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Sohbets Rabiu-l Awwal Part 2

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

Here are my details for anybody who appreciates my work and likes to support me :

Maud-Alexandra Siegel


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Thank you very much! May Allah bless you and give more!

Sohbets by Maulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani

Rabiu-l Awwal Part 2:

Mai 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…11th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 18th

Tuesday, 18th

(Man is created to reach to his Lord, but Shaitan is cheating people with material things to look to him as their goal instead- Jesus Christ was trying to make people interested in and to reach them with heavenly Lights- the story of Jesus and the Emperor’s tomb in the cave)

Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur ya Sadaatina Kiram, Destur, ya Sayyiduna Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Who is that one asking to make a competition with Allah? Must be a no-mind one! Who is that one? Shaitan! Shaitan (is) asking to make himself on (the) top point; (he is) even saying that: “No one (is) over my station!” (He is) trying to make people’s attention to(wards) himself and (he is) trying to make people to accept that he is the last point that mankind may reach. And he is (the) first one who is camouflaging himself, so that no one can recognize him and his personality, and (in) this way he is trying to cheat people and to make their main target to reach to him.

And the main point and (the) main wisdom or reason that man (was) created is to reach to their Lord! But Shaitan is always trying to make himself in the sight of people and (he is) saying: “I am that one that you are asking (to reach to). I am that one- don’t look to anyone else. I am your main target, come to me!” And he is the first cheater for the Children of Adam and (the) most terrible one (to) be followed. Who (is) following him, that follower can’t reach to anything but ‘khassira Dunya wa-l Akhirat’ - that person, who (is) cheated by Shaitan, (is) loosing his life and his honour here and Hereafter! (Shaitan is) cheating them, putting an imitated one instead of the real One and saying: “Come to this!”

There are some diamonds that are artificial, not real- but its looking (is) so attractive that people are saying: “Why we are asking a real diamond? It can’t be as this one, so bright and good looking. We may take this. And it is easy to reach, we may use this and people may think it is a real diamond and it is never!…”

Shaitan is a terrible decorator for mankind, ‘musayit’, decorating everything and bringing it to (the) market and calling: “Oh people, look what I am bringing to you! Come and take it!” (The) biggest mistake of mankind that they are falling in through shaitanic directing, through shaitanic teachings- what is that? To run after ‘ma siwa’- to run after (the) material world; that is, what has no real being. (Everything material) they are not real beings, but (Shaitan is) decorating ‘ma siwa’, everything is created, making (it) through the eyes of people (to appear) so attractive to run on it. (The) biggest mistake of mankind is to ask ‘ma siwa’, to ask unreal beings.

Reality no! Reality is not with creation. Creation (is) never reaching to be a real Existence, but Shaitan (is) making people to run after that creations that haven’t any value from Reality, cheating people not to look to (the) Creator, but to look to (His) creation.

Finished! (The) whole of mankind now is running after ‘ma siwa’, running after (the) unreal existence of worlds and material beings and urging people to run after their physical being and their pleasures and it is not (the) real aim, (the) real target for mankind, because finally mankind (is) going to reach nothing here or Hereafter and they are wasting their chance for reaching to (the) real Being of Allah Almighty. And very few people (are) asking what is the way for reaching His real Being. But it is so difficult!

As (it is for) a person who (is) asking a treasure; to find a treasure is so difficult and also most treasures have been protected by some powers that material powers can’t be able to defeat them to reach to those treasures.

And whom they are understanding the secret of creation- particularly for what Allah Almighty (is) dressing mankind an honour- they are understanding the cheating of Shaitan and (they are) leaving him and coming to a difficult way. And difficulties (are) making people to reach to their real aim, but people (are) asking now an easy style of life. 21st century people’s aims (are) only to enjoy through material beings, to enjoy themselves and to reach more and more pleasure through their physical being, even physical pleasures or material desires day-by-day (are) coming down, (are) coming less. (They are) not getting up, but coming to be less, less and less and when he is going to die,

just finished- they lost every pleasure through their lives.

Jesus Christ- peace be upon him- was travelling to reach (to) people with heavenly Lights, because every time (those) people are very rare (and) it is (always) a very small group of people (only) who are interesting in heavenly Lights. Particularly in our times people are never interesting in heavenly Lights; they are only asking for their material being and its pleasures, to fulfil their physical being’s desires. S.Isa, a.s., Jesus Christ, was travelling, hoping that even one or two or more or less people may be interested, to come and ask: “Who are you? What is your mission? We are looking and seeing (that) you are someone that we never see as (being) from our people. You are a strange one or foreign one- who are you? What is your mission? Give us an explanation; give us (information) about your identity, (so) that we may know about you and what you are bringing, open (it for us)! We shall look, (if there is) anything suitable for us. We may ask and we may look.”

Yes- such a person (like Sheikh X. is) coming- who is coming to ask: “This is a foreign person, coming from outside to Cyprus- who is this one, what he knows? He has something that we may take benefit from him?” No one is asking! People are going and coming to fulfil their physical desires only. “Who is that one?” “Eh- leave him”…

All Prophets in such a way (were) faced by their people, their nation. No one of them (was) welcomed from their nation to say: “Welcome to you, you are such a good one, such a glorious one, your looking (is) in such a way!” No one (is) saying (this); always Prophets (are) faced by shaitanic faces!

Jesus Christ was going, travelling and hoping to find someone for his diamonds to be interested for buying and looking. He was travelling and he was through a dessert through mountains, (and) suddenly a heavenly (Voice), a Sound from Heavens (was) saying (to him): “Ya Isa, follow me!” and that Announcement (was) walking in front of him and he was stepping (behind, following). He was not seeing who is that one, but (he was) following, following, and finally (they) reached (the) entrance of a huge cave and (the) same Announcement (was) beginning from inside, calling him: “Oh Isa, come, come, follow me, follow me…” Then he reached to a place that was shining. He stopped and (that) Announcement (was) just finishing and saying: “Look in front (of you), what you are seeing?” Isa a.s. was just in the presence of a tomb (that was all) from gold and shining, and it had a writing on the head of that tomb full with gold, saying: “Come and look and read what is written on that golden head!” He was looking and seeing and reading:

“Oh my visitor! Look! Look and take a lesson from me, from my life, from my situation.” It is written (there). “I am that Emperor- King of the whole world and Emperor- who lived 17oo years. I was that one that I was always running for fulfilling my physical desires. Just I married 17oo maidens, just I built 17oo castles, palaces through towns, surrounded by walls- I reached everything from this life. I reached every pleasure and I fulfilled myself with everything, according to my possibilities how it is written on this tomb.

But when my last moment was coming and I was lying on my royal bed and the Angel of Death was putting his paw on my chest, beginning to take away the secret of life from my material being- that it was standing and doing everything I did through that secret power- (when the) time (of my death) arrived and the Angel of Death was beginning to take it (that secret of life) back- that one breath gave to me the bitterness of death, the violence of death! (And this) just made me to forget everything (that I enjoyed in) that 17oo years: (my) whole Sultanate and royal life, making it all of them to be forgotten! Just I forgot and that bitterness is just with me now, never leaving me!

Oh my visitor, look and take a lesson from myself, from my lifestyle, from my target through this life that I wasted (it)! And that bitterness is yet with me. No one can be able to reach (the same) possibility as I had through this life, it is impossible; you are never reaching from (those possibilities) that I had (in these) 17oo years even one year. You are never reaching to that point. You must take your lesson! I have been cheated and just I wasted my most valuable grant (, my life), (that was given) to me as a chance to find Him, but I wasted it and I ran after material subjects and I lost my chance. I have been cheated, I am just deprived (to reach Him); all my chance (is) just finished for me. I was running in (the) contrary direction; instead to run to my Lord’s direction, Shaitan (was) making me to run from Him to another direction. Oh, that one! Give my message to people, not to be cheated!”

It is a beautiful tale and full of wisdom and it is reality. And it is (the) same problem for mankind now, because people run after ‘ma siwa’; they are running to reach (the) last point of material beings, the last point for fulfilling their physical desires and (there is) no reality there. They are passing away- but the real One that we have been ordered to go and find Him, our Lord, we are leaving Him and we are carrying a heavy burden here and Hereafter.

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, who is making people not to be cheated, calling them to their Lord. Instead to run after Shaitan S.Muhammad is calling us to Allah. Follow him, you should be happy here and Hereafter...May Allah forgive us! Bi hurmati-l Habib, bi hurmati-l Fatiha…

We are asking some drink that when we are drinking (from it) (we are never) getting to be satisfied, (but) to ask more. This drink here we are drinking this, and then our pleasure is coming down, coming down and you are saying: “Enough.” That is ‘ma siwa’: everything that is going through this life and people are running on it. They may drink it and then they are saying: “It is okay for me, no more.” But through His divinely Presence no one is saying: “Enough”, but they are asking more and more and more. And Allah Almighty is saying: “I am giving to you more and more in My divinely Presence! Mazid, wa ladayna mazid”…Fatiha… People are deprives because they leave Allah and run after ‘ma siwa’- ‘ma siwa’ is like the shadow and Haqiqat (the Truth, Reality) is like the sun…

Monday, 17th

(Allah is reaching directly to all creatures, but they need a mediator to reach to His divinely Presence, as there is a divinely Protocol- Allah is with His creatures and closer to them than they to themselves- there are two groups of people: those who ride on their ego and those who carry their ride on their shoulders- you can only reach your Lord’s Presence if you can be able to leave your ego behind- we need mediators, special servants of Allah to explain the meanings of the Holy Quran as each letter has at least meanings)

(In Arabic to Sheikh Adnan:

The attribute of creation is to move- and that needs a power to move it from its position, and creatures need to move for their provision. But the Attribute if Allah is not to move, to be Stable. He has Tajallis, not movement, for the Af’alu-llah, Asmau-llah, Sifatu-llah, Dhatu-llah…Sahibu Maqam has no more movement, he is fixed…but the seeker, Salik, he has to move to arrive to his Maqam…and he needs a power… Salik is Sahib Ahwal, Sahib Maqam has no more Ahwal, movement, he is fixed…)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ’alamtana… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula w ala quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. May Allah grant us what is necessary for our beings! But no one may understand that Allah Almighty (is) directly directing His servants! Indirectly, ghaira mubashi. Directly, we are knowing or we must know that, no one can be directly related to their Lord’s divinely Presence. Leave mankind- but even S.Archangel Gibrail he can’t be able ‘mubasharatan’, directly, to reach to the divinely Presence. Impossible! But shuuni-llah, the works of Allah or Allah Almighty’s Actings, you can’t balance them through your mindly balance, impossible. He is reaching directly to every creation, but no one from His creatures directly reaching to Him! He must be directly with every kind of creation, without any mediator, or it is impossible to be in existence anything from creatures. Because He Almighty (is) keeping every creature in existence by His divinely Existence. If He is not with His creatures directly, can’t be anything in existence. If you are saying He is not reaching to His creation directly, that means: that creature is going to be in existence by itself, by himself, Can’t be! But you can’t be able to reach to your Lord’s divinely Presence directly, no! You must be with a mediator, (who is) bringing you indirectly to His divinely Presence. But His Attribute (is) to reach every creation by Himself.

And (He is) accompanying (everything); everything must be under His divinely Dominion, Hegemony, and over His Hegemony Dominion must be with that creation but they are in need even Allah is saying that He is accompanying everything, He is closer to you more than you: “Wa Nahnu akrabu ilaykum min habli warid”, these two life giving veins, this is in yourself, no distance. Your veins are in yourself and He is saying: “We are closer to you more than your veins” , but we are in need (a) mediator to reach to Him. And He is saying: “We are more closer than your veins”, mutashabihat. Qurani Karim is oceans, understanding is not easy. If Sahibu Zaman, Mehdi a.s. is coming, taking away those meaning that are written now around the Holy Quran as a ma’al, asking to make a translation from Holy Verses, taking all of them and throwing into oceans or burning them! It is Haram to look to that translations around (the) Holy Quran! It is not your station! You can’t understand that! Because they are trying to put oceans through a thimble. What is that! For what?

They are trying to make people not to use mediators, saying: “You, by yourself, you may understand.” What your are understanding! If I am putting in front of you newspaper, you are not understanding- what about Holy Quran, that for every letter (there are) at least meanings! If you are saying: “Alif, Lam, Mim”- Alif, at least must be granted meanings. At least and going up, (there is) no any limits for the meanings of Alif. (It is only) one letter- why you are making this around the Holy Quran now, printing and bringing, saying: “Read”, and so many people now are coming, saying: “Oh Sheikh, what you are saying we are not finding it in it. This is its (meaning), look!” Oh- what is that!

Muhyiuddin ibn Arabi, Allah bless him- was saying: “I may bring to you the names of all Prophets from Holy Quran, Prophets.” What it is mentioned? (There are only) 28 names of Prophets (mentioned) through (the) Holy Quran, and Muhyiuddin ibn Arabi was saying: “I may bring the names of Prophets.” And people were saying: “Oh Sheikh, what you are saying? From where (you are bringing them)?” “Don’t make me angry!” Their anger is divinely! “I may bring all names of all Adam’s generation from the Holy Quran!” La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Ohhh! Talim!

Therefore it was a teaching for nations that Allah Almighty was using Archangel Gabriel as a mediator to all Prophets. People must know that it is not possible for everyone to reach to there Lord’s divinely Presence directly, but (that) they are in need to take one mediator.

We were in Athens last week. They were bringing a car and in it there was a tourist guide for showing ourselves that city, and no one was saying: “Why we are in need that person? Leave him- we may look everywhere.” You may look, but you can’t understand, you know nothing. If no guide there, you don’t know this building, that building, this temple, that temple, this area, that area, this mountain, that mountain…What about for your Lord? Therefore those people (were) teaching (the) Holy Quran, whom they have been granted to be guides for (the) servants of the Lord of Heavens. No one directly going to reach to Allah, no, can’t be. Therefore for everything (there is) a rule or protocol, they are saying now protocol. For reaching to President or Prime Minister or minister or other high level people, there is a protocol among mankind- what about for you? You are asking to be no protocol for reaching to your Lord and you are going like this (stepping up)? Then, the protocol that we may be asking to reach to Sultans presence (is)… perhaps a pheasant (is) coming on his donkey and asking at the gate of palace: “Just I am coming to meet our King. Let me get in!” What they are saying: “Come down from your donkey!” And that ignorant pheasant was saying. “No I can’t, because I am bringing something also...I am coming from suq, from market, and on my way I like to meet him. If I am leaving my donkey here, may be stolen, therefore I must be on my donkey to come in palace and to meet him!” Asking like this!

