all technology is only used for harming people- people are not taking care for Allah’s divinely service, but only for their teacher Dr.Shaitan- Prophets teaching is to be best servants for Allah and to do one’s best for His creatures, but people prefer to be the slaves of Shaitan instead of keeping the honour of being Allah’s servants and to receive His blessings, which are giving life to everything on earth- the way for mankind to be saved from heavenly cursing it to admit that they are on the wrong way and to correct themselves- the cleaning has begun and everyone who is not taking care to clean his soul and who is harmful for other creatures- from 6 billion people 5 billion- they will die)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Glory be to Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah- (the) real Sultanate (is) for Allah only and He is Sultan, everything belongs to Him… Everything is from His creation, He (is) creating (everything), bringing (it) from unknown worlds and sending (it) to other unknown worlds and (these) worlds also belong to Him.

An appearance on (a) mirror, or better than (a) mirror we may say (about the) screen of a TV. You may look and see on the screen of a TV (things) from East to West, from North to South, so many countries, oceans, mountains, jungles, animals, and unknown areas, different colours of people and everyone (is) just appearing in his private or special looking. You can’t find a person to be similar to a second one. (For) everyone(‘s creation) (Allah Almighty) is using two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, one head, one face. And (through) these elements (that He is) using-eyes, nose, mouth and ears- (the faces of people are coming to be) in countless appearances. How many people (there are)- their nose is going to be different, their eyes may be different, their ears may be different, their mouth may be different, and then (you are) looking (and seeing that it is) going to be (a) different face, Allahu akbar!

Do you think a painter, an artist that (is) painting, (he) may be able to paint more than we can say 7o (different) faces? 7o different faces do you think he may paint? It is difficult. Perhaps seven faces he may paint, then he is going to wonder for the eight face or wondering how he may do another painting for ten (different faces) or more. (It is) so difficult! That is the meaning that man’s capacity, ability is going to be nothing, but Allah Almighty’s Power (is) bringing millions and billions (of) people not to be similar. Each one (is) in another shape, form or design. He is ‘Musawwir’, that means, Designer. He is Designer and endless, countless designs He may do, Allahu akbar!

The Power of Allah Almighty and His Ability or Capacity (is) to do everything. He is not in need to think for designing, no. You must think and then you may draw, you may make a design. But He Almighty Allah is doing everything by His Order. What is His Order, to say: “Be!” When He is ordering for being something and saying: “Be”, that must appear. If He is saying: “Don’t be”, then everything is going to disappear. And He is Designer with His unlimited Power.

He is designing daily (the) lives of people. How many billions of people living on earth now, on world, worldwide continents, worldwide oceans and countless creatures on it, and the design of this world today is not similar or same that was yesterday. No, that design (is) just finished, coming today another design. (And) designs with countless activities, actings, works, appearances, today (are) never going to be similar to yesterdays design, no. Today’s works (are) just 1oo % different; (there is) no way to keep something from yesterday as it is today, no, (it) just passed away, and tomorrow (is also) coming another appearance of creation or designing on earth that is not going to be same as todays, no, everything is changing. And you are looking in TV so many things passing, going, passing, going- coming and going.

I was looking TV first time coming to Cyprus. First time people were looking that big box and appearing (in it) so many things, (and) one pheasant was getting up and going (to the) back(side of the TV) and looking (if) anyone (is) behind it…”Where is this that person? Not inside!” “Inside.” “But I am not seeing.” I am saying: “That is closed”... People were thinking that someone is inside. Now everyone (is) knowing that (that) screen is bring so many countless appearances and when you are closing that one, making (it) off, nothing is coming in appearance.

And, Subhanallah- Allah Almighty (is) giving an authority to man to use one power- electricity. If this is not running in it, nothing is going to appear. And we also have much more perfection. This TV is (a) man made instrument; we are making it. Allah Almighty is giving a power to man for using, some authority from this nature (and) that is electricity. The life of 21st century’s technology (is) on this power, electricity, that no one (is) knowing what it is. If (there is) running something from one (side to the other and) what is running, they are not knowing. If they are saying this beyond moving not moving must be taken away (?). This (which is) never ending running, (this) something in it, that is (a) secret power that Allah Almighty just granted man to use for his benefit. But Shaitan (is) making man not to use (it) for their benefit but to use (it) to harm someones other ones. Whole technology is only used for Shaitanic purposes. Everywhere technology (is) asking much more power from electricity to destroy and to kill and to do to harm people, because Shaitan (is) teaching them: “You must harm people. Don’t give your benefit to people, but as much as possible harm people!”

