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Sohbets Rabiu-l Thani Part 1

The IBAN is: DE 4305 0001 0120 3138 95


Monday, 31st

(Association with Sheikh is for strengthening our spiritual being so it can support our physical being much more- a spiritually supported person may keep his youth power on the level of 15 years even he is 9o years of age- to reach heavenly stations the physical being needs to be changed through spiritual power- Awliya are spiritual power stations on earth and may give you that spiritual power- people only depend on material things to support them, but when a virus makes them ill and no doctor, no army, no gold can help them anymore, they must turn to the Awliya who have the power to take away everything that is harming them, because they are the servants of Allah)

Destur ya Sayyidi, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Destur, Meded, ya Sayyidi…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association and it is for our physical being a support, because associations (are) giving spiritual support to our physical being and associations are addressing to our spirituality. When your spirituality (is) getting happy, (it) gives much more support to your physical being. If you are not taking care for your spirituality, normally your physical being (is) always going down, down, down, and finishing.

This is a recorder. It is working in two ways: One, you may use it with batteries, but also it has two holes (so) that you may use a wire, connecting (it) to (the) central electric and from the central electric (is) coming power and it works; as long as this central electric is working, this is working (also). But if you are using batteries, you may use the recorder (only) until that battery is finished and the batteries power is also (is) slowly slowly coming down, coming less and less.

Therefore- a person may use his physical being and he is trusting on his physical being- working and running, and trying to do something and through their youth time it is okay. He thinks that he (will) never be in need any other power. He feels that his physical being is okay. And how he us understanding he may run like horses, he may carry heavy loads as donkeys, and he may jump high jumping like chimpanzees, apes, that they are very proud: “Ohhh, first class sportsman”, they are saying. “We are preparing Olympics in Athens!” First I was going and looking after such a place. It was at the beginning for people, first 1936, when (it was) beginning (in the) Amphitheatre. I was standing there, saying: “Take a photograph that Sheikh also now he is first…” No one (else was) there. “(The) first medal (must be) for Sheikh to be there before other athletes”… Running people- particularly our African brothers- no one can reach to them! “From where you are learning?” I am asking. “From Gita, leopards. We learned to run looking Gitas. We learned from leopards. We learned from our countries and no one can reach to us.” “Jumping?” “We are learning from apes, jumping from tree to tree, high jumping! And faster from that leopard we are learning from them.” They are very happy when (they are) getting first, but (they are) not using this heavy things to take it up like this, like that…(then letting it) fall…weight-champion, they are never interesting. White people very much interesting in this…This (is) much better; (they) look like horses, but who (is) carrying that load (they) look like donkeys…

Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, Glory to Allah! Everyone (is) running to show their powers and all of it is youth power, for a level. After that level your physical being is no more giving to support you, it is coming down, coming down and finished. (The) real support for our physical being that (is) never cut off, it is (coming) from our spiritual power. If that is giving to you support, you should be powerful and keeping your youth power as (if) you are 15 years and you may be 9o years!

But people now (are) thinking that (their) physical being can be supported only by material things; (they are) asking power from their physical being and they are using material things to give much more support to their physical being. (This is) never going to be useful, but making it to come down. Spirituality may take you up! A plane may fly; it is not flying by material things, no! That material (is) changing into another position, (so) that (the plane) may fly! If you are putting that petrol through a plane (and) you are asking (if it is) that petrol, (that is) making it as it is to fly- (it) can’t be! That petrol is coming (into the plane), changing its position and (it is) going to be another material, but it is not a seen material, no, you can’t touch it. When you are putting that petrol in the plane, you may touch it. When (the plane is) getting up, you can’t touch it, that power is just changed into another form; it is going to be like a spiritual being for that plane and making it to fly.

Therefore- if we are not asking from our physical being to be changed through our spiritual power into spirituality you can’t reach a real power to do something from heavenly aspects or to reach a peace, to reach a hope, to reach a good position, better condition. If you are not using your spirituality, you can’t reach aspects and never-ending powers. You can’t reach!

Now people (are) not thinking on such aspects, but really we are in need for that. We need support, spiritual support, personally and commonly. People now through (the) 21st century (they are) not asking that support; they are thinking that material powers (are) enough for them. It is never going to be enough! You must use heavenly Power (from heavenly Power Stations) that these stations (are) very rare, but if you are asking, you can find someone that (is) leading you or guiding you to that power stations.