Therefore Abu Yazid, Sultanu-l Arifin, was asking: “Oh, my Lord, let me to come to You, (to) Your divinely Presence!” and the Lord of Heavens was answering: “Daa nafsak wa ta’al! Leave your donkey and come!” But that pheasant is asking to go on his donkey to meet Sultan, to meet King! Ohhh! That is protocol, main protocol, never changed! From ‘Ezzeli ila-l abad’ never changed: “Daa nafsak wa t’al! Leave your ride and come in!” You must come down and walking you must go! Therefore mubasharatn, directly you can’t reach to your Lord, until you are leaving your ego, your ride, that it is your ego- then (you are) coming in. And all Tariqats are asking to do this- to teach people and to make them to practice.

Therefore communist people and materialist people are saying: “Mankind, on all of them are on (the) same level.” No, (they are) not (all on the) same level! (There are) two levels: One (group of people that they are) riding on their ride, (and) another (group of people that) their donkey (is) riding on them! (There are only) two kinds (of) people (in the) whole world! (Therefore: “Wa la tanzau fadla baynahum”, that means: “Give honour to the honorable ones among you!”)

No, mankind they are not on (the) same level! Some of them (are) riding on their donkeys (according to Allah’s Order:)- “Nafsak kama tiyatuka”…”Your ego is your horse or donkey or ride, ride on it!” Some of them (are) riding, (and) some (others) of them (are) carrying their horses on their shoulders. Two kind people, no third one. No third one- anyone (is) knowing a third one? No- either (one is) riding on his horse or (he is) making his horse to ride on him… (A) horse is a noble creature, but donkeys, their level (is) down. And our egos’ level is donkeys’ level- (so) people (are of) two kinds: some (are) riding on their donkey, some (others) of them (are) making their donkeys to ride on them, (and so) their level (is) going to be (even) under the level of donkeys!

Mubasharatan, directly, no- you can’t enter (the) divinely Presence directly; you must keep (the) protocol and (the) protocol is: “Leave your ego, leave your donkey outside and come in!” Finished! Who (is) leaving their donkeys outside and coming in, doors (are) open to them: “Come, come to My divinely Presence, oh My servant! You are My servant! Others, they are servants for their donkeys, they can’t be here! Whom they are servants to their donkey, they can’t be here, no! (Those) who left their donkey, they are My servants; who is not leaving their donkey, they are ‘donkey servants’, not My servants!”

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, who was teaching people (the) realities of being in existence and their importance and mission, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 16th

(Sheikh Adnan is arriving and staying one week)

(Everything in creation is created according to a heavenly Balance, heavenly rules and arranged according to our understanding- Rules proof that there is a Ruler- Man is so small but he carries a divinely secret that through our mind and mentality we can understand our own heavenly position and from there we can reach an understanding about the Lord according to our spiritual understanding level- Black Holes make to disappear what is unreal, and all creatures existence is not real, it is only an appearance- but Allah is Samad, Real Existence is only for Him and He never moves, He is now as He was- there is no room for anything else in His Existence and He is not giving from His Existence to anything (Lam yalid)- democracy is making people to run away from their Lord and to claim existence through titles- May Allah grant us existence to be in His unchanged, endless Beauty Oceans)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Ad-dinu nasihat…By the Name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…Yesterday is something, today is something else…

You can’t find anything through a second or less of a second, in a time that may be second or third, or 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th, or 9th or 1oth- you can’t find an end. If you are going to divide, unit of time, no one can say that time is something that (is) never ending or (that has) no beginning- Ezel, Abad- but the Creator just granted to His servants everything prepared through this world, according to our capacity. Because this world that mankind landed on it and then their generation spread on it, it only may be as an atom through this well-seen universe, no more. Beside of the Greatness of the universe, our planet may be less than an atom. And on it we are living, millions or billons of people. And our physical being’s space on this planet, our position through this planet, it is going to be also like an atom. This planet so big for our bigness or for our position.

And then- man, whom they have been landed on this planet, they have been granted some special and secret (attribute) from our Creator. Even we are so small physically, but that secret attribute that we have been granted, (is) making ourselves as (if) we are collecting all of this planet and we are saying it is so small world. Now people are saying: “It is such a small, little globe” and people now are asking to look another planets to reach to there. It is going to be so small for ourselves…What do you means to say this? It is something important!…Meded!…

And the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of this universe, through countless galaxies, we have been granted to be on this globe and we have been landed, we have been coming in existence on this planet. The Lord of Heavens, the Creator is saying: “Wa wa’da al mizan.” He put a balance. Nothing is going to be without balance for this planet! That must be well known. Everything is in balance and that balance (is) for what?

To show mankind that everything around themselves is just put in a special way and that (all creatures) they have a balance. You may look and see a tree with branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, and we are saying that: “It is a natural system that this tree is growing like this or like that, growing from right hand, or growing from left hand, or growing up or growing down, towards earth…” We are thinking that without balance that tree is growing and (that) its branches and leaves are coming without any balance. But (it) can’t be! Every tree that is growing must be under a balance, (a) divinely Rule, (arranging) up to where (it is) going to rise up, up to where it must be growing through branches, with which branch (it is) beginning, from where (it is) beginning, from which direction (it is) going to grow and then that branch also is going to bring so many smaller branches and at the end of that branches (there are) leaves- with which point they are going to appear. Then: in which measure and balance (these) leaves are going to be arranged, and when its flowers are going to appear, when that tree is going to flower. And then- its fruits, how (they) should be? Everything must be in a balance! This, only for this nature that we are living in, you must use your mind to think on it! And by thinking on creatures, you may find a way to the Lord of Creation, to the Lord of Heavens. But it is important that on this small planet, that you are living through this nature, everything is just arranged according to your understanding level!

Then you are asking: “This planet- to whom it belongs? A Rule can’t be without (having) a Ruler.” You are not putting (those) rules through nature, but you are finding hundreds and thousands of Rules (Laws) through nature. Who is that one that (is) putting that Rules on this planet?

Then you are asking a way for understanding. You are asking for (the) Creator, you are asking (for) the Manifestor- who is that One? You are asking. That understanding that you may be granted, don’t think that you can be able to be granted a full understanding. No! You can’t carry this! That understanding for that Manifestor and Designer and Creator is only going to be according to your (private) secret Grant that you have been granted from the Creator- according to that spot, that you can’t see. It is not a material thing, can’t be. You must not balance that understanding with ordinary balance, no.

And even it is beyond of your mind and beyond of (the) mind (is) coming mentality. Your mind is going to be in connection with the material of this planet. You may balance this nature according to your mind’s understanding; that means (on the) mind’s level. Beyond that, over your mind, there is mentality. Mind may belong to our physical being, but mentality is going to control our physical being; its level belongs to our heavenly being, (our) spiritual being.

That is (the) first step, that through your mentality you may find a way for understanding our heavenly Position. And when you are reaching that level, through that level, according to your spiritual understanding level, you are reaching an understanding for the Lord of this planet. You can’t reach (to the) universe, no, on this planet.

(The) biggest mistake of mankind now- (and) sometimes believers also fall in that mistake- is that they are asking to make the Creator through their mentality, through their spiritual level, to bring that One to their (own) horizon of knowledge and understanding. Therefore they are speaking something that is never going to be accepted in Reality. Because your existence is not a real Existence. (The) universe has never a real existence. If real Existence was given to the universe, the universe must be fixed- never moving, never changing, never disappearing.

And now when they are looking (to space) they are saying (that there are) ‘Black Holes’. That Black Holes- gigantic galaxies are coming nearby and disappear! If that gigantic galaxies have a real Being, how they are going to disappear? No, (it) can’t be! (But) they are only an appearance from existence of creation. He is (the) Creator (and) creating, and we are looking and saying: “Oh, we are in existence.” And (that idea is) bringing people to be mistaken about their Lord. Don’t use your mentality up, over your understanding level. Finished! You have been granted a level for understanding. “Allah”, they are saying, “is beyond our understanding.” You may reach endless horizons for understanding, but you should find never-ending horizons. Any limits you are reaching, His real Existence is beyond that, and you are always going to be on the position of non- being. That means we have never a real Existence here or Hereafter. No!

His holy Name ‘Samad’- no one (is) understanding. (His holy Name) ‘Samad’,- (they are) giving its meaning now, we are saying now- that He is in real Existence. All, everything (of creation) has no space and no any position to be in existence, (it is) only as an appearance, coming and going. Nothing from creatures is going to have a real Existence- ha sha- that is Shirk!

‘Samad’- you can’t find any place empty- according to our understanding-, that it is not going to be His Existence there. (There is) no room for anything through His Existence. ‘Samad’- no room, no space, no place. You may say (there are) billons, trillions like this universes, gigantic universes- but (there is) no room for them in real Existence. They are not, they are never granted a real Existence. “Lam yalid”! He is never giving from His real Existence to anything, to anyone. Can’t be! “Lam yalid”! He is never giving from His (real Existence) ‘wilada’, that means to give birth. A mother (is) giving birth (and) bringing a baby, giving an existence to that baby- but Allah Almighty (is) never giving from His real Existence to creatures, no! If we can find a space even less than an atom to put for someone existence in it, that means: He is not controlling everything by Himself, Can’t be! “Allah- Huwa al an kama kan!“ Allah- Hu Allah! He is Allah, that now also He is only One! As in pre-eternal how He is, (He is) going to be in eternal- never coming with Him anyone, no! He is ever giving a real Existence to anyone, can’t be!

Therefore, your mentality you must use and we have been ordered to use our mentalities according to our understanding level, not more in front, no! I am looking here to trees that before three months ago they were only woods. Now they are decorated everything with so many things and we are thinking that they have a real existence. After six months you can find all of this just disappeared. Where they are now? Finished. No existence for them. If they have a real existence, that can’t disappear. Biggest mistake to think about the Lord of Heavens and to claim that we are also in existence. No. Mankind that now everyone is claming: “I am that one” and never accepting to be no one, but saying: “I am someone”-, after a while they are going to disappear. Finished.

It is written in old Books and so many events as a tale- tales may be even fairy tales, doesn’t matter- I heard and I read (that) through India- that India is most holyfied

continent on earth with so many surprising events, surprising botanics, surprising animals world- so rich continent you can’t find as in India, and its history is full with such surprising, astonishing tales. And so many people lived in it.

And our heedless Indian people (are) running away from such a rich continent and (they are) running to learn something in England, in Europe, coming even to Cyprus to learn something and (they are learning) this or that- all of them (are) heedless! They are not looking what Allah Almighty granted to them. They are running away from India to find work to live- they are so foolish, mindless people, leaving India and coming to Europe! What is in Europe? Wines, adultery, thieves, foolishness, violence- to where they are coming? But no mind people! Allah granted them so (many) treasures!

And then- so many tribes, so many kinds of people lived in India… and just reached to me also a tale that there was once upon a time (a King); they were governed by Kings, and they were happy that (there is) no democracy for them.

These foolish ones here (are) asking democracy- Turks, Pakistanis, Hindistan people…

Kings were governing and it was from their customs (that) when their King was passing away, they were preparing him and carrying him to his graveyard- not on shoulders or on a box like Christians or Muslims- (but) they were putting him on a sledge and (he was) lying on it and his head (was) outside. And people (were) carrying (him), (and they) were clapping (their) hands: “Ohhh, our King is going”- they were making a dance, very happy that that King (died), who was sitting on his throne (before), such a proud one, on his head his crown, in his hand his royal stick, so (beautiful) clothes…At the end they are putting him on a sledge and his head (was) not fitting on (that) sledge going to be out and they are carrying him and he is making tack, tack, tack, his head hitting the ground…and people (were) very happy: “Yesterday you were on your throne, but today we are carrying you, because today you can’t carry yourself also, we are carrying you. Look, oh Kings, finally you should be like this! Use your goodness, use your best doings for your nation or you are finally going to be like this!”

And people they were not thinking on it that (they have) no existence, that means: “Yesterday you have an existence to be a King, but today (there is) no existence for you, we are carrying you to a field, to the graveyard, to put on you earth and to leave you under earth and to grow on you so many grasses…”

Where is your existence, oh people! “I am graduated Pakistan student”…”We are graduated doctor of physics”, “doctor of good relationship between Shaitan and people- public relation”…People (are) graduating, putting on their heads (the) hat of Jews and dressing like (a) black eagle, putting this jubba, And putting their diploma (standing) like this (making photograph:)…”He graduated from (the) University of Europe University of Lefke”…And then- it is not enough also- “We are working to be masterhood now”…and after: ”To be PHD”… X.- you are doctor? Forget it…Where is your existence?

Look, (what happened to) so many Kings in India through thousands of years! They were carrying that King on a sledge to show people that (there is) no existence even for Kings or Emperors. “We are carrying him now to his graveyard” and making his head to hit earth and they are carrying him …

Oh people- wrong way! All nations on wrong way (they are) going. Democracy is the wrong way, because it is making people to run away from their Lord, to run away from Reality! Democracy (is) cheating people, saying: “You have a real existence” and (there is) no real existence (for anyone) except for the Creator. May Allah forgive us!

And Muslims they are saying: “That (one is a) big Alim, big Wali” and saying: “This reached to that station...” No station! (There is) only (the) station of servanthood and our situation, our position is only to be on (the) servanthood stage and to say: “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants. No existence for ourselves! Real Existence for You, whole Glory for You! Oh, our Lord, forgive us and grant us from You endless Blessings to be happy with Your Existence. We know we have no existence- grant us existence, only to look to Your unchanged, never-ended, ever-ended Beauty Oceans, to be there!” May Allah forgive us and give us some understanding!

Therefore everything (is) going to be on the level of our understanding, no more, more you can’t carry! We are speaking on the lowest level of understanding, no more, and the levels of understanding are never ending. “Marifatu-llah bahrun…The knowlegde about our Lord, stages or stations for understanding (are) never ending, never ending…from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Oh our Lord, give Your Mercy to your heedless servants! Give us from Your endless Mercy Oceans someones to awaken ourselves, to say: “Oh people, wake up and look to Reality!”