That is (the) shaitanic way and Allah Almighty is saying: “ O My servants! Try to give as much as possible your best (and) do your best for everything!” That is heavenly teaching, but Shaitan is saying: “No, try to make everything for harming people, to destroy everything on earth, not to give peace to people. Make them to be in fear!” That is shaitanic and whole religions are coming to make people to be good servants to Allah and good ones to each other. That is (the) summary of heavenly messages that the Lord of Heavens is saying: “Oh My servants- that I am accepting your servanthood in My divinely Presence- try to be excellent servants for Me!” How? What do you think?

If a person is just employed for (the service of) a Sultan or a King- do you think that that person is not trying to do his best for the Sultan? Or (that) he is never taking any care? (No, but) he is trying to make (the) Sultan or King to be much more pleased with him. That is (what) our mentality (is) saying- (so) what about for Allah? For to be the servant of (a) King, an obedient servant of (a) King, those people are asking to continue to do their best for their King or Sultan, to make him pleased with them. I never heard (that) a person (is) doing against this (and) to do his worst, because when he is making his worst, he is going to be kicked out. That is not (what) our mentality or our mind (is) saying (to) us: Be (the) worst one for His service. Never saying! But our mentality is saying: Try to be much more obedient and trustworthy in his royal presence.

What about for Allah that He created you? Why you are not taking care for His servanthood? You think that 21st century people are obedient servants for their Lord or (they are) thinking on it? Never, you can’t find (anyone); only a handful people to be on that way and others (are) saying: “I don’t care. I don’t care for service for divinely service.” “What is your care?” “I am taking care for my teacher who is giving to me PHD, doctor Shaitan.” Shaitan (is) becoming doctor now, PHD. (In the) 21st century Sadanas (is) becoming Doctor. PHD, Masterhood (he is) giving now. Who is following him, (he is) giving to them that diploma, honour, (the) honour to be his best employees, to be (his) best servants. But (really they are) not servants, they are (his) slaves! Slavery is something, and servanthood is something else. Servanthood is giving honour to (a) person, slavery (is) taking honour from people. And Shaitan just made (the) whole nation (of Muhammad sws) through the 21st century to be his slaves and (there is) slavery everywhere; what Shaitan is saying they are following. They are never taking any respect for their Creator, the Lord of Heavens.

What do you think, what is going to be (the future) for these people? And we are speaking on an important point: that from (the) beginning of prophecy Prophets teaching is only on two pillars: One (is that they are) calling people to try to be best servants for their Lord, and (the) second (is that they are calling people) to be good ones to teach other and to give their best to everyone. As much as possible you must give your best to every creature, even you must not harm anything. We are looking an ant- if you are asking to kill it, it is running away, fearing to be killed. Without harming you are running to kill (it)? And He created that one and it has a private position through creation. Nothing is created for nothing, everything (is) created for something, for some purposes. You can’t say: “Why this is created?” No. You don’t know, but the Creator is knowing and therefore He is creating that.

People (are) on (the) wrong way, they are following shaitanic teachings that (are) saying: “As much as possible harm people, give trouble to them, be trouble makers”, because (the) first troublemaker who was (it)? (The) first troublemaker was Shaitan, Sadanas. When Allah Almighty was ordering: “Bow to Adam” he was saying: “No”, making trouble, making trouble through whole angels. Angels were ashaming (for) what he did in (the) divinely Presence, saying “no”. And (the) first troublemaker Shaitan and every kind of troublemakers are Shaitans, Sadanas. That is shaitanic teaching that is bringing the whole world now on the edge of Hell.

O people! You have been ordered to be from mankind! Keep you honour and your honour is to be best servants in divinely Presence and when you are going to be best servants for the Lord of Heavens (it is) coming on you blessings and (these) blessings (are) giving life to this earth and everything on it. But if you are not giving your servanthood to your Lord, cursing (is) coming and cursing (is) giving harm to everything on earth. May Allah forgive us!