All Awliya that they are inheriting from Prophets, they are heavenly power stations on earth. If you are reaching to them, then they may give you that power to make you to reach to your heavenly stations. Or (else) you can’t fly to that stations by planes, rockets, missiles and such things, no! Mostly all of them they may get up a little bit, then turning back down. No more (than this they) can carry people to high stations through Heavens, and man is in need to reach to Heavens, because Allah Almighty just granted to His servants a private seat, a private station to be there. You must ask: “How I can reach? With whom I can reach?” If a person (is) not using a plane, (he) can’t move from one side to another side on this earth. They are beginning and ending on earth. What about if you are asking to reach your heavenly stations, that you are not asking to come back? You should be happy there, because (you) should be dressed the dress of honour of being servant for the divinely Presence, in His divinely Presence! That glorious station (is) giving to you glory, never ending (glory)!

People are drunk now, drunk with their materials and their trust (is) only for material aspects. They are thinking that material may support them for every target, but finally they are looking and seeing that their materials can’t reach to them, (and) can’t be able to support them. (There) may come a kind of virus through that person who was thinking that he is powerful and (the) richest one, or (that) he is (on the) highest position of his nation. He is thinking that such things should help him and (then) Allah Almighty (is) sending a virus and that person (is) looking for help from his soldiers, but soldiers can’t help him. (He is) asking from his missiles: “Help me”, they are saying: “We can’t.” Asking from his golden: “Help me”, they are saying: “We can’t.” Asking from his jewels: “Help me against that virus! Just I am so weak in front of that unseen virus!”

One person was sitting with a King. He was a heavenly supported person and the King was sitting on his Throne. Allah Almighty (was) asking to show something to that King and (he was) leaving (a) fly (to come to him), coming there, making like this…running away…coming like that…making like this…(hitting), but the fly was never escaping. He was so angry and unrest, and saying. “For what these flies?” And that spiritual powerful person (was) saying: “Oh, command to them! Order them to get away!” And the King was saying: “I can’t.” “If you can’t be able to send away flies (and) you are so weak- how you are claiming: ‘I am so powerful one’, keeping in your hand a globe, (and in the) other hand your sword and on your head crown and even flies (are) never listening and obeying to you. Why you are going to be there, sitting (on that throne), such a proud person?”

This is a small fly. Smaller (than that) I said a virus may come, (then he is) calling all doctors, physicians and asking: “Help me and I should give to you everything!” And they are saying: “I tried everything for you, but we can’t do anything more!” No one (is) helping! If (you are) not asking help from Saints- that are (the) Sultans of Akhirat, Sultans for eternal life- if you are not going to look after them and to see them, to find them and ask help from them- your rank, your richness, your soldiers, your atomic bombs, your nuclear weapons, your aircrafts (are) never helping you! Oh Man! Don’t be proud! Come down, bow to Allah! Ask help from Him! If you are asking: “How we can reach to ask from Him?” we may say: “You must look after those people who are His servants. His servants they have such power to help you. (They) may take everything (away) that (is) hurting you, harming you, they may help you, they may take everything from you.”

Then that Wali (was) saying: “Look, oh King! I am ordering (now): Oh flies, get out!” And then, one after one, there was a hole, coming, coming, coming and going (out)…

”You are Sultan or I am? Look, flies (are) never keeping your order, (but they are) keeping my order! Because I am His servant, (they) must obey to me. But you are claming: ‘I am not servant, I am King’, and therefore they are not obeying to you!”

Everything is asking to teach people, but people are drunk, running after Shaitan and shaitanic teachings (are) never giving a way to them to learn heavenly knowledge. They are taking away heavenly Knowledge, traditional knowledge is thrown out of universities, academies and such places. (There are) all satanic teaching in it and satanic teachings are bringing people on the edge of cliffs- (they) should fall into fire…

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 3oth

(Ordinary rain is the reason of life for creatures, but everything is in need also of the heavenly unseen Rain, Rahmatullah- everything must take its share form that Rain so that food can be beneficial for us- that special Rain prepared us for our heavenly Amanat, Trust- man is created from a drop of a most distinguished special water- the spiritual aspiration of seekers and attenders of our meetings attracts that heavenly Rain and gives value to the meeting- be with those who are true with their Lord, because on them the heavenly Rain is coming on each moment and they carry the Mercy of Heavens, and their refreshment and Light is getting more and more- terrorists have power from earth, but true ones are supported from Heavens- Shaitan’s followers are going to die and Allah’s followers should inherit the earth- yet people are running after bad ones instead to ask true and good ones)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. We are asking from Allah Almighty to send us from His endless Mercy Oceans!