For the honour of the most honoured one in Your divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 13th

(Shaitan lost his honour from being Azazil to become Iblis, the cursed, and by refusing Allah’s Order and arguing he became the first troublemaker and was thrown out from the divinely Presence- Shaitan’s oath was to make mankind to be thrown out of Paradise also and to be forever unhappy and to destroy the whole of mankind on earth- Shaitan is the declared enemy of mankind, but not even religious people are warning people from him and people take him for their best friend- now people are like drunk and fear and hopelessness is covering the whole world)

Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Every problem, every trouble (is) making Shaitan happy. His first aim or his main target is not to be Children of Adam happy, either here or Hereafter. He is thinking nothing else. He was (the) first troublemaker. His title through Heavens is ‘First Troublemaker’, ‘First Rebellious One in divinely Presence’, ‘(The) first one who refused the Lord’s Order in divinely Presence’. And he was giving his oath in (the) divinely Presence also, addressing to the Lord of Heavens, “You are making me to be cursed for (the reason) of that Adam and (also) through his Children, and I am also swearing that I shall try to make them to be cursed, not to be obedient ones to You! I shall give all my chance up to the Day of Resurrection, (and) I am going to use it and I am swearing on it, that I am never going to give a chance to them to follow Your Orders; to be all of them like me, to be rebellious and disobedient people and disrespectful ones for Your Heavenly Kingdom. You should find them always never respecting You (and) Your heavenly Sultanate. And I am going to give whole chance for me, I shall try to establish my kingdom on earth and I shall try to take Your Kingdom, Your Sultanate away, so that You are not going to find any obedient one, only few ones, but (the) majority (of the Children of Adam) should follow me!”

That is what he was speaking- so dirty words in (the) divinely Presence, and he was kicked down. When he was speaking in such a way, arguing in (the) divinely Presence, Allah Almighty (was) ordering to be changed (his beauty and also his name) according to his bad intentions: “Take from him (his) outlooking, not to be as before! He was Azazil, his name was Azazil (and) just I granted to him honour and respect through himself and through his name also, but according to his bad intentions, bad actings, (that) just he passed over his limit in My divinely Presence, I change his name from Azazil to Iblis, that he (is) never going to hope (for) My Blessings, (but) forever to cut his hope. Change his name from Azazil to Iblis and Shaitan! And his outlooking was so beautiful, (such a) handsome looking. Just I granted (that) to him, but when he was doing this arguing in My divinely Presence and changing his intentions, his nature, (his) natural being just (was) becoming dirty, (the) dirtiest nature. And I change his beauty to ugliness and to be his outlooking worst looking, violent, most violent appearance for him to be seen that My Cursing (is) just falling on him.” And Allah Almighty was saying: ”Demon, go away from My divinely Presence!” And he was sent (away) and he ran away, because he had been granted also to be free for doing what his natural aspect (was) asking to make. That it is a grant for him to do (what he is asking to do). He is free and (he) had been permitted to go through East and West, from North to South, through continents, through mankind; where they may be, he may be there.

And he (was) first beginning to do what he was giving his oath (for), (and) beginning from Adam and Eve, and he was saying: “Oh Adam! I am not leaving you in Paradise! I have been thrown away from your Lord’s divinely Presence, (and) I am giving my oath that I am not leaving you to be in Paradise (either). Beware!” (This had been) saying also Allah Almighty. He was saying (it) first: “Oh Adam, beware for Shaitan! Try to protect yourself from that assaulted dog. Beware!” and Adam (was) forgetting (this); for one second, only one second, he forgot his Lord’s Warning, the divinely Warning for him from Shaitan and through that second he did what Shaitan was asking him to do.

That (one) second was giving a chance to Shaitan to be able to do his worst to Adam, and through that second that Adam was disobedient, he forgot his Lord’s Command, and through that second (that) he was disobedient servant, it had been declared a declaration through Heavens: “Adam (just) forgot his Lord’s Warning and he was falling through the trap of his enemy! Just the trap of his enemy was catching him and he is now (a) disobedient servant! Take him out! This is My Territory! (It is) only for clean ones, only for obedient ones. Can’t be here disobedient servants! Take him out, him and his wife also! Land him and his wife on earth, to be imprisoned on earth up to the Day of Resurrection and let them to fight with Shaitan on earth, he and his wife and their descendants. Let them to fight Shaitan and to save themselves. Whom they should be obedient to Me, I am choosing them for My Paradise, whom they are not listening and obeying to My divinely Orders, I am leaving them to be with Shaitan through the prison of Hells!”

And up today (with) everything (that is) happening on earth, Shaitan (is) trying to make tricks for mankind and to put traps. (His) tricks means: to make them to step on (something) as a person (is stepping on a) mine: A person may put his feet on it, and (it is) going (to explode), blowing up, finishing (him), and Shaitan is so happy. Either this or (he is) making traps: it is not to be killed and to be thrown away- traps mankind (is) putting to catch some hunts. And everywhere Shaitan is putting traps and (he is) making tricks and now, through the 21st century, (the) whole world (is) full with shaitanic tricks and traps. (Everywhere is) full!

And no one (is) warning mankind, beginning from religious people. No one (is) writing on the walls of churches or mosques or synagogues: ‘Beware of Shaitan!’ They are writing the names of cathedrals; they have a wooden board, (and it is) written on it (for example:) ‘St George’s Church’ and (then they are) writing: this (or) that (is) going to be on Sunday, on Monday- but never (anyone is) writing on that board: “Beware of Shaitan! Oh people, don’t follow Shaitan! Come to be your Lord’s servants! Don’t pass by cathedrals, without entering in it, don’t pass by mosques without entering in it! Beware of Shaitan, he is preventing you not to come in mosques, in cathedrals, in synagogues. Beware of Shaitan.” No one in East or West (is writing this)! If anyone (is) seeing (such a writing), let me know!

Shaitan is putting his full hegemony on the whole world now through East and West and no one is saying his name also. No! And mankind is so friendly for Shaitan. So friendly. Everyone is happy with him and saying: ‘Our best friend.’ Your best friend is taking you to Hells, as a butcher (is) carrying sheep behind him to (the) slaughterhouse. Mankind (is) running after Shaitan as sheep (are) running after (the) butcher- how you are going to find peace on earth? Every day making mankind to each other every kind of crimes that Allah Almighty never likes it. Daily they are showing so many dirty photographs, crimes that man doing to man. It is not the honour of man to kill!

Allah Almighty (was) ordering to His Prophets to call people and to say to them: “Oh people! Come! I am calling you to make man to live! Give life, but don’t take life.” (It is the) biggest sin to kill someone without a reason, and Islam is ordering not to kill, not to destroy, (and) Christianity and Judaism also- but through thousands of years up today you may see that everywhere people (are) running to kill, to destroy, not to make people to rest. And Allah Almighty in a quranic Verse He is saying (and) threatening people: “Should be (for) the people of Last Days coming a smoke, making people to be like drunk and they are not knowing what they are doing.” This smoke just now arrived on earth. Before (there was) coming another smoke that you can see, but this (kind of smoke) only you can understand through your good feelings, through your conscience, that (the) whole world (is) just veiled or covered, people (are) asking to kill, to burn, to destroy, not to be in peace, and fear just covered (the) whole world like a smoke and (there is) hopelessness; no on is hoping to live. The feeling of hope (is) changing to hopelessness, that people, no one can know, if they are living up to evening or from evening up to morning. They are not knowing. Fear just covered (everywhere) and hopelessness covered (the) whole world.

May Allah forgive me and send us someone to change our lives and to save people from the successors of Shaitan and his agents from devils and from evil.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 12th

(Man must know for which purpose he is created and what he is in need of- man on earth is not like he was in Heavens, in Paradise- Adam’s spiritual being was his real existence with his Lord in Heavens and the physical shape from four elements was dressed on that for his journey from Heavens to earth- Allah was teaching Adam and Eve that He is the Lord and He has the right to command and we, as His servants, must keep His commands, and therefore He was ordering them not to eat from that tree in Paradise- people nowadays are not accepting His Lordship and Commands, they bring democracy and through it they try to be Lords themselves like Shaitan, the first troublemaker was trying to be- billions of people will die and only a handful of people will remain who accept Allah’s Lordship)

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…“Subhanak, Subhanak, Subhanak! La ‘ilama lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ’Alimu Hakim.“ By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Man or everyone must know (for) what he is in need. If a person (is) getting out and going to (the) market and he is not knowing for what he went to (that) market- what (is) happening? Which benefit he may reach? Particularly if you are going from (one) distance to (another) distance, coming from Moscow to London, or from Belfast to Sheffield or from England to America. If he is not knowing for what he is going (on that journey)- what it should be? He may say: “For what I am coming here?”

And you are traveling from Heavens; from (the) spiritual world (you are) traveling towards earth. That means, your real being is with your Lord through Heavens (and) then you have been sent on earth. If you don’t know or you are not asking: “For what or for which purpose I have been on earth”- it is not like going from your home here in Lefke to the market or to Nicosia or from one continent to another, but you are coming and traveling a journey from Heavens towards earth and you have been dressed a dressing that it is not used through Heavens, no! This is an important point, this association. We don’t know and we are in need someone to teach ourselves and to learn (the) real reason of our journey from the spiritual world and our landing on this material world. (In) Heavens the structure (of man) is never same (like) the structure of man on earth. This man on earth (is) never like that man through Heavens, no!

And, Subhanallah, (the) first man, Adam a.s., the Lord of Heavens (was) bringing him from the spiritual world in existence through the material world. Therefore the Lord of Heavens used four elements: fire, air, earth and water, making his creation by His divinely Hands. Preparing, creating, then dressing (it on) his spiritual being. That shape was just dressed on Adam’s spiritual being that it was his real existence or his real being or his real position. And ordering to Adam, when the Lord of Heavens was sending that secret real position of his real structure in the spiritual world to come in and to get in relation his spiritual being to come and to make a relationship with that shape, with that new form that Allah Almighty made it and prepared it to be his soul’s new appearance…

and the Lord of Heavens was putting him in Jannatu ‘Adnin’, (The Garden of Eden), to be there and freely to enjoy with everything through (the) Paradise of Eden.

Then the Lord of Heavens that He is the Lord of the whole creation, He is the Lord for every creature, (did something) to make Adam and Eve and after them their descendants to know that they are all belonging to the Lord of Heavens, to make them to know that they are not (Lords themselves), even they are the top level of creation.

(But as much as they may reach more and more levels- do you think that a person, as much as he has power to reach to skies, do you think that anyone may pass that sky and the sky is going (to be) under him and he is going himself to be over skies? No, it is impossible! You may run everywhere on earth and you may try (it for) yourself by using so many nonsense instruments to get up and to pass through that space and to reach to the limits of that space- it is impossible! Allah Almighty is teaching them what is possible and what is not possible, what is impossible. And man tried.)

And the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Adam and Eve and their generation (wanted them) to know that there is One that only that One He has Lordship for everything. You, your level is servanthood and (there is) no level for Him, but He has Lordship for every creation; from pre-eternal up to eternal His Lordship is going on, no one can reach to that point. Therefore He ordered (to them and said): “I am the Lord of Heavens, I am the Lord of Paradises, oh Adam! I am your Lord, and I am giving to you this Eden Paradise to live there and to enjoy yourself with everything. But I like to teach you that I am the Lord of you and your generation and the Lord of Heavens (and therefore) I am saying ‘Don’t eat, don’t approach that tree!”

(Therefore the Prophet sws was sending his holy Statement to Kings and Emperors and he was saying: “I am Muhammad sws, the Messenger of Heavens that belongs to the Lord of Heavens. I am calling you to follow me and to accept what I am calling you to that direction. ‘Aslim’, ‘taslim’, surrender! You should be in safety forever. I am dressing you (to be) Emperor or King, but you are never passing the level of servanthood! I am the Lord, bow to Me! I may give you safety here and Hereafter. You must know that Shaitan that cursed one was arguing with Me. He is not asking for what Adam is on that position, but his cursed ego was arguing to be like Me. That cursed one is asking to be Lordship also for him. Can’t be! I am the Lord, One, (and) all of you are My servants. Therefore I cursed him and kicked him out.”

And (Allah Almighty was) saying to Adam: “Don’t be like that cursed one to break My Orders! Who is breaking My Order (he) is claiming to be (a) Lord like Me. I am not giving a way, any way to anyone (for that)! In eternal Lordship (is for Me only); from pre-eternal to eternal it belongs to Me, only One.” You must understand! Therefore (He was) putting this (Order): “Don’t eat”, (because He was saying:) “I am commanding and your are My servants. You must keep My Orders, My Commands!”

Ya Rabbi! Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah! 21st century people- all of them (are) asking to be Lord, to have Lordship! (Before there were only) some heedless ones like Pharaoh, like Nimrod, (but) now (there are) countless Nimrods claiming that they are Lords, and that is the source of troubles on earth now, because they are not accepting the Lord of Heavens and His Commands. They are saying: “We don’t care that One’s or anyone’s Orders. We are bringing democracy, carrying people, voting…” Elections in Cyprus, elections in England, elections in America, elections in Russia…that they are rushing to reach Lordship for mankind. And 21st century people everyone is running to reach the position of Nimrods. Therefore Shaitan is urging youngsters (and) saying (to them): “You must study.”

From where you are coming? So many mindless youngsters everywhere- you may ask )them and they will say): ”I am coming from Turkey, I am coming from Syria, from Egypt, even from Pakistan coming people! They are keenly asking to reach masterhood or (to be) doctor, so that they may think that: “Haaa, (this is the) last point for a person to reach to be doctor.” Doctor Iftikhar Hussein, Dr. Fatima Begum…Dr. Amina Begum, Dr. no-mind Begum...everyone- (Shaitan is) making them to run after universities that he put his camps there through whole universities. You can find they are all Shaitan’s camps. I am looking and I am seeing just put the flag of Shaitan and he is preventing to be through teachings of universities heavenly Teachings. It is forbidden; no one from professors may speak on Allah or the Lordship of Allah or the Commands of Heavens or anything that belongs to the Lord of Heavens. And that is trouble!