Once S.Musa was passing through a village and (he was) entering and finding a spring running, so cold and sweet water. Just he drank and (he was) making ablution and he was so keen to be there, happy and passing through. Everything (was) green, areas, meadows, people’s faces (were) shining, their animals, cattle so happy, so healthy and so clean weather breathing, Everything (was) okay, he was so happy. He passed.

After a while he was thinking to come and to see once again that village and he came and l(he was) looking: “Where is that village? I am coming (to) a wrong place? What happened? But I know that I (was) coming through that same way, (and there is) no any other village in that area. But what happened? (the) spring (is) no more running, (there is) no more water, no more people in it and (all the) trees (are) just dried and everything (is) in ruins! And he was saying: “O my Lord, what happened? You know what happened to such a people here, where they went (and) how their village was destroyed?” And Allah Almighty was answering: “O Musa, it is the same village. But once (there) was coming a person who was never taking any care for My obedience and servanthood. He came and he was drinking from this water and he was entering passing through and my divinely Anger was on him. My divinely Anger and Cursing was coming on that person and (on the) people who were welcoming such a person (and) I was making to dry that spring and to be everything dry. I was taking My blessings for them and cursing was coming on them. This is the same village that you have been here before.”

(And) now- what you are saying? Everyone (is) never taking any care for their Lord’s obedience. Everyone is running away, everyone is thinking only for their Dunya, this life, nothing else. They are never taking care for their Lord’s obedience, they (are) never taking care to be a good servant of Allah Almighty and therefore cursing (is) coming on them. Every time you are looking this TV (you see) explosion, explosion, explosion…people dying, earth quakes, floods, storms and fires and also countless illnesses coming on people, one (is) finishing (and) another one (is) coming, one (is) finishing, (and) another unknown cursing (is) coming on them.

Therefore the way of mankind to be saved from heavenly cursing and to reach heavenly blessings is that they must say: “Our way now is (the) wrong way. We must change this wrong way to right way” or all of them are going to finish. And now just began a cleaning. (It) just began and everyone who is not taking care for their souls to be clean, they should be taken away. Not only (a few): “Ohhh, ten people died, fifteen people died, hundred people died…” - leave that! Even “millions” (are) never going (to be) a real account of people (that are going to) die when (the heavenly) cursing (is) coming now!

I am running to Allah, to His shelter to be sheltered, because billions of people are going to die now. Billions, not millions! From 6 one (is) remaining and 5 (are) going to be taken away. He knows! He knows who is harming people, who is harmful for people and (He is) taking them away. Good ones (are) remaining, bad ones (are) going away…

May Allah forgive us and give us a good understanding for heavenly Messages! It is written also in the Old Testament, (in the) New Testament, in (the) Psalms and finally in the last Message from Heavens, the holy Quran. (They are) saying (the) same point to people: to be good servants, not to be Shaitan’s followers. May Allah forgive us to be in safety!

For the honour of the most honoured one in the divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 22nd

(The summary of all Holy Books: people must learn to be a good servant to Allah and to do their best to each other- contentment, pleasure, satisfaction and peace do not depend on material aspects such as money – religions are to teach people true ways: that to be satisfied with little is a big treasure and that you must run to be a good servant for Allah, not to run after Dunya, because Allah Almighty is saying: “Everyone who is going to be with Me, I am giving to him refreshment of life and peace and contentment and enjoyment.” – we must listen to heavenly advices and put a limit for our desires)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. We are coming here, asking to be a good servant. That is our aim and (it) must be for everyone (his) target- to be a god servant for his Lord and to be a good one on earth to people. All holy books are coming on (the) same point- what I am saying now and the summary of all holy Books is what I am saying now: to make people (to become) a good servant for their Lord Almighty Allah and to do their best to each other. That is all.

But as long as Shaitan (is) living and he is not retired he is never getting to be tired and (he is) running after people to make each other enemies, someone to someone. Now people (are) never looking if they are from (the) same nation, from (the) same religion, from (the) same belief; they are only thinking about themselves, how they are going to be enjoyful with their physical desires. They are asking for their enjoyments to climb. (Their) main target is to fulfil their physical desires. That is all, and (what) they are knowing (is) that (the) fulfilment (of) physical desires is with money, with material.