And the Prophet was saying: “Come and surrender to your Lord’s Commands! You should be in safety here and Hereafter. Or, (if not), you are going to eat someone another someones until you are finishing.” As the Children of Israel (that time)- someones killed another someones- now the whole world is going to kill each other, until billions (of people will) pass away and die and (only) a handful (of) people is going to remain on earth, those who should accept the Lordship of their Lord on earth, in Heavens.

May Allah forgive me and grant us a good understanding, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 11th !!!

(Everything must be for Allah as we are created for His service only, so don’t work for yourself, wasting your life- through drinks people loose all human attributes and fall on the level of animals and they don’t know what they are doing and run into wrong directions- people want to run after their ego’s pleasure and they refuse heavenly Rules and Islam, fearing from the discipline in Islam- until people come to Islam sufferings and wars will not finish- the conference in Athens: even religious people are never saying the cursed Shaitan is the enemy of man and that he is the cause of all problems, because he is asking to destroy mankind and be Allah’s Deputy on earth instead of man- But Allah is going to kill Shaitans followers and make him to be retired and He is going to keep a handful of His sincere servants to inherit the earth and to be His Deputies on it under the flag of Rasulullah sws.)

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Sayyidi wa Maulayi… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. By the Name of Allah we must begin - for every action, for every function, for every effort, for every work. (It) must be for Him! You must not work for yourself! When you are working for yourself, you are not going to be His servants! You have been created for His Almighty’s service, nothing else! Therefore it is most important point to know what you are doing and for whom you are doing. Or, you must think on it: for whom you are living, (and) for what or for whom you are working!

But ignorance (is) just covering whole mankind. They are wasting their precious and valuable works, their valuable existence; you are wasting (it)! Everyone must know for whom he is working or for what he is working. This is an important question (that you must ask yourself): “For whom I am working? For whom I am living?” Everyone must know and learn (this).

But this time is a strange time and people are drunk ones! A drunk person (is) never thinking, (he) can’t think! A drunk person lost his mind, he lost his mentality, he lost himself, that (knowledge of) “Why I am in existence” and “Why I am running to do something? For what?” And everyone (is) knowing that he is going to die, to pass away. If that is so clear, (there is really) no need to teach people that there is death and everyone is going to die. No need a teaching, because they are every day looking and seeing (and) hearing (about) someone’s death. Sometimes one person, sometimes hundred persons, sometimes hundreds of people, sometimes thousands of people are passing away, (and) sometimes (even) millions of people are dying, that means: disappearing, finished. They are finished. No more they are going to be seen among their families, through their homes, through their people, through their nations- no more they are going to be seen. One or ten or hundreds or thousands (are) disappearing; they were with ourselves yesterday and today millions of people just disappeared. A drunk person is never thinking (about this). A drunk person can’t think, because he lost his mind.

He lost also his balance. Therefore a drunk person on the name of pleasure (is) making himself no more thinking, no more knowing anything. Perhaps when they are drunk they never think or know (about the) problems for themselves, for their lives, or (they) can’t be able to think about whole nations or worldwide problems of mankind. (He) can’t think on it, because he lost his mind. Not knowing. Perhaps only (he) may shout like cocks; when he is getting drunk, (he is) beginning to sound like cocks or to bark like dogs or to kick like horses or to bite like donkeys or to make on himself… dirtying himself like jackals…making himself thorough a field of dirtiness like pigs, rolling on it and thinking that he is so happy and he thinks that he reached a pleasure.

That person just left his human attributes that (are) giving mankind honour; by using wines and drinks (he is) leaving (the) good attributes for mankind, good attributes that (are) making people on the level of humanity. They are thinking: “Oh, we reached to (the) top level of our pleasure and (the) top level for our happiness.” That is their mentality, when they are going to be drunk ones. That means: who is using drinks, he is making himself to fall down on the level of different kinds of animals and he is happy to be through that zoo-garden people- every kind of animals are living there. And that person by his will is making himself (to become like that); by drinking drinks and becoming drunk they are thinking that they reached the top point of pleasure.

Pleasure is something that can be tasted through a perfect mind person (only)! If a person lost that perfection, how he can be able to say: “I enjoyed”? (He) never enjoyed, because enjoyment is something that can be tasted through our minds and mentalities! How a person that is drunk and who is loosing his mentality, who lost that balance of his acting, loosing everything that he was knowing before and becoming an empty head person, (is coming) to say: “I reached the top point of pleasure through my life by using drinks”? That is (an) ignorant one and he is falling through (the) darkness of ignorance.

We are coming to this direction, because 21st century’s people are thinking wrong, their ways are wrong, their moving direction is wrong, (and) therefore we are speaking on

that important point to prevent people to move on wrong directions. To know what is (the) true direction, what is (the) right direction and what is the real pleasure (of) to be in life, to be from mankind, not to be from animals world- to know this. We are moving on that direction, because people are drunk now and drunk ones can’t know anything. Therefore to use drinks that are taking away the minds of mankind and (that are) destroying their good wills, making them to forget their mentalities or to use their mentality that is forbidden through all Prophets.

(But always those) people, whom they are running after their egoistic or physical desires that are represented through their egos, they are fighting against the Rules that just have been put in front of them from Heavens. They are wholly denying (all) the Rules that are preventing them to follow their egos, because anyone who is following his ego is never reaching to the right point of their lives. They can’t enjoy here or Hereafter. Islam is saying (this).

People are fearing from the name of Islam and it is five letters: i, s, l, a, m. Five letters are threatening Shaitan and his followers! They are trembling when they are hearing ‘Islam’; even they can’t be able to hear the name of Islam, because Islam is the biggest hindrance against these people not to fall into Hells here and Hereafter, saying:”(This is the) wrong way! Stop and get back!” They are never happy with Islam. And Islam is never harming them. Do you think that Islam harmed anyone except dragons?

Islam is only against Shaitan and his representatives,

Islam is only against wrong way followers,

Islam is only against shaitanic teachings,

Islam is only against bad works,

Islam is only against cruelty,

Islam is only against ignorance,

Islam is only against bad actings,

Islam is only against adultery,

Islam is only against bad actings that carry people to fall in endless trouble oceans, endless suffering oceans, and that are asking to prevent mankind to be in safety by Islam.

But I am sorry to say that so many hundreds and thousands of scientists or academic people or thousands of doctors- that they are claiming to be doctors of religion- I am sorry to say that even those people are against I, s, l, a, m. Why ? What Islam brought to mankind? Where Islam failed? 15 centuries- where Islam failed? Which Rule of Islam is against humanity? But beyond Islam everything is against humanity! But they are following Shaitan and they are trembling when they are hearing the name of Islam.

Don’t fear (from Islam), (but) you must fear from Shaitan and his followers!

Last week I was invited to a conference in Greece, Athens and so many religions people were coming and attending. They were complaining (about)- or, more than complaining, they were hopeless and they were in full fear for the future of mankind. They were giving (their speech) or addressing to attenders what they are thinking and I was listening to them. They were giving a short time also for me for addressing but I used heavy bombarding for them and one word (is) enough for them. They said like this, like that.

“I am sorry” -I was saying- “that three days I am here, (but) I never heard from religious people even (mention the name of Shaitan). Leave others- philosophers or professors or teachers or representatives of so many foundations- but I am sorry to say that even religious people they never speak (and) declare the name of Shaitan and also (that) no one is cursing him! I am sorry, because (what) you did your beliefs (is that) you arranged your beliefs according to shaitanic teachings! They are taking from your religion it’s

essence and you are dealing without looking actings (acting blindly) and without (the) essence a person is going to be without soul- what benefit you can take from that body? Here even so many bishops, archbishops (are) coming and saying- why you are not accusing Shaitan? Why you are not accusing shaitanic teachings? Have you looked through your holy Books and (from there you) know that Shaitan is innocent? Or you are looking and seeing through every holy Book (that) Shaitan is cursed from Heavens? Why you are not saying? Every trouble is from Shaitan, because he is the first troublemaker and he continues and you are supporting his way, you are supporting shaitanic teachings and then you are asking a way to save people from sufferings and from violence, from wars, fightings- you are asking. (But) no, you can’t find it. You must come to what the Lord of Heavens is sending to you: that is Islam! You must say for Islam “yes”! Until you are saying for Islam “yes”, suffering can’t be ended and miseries (are) never going to be finished and violence (is) going to climb, not to come down and never (are) going to be ended wars and fightings!

But what we shall say? People are saying: “Oh, Shaitan (is) our best friend! How we are going to curse him? We reached the top of civilization through our best friend Shaitan.” And you know, you are looking now to where shaitanic teachings (are) bringing people now!

Therefore we are saying: finished. You, mankind, must learn first for whom you have been created and for whom you have been offered to do, to work, even when you are eating! That is a work and must be for a purpose. If you are walking, running, doing- (for) everything must be a purpose and beyond a purpose (there) must be a wisdom to be well known. What are you doing?

Subhanallah- Glory to Allah Almighty! One of our brother was saying to me (that) when I was shouting to bishops and archbishops and philosophers and attenders, he was seeing that scenario in TV (and) yesterday, when I was coming to the airport, he said: “Subhanallah, Glory to Allah! That night they were showing a movie in TV that (there were) people, some of them (were) with Americans, some others against Americans and they were fighting and fighting, so that no one was remaining from both sides.” And he was saying to me: “Oh Sheikh! What you said daytime, they made (it) so suitable. That movie (was) going to make a confirmation for your words.” Just that night.

Yes, what we are speaking it is not on behalf of me but it is on behalf of Saints and Prophets that Allah Almighty is ordering them to save His servant, to show them (the) true way through their lives, but people (are) running away and when they are running, they showed that movie that night. That is a wisdom from Allah Almighty also, to see that finally people are going to destroy themselves by themselves.

And that is the main target of Shaitan to destroy humanity on earth and to destroy every good thing that (was) just built for humanity. To destroy them and then not to remain even one man on earth, to be (the) earth (empty); when all nations are going to take away someones some others, going to be this world empty. (The) globe (is) going to be empty. They are asking (a) ‘global changing’, but Shaitan is unhappy (about that), (because) that global hegemony he is asking for himself. Therefore he is trying to finish mankind on earth and then to be on earth Khalifa- as he was dreaming and thinking to be- to be deputy of Allah Almighty on earth. He is trying to take away whole mankind (so that) no one (is) living on it, then he is saying: “Now we are deputies on earth! Now it is for us, this globe belongs to us! Oh, we took our revenge from mankind and mankind just finished! Oh, hip hip, hurray!” Europeans, how (they are) saying ? Hip hip, hurray! Shaitan is going to say to his followers, to his descendants: “Hip hip hurray! Now (the) whole world (is) for ourselves, we are deputies! Just mankind finished!” Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim, Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim, Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim!

But Allah Almighty’s divinely Order (is) to take away everyone who is following Shaitan and shaitanic groups and (to) leave (on it) only His servants. Noah a.s., when he had been ordered to make that Arch and to put in it believers, they were only 8o or 9o people. All others just through (that) flood (were) killed. Shaitan was so happy that (over the) whole world finished mankind, but the Lord of Heavens was saying: “I am not finished! What I said that is reality and true. I am not giving to you that chance, oh Shaitan and your descendants! I said that I am giving that honour to mankind only, not to you and your descendants. You are very happy that I made a flood and killed everyone, but I am keeping as a yeast for mankind (some) living people, among 8o or 9o, (and) once (again) I am bringing back (My) deputies that they should be My Prophets’ followers and they should be (My) deputies on earth. I am not giving (the earth and that honour) to you!”

And now secondly (there is) coming another (kind of) flood that mankind is going to kill each other, killing, killing- (so that there is) only remaining a handful people, but Shaitan can’t be happy finally, because Allah Almighty (is) giving power for everything on earth for these handful people from the nation of Muhammad sws. Bad ones (are) going and Shaitan also (is) going to be retired- chained and sent away. We should be ‘warithuun’, inheritors of this world and on earth should be (put) the flag of ‘La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws’!

May Allah forgive us and bless you and we are asking to reach to those good days! Good days! By the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 5th

(All creatures are created for mankind and they know which kind of foods are beneficial for them and which are harmful- man has been granted mind and willpower, so that even without Prophets they may know what is good and bad for them- the first knowledge to be learned is about Halal and Haram- what is beneficial for man and what is harmful for man- to keep one’s health for Allahs servanthood- without that knowledge you can’t carry the honour of being His servants- use your willpower to follow the 5oo recommended Orders of Allah to reach His blessings and to come to His divinely Presence and leave the 8oo forbidden actions that attract His cursing on you-Allah is not forcing you, because He honoured you through your mind and willpower- people nowadays and especially youngsters never like to move, but for everything to come ready to them and to move brings Baraka- to get up before sunshine and to work was the was of our ancestors- more than 8 hours of sleep are harmful for the physical being)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Allah Almighty teaching His servants what is good for themselves here and Hereafter and also warning His servants what is bad for them, what is harming them here and Hereafter. He created some minerals going to be good for the health of mankind, some of them are poisoned, some of them against poison, anti-poison. Also form plants, some of them are good, some are harmful for the body. And animals are knowing what is poisonous for them and what is good for them, particularly sheep; they have been guided on healthy grass, healthy plants, and they are leaving some of them, and eating some others of them. Eating what is good for themselves. They are animals and they have no any willpower, but their Lord is sending them on such foods, grass or plants that are good for them. And they are surrendered themselves to their Creator and they are living in safety for their food. All of them just created for mankind and mankind has been granted two precious characteristics or two precious grants from Allah Almighty:

One of it is their minds and second Allah granted to them willpower, that no any creature around ourselves can be like a man. Man has a special creation, specialized creation honoured creation, most valuable creation on earth. Allah Almighty granted to them that characteristics through their creation and dressing them from His Own Attributes Will and Mind, Mentality.

If Allah Almighty not sending Prophets for teaching mankind through their minds they may know what is good for themselves and what is harming themselves! Yes, mind and mentality that are a big grant from Allah Almighty, showing to man and teaching them and they may try it also, if it is good for them or not, it is okay, everyone may know. Who granted mind, they are knowing through their minds or through their mentalities and their knowledge that they may try it, it is giving them so many good knowledge for keeping their generation, because all obedience or servanthood that we have been asked to keep, depends on a safe knowledge. That knowledge is showing a person how he can be healthy. Because if a person is loosing his health, he can’t do anything, can’t work and can’t pray, can’t be standing by servanthood, because he lost his health. It is clear. A patient, a sick one or an ill one, he is occupied with his health or with their health and they are under a deep pressure, can’t move, can’t do anything, can’t stand up, because he lost his health. It is clear.

Therefore, as all Grandsheikhs were saying- and also my Grandsheikh was saying, (and) now also I am hearing from him- the most important thing for mankind to learn and to keep, to learn and to act (on), (is the) knowledge (of how) to keep their health. Therefore knowledge is going to be into two camps: ‘Ilmu adhan (?)’, ‘ilmu adjan’- two kinds of knowledge. One knowledge that mankind is granted is how they should be able to keep their health, because anyone loosing his health going to be useless, and (he is) going to be a heavy burden for himself and (on those) around himself. A heavy burden. One kind knowledge that we must keep is how we should be able to live healthy. For Dunya and for Akhirat you must be healthy! Maybe a young person coming a headache and falling down and he was like giant person, but coming some pain through their stomach, falling down, coming another pain from backside, from every part of his body, making him to fall down and he was able to push an animal and to make it to fall down, but (now he is) finished. When he lost his health, going to be nothing, (a) burden on himself and on people also. Therefore first of all that we should try to teach people how they can be able to keep their physical being healthy. If no health, he can’t pray, he can’t do his servanthood. Therefore that is (a) very important, (the) most important point for our lives: to keep our physical being healthy up to end.

Every Prophet just came to teach people; first of all that they are servants of the Lord of Heavens and second they were calling mankind, their nations, to stand up for fulfilling their servanthood towards their Lord Almighty Allah. Then Allah Almighty teaching all Prophets and Saints which thing keeping their health. First of all, for being a good servant, they must keep their health, (and) first Prophets also (were) teaching them through that Iman and what is necessary for praying, teaching them, making for them according to the holy Commands of Allah Almighty, making this Halal and that Haram. Everything from Halal and Haram for what? What is the benefit? Allah putting a limit for His servants and saying: “This is your limit. Beyond this limit, you are falling into Haram.“ That Haram (is) disturbing and destroying your physical being so that you are going to be unable to bring a real obedience and servanthood towards your Lord Almighty Allah.”

Through that grant that Allah Almighty granted to His servants, ‘Akl’, mind, they may know, through their mind! And mentality also is coming with mind. Mind balancing everything through mentality. Mentality is as a balance. Mind is sending to mentality: “Look what it is” and mentality is saying: “This is true one”- if it is good or bad. It is so easy. But what is difficult?

Allah Almighty then granted to mankind willpower that He only is using that, it is a divinely Attribute, granted to mankind. He is not forcing His servants, but He granted to them from willpower and not forcing them, giving value to man. If a person is forced to do something, quickly he is running into the level of animals. Animals are making, doing something by force. If a person is not using willpower, without willpower he is going to be forced and coming quick in the level of animals and it is not honour for mankind. Our mind and mentality are saying according to Holy Command that He Almighty granted a list of some actings for something, saying that this is a list, a program. You may look at it and you may understand that is good, that is no good. When it is appeared, don’t wait that Allah Almighty to force you to do this or not to do- but that biggest grant that even Angels haven’t been granted- willpower- we have willpower and our honour is with willpower. Putting in front of you a list of good ones and harming ones, useful or not useful. Useful, that it is Halal, good for you, for your physical being as well as for you spiritual being, this list it is okay for you. And other list (is) showing that this is harming you here and Hereafter and making you to be under the hegemony of you ego or to be Shaitan’s donkey and this is forbidden, so that everyone is knowing what is good for them or bad for them.

Everyone is knowing (that) smoking is no good, carrying to drugs. Everyone is knowing (that) drugs are killers, physically and spiritually. Everyone is knowing (that) drinks are terrible and destroying people physically and mindly. Everyone is knowing (that) adultery is a bad thing, destroying you physically and spiritually…So many things… (so) that reaching that list, the number of harming things, harmful doings, to 8oo. 8oo kinds of actings that it has been signed through Shariat, heavenly Commands: (These) 8oo (actings are) harming you here and Hereafter. Here making your level to come down and in Judgment Day making your level to be under deepest position.

And there is another 5oo actings that you are able to bring one of them or all of them, giving to you benefit, it is also as Prophet was saying: “Al Halalu bayiun, wa-l Haramu bayiun”- what is good for you, everyone is knowing, what is bad for you, also everyone is knowing what is harming. Allah Almighty is teaching His servants, because without that knowledge you can’t be able to carry the honour of being servants for divinely Service. Therefore (He is) putting (that lists). And (then He is) giving willpower to you, (saying:) “Oh My servants, look! These 5oo kinds of actings give you honour and make you to approach from My divinely Presence. Use your willpower to come much more closer to Me through these actings. And beware of that 8oo kinds of works, they are carrying you away from My divinely Presence, taking you to the field of cursing, cursing land, (that) always coming on you cursing from Heavens. Beware, oh My servants!”

Now mostly people are not using their willpower. Animals know what is good for them what is harming them, but mankind is knowing also what is good for them and what is bad, but they are not using their willpower to stop it and to send their egos to do good things and to keep themselves from bad things. What is the benefit to be to have willpower from Allah Almighty? You are going to be like such a person who has a plane, jet plane, you have, but you are never going to use it. What is the benefit to have a plane if you are not using it? Or if you have a car, a good car, but you are not using it? “What is the benefit to be in front of your home a good car, even Rolls Royce or Mercedes or other famous cars- what is the benefit? Why putting there? Use it!” “I don’t like I am sleeping, better. Better to sleep…” “Ya Hu- take that car and go around to look everywhere!” “No, I am here, drinking and…(putting injection)…I don’t like to open my eyes…” ”If you don’t like to open your eyes- why Allah Almighty giving to you eyes? Any animal saying like you? Animals 24hours asking to sleep?” But new generation they are saying: “We like to sleep”, putting injection…here, there…For what? He likes to sleep…What is that? You have been created for sleeping? Animals are not sleeping as you are sleeping! The new generation is sleeping. 24 hours, or 2o hours, or 18 hours, or 15, 12, 1o- what is that! That is degeneration of generation. Degenerated generation now, asking to sleep. If they are opening their eyes, not opening, but (with closed eyes also) eating something, then making injection, (continuing to sleep)...That is 21st century’s civilization?

People are asking me to go and to be present in a conference in Athens and they are saying that we are coming here to look some cure for youngsters. And when I was in America, New York, UN building, there were so many posters, saying: “Save youngsters from drugs!” To whom you are addressing this? “Save youngsters from drugs!” How? And now the whole world is working on it. Biggest business is the business of drugs, to make youngsters to be degenerated generations.

If they are not using also- youngsters are sleeping more than enough. The limit for sleeping for an adult is 8 hours. After 8 hours not giving comfort to our bodies but coming to make it to be tired. After 8 hours body getting to be tired by sleeping. Up to 8 hours sleep our physical being is resting, and after 8 hours getting unrest. And everywhere if they are not using drugs also, but new generation doesn’t like to work. They left lands, they left gardens, all youngsters are asking to be employed by the government, to sit in front of table…eating…someone coming, asking: “Why you are coming? Come tomorrow”...continuing eating…”Bring that paper…take it, I am busy now…” Like this they are asking to be paid and to sit down through their rooms, on their tables. Even police people sitting in their office! At the colony time we know police was going around, making patrol on horses and keeping guns…they were going around, making patrol, and no one can take courage to do anything wrong. Here it was, this small house in front of the mosque was for this area police center. Seven policemen, six on their horse, for all of this area, 4o or 5o villages…you may open your doors and windows and no one can take anything, no one can be able to come and to harm people. Now they are sitting in police station…for what this? Police must do control, they are not making, sitting in front of tables…A custom officer was saying to me that once the commissioner of the district was coming and asking: “Where is cavus, sergeant?” And they were saying: “He is on patrol.” And when he was coming that commissioner was asking: “Why I am not seeing you in front of your table?” And he was saying: “Oh our commissioner, our table is on our horse. If we are waiting people coming and complaining, it is go to be worse and worse. We are running around and bad character people or Shaitans agents can’t move. They may know that we are on patrol, can’t do anything…”

Now the new generation asking a very rest life behind their tables… “Hallo…Yes, I am speaking to my friend…say that director is in a meeting…Now I am speaking to you, oh my darling…after? Yes, after Maghreb okay…Who is that one? Say to him that he is in meeting”…”Oh my master, I said but he is said this is not time of meeting.” “Say that he has a meeting in toilet, because toilet also a meeting hall. Say to him!”

Making people atalet, more than laziness- people are asking not to move; he is asking everything to be brought to him and to enjoy himself. No any other opinion for them, only for their pleasures…not for helping people, no, for their pleasure making everything, every design there and putting…that is the representative of Shaitan Dr. X….

Therefore people now in worst position. Therefore I am going to speak to people, insha Allah, that they are accusing poverty making crisis, saying: “After poverty crisis, after poverty wars, after poverty fighting, after poverty that and this, after poverty economical crisis…” lie. And Islam saying: “Fi-l haraku baraku.” Islam saying: “Make your hand to work, because blessings coming on you. You must know that to move, to work brings Baraka Therefore our people, our ancestors were standing up before sun shining. Those people now, youngsters, they are lying like crocodiles… sleeping…sometimes opening eyes, looking something to eat and coming on it, then continuing to sleep…

Where is Islam? What is our situation now, Muslims? I am sorry and in sorrow that they are asking to follow Western people who like to sleep…

May Allah forgive us and send us Mehdi a.s. and Isa a.s., for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.


First of all, this conference faces a very big obstacle like a gigantic mountain. And until they have moved that gigantic mountain it is impossible for them to reach to their goal. It is like asking an ant to carry a truck

This conference is a good sign that good feelings are still alive in some people, and these good feelings belong to Heavens. And I am happy for this because this is a sign that we can still save mankind. And that it is not wholly finished, no!

Mankind is running in the worst possible way and soon it will fall into a bottomless valley Anyone may see that day-by-day things are getting worse for mankind. And in reality what we are seeing is the degeneration of Adam and Eve. Still among the crowds of people there can be found representatives of goodness and people possessing heavenly characteristics. Through this conference the will of these good ones is evident. They are concerned about the future of mankind. I am happy, but it is the biggest, heaviest and most difficult goal that mankind can set itself. But those good people attending this conference are the weakest group among mankind. They are at the mercy of politicians and they come here to this conference full of hope, but also full of fear. Fearful because fear holds power over all nations, all contracts of mankind on this planet. And the enemies of mankind are monitoring what is happening here at this meeting. These enemies never like for this world to be changed into another more peaceful world, or for there to be a new contract for the whole world. That is because they have arranged their life-styles in order to benefit from the existing conditions.

What this conference is asking for is to completely stop crisis, poverty, violence, wars, troubles and sufferings. But the majority of mankind depends on those aspects. And if anyone were to try and take it away form them, billions would ask, “What we are going to do? How we are going to live if they prevent us form wars, crisis, problem, poverty, from cruelty and violence” They will all quickly rise up against them and ask: “Who are you coming to stop our importance on earth? Who gives you that authority and who told you to do this? Do you have any power? Don’t you know that you are the weakest ones? It is we who hold power in our hands! Don’t think that we will give way to you. And if you insist we will get rid of you so easily!”

Therefore, people are coming to this conference, and I see that the first speakers are politicians. But politicians are also members of this world contract, and they are not happy for a new change to come on earth. Politicians with their tricks and traps are filling this world from East to West and North to South. I had thought that this conference was reserved only for religious pope and academics, representatives of culture, and was without the participation of politicians. But I see that this meeting has no power at all. As I said before, its position resembles that of an ant that has been asked to carry a big truck. If the ant is able to carry that truck, then a conference such as this and those attending, will actually be able to make changes beneficial for mankind.

Therefore it is going to be so difficult to bring a new contract by means of the weakest of people. I myself am pushing ninety and I see so many others here, bishops and archbishops whom are perhaps a little younger or older than me. And they are all thinking to themselves, “How long, until we enter into the Divine Presence? “ We are coming near to our end and we are asking for some young people to awaken, to know who are those against humanity, and which ones are helping to establish real humanity and peace, giving everyone their rights.

Another point that I would like to address to this honourable gathering, all who belong to heavenly religions, is this. You all know what is written about the beginning of this world and about the first contract on earth. It is mentioned in the Holy Books. That first contract also entails believing that Adam was the first man and Eve the first woman. They lived together in the heavenly Garden of Eden and they were happy with their lives. According tot the holy Command of the Lord of Heavens, their generations spread out over the earth. Eve always gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and they were given the divine Order to marry the first-born twin boy to the girl of the second couple of twins. And that one- who mankind is now most friendly to- Shaitan, the devil, who people now take for their most beloved friend, it was him who made Cain not to accept the heavenly Command and to refuse to give his sister to Abel. Shaitan was saying to him, “Don’t accept this, because your own twin sister is more beautiful. So don’t give her to Abel!” And so Satan made Cain to kill is brother and he became the first murderer, thereby causing Adam and Eve to fall into deep oceans of sorrow and misery. Their lives were so sweet, and then they became bitter.

Attendants of this conference! Do you know this from your Holy Books or not? If you do not know, then you believe nothing! As Christians, Jews, Protestants, Catholics or Orthodox you must know this and we, as Muslims also believe in this. The first man fell into an endless ocean of misery and he tasted no more the good taste of life; it was finished for him.

And from that day up to now, do you think that Satan has ever left mankind? No one can stand up and object to what I am saying, as I am speaking from the report of all holy Books.

Therefore I don’t believe what is written about the aims of this conference. They propose to do something, and they list some reasons, but they never mention the name of Satan as the cause. They talk about the problems of technology, the fall of the Soviet Union and they say that poverty is the problem. But all of this is of no relevance. Satan the devil is making people be enemies to one another, but he is veiled, so people never curse Satan. Instead they say, “Satan is our best friend!”

This is the time of devils and evil. The whole world is full of devils and evil. And we must know whom we are fighting. If we are good and well-intentioned people, we must show other people who our enemy is, so that the real enemy may be recognized.