But material is something and enjoyment is not a material aspect, (a) material thing, no! (Someone) may be billionaire- not (in) Turkish Lira, no, (he) may be (a) billionaire (of) Dollars, Rial, Euro, Pounds- but he (is) never enjoying, because (there are) so many reasons (that are) making people not to be in pleasure or enjoyful. A person may be trillionnaire and he may do everything for his pleasure, but there is something (happening) that it can’t be a reason for (them to reach to) their full pleasure. (For example:) One person just passed away last week in Turkey. He was billionaire by Dollars only and every chance was for him for enjoying himself. But there is a bad characteristic in people, a bad characteristic of our ego, (that it is) envy, ‘hasad’, or to be jealous. (So a) man may be trillionnaire, but he is looking: “There is another person. That one (is) also trillionnaire. Why he is trillionnaire? I think he has more than me. How I can do that person to be taken away? I must think on it, I must prepare some traps to make than person to come down!” Therefore every day (he is lookoing in the newspaper where they are) showing (the) stock market: “This is that ones exchange. His shares (are) getting up, my shares (are) coming down!” (And he is cursing (him:) “Allah takes that person from our life!”…(There are) so many (people like this), it is not (only) one; so many people I am looking coming and running…This (thought) is enough to make that person unhappy and night times (he is) thinking on it, (and) daytime (he is also) always thinking on it: “How, what is happening? My exchange, my shares (are) coming down and his shares (are coming) up- what (is) happening?” This (only) is enough. That person is trillionnaire, but (he is) never happy, because (there are) so many people in (the) market, (in the) money-market, (in the) stock-market (and when he is worrying): “What I am going to do!”- finished. (Even) trillions (are) never giving any pleasure to that person, finished…

Therefore we are saying: Contentment, satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure and peace through the heart is something else; it is not (a) material aspect and material aspects never bring a person to that line (of contentment). No. But people (are) thinking that if they have much more money, they should reach (the) top level of enjoyment! That is Shaitan’s influence on them. (For) these people (that are) living everywhere on earth now that is their main aspect. But Shaitanic teachings (are only) cheating them and they are never going to be happy and in peace and enjoyment, finished!

(There) may be a person (who) daily has only a little bit (of) money, he is working (and) he is happy, but billionaires are not happy. Therefore religions that (are) coming from Heavens (are) teaching people true ways, but people (are) refusing and (they are) coming to wrong ways.(The) Prophet (was) saying: “Al kanaatu kanzun la yabna”…To be satisfied with a small amount is giving to people peace and also it is a never ending, never finishing treasure. It is a real treasure (for someone) to be satisfied in himself (with) what he has been given or granted. Because (it has) no meaning to collect billons or trillions, no meaning! Never (that money is) giving any enjoyment and never (it is) giving any benefit to these people here or Hereafter. This is an important point that people now left (the) real aspects, (the) real targets for their creation.

Therefore we are saying that (the) best position (is that) what the Prophets are bringing: they are teaching or calling people to be a good servant. Run after servanthood, don’t run after Dunya, no. Run (and) try to be a good servant, an excellent servant in (the) divinely Presence. That gives to you contentment and peace. “Ala bi dhikrillaha tatmainna qulub.” Allah Almighty is saying: “Everyone who is going to be with Me, never forgetting Me, keeping Me in his memory, I am giving to him (a) refreshment of life and peace and contentment and enjoyment.” They are so happy people, even they may dress only one shirt with a shalva, a trouser. They are happy.

Once our Grandsheikh was passing trough a market (and) I was with him in Damascus, in Shamu Sherif. We were passing through (that) market; so many people (were) selling, buying. And there was a pedestrian way, one person (was) sitting (there), on the floor, (and) in front of him there was a newspaper or such a thing that he was putting what he was selling, making show, display. Putting (his goods) and he was asking to sell and to buy for his provision. And what was on it, I was looking also… If I am giving to you 1oo Dollars or Pounds or Euro, you are not going to bring from (the) dustbin (and) to collect that pieces that he was selling: Old nails, old gillettes and boxes of medicine, then empty bottles of shoe polish…putting there and Sheikh Effendi (was) asking (him): “Nasil ticaret? How is today’s business?” And he was standing up and saying: “Oh excellent!” “Anyone (is) coming to look?” No one…if (he is) doctor, (he) must look (for) one bottle of alcohol for washing his hands, because so many bacteria on it…And old keys, so many things-if I am giving to you 1oo Pounds, (you are) never taking (them from the dustbin)…Doctor, 2oo? Never taking (these things even) to take to dustbin…”All microbes, bacteria! Leave it, put on it some alcohol!” “What alcohol? I am a merchant.” “How is it?” Ohhh, first class!” This person has contentment, but millionaires, trillionnaires (have) no contentment.

Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim! People (are never listening (to) heavenly advice, (but listen from Shaitan and Shaitan (is) never getting to make people happy and in contentment and we are looking that people (are) running to kill themselves by themselves to finish and all efforts are to invent new type weapons to kill people and Allah Almighty is saying: “Don’t kill! Don’t injure, don’t give harm!” Allah is saying, (but) Shaitan is saying: “No, don’t listen! Kill, injure, harm people”, so that (there is) no peace on earth.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and give us a good understanding that we may put a limit for our desires. Desires (are) going, running always in front of a person and (that) person (is) running after it and his death (is) always nearest to him, but he is running, asking to jump over death line to reach to such a nonsense targets.

May Allah give us good understanding that we may be good for His servanthood and good for mankind, for creatures and for creation. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 21st

(Everything is appearing in its private time and place without the possibility of appearing before or after its appointed time, and it is under Heavenly Control, and therefore everything is constantly changing- every ending is bringing a new beginning- Allah’s Essence is unknown, but He is giving signs of His Essence and Existence in the form of divinely Attributes that Prophets may understand and they tell to people the Names that are coming from these divine Attributes- from these Names (for example ‘Hayy’) are coming the Af’al, the actings of everything; holy Names arrange everyone’s actings; their beginning and end and their time and space- the most important sign of perfect servanthood is patience with Allah’s Will and Commands and Islam (is) coming to teach people their relationship as servants towards their Lord)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

„Kulli amrin fi waqtihi marhuun.“ Everything (is) in its time and its space, or his place. Nothing (is) happening every day in this world, (but that) for every happening (there is) a private time. (It) must come on that line and either it is going to finish or to begin. 24 hours appearances (are) coming, every day, and through (these) appearances everyone (is) taking their shares and each one (is) coming through its private line and time. No one (is) getting involved or coming and making an accident, no. Everything (is) in its private way and appointed time and prepared space or place; (it) must appear and must go on it, and when it is going to finish, a second happening must take its time. Therefore everything under heavenly Control (is) going to appear or to disappear. In (and) out.

Through time units billions of happenings (are) getting in, (and) billions of happenings (are) getting out and our world is seen as never before, it is changed. (Then) that is changing also, because it is going to be used- from that world something (is) taken and something (is) given (also)- and (so) every time (there is) going to be a changing. And nothing (is) going to happen before (its appointed time) or going to be delayed.

Everything that we are saying is just in one holy Verse: “La yastakhiruna saata wa la yastaqdimun”. (there is no delay for an event and no making it appear before its time). That (Verse) is not (only) for our last moment, (our) last breathing only, no, (but) it is for everything. Nothing (is) going to get out from its private line that it is their destination. For everything there is a destination; (there) must be a beginning, (and there) must be an end, and that beginning you can’t get it before and (also) you can’t expect it (to come) after its appointed time.

That is Allah Almighty’s Greatness that you can’t reach to understand anything, and what we are speaking on, it belongs (to the) ‘Af’al Allah’, (the actions of Allah). The Essence of Allah Almighty is darkness; no one is knowing the real Being of Allah Almighty’s Existence, His Essence. (For) His Name on that position we are saying only “Hu”, (and) Hu means ‘unknown’! Unknown. If (there are) no stars on (the) sky nighttimes, you can’t understand skies or space. When appearing those lights through darkness, you are understanding about that darkness. Without these lights you are not understanding anything from (that) darkness, because darkness means: you can’t see. Daytime you can see through (the light of the) sun. If (there is) no sun on (the) sky, you can’t see anything, and (so) nighttimes, when (the) sun (is) setting, you can’t see anything. These artificial lights (through electricity) never give anything to you; only you can understand (about darkness) by (the) lights of (the) stars on (the) sky (and then) you are knowing (that) something (is) there. You can understand that there is a dark darkness and that (light) is (the) sign (for it). If (that sign was) not (there), you can’t see anything. You can’t see, that means: you can’t know anything. If you are not seeing, you are not understanding anything. (There is) no understanding. Therefore daytime and nighttimes you are in need lights from Heavens to see. If you are not seeing you are understanding nothing. No. Think on it! These artificial lights (are) giving nothing to you. If daytime (there is) no sun or nighttimes there is no moon or no stars you can’t see. If you are not seeing, you never understand the existence (of) anything.