The Lord of Heavens says, “Satan is your most dangerous enemy, try to know about him and to recognize him!” Don’t say: technology, poverty, the Soviet Union breaking down- all of this, and very movement against humanity, has been woven by Satan. If we do not know against whom we are fighting, we will lose the battle and we are never going to be victorious.

We must know that war is deception. If we attack the enemy directly, we will lose. But if we use tricks or traps, we can be winners. This conference is a good start and a sign that mankind is beginning to awaken, even if so slowly. Mankind is becoming fed up and beginning to stir. It has had enough of cruelty and of the worst of evil and devils. They say, We must change”, and that is a good sign. Throughout history, as we read in the classical books and Holy Scriptures, throughout the history of mankind, these problems have never ceased. As long as Shaitan is at work, problems, sufferings and cruelty will never end. The Holy Books say that people will ever stop disagreeing. People are always fighting, bad ones against good ones. Sometimes the good ones reach to power, but mostly the cruel ones take over. Nowadays on our planet no one can say that good, heavenly people are ruling the word. So peace cannot be established.

When we can expect that the world will be changed by a new contract? When the good ones come to power, then we know that cruelty will go away and the whole world is going to be saved. Therefore we look at the signs of awakening that are appearing now through such a conference. An awakening is coming to mankind now. They were drunk from devils and evil. Now, slowly, slowly, mankind is starting to ask, “Where we are now?” and “What are we doing?”, as a person awakening from a drugged sleep. This is a sign that people are waking up from their drunkenness (to sobriety).

This is my declaration. We are looking for some heavenly involvement, to change the direction of people, to not follow Shaitan, but to follow heavenly Commands. If they do not follow heavenly Commands, it is impossible for this world to attain peace through our own ides, conferences, or by any of our own efforts.

May Allah forgive me and bless you.

Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi 5.5.04

Tuesday, 4th

(Shaitans mission is to destroy mankind and through his teachings he is poisoning people- when people run away from Allahs servanthood they are dressed ugliness and the love between husband and wife is finishing- for people who pray at midnight and at dawn Allah is sending Angels with heavenly Light to be dressed on His servants real Beauty and Familiarity- the husband is taking from the beauty of his wife’s body and face; clever women are preserving their beauty for their husband by veiling themselves- the looking of men who are not Halal for a woman are hurting her; when women work or study with men their beauty is finishing – men and women are not equal; men are created powerful to protect their wives- olive oil is best for the body and ablution is giving refreshment)

Astaghfirullah …Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Allahumma la mania lima atayt …Rabbi la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

We are running from Shaitan to Allah. Shaitan is a dog, always running after mankind to bite them, never getting to be friend for mankind, never going to be just to mankind, never going to be true with mankind, never going to make happy mankind, never going to make mankind to be servants of their Lord. That is his mission, you must understand. All of us must understand what is the mission of Shaitan! His mission is troublemaker, and trouble for mankind. He is not going to make a trouble with angels, no. Even not taking too much care for animals also, because animals are not carrying any responsibility and angels their area Heavens is just protected. It is impossible for Shaitan and his armies and helpers and supporters and agents to get up, to reach angels’ level, he should be kicked down, thrown down. His mission only is mankind, to take them away from servanthood. His mission is to give trouble to mankind. His mission is to destroy everything that mankind making it or working on it, asking to destroy, materially or spiritually. Running after mankind. And whom that following him, must fall into endless troubles. As long as a man is following Shaitan and his ways, following his teachings, on every step one at least, then after one countless troubles should surround him and every trouble giving to mankind sufferings, bringing sufferings and every trouble that mankind falling in it, because they are following Shaitan and his teachings, giving poison. Giving poison and becoming lives of people poisoned. They are saying this atmosphere so many countries people put something on their nose and mouth because it is going to be dirty and- more than dirty- to be poisoned.

They are drinking and poisoning their drinks also and everywhere that mankind is running, for every field, mankind running after him, on every step they are going to find a trouble and they are going to be surrounded with poisoned atmosphere materially and then material poisoning affecting on their personality, that personality representing their spiritual being. Our spiritual being is so nice, so handsome, so beautiful, but because of that poison pour personality is going to be changed into an ugly appearance. So many people now coming and they are complaining- old ones and young ones, youngsters, man or woman, boy or girls- new couples coming and they were so lovely to each other for some days, for some months, and then they are coming, they are saying: “Oh Sheikh, what is your advise to me, because my husband never loving me now”, and she looks like a moon, so beautiful, and complaining that her husband not as before loving her, saying to her: “I am fed up from you.” And sometimes a wife coming and saying: “Just I fed up from my husband, I like to divorce.” I am saying: “Oh, your husband so handsome person, why?” But she is objecting and saying: “But no more I may carry him.”

That means: their personality going to be poisoned form the causes or reasons that surround their lives and putting eye-glasses that Shaitan is using to make false through people, to make fasad, corruption. Everywhere now it is their trouble that they are not able to carry wife her husband and husband his wife. Before people they were carrying, not carrying, but love that they are running after, was giving to them some Lights and their faces was getting more brighter day-by-day, because they were using their Lord’s Service and every Service is going to dress man or woman lights and beauty and familiarity.

But now people are never interesting with their Lord’s servanthood or the heavenly service in divinely Presence, they never take any care. Therefore that as a punishment coming to them, coming and saying: “So ugly”, husband looking to her, so dirty face, Astaghfirullah! And trouble growing among people and people are thinking that this crisis growing for economical aspects. They are liars! It is not a result of economical crisis, no, but they never speaking on the point that is moist important point to say that because people are running away from their Lord’s servanthood and they are going to be dressed ugliness, men and women and they are coming and saying: “Oh Sheikh, I think that some people making black magic for me because my husband never loving me as before” or coming man and saying: “Perhaps someone making magic for me, my wife not loving me as before”…All of them lies, imagination. They are not coming to touch the most fine point that giving that trouble to mankind, to say: “(It is) because you are not taking care for the servanthood of your Lord and you are not going to dress (that Lights), you are remaining only with your physical beauty and physical beauty it is going to be plastic figures through magazines, through shops, confection. Dressing, they may out on figures man and woman, but it is nothing, no taste from that plastic body, never giving anything to them, man or woman. But if a person is living to be dressed heavenly Beauty dressings, that it is a result of blessings from Allah Almighty, they never loosing their familiarity up to end, even may be 8o, 9o, 1oo and more…never changing, because always dressing!

There is a traditional knowledge from heavenly Knowledge that coming from Prophets heavenly knowledge and saying if anyone is asking to be seen or to be dressed beauty on themselves, they must try to be awakened midnight and dawn time, because they it is that time that the Lights brightening coming and dressing. Therefore, whom they are praying midnight praying and dawn prayings, they should be known through their faces, Allah giving to them a brightness and familiarity, ‘uns’, if anyone asking may pray to their Lord, because that time Allah Almighty is sending angels with heavenly Lights and heavenly dressings to be dressed His servants whom they are in His divinely Presence on earth, praying to their Lord and giving their high respect.

But people they lost it and they are insisting to make a beauty on their faces or on their bodies and they are spending not millions billions Dollars, billions Euros, to take this small crème for making their faces good looking, for Make-up, cosmetics. I was in South Africa, I went to a warehouse, a big warehouse that I was looking up, my turban was going done, so high, and running in it small trains to carry these cosmetic things to bring, one, two, three, four, five…twelve wagons, trucks, coming, as ship coming on beach, coming to take these cosmetics…And there were saying: “You know one small jug how much it is?” “I don’t know. It is Turkish money?” “No, their money. 5 Dollars smallest one”…This building was full. I was saying: ”They may buy whole Turkey with what this warehouse contains.” So much! All for what? For ladies! “Oh my darling, how I am now? I am using new cosmetic for my lips”…going to be their lips like donkey lip, but saying: “Oh, my darling, I may put this colour.” “This colour that you are using, I am looking it is dark blue…” “No, my darling, it is dark red.” “Really? Dark green!” “No!” Using this to make themselves young ones…and (they are so old already,) no (more) teeth and then buying. And young ones also they are not saying that Allah giving to them beauty, but they are asking to use something to be much more beautiful…can’t be! As long as man looking to woman, taking from that beauty from their faces, from their bodies. Whom they are keeping their faces and their bodies, their bodies and faces always fresh and smooth, without using cosmetics!

“Oh Sheikh, what you are using on your face?” I am saying: “Olive-oil.” “Olive-oil?” “Yes.” They are putting so many things, but never going to be like…I am washing, making ablution, 5o times daily, and therefore coming fresh…They are not knowing the main source of beauty, from where coming. They are saying: “Why putting Tschador women?” To keep their beauties, but no mind now women! “Why putting this veil on their faces and keeping their beauties?” They are very clever ones, they are not wasting their beauties, because (men are) looking and taking from your beauty. Therefore old ladies, our mums and grandmothers they were keeping their faces and their bodies, not to be hurt from someones that are not Halal for them.

What we are saying? People coming, falling in troubles for following Shaitan and shaitanic teachings. Harming mankind spiritually and physically. Before spirituality was protected and when their physical being was protected, much more happiness and beauty was coming to them. But now they are opening and asking to show their beauties, but never going to be successful their beauty, quickly running away. Particularly women when they are working with men, they are getting hurt and running to finish quickly. Their youth quickly running away. Any woman working through men, hurting their looking and their beauty and their physical being quickly coming down, coming down, coming down, and so many women coming and saying they are ill and what is illness? To be: “Oh Sheikh, there is tumour, cancer.” I am saying: “How old is she?” They are saying: “25.” “Oh, how it can be?” Just going down, particularly those girls that are going to university, always through each other, touching, till they are graduating, they are finishing also physically. Then coming to me their parents, saying: “Oh Sheikh, do something to marry our daughters.” I am saying: “How old is she?” “3o years old, 25 years, 27…” “Why? They are beautiful ones. How they delayed?” “Because they were like studying, making master, making doctor.” After this- who is taking you? You finished through university.

Wrong way for mankind, because they are following shaitanic teachings! And the Turkish government now, I hear today morning, they are making a new rule to be like Europeans: men and women going to be equal. Ya Hu, man, how woman going to be equal? If going to be equal, must be all of us women. That is equal. Allah created you man, created her woman- how you are claming that man and woman is equal? What is that foolishness! Up to here came people’s minds: governments decision making rule to make women…what is that? And I am saying to them: If it is a new rule, you must give rights as you are giving rights to man. How it can be, oh Sheikh? Must be one President man, one President woman, one government from Prime Minister man, one Prime Minister woman, one minister from man, and as much as man must be women minister. One assembly for men, and one assembly for women. If you are saying something, and women not saying… if you are saying: today is holy day and women saying: no- what it should be! If they are bringing such a foolishness- for what? You are asking to make a fitna, corruption. What you are saying, what is the benefit? What you are going to do, who is go to be at home? Both of you should be outside- how it can be, what is that foolishness?

Up today Allah Almighty saying: Man over women, because women weak and man created powerful. Man can protect his wife, but wife can’t protect her husband. What is that foolishness? Up today they are making that trouble for nations. Then they never going to be successful.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and send us from His powerful servants to be a powerful shepherd on Ummah to send them to way of Paradise, to save them from the hands of devils. For the honour of the most honoured one on the divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 3rd !!!

(Every movement of creatures must be with His Will, He has a perfect control on His creation- Allah is also inspiring creatures to ask to change their position according to their needs to continue glorifying Allah and then He is granting them the power or energy for that movement- all creatures and every part of our body, each cell and atom is glorifying Allah, but Allah has given man a special creation and He is asking them to glorify Him through their wills and their glorifying will bring them closer to His divinely Presence- He is not in need of our glorifying Him, but He is granting us a dress of glory according to our glorifying- the Bedouin who was coming to visit Amir ul Muqminien, bringing his moat valuable gift and being rewarded manifold for it- the state of the Islamic world: Muslims are not humbly turning to the Prophet to ask his intercession for them in the divinely Presence for help against cruel people, instead ignorant Muslims are demonstrating in streets, not going to the mosques- specially women in Islam are ordered to stay in their homes and their voices not to be heard)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Tauba ya Rabbi…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa al quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Everything (is) reaching to Allah… Everyone (is) reaching to Allah (and) everything (is) reaching to Allah. Allah, He knows everything, where it is, He knows everyone where he is! We have a saying- old people they were saying and we were believing and also now we are believing, never changing that belief- that if (there is) no permission to move anything from its place or to change its position, (it) can’t be without His Order or (there) can’t be any movement out of His Will. Everything must be with His Will! A leaf on a tree- as old people were believing- can’t move, if its Creator, its Lord (is) not giving permission to move, or: no any bird can open its wings for flying without His permission- can’t open, can’t fly. Everything (is) under such a perfect control!

And He (Almighty) is asking that people must know this! Not to say: “I may go, I may come, I may do, I may not do”, no, everything (is) just controlled! Leave the Children of Adam- but (even) every atom can’t change its position without His Command, without His Permission. (It is) asking: “I am changing my position, oh my Lord?” its desire and (the) divine Will (are) coming (together) and (that is) making its position in another way. And that one, that atom, by itself it is impossible (for it) to ask for a changing of its position. That feeling to ask must be granted to that one. If Allah Almighty is not giving that inspiration to that atom to ask, it is impossible by itself to ask a changing for its position. Allahu Akbar! That (one) must ask and Allah must give.

He is not obliged to give, but His Generosity towards every creation makes everything to ask, because He is (the) Giving One for everything, for everyone. His Generosity (is) making that atom to ask: “Oh my Lord, I am asking to change my position.” That changing has a wisdom, it has a reason; that atom has some need (necessity), so that (it is) asking (that), but that inspiration must come to that atom and its Lord (is) answering to that one and (He is) giving that possibility or giving to that atom energy to use it for changing its position.

Because every movement needs energy. If that energy (is) not granted, that atom can’t move. It is going to be like a car without fuel- (the) car is ready, but if (you are) not putting petrol (in it), it can’t move. That car needs a power for running and therefore (it is) signing (to) its owner: “I finished, take me to petrol station! I am finishing, fill me with energy for movement!” And that atom (is) calling and saying: “Oh my Lord, I am in need of a support from Your endless Generosity as an energy or an energetic support for (to) continue for glorifying You!” From one position to another (there is) coming another (kind of) glorifying and glorifying is endlessly going on for every creation, (for) every smallest piece of creation. They must glorify their Lord and they are asking: “Oh my Lord, from Your Generosity give me energy, give me support through Your divinely Energy Oceans to continue glorifying You!” Subhanallah! You can reach to that point by thinking?