Therefore- Allah Almighty, for (an understanding of) His Essence (He) is giving to His deputies divinely Attributes that belong to Him. That divinely Attributes (are) making you to understand the existence (of) that One, Hu. If these (deputies) are not there, if Allah Almighty (is) not showing or sending His divinely Attributes, His Essence (is) unknown. From His divinely Essence may be known (something) only according to His divinely Attributes. That lights are making you to understand that their light is coming from somewhere. A candle without wax or oil in it, it is not going to shine, no, it is dark. When (you are) putting (wax) in it, that (is) showing you that candle. (And) Allah Almighty (is) putting some signs from His real Essence, signs that are going to be seen as a light. That light (is) signing the existence (of) someone that He is Unknown.

You may see a candle lightening, no more; you can’t see how it is in existence and how it is getting to be enlightened. These Attributes (are) signing and they are signs also (for) the real Existence of the Lord of Creation, the real Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the real Existence of Allah Almighty. (They are) only signs.

From that divinely Attributes (are) coming Names, written on it ‘Names’, appearing Names,

and we are the first level selected ones or chosen ones, (because) we are knowing the Names of (these) lights. As everyone now (is) looking nighttimes (to the) sky; but you are not knowing the name of (the) stars, only chosen people know that (this) is Pole Star, that is Bear, that is Scorpion, that is Taurus, that is Balance, that is Fish…(There are) only twelve main signs to be understood our sky, ‘sema’. Twelve- “wa samau wa dhatu-l buruj”- for (a) description this (is). And you are not knowing, but (there are) special people that they are knowing about it (and) only they may say their names.

And also divinely Attributes not everyone (is) knowing. (Only) chosen people from mankind that they have relationship to Heavens- one foot (is) on earth, one foot (is) on Heavens- they may understand; they may read: this is this, and they may tell us- not everyone (is) knowing about divinely Attributes- and they may say (for example): “‘Hayy’, that is (the) divinely Attribute (of) ‘hayat’, Life.” His divinely Attribute ‘Hayy’- alive- (it is a) Name; they may say to you the Name. Names (are) coming for (the) description of all divinely Attributes.

Then that Names also (are) going to be understood (only) by chosen people who are inheriting heavenly Knowledge through heavenly chosen servants of Allah Almighty, whom they are Prophets. (The Names are) coming and bringing ‘Af’al’, actings. Everything that is going to be (an) acting (it) belongs to them. Never ending (actings) are coming; actings for the Names that belong to (the) divinely Attributes which are signs of the unknown Essence of the Lord of Heavens.

And everything, even every atom, (is) just in (the) actings of that holy Name of Allah Almighty. Holy Names (are) arranging everything’s actings; everything that (is) appearing here- when it is going to appear, (and) when it is going to finish its period and (it will be) finished. (Holy Names are) showing (the) real beginning of everything and (the) real point of ending; in which area it is going to happen, (and) in which time they are going to appear. Subhanallah!

Therefore here now we must know only that. Sometimes- not sometimes, every time- we are asking to be everything so high, quickly. No, (we) must await its time, (its) beginning and (its) end. When (it is) coming to (its) end, no one (is) getting it back, no, (that) finished. But man (is) asking to be everything so quickly, (and it) can’t be! Therefore the most important sign of servanthood is to be patient; to be with Allah and His divinely Will. Not to put our will on it, (but) to follow His Will. That is real respect for the holy Commands of Allah Almighty. “Be patient”, (is) saying Allah. He knows when it is going to finish, He knows when it is going to (begin); because every finishing is bringing a new beginning. Ending and beginning- leave it for the Lord of Heavens! That is real sign of servanthood, that you are giving a kind of perfect servanthood to your Lord, to your Creator Allah Almighty.