And He is asking only from His creatures, from common ones, glorifying, because their creation is not (the) same like the creation of mankind. Mankind’s creation (is) just different, and man’s creation (is a) creation on (the) top level. (The) limit of creation through its highest position (is just) granted to mankind. And therefore Allah Almighty (is) making mankind on a (special) position; (He is) giving to them so (much) value (and) through that value (He) granted to them (the) dress of honour (and) of glorifying. And man’s glorifying in on its highest-level position.

Our body, every smallest unit of our body is glorifying (Him), but (the) top glorifying that the Lord (is) asking from mankind and (He is) making mankind to be pleased much more, that level (is) to make (glorifying) by their will and to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!” To use your will and to say: “Glory be for Allah!” That is the top point!

Unbelievers’ bodies (are also) glorifying (Allah). That person is saying. “No God!” but yet every part of his body (is) saying: “You are our Lord! Glory be for You, oh our Lord!” But that foolish one, heedless one (is) not saying (that) and (he is) making a denying. The top point of glorifying (is) when you (are) saying): “Subhanallah!” Therefore we are beginning after prayer to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah… (33 times)”. From His Generosity (He is) asking from His servants to glorify Him, Almighty, and (that) glorifying from (the) servants to their Lord (is) making them to come closer to His divinely Generosity Oceans, (and) to be granted more and more. That is the meaning of (the word): “Hal jazau li-l ihsanu illa ihsan?” Servants, according to their smallness, they are trying to give (something) through their generosity and to say: “Glory be for our Lord!” and He is granting (His Favours to them), rewarding His servants.

Once a Bedouin was saying to himself: “I must go to Baghdad (to visit the Caliph)”… people (there) lost to glorify their Lord and every cursing (is) coming on them, on that people (of Iraq)! Allah Almighty through (the) Holy Quran (is) teaching (His) servants. What (He is) saying? “Oh believers, don’t make your sounds (voices) (over) the sound (voice) of My beloved Prophet! Leave his sound to be highest. Don’t shout! Let humbleness be your characteristic, oh Muqmins!” People (are) running, they are thinking that (the) Prophet is not with them! “Wa ‘alem annahu fikum Rasul!” The Prophet is not away from his nation. Allah is saying: “He is with you!” Not only (with those) that (are) sitting in front of him! That means: (he is) with his whole Ummah! Therefore: “Keep your sounds, don’t shout! Leave (the) Prophet’s sound to be high! He may address on behalf of you to your Lord!”

What they are doing in Islamic countries! People are running like foolish ones through streets and (they are) shouting, shouting and saying: “Russia down…America down…England down…” shouting and running! Why you are saying (this), shouting this? Why (you are) not humbly saying:” Oh, ya Rasulullah, look after your Ummah!” Or (you go to the mosque and say) through (the) mosque: “Oh, ya Rasulullah, on behalf of us you can be in (the) divinely Presence (our) intercessor! For you (it is) granted, please use your (power of) intercession for us to be saved from the hands of those cruel people from wolves, from foxes, from dragons! Oh Rasulullah, make your intercession for your nation!”

(They are) not saying (this), (but they are) running through streets, thousands of people, (and they are) shouting. Leave men, (but) women, that Allah Almighty (is) ordering to them: “Stay at home and don’t fall back into the ignorance (of the time before you came into Islam)”, ordering to Muqmin women to be through their homes, not to be seen and He is prohibiting to get out from their homes as the people of the time of ‘Jahiliyya’, the time of ignorance (before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad) were (doing), running through the streets with their ‘zina’, (their) decoration, to make men to look after them…

Allah Almighty (is) preventing them- how they are running through streets and shouting and (for men to hear) their sound is Haram also! What (is) happening to Islamic territories (it is) because (people are) on (the) wrong way- men and women! They are running on (the) wrong way and (on the) wrong way cursing (is) coming on them, (on the people in) Baghdad and other Islamic territories.

No, it is not permitted (for) men and women to run through streets and to shout! No! Muslims only may go to (the) mosque and cry and ask (for the) intercession from the Prophet, (to ask him) to be their intercessor in (the) divinely Presence and to ask forgiveness (for them there). Not in streets! (The) Muslim world (is on the) wrong way now! (Therefore) cursing (is) coming on them! (They) can’t blame America, Russia, China, Turkey and other countries, no! (But the) blame is on (those) ignorant groups of Muslims shouting through (the) streets, (who are) not getting in mosques to ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty and His beloved one’s intercession! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

That person, that Bedouin was living in (the) dessert and one day he was saying: “Oh my darling, I like to visit the Caliph, Amir-ul-Muqminien. Oh my darling, what you are saying?” She is saying: “As you like, my darling. You may go.” “Yes, I may go, but, (as) you know, we are going to visit the Amir-ul-Muqminien- I must not go without a gift through my hands. That is not good manner. I must take something to him.” They were thinking: “What we can send to the Caliph, Amir-ul- Muqminien?” Then they were making a decision: “Oh my darling. Fill that jug of clay with water; we may take (that), because it is so much valuable in our place. I may take (that); I must bring to him our most valuable gift. Through desserts nothing can be more valuable than water.” “Good, very good!” (And) she was filling (the jug), he was taking (it and) putting (it) on his shoulders (and he was) going to Baghdad.

(He was arriving and) asking: “Where is our Amir, where is the Sultan’s Palace?” They are saying: “Here, there, here, there… and (finally) he found it (and he was) coming (to the gates of the palace) and (the) guardians (were) saying: “Who are you?” “I am a Bedouin, coming from the dessert, asking to meet the Amir-ul-Muqminien.” “Oh, you are asking to come and to meet him?” “Yes, I am from his nation, a citizen, and I am looking (that) I have a right to meet my Sultan.” (The) guardians (were) looking to each other: “What we can do?” One (of them was) saying: “You sit down here. We may sent (message) to (the) Amir that one of (the Bedouins (is) coming to see him. If (he is) accepting (to see you), you may come (in), if not accepting, we can’t do.” (And they were) running to him and saying. “Oh, Amir-ul-Muqminien, one pheasant, a Bedouin (was) coming and (he is) asking to meet and see you.” “Leave him to come!” (They were) coming (back and) giving good tidings: “ Come, follow me”, (until they were) reaching the Throne Hall.

“Welcome.” “Oh, Amir-ul-Muqminien. (It was) coming to my heart (the desire) to visit (the) Amir-ul-Muqminien and I am coming (from a) far place, from a dessert and- Alhamdulillah- I am seeing your brilliant face, that the Lord of Heavens (is) putting on you the brilliance of Iman and (He is) crowning you with His Greatness, (putting on you the) crown of greatness, making you on the line of (the) Prophet sws! I am happy, I am thanking to Allah Almighty!” (And) his words were entering to the heart of the Amir. He was (still) carrying the jug of water on (his) shoulder and Amir-ul-Muqminien (was) saying: “Put your jug here. What is that?” “Oh Amir-ul-Muqminien, it is (the) Prophet’s advise (that) if someone (is) visiting another (one, he) must bring something as a gift. If (he has) nothing (for) bringing (and) on (his) way (he is) finding a nail, (he may) bring (that) and say: “I had only this, take this as a gift to you.” Therefore (this is) from (the) Sunnah, (the) holy command of your Abba, your grandfather, from Rasulullah, (and) therefore I am bringing to you a gift that it is (the) most valuable gift anyone can bring to you.” He was saying: “What is in that jug?” “Water.” “Oh, may Allah bless you! The Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “Wa ja’alna mina mai kulli shayin hay.” You did your best for me to bring (the) reason of life to me. I am thankful to you, oh my citizen, oh Abdullah!” (From) his good manners (he was) not saying (that:) “The river (of) Tigris is running through Baghdad and we are sitting (in the middle of) water”, but (he was) saying: “You did your best, you brought your best gift” and (he was) ordering to his servants: “Take his gift and fill the jug with gold!” Because if someone (is) giving a gift (to you), you must also- as much as possible- give something to him. And he said: “Fill that jug with gold and give (it to him) to go back.”

This is a story, historical history that happened. When we say a story, don’t ask if (it) happened or not, but you must look what is (the) wisdom in it! All tales (are) giving some lessons and teaching mankind with something, teaching mankind to be much more perfect.

(So they were) filling (that jug) with gold and giving (it) to him. “He was bringing (the) most valuable gift (that can be found) through desserts and we have treasures (also) and we are returning (something) from our treasures to him.”

And when Allah Almighty (is) ordering His servants to glorify Him Almighty- He is not in need for your glorifying; (your glorifying is) not even coming to be like water to Amir-ul-Muqminien- Allah Almighty from His glorifying Oceans (is) dressing to that one (a) glorious dressing that no one can think its price, its value. Therefore (He is) ordering. Our bodies every part (of it is) glorifying (Allah), but heedless people (are) not using their tongue to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah!” Blame to mankind that they are claiming to be civilized people, but they are never civilized people, because (they are) not knowing (the) Rights of the Lord of Heavens, to give their best grant (which is) to glorify their Lord! And until (they are) coming to that point, troubles (are) never ending, (they will) continuing until remaining on earth not even one person. It is enough (to be) one man and one woman. It is enough.

As He Almighty (was) beginning the generation of Adam from one man and one woman. (So) even if (there is) remaining (only) one man (and) one woman, He may give (them a) new generation that their importance (is) only to say: “Subhanallah al ‘Azim, Subhanallah, Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, Subhanallah wa bihamdihi!” and to glorify their Lord with countless kinds of glorifying.

That is the time coming- the time of Mehdi a.s. (and) then Isa, alayhi salat wa salam! Be awakened! Beware of Shaitan and wake up to catch the train, before (it is) running away. Get in, don’t remain in the station hall. Oh man! We are addressing to (the) whole mankind on earth, from East to West, from North to South.

May Allah bless you and forgive me! For the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 2nd !!!

(S.Muhammad sws has been dressed the divinely Attribute of Glory and became glorious himself- he is representing Allah’s Glory so it may been seen by His creatures- from him all creatures take glory according to their capacity- everyone who is asking to reach eternal glory must be in relationship with him and he will also reach Light from the Light Oceans of the Greatness and Majestic Glory- it is difficult to reach and to know, to understand, to ask, to love and to be dressed that Glory- people try to put the meanings of the Holy Quran in one book, a Tafsir, and they teach that knowledge, making imitated titles like ‘Doctor’, but they are ignorant and teach only ignorance- a real learned one may teach you knowledge that belongs to that Glorious One, covering every divinely Attribute- people nowadays are dressed with shaitanic pride and that prevents them to reach and understand reality)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Allah Allah…Audhu bi-llahi ina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim…”Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana”…ya Allah, ya Allah! You only, oh our Lord, may grant us to know (something) through Your most beloved servant, the most honoured servant in Your divinely Presence, who is representing Your Glory! Who is that one? S.Muhammad sws.

(He is) representing the Glory of the Lord of Heavens, (and) no one else. From him all chosen ones take glory; (those) chosen ones that they are in relationship with Heavens. If a person (is) not reaching a relationship to Heavens, (he has) no glory and no honour. Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!

And (S.Muhammad sws) he is that one who (is) granting (that glory) on behalf of the Lord of Heavens. On behalf of the whole creation and creatures S.Muhammad sws (is) representing (Allah’s) Glory. Glory is (a) divinely Attribute, and if it is not dressed on a person, you can’t see it. Glory is (a) divinely Attribute, but, to be seen, (it) must be dressed on someone, so that people may see, may look, (and it) may be seen the Glory of the Lord of Heavens. Allah’s Glory is dressed on S.Muhammad sws, and you may see (something) from Allah’s Glory in S.Muhammad’s glorious being; (there is) no being there except (the) appearance (of the divinely) Attribute (of) Glory on S.Muhammad, peace be upon him!

Who is not reaching to him, (they are) never taking any Glory here or Hereafter; and everyone who (is) asking for eternal Glory must be in relationship with that glorious one. Allah’s Glory just may be seen on him (, S.Muhammad sws) only, or (if he was not there to be dressed with that divine Attribute of Glory,) it was going to be closed; no one (was) knowing (about it). No one can see that Glory, if (there is) not that one to be dressed from divinely Glory. And (through) that divinely Glory, when (it is) dressed on him, that one (is) becoming glorious. And everyone that (is) reaching to him, may be dressed (something from that) Glory according to their capacity or abilities.

There are some atoms through (the) experiments of scientists, (when they are) asking to look and sending a powerful light on them, then they are becoming to be seen on (a) screen. If (you are) taking that light, they can’t be seen. When (they are) sending that powerful light, they may look and see these atoms’ movements. They can’t see their real being, but they may catch their movements as sparks, and (from these) they are understanding that there is some being on that screen. If you are not sending that strong powerful lights on them, they are in darkness, (and) you can’t know their existence.

And everyone also here, in creation, if it is not sent on them divinely Lights, (they) can’t be seen (to be) in existence. And those, whom they are coming in existence, (in order) to take a share from the glory of that glorious one, (they) must be in relationship to him, then that glory can be seen on them, or (else) they should be in darkness, (and there is) no glory (for them). And everyone now whom they are asking (for) that glory, (they) must search (for) the way, how they can be able to make a relationship to that one. If they are not asking (for that relationship), they are not going to be Prophets; (and) if people are not asking to reach and to be in relationship with that Glory through that glorious one, they (are) never going to take (any) Glory from the Lord’s unlimited Glorious and Glory Oceans.(The) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens (are) shining with that Glory!

(His) Dominion is something else from creation- (it is) shining. And through all Holy Books (this is) just mentioned, that if a person (is) not reaching to Lights, he can’t see, (he) can’t understand and (he) can’t reach to that Glory. Billions of people are reciting (the) Old Testament, from (the) beginning (of mankind on this earth) up today, as well as billions of people are reading and looking through (the) New Testament- but they never reach to that Glory! If one of them (is) reaching to that to Glory Ocean, (he) can’t be under the command (of) anyone except (the Command of) that glorious one! No one can be over those people, who reached (the) Glory of the Lord of Heavens through that most glorious one or the representative of the Lord’s Glory Ocean (,S.Muhammad sws,) that he is glorious; they can’t reach any Lights from (the) Light Oceans of the Greatness and Majestic Glory, (it) can’t be dressed on them.