Therefore Islam (is) coming to teach people their relationship as servants towards their Lord; as He is (the) Creator, how it is going to be our relationship as servants to our Lord. That is all and all Holy Books only (are) bringing that Essence. But people lost it and they are running to nonsense directions and they lost the way. And when they lose the way, they fall in troubles and problems and they are punishing themselves by themselves.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 2oth !!!

(Every day brings unexpected events- everyone has a private destination, which is signing the Greatness of Allah and our own weakness and smallness- In the divinely Presence there is no material and no existence for anything and everything is created by only His immaterial Order: “Be!” -even though in our sight and knowledge existence has material, but in front of Him it is nothing, only an Order- our soul is an Order through our physical being, and material is only for physical beings, so the soul and the physical being are not the same and there is always arguing between them- the physical being is asking to be boss, but the soul is refusing because it is carrying divinely Power. With that power it has no limits and can reach to the ends of creation and be present everywhere, whereas the physical being is always in the limits of materiality- no one can reach real knowledge about the Lord of Heavens, until they are reaching to a real understanding of their spirituality- the material being can never reach an understanding of the Creator, therefore you must get out of the prison of your physical being either here or after death to find yourself in the Ocean of Spirituality of Allah Almighty- to free your soul and make it to join that ocean, like a drop that is falling from Heavens into an ocean becomes that ocean, you need training and practising; you need to save yourself from the heaviness and darkness of materiality, to reach to peace and contentment and the Oceans of Lights of the Oceans of Power through His Almighty’s Unity Oceans)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

‘Yaumun jadid, rizqun jadid’…Every day (is) coming ‘fi fulqin mashhuun’…Every (is) coming with new things. Every day (is) coming with unexpected events. No one can know what is bringing tomorrow. And today also now we are not knowing how (is) going to end today, up to evening there are 4 or 5 hours, countless events individually and commonly. That (is) showing the Greatness of Allah Almighty, because each one has a private destination; never going to be two people’s destination (the) same- (it) can’t be!

And that is the reason that the Creator, the Lord of Heavens, our Lord, Allah Almighty, it is impossible (for Him) to be understood, no. Impossible! We are so weak ones, we are so small ones! (And we are always weak and small, even if you may) let a person be not 1 ½ meter, or 2 metres height; (even) anyone or everyone from mankind, it may be their figures as (tall as) this huge universe- not to be 2 metres, but to be through that greatness that your mind (is) never carrying the greatness of universe. He Almighty may create everyone in such a way! He is able (to do that) and He is not in need to use material, no. Material is for you, for your understanding, but in divinely Presence there is no material and no existence for anything. Millions and billions and trillions (of universes) like this huge universe He may create with (only) an Order. He is only going to say: “Be!” that means: “Come in existence”, and it is ready. It is ready and its existence through our sight, through our knowledge, we have material, but in front of Him (it is) nothing, it is only an Order.

(There is) no need to use material for creation; He (is) never using material for (the creation of) universes or Heavens, no! If (he was) using material, that material must be from Him and He is never in need to have material, because His Existence is never depending on material, but everything in existence their being depends on material. Therefore material is for creatures and the Creator (is) never using any material for (His) creation. He is only using (an) Order; no material, no projects, no! Projects to make Heavens, to make something and using? No! He Almighty (is) using His Order only, saying: “Be, come in existence”, (and) finished. Just that Order according to His Will (is) coming and (the creation is) appearing. But you can’t touch (it).

Abu Ahmad, Abdu Rahman Sughuri Hazretleri, one of our Golden Chain’s Grandsheikhs, he was saying: “Just I have been in Hijaz, on Hajj, 37 times: Seven times with my physical being and thirty times with my real being, spiritually.” People think that this physical being (is) more important, no. Important (is) your spiritual being. That is important, not this material being, no! And he was saying: “I have been in Hijaz on Arafat 37 times; seven times I was with my material existence and thirty times I was attending Arafat with my spiritual being”, that through (the) spiritual being (there is) no material. Your spirituality (has) no material, no. “And”, he was saying, “People sometimes were meeting me through Mecca Mukarrama or on Arafat, and (they were) saying: ‘O Sheikh, welcome to you! How? You were making Dua for Hajj people when they were asking to move to (the) Kaaba, (the) House of (the) Lord and (you were) sending ourselves- how you are here (now)? We left you in Daghestan, how you are here?’ And I was saying. ‘O my sons, after you (there was) coming another caravan and calling me also: ‘Come with us’, and (so) I am coming with them...”