‘Glorious’ and ‘Majestic’, that belongs to the Dominions of Allah Almighty. Dominion- this word is a very shining word in English- Dominion. Allahu Akbar! Even English people can’t know the real meaning of ‘Dominion’. That is an honour that (is) reaching from the Lord of creation to (His) creatures, (that they can) belong to the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

They are reading (this in their Holy Books), it is mentioned, and (in) the Last Message, through the Holy Quran, you can find (verses) like Oceans about the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, but they are reading (the) Holy Quran also as they are reading (the) newspaper. Anyone who is looking to the Hoy Quran now(adays) they are carrying a book, (a Tafsir), through their hands and they are saying: “Around theses pages there is the meaning of the Holy Quran.” What is that foolishness? How you are claiming to put oceans in a coffee-cup? Allahu akbar! What is that foolishness? Who (is) believing (what they are claiming)? Or do you think that oceans may enter through (that) very small metal cup for needles, (that) the tailors (are) using, a thimble? It is small. They are claiming that: “We are putting (the) Holy Quran’s meanings around those pages- twenty lines, we are putting (them) around (the Arabic Quran)…” Therefore everyone is coming and bringing (a Quran) to me (saying:) “Oh Sheikh! We are looking here and never seeing what you are speaking about…From where (you are bringing these meanings)? This is verse- this is (its) meaning. From where you are speaking (and) addressing to people?” It is written, it is in it, but it is so difficult to reach to know (and) to understand, to ask, to love and to be dressed that Glory.

Therefore people are ignorant with their learned ones, saying: “Doctor X.” “Who is that one?” “Anglican Church Bishop, Dr. X.” I am saying: “Which Holy Book is mentioning that title of ‘Doctor’? (In the) Old Testament or (in the) New Testament they are finding (it)? And on their footsteps (are) our Muslims, modernised Muslims; learned people (among them) are using that title, Dr.Ahmad, Dr. Ahmak…Dr.Crazy…I am calling one of them (and asking):

”Come. What are you doing here?” “I am coming to give a speech to (the) Muslims.” I am saying: “First (of all)- you know (how) to clean this mosque? Take this brush!” “Sheikh, what you are saying! I am (a) Doctor, I am not (a) servant to clean (the) mosque!” “What is your title?” “I am Doctor.” “Take my pulse.” “I can’t take pulse.” “Look my mind.” “I don’t know (about that).” “Look my heart.” “No, (I don’t know).” From where Muslims (are) bringing the title of Doctor? Doctor, President of Azhar University…Doctor. Now the President of Azharu Sharif (and all responsible ones there), all of them they are Doctors.

From where (is) coming this title? Through (the) Holy Quran you are looking? (But they are) gnorant ones, (they have) no lights to see from where honour (is really) coming to them! (It is) not coming through empty imitated titles that they are imagining or making. They are making imitated titles, (they are) imitated, not real ones. They are thinking that each title gives them something and (they are) running after such nonsense titles, and (yet) they are ignorant.

Therefore- if I am looking and seeing (that at) the beginning of their name (it is written) ‘Doctor’, I am saying: “Leave him. (He is) never understanding the existence of (the) Glory of (the) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty. Leave that one- don’t listen to him, you can’t learn anything from him, no!” Common people may be ignorant and they may say: “Yes, I don’t know. I am ignorant, I am not learned.” But those whom they are saying: “We are knowing, because we are Doctors”, don’t believe them! They are imitated ones. As a person that is claming: “I am (a) doctor” - and (he is) using an imitated diploma (that) it is not true- (he is) harming people. (And) also, if a person (is) using that empty title, imitated title (of Doctor of Islam), if anyone is listening to them, they are going to be much more ignorant ones, because (an) ignorant person may teach people (only) ignorance, nothing else. (If) he is ignorant, what (he is going to teach? Must teach ignorance. (A real) learned one may teach you something from knowledge that belongs to that Glorious One. And His Glory (is) covering every divinely Attribute.

Therefore- no one can reach to that point, the rank of the Seal of Prophets no, he is only one also, can’t be two. People (are) never running to learn (the) real points of Reality and what belongs to that reality: (the) glory of that glorious one. They are not understanding, and therefore their level, peoples level now, is the lowest level. Before time they were looking to understand something, real seekers were running to know something, but now people have been dressed (the) dress of Shaitan’s pride. That pride (is) making a hindrance between them and Reality. And every time (that) they are looking through that hindrance and (they are) saying: “This we are”, Shaitan is cheating them through their egos and they are falling through darkness, through dark worlds. Therefore the level of people now is (the) lowest level. And every trouble (is) coming from that point and people are in need to be saved, but those Doctors (are) making them more ill, more sick. Instead to treat them, (they are) making much more (ill), giving much more trouble to people, harming them and making them to be in a Bahrul Haira, an ocean of astonishing, (so) they are surprising, saying: “What is that!” (They are) falling in it (that ocean of bewilderment) and they can’t see, (they) can’t take a feeling and they are in fear and in (a) hopeless situation and every trouble (is) just growing through that field.

May Allah change our lives from (a) dirty life to (a) clean life and change His servants, to take (from them) imitated dressings and to put on them real dressings that (are) shining and giving glory to those who dress them…

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most glorious one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 1st of May !!!

(The first obligation for mankind is to learn how he can give his highest respect to Allah, who created us, making us to appear in existence and to declare His Existence- Beliefs carry people to Reality, the Existence of Allah, and it is not what people are calling reality- everything beyond His Existence is nothing- Allah Himself is the Witness of His Own Existence, witnessing Himself by Himself and for Himself; who are you to claim to be someone or something in His divinely Presence and to declare His Existence?- Reality is always there, it is never changing or finishing; but all creatures are changing, and that is why they are not real, but just like constantly changing figures or pictures on a TV screen- Black Holes are swallowing all creatures sooner or later and so everything people are running after except Reality is imagination)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allah Allah…Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah! Ya Allah! Subhanak! We are happy! (We) must be happy! By the Name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent, (the) Exalted, ‘ta’ala wa taqaddas’…They can’t give any meaning (for) ‘taqaddas’. ‘Tabarak’- that (is) coming through (the) Holy Quran for (the) high respect, (the) highest respect of Allah Almighty. These words only (are) suitable through Arabic language. You can’t find similar meanings for one word in (Arabic through) one word in other languages…

It is an obligation to Muqmins, believers and commonly for all mankind first to learn how he can be able to give his highest respect and highest glory(fying) to Allah Almighty. That must be for whole mankind, whom they are believing (in) the Lord of Heavens. To believe in Him, in something, beliefs (are) carrying people to an understanding for what? You must try to understand! Beliefs (are) carrying people to Reality; to say and to declare their belief that that is Reality. And what is (the) reality that we are knowing now or (we are) trying to know about? (It is the) Reality of the Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the Existence of Allah. That is Reality, nothing else! Everything (else) is imagination, because real Existence (is only) for Allah! That is Reality. It is not what you are imagining and saying (for it): “That is real.” No. Everything beyond the Existence of Allah (is) nothing. Nothing! Beyond Reality- what you can find? Nothing! And (the) real Existence (is) for Allah Almighty and that Reality must be known!

To say: “I am believing (in) the Existence of the Lord and the Creator of all (the) things that we are in it”- how you are saying this, oh foolish one? To say: “I am believing and I am accepting the Existence of the Lord of Heavens and the Creator”- who are you to say this! Who are you? “Shahid-Allah”; Allah, He is (the) only One that He, by Himself, (is) going to be (the) Witness and giving His declaration about His Existence. “Shahid-Allah”! Who are you? Who are you to say: “There is Allah”? Oh! What happened? Who are you to say this? You are thinking that you are someone (or) something in divinely Presence and you are saying: “I am believing there is a God”? If (there was) no God, how you are coming and saying this? Oh crazy one! La haula wa la quwatta!

Therefore: “Shahid-Allahu annahu la ilaha illa Hu, wa-l malaikatu wa ‘ulu-l ‘ilmi qaiman bi-l qist…” Allah (is) witnessing His (own) Existence, His Reality and it is enough what He is declaring- witnessing Himself by Himself for Himself! Unknown…unknown Reality, but you must follow Him and to say. “Oh my God, I am believing in God!” Say: “O my God!” That is a level that they are saying now; it is new fashion (to say:) “I am believing in God only.” Who are you to say this? Say: “Oh my God”, say: “Ya Allah, ya Rabb!” Say! Giving to himself some value to say: “I am believing in God.” If you are not believing, His Existence is going away, no Existence for God Almighty Allah? What you are thinking! So many foolish ones now, new fashion, square-head, empty head people (are saying:) “We are not believing.” Go to Jehennem, if (you are) not believing, go to Hells! Cursing (is) on them!

First of all that you must learn, you must understand: You must declare and give your highest respect (and say:) “Endless Glory for my Lord, for my God, that (He is) making me to be in existence, creating me and making me to declare His Existence. (He), the Exalted!”

Where people are going now? To where you are going? (You are) running after Shaitan- to where Shaitan just brought you, oh nations, oh mankind living in the 21st century? To where you reached? Do you think that (the) 21st century (is the) most honoured century for you, for

mankind? (No. The) 21st century (is) making mankind (to be) like rubbish; rubbish that (is) thrown through (the) dustbin or as rubbish that you put in (the) toilet. Shaitan just brought mankind now to that position, because he is saying: “Don’t say (there is ‘Allah’), don’t accept Reality!” If (there was) no Reality, how it can be this creation that we are looking and seeing? How it can be in existence? If no one (is) bringing them (in existence), how (these creatures) are going to be in existence? Those empty head people may say: “By itself, by themselves. Their existence (is) through themselves.” That is reality for them, (for) those empty head people! This, if (their existence) is from them, how it is going to be (that) today (is) never going to be similar (to) yesterday or how it is going to be (that) tomorrow (is) different from today? If it is real- (something) Real never changing. Reality (is) never accepting a changing, but (anything) other (than Reality is) going to be changed.

And sometimes these (creatures) can be seen (and) after a while you can’t seem them (any more). Millions of people (that are) today running through East and West- tomorrow they are not through streets and homes (any more), no, (they are) no more (seen). Billions of people that today (they are) running- going, coming, doing, acting- tomorrow they are not in existence. That means their existence is not a real Existence. If (it is the) real Existence, never (it is) going to be disappeared; (but) always (it) must be ready, in appearance.

That means: everything (you see is) like a shadow or (like) a figure through a mirror. The mirror is sending (a picture), but what you can see in it, it is not fixed, always (it is) changing. Or (we may say) a TV screen: every day’s events through the screen (of the TV) are not (the) same. Where they left? They ran and finished. If they were a real Being, (they) must be there (always and) never disappear.

But people are not understanding that the existence for a real One is never going to disappear, (that it is) never going to finish (and) vanish, (but) always must be in existence. And people- no one of them (is there any more from those people who lived) through (all the) thousands of years that mankind is living on this planet. Billions of people- now (there is) nothing from them. Only you may find (that) about some people some lines through books (are) written, and (all the) others (they are) never known in their times or after. These people finished. And whom their names are written through books, (also it is) only remaining their names and nothing else. That means they were images that belong to imagining, (and) now (it is) finished.

When you are looking and seeing these worlds and this space, skies, stars, galaxies and so on, billions and billions of things, you must know something- that (they are) only running, running, (and) no one (is) knowing from where (they are) coming (and) to where (they are) going. (They are) coming and disappearing, then finishing. They are saying now (that) there are Black Holes, swallowing (everything). If (these creatures) were real ones, how Black Holes (are) swallowing and taking them and never leaving for them any existence? “(They) finished (through that) Black Hole”, they are saying, “Millions or billions of stars. When (they are) coming near to that Black Holes, Black Holes (are) swallowing (them) and (then there are) no more galaxies there.” If they had a real being, how they disappeared?

And who (is) putting that Black Holes there? You, Americans? (Sheikh is speaking on the phone:) “Take away from our way this Black Hole, we must pass through!” “Oh, I can’t do…I may ask Russians, perhaps they are putting that Black Hole (there)?” “Look, ask Russians!” Russians (are saying): “We never have any time to look and to put Black Holes. We are looking after White Holes…Ask to Japan people!” Ma sha Allah…Japan people (are saying:) “No, we are a little bit late, you may ask German people, their technology is more important.” Then English technology people are saying: “What we are doing? Hundreds (of) years we are looking for reality and you are asking something that is disappearing? What is disappearing, it is not a real thing. Must be for your eyes something wrong. Black Hole, White Hole? Go away…What is that?”… African people (are saying): “They know our colour, giving signs to ourselves, saying: ‘We are coming to you, but you must keep us through yourself, don’t show white people…’”

Therefore- everything that people are running after it, after a while it is disappearing. When it is disappearing- finished. They are saying: “That is like (a) mirage.” From far away you are thinking (that) there is water, and (you are) running on it; running, running and coming (to it and then you are) looking (and seeing): “Oh, nothing (is) there, because it was not real (from the beginning).” (Something) Real (is) never going to be changed (or) to be moved, no, (it is) fixed. (There is) no any other power to make Reality to move, no. Therefore- (the) real Existence (is only) for Allah Almighty (, the Creator,) and He can do everything! Others, (creatures,) all of them (are) just like (those) figures (that are) appearing through TV screens.

May Allah forgive me…People in the 21st century are on (the) wrong way; (they are) running after mirages or (they are) running to catch imaginated figures and they can’t do. They must ask about (the) real Existence that (is) never going to be changed or to be taken away; they must learn about (the) real Being (of Him,) Who is saying: “Samawaat wa-l aradiin- all Heavens and earths and everything belongs to Me! I am the Holder, I am the Owner, I am the Creator, I am the Lord!”

You must teach (about) that One, but 21st century people are saying: “We are not putting the name of God through our lessons, through our teachings. (There is) no room to put His Name!” Yes, I know, no room except (for) Shaitan! You are putting everywhere the name of Shaitan, (and) Shaitan is saying: ”Don’t put any other name. I am (enough) for you.”

That is wrong! They must try to learn the distance of the Lord of whole creation and He is the only One who can save people, here and Hereafter.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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