When they were trying to take and kiss his hand, he was not giving (it to them), saying: “I have also excuse for my Wudhu, don’t touch my hand”, because if (they were) making like this…(touching him), finishing, nothing (there)…and people may fear. Therefore (he was) making his hands like this…(hiding them), not giving to them, because it was only an appearance without material.

Therefore: “Asalunaka ‘ani-l ruh. Quli: ar-ruh min amri Rabbi”. When people (were) asking from the Seal of Prophets to say (something) about our spirituality, our souls, Allah Almighty (was) saying: “O My Beloved one! Say to them that: ‘It is an Order from my Lord!.” It is an Order and you can ‘t understand. You may understand only (something about) material beings, but beyond that you (are) never going to understand (anything). The soul is only an Order through your physical being and all worlds and so many creations all of them they have materials; (and there are) different materials for their creation. They have (material) for their physical beings, but for their souls, no; Allah Almighty (is) not using for our souls (any) material.

Therefore (the) souls and our physical being (are) never going to be (the) same and never (it is) going to be ended (the) arguing between souls and material beings. (Our) material being (is) asking to be boss, and (our) spiritual being (is) saying: “No, you can’t be my boss, because what I am carrying from divinely Power, you haven’t.” You have not that power, because (the) material world, everything that belongs to materiality, it is in limits, but what we have been granted through our souls it is not going to be in limits.

Therefore our power through our souls (is) reaching to the ends of creation and (the) power of our souls in such a position may be present everywhere, because (our soul is) never going to be prevented by (our) material being. The area (of our souls), their field, (is) unlimited, but our physical beings’ field (is) only (a) very short and small area, which is making (people) to loose the essence for their real being. They are not understanding that we have a physical being that (is) never going to be in existence without material and (that) there is another existence through ourselves, that (it) is our spiritual being, which (is) never getting to be in need (of) material and never (it is) going to be in limits, because it is (an) Order from Allah Almighty.

Therefore no one can be reaching to (the) real knowledge about the Lord of Heavens, until they are reaching to a real understanding of their spirituality. Through spirituality you can touch- that means: you can reach- some knowledge from the Creator. But don’t think that your material being can think on it and can be able to bring any real information for the Creator! People now are asking: “How is Allah?” “Where He is?” And: “When He was?” And: ”Up to where He is going to be?” These are nonsense questions because it is not your responsible area to ask, as long as you are in prison through (the) material world. You must cut it out! When you are cutting this prison, you can find yourself in a world that (there is) no materiality, only spirituality. And spirituality, you can’t bring any description on it, no! Anything you can bring for an understanding of spirituality, (the) material being (is) never understanding. It is impossible, no! This is something, that is something else. With your material being you can’t understand your spiritual being.

Therefore you must try to melt it, to destroy your material being, either here or after death. Then you should find yourself in an Ocean of Spirituality that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Will. When He is going to say: “Come in existence” (it is) coming (in existence), and that existence of our souls may be understood through our spiritual being. And our spiritual being- as was saying our Grandsheikh- (it) is like a drop (that is) coming (down) from (the) clouds and reaching to (the) ocean: It is becoming an ocean- you can’t find it, you can’t bring a limit for it- that (drop, our soul) just reached to an Ocean that never can be known.

Therefore man, when (he is) trying to reach to Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence, they are in need (of) some training, some practising, to break down their material being and (for) that drop (our soul)- that it is through your material being- to be free; as that drop (to be) coming and entering (the) ocean (and) going to be (the) ocean. But you need to break down that material being! For (the) material being (there is) no room in Existence! It is an imitated existence. But (our) soul, when (it is) coming (to be free), without (the) hindrance (of our physical being), (it is) reaching to the Oceans of Unity of Allah Almighty and (it is) going to disappear (in them)…

May Allah give us a good understanding for His Knowledge, to be able to understand (something from it). As long as you are surrounded by materiality, it is impossible to approach an understanding of our Lord’s divinely Position. Therefore we are asking and try to reach to that point and to save ourselves from the heaviness and darkness of materiality, to reach to peace and contentment and the Oceans of Lights of the Oceans of Power through His Almighty’s Unity Oceans.

May Allah grant us and bless you and forgive me. For the honour of the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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