One day the Seal of Prophets, the most honoured one in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, he was coming home- (to) his holy, perhaps (the) holiest place on earth. Sayyidatana Aisha- Allah bless her- was coming and looking to (the) Prophet, like this making (touching his clothes)…and he was asking: “Oh Aisha, why you are doing this?” “Because there was heavy raining and I was worried about you, oh most honoured one, most beloved one in (the) divinely Presence, if you are (going to be) wet under that heavy rain.” And (the) Prophet was saying: “Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!” (And she was saying): “I am seeing (that there is) nothing on you (and you are) not wet!” And Rasulullah sws, (the) most praised one in divinely Presence, was asking: “Oh Aisha, what was on your head that time?” She answered: “Your cover, your scarf I was putting.” “And this (was) making you to look and see something that belongs to (the) spirituality that is surrounding this world. Just (when) you were putting that scarf on your head, it was an opening for you to look and to see another kind of rain (that is) always raining on earth. It is true. It is not that ordinary rain that you are knowing, no!”

(The) ordinary rain (is) giving life to (the) whole material world; (it is) even giving life to living ones on earth and (to the creatures) through oceans also. Some people may ask: “What is the benefit (that) clouds raining on sea, on oceans?” Everything (that is) coming from up (is) giving life; every atom is in need (of) heavenly Mercy to live and to continue their lives even through oceans. And just (it is) reaching to ourselves (the) traditional knowledge that Angles (are) bringing (the) rain from Heavens on earth. We are not philosophers to follow their foolish ideas that rain is coming from seas: (water is) getting up, evaporating…They are saying that (the) water (of the) seas is sending up from gas, and (it is) going up and being clouds and from (these) clouds (it is) coming (down as rain).

I am saying: “Ya Hu! You can carry one gallon (of) water? You can be able to carry it up and to send (it) around and (then) to send it down? What is that! How it can be?” And they are saying (that) a cloud that (is) carrying Rahmatullah, rains, a middle size or a small size (cloud alone) it is carrying tons of water! They are saying this, they are knowing and saying- and (then) they are saying this is coming up from oceans! How? No mind people! They are ashaming to say that: “Allah Almighty (is) sending rains! (It is) from Heavens coming; Angels (area) bringing it down!”

That rain is giving life to everything on earth that belongs (to) our material world: “Wa ja’alna mina mai kulli shayin Hayy.” The secret of life is through water; no water- no life.

And you (also) are coming from a drop of water; not a gallon (of) water, no, only one drop! (It is) another kind of water; it is not a solid thing, no, it is a kind of water also. One drop of (that) water (is) coming (to be) a person. Our physical being (is) just coming through that one drop of extraordinary water or most distinguished water on earth. Most distinguished water! Other waters (are) giving trees and plants life, but this is a special water that (is) making you to come into life and to be prepared to carry (the) heavenly Amanat, (the heavenly) Trust. Therefore it is another special and most distinguished water.

They are trying to find what is in it- they can’t see! They are making so any theories and saying: “DNA…” In Turkish ‘dana’; ‘dana’ means: the son of a cow, calf. “DNA”- Europeans can’t speak and (they are) saying: “DNA.” Our people may say: “Dana”. “You looked after your ‘dana’?” “Not yet I am entering through machine to look which kind of ‘dana’ I am coming from it…” (The) most special, most distinguished, the secret of your personality, the secrets of your living physical body that it is commanded and directed and controlled through your unknown personality that it is not belonging to your physical being.

That rain, (the) ordinary rain, (is) coming for your physical being and everything on this material world (is) taking their shares (from it), shares of their lives, but it is not enough to continue the lives of people on earth. They are in need (of) some other kind of raining that can’t be seen by ordinary eyes; it needs some extraordinary eyes that belong to our real personality through our hearts to look and to see. Whose hearts (are) closed (and) their eyes are blind through their hearts, they can’t see! And that rain is for supporting (the) life of mankind on this planet and everything they are in need for that raining also. If (it is) not coming, (there is) no any energy to be reached to you through your eating and drinking! That special rain must rain to everything; everything must take their shares.

We are in need (of)- and we are asking from our Lord Almighty Allah to send us- some of His lions- that they are special; they have (a) special creation- to send (them to us) for directing everything on earth, because now everything (is) just passing away from their orbits and it is a dangerous direction; mankind (is) running faster and faster and faster on that bad end…

And we were beginning to say- they are making me to address to you for some occasion- that that raining also (is) coming on Prophets, on (the) top level, and also from Prophets’ level (it is) getting more and more (down). Then, when (the Prophets are) passing away, their inheritors are going to be appointed for that Mercy Oceans’ Rains, heavenly Rains. And always we are asking (for) a beloved one in His divinely Presence, to reach to him or he may reach to our meeting, our Jamaat, or gathering, so that these meetings are carrying much more from that special raining.

I am happy to say that Sheikh X. (is) coming today and I was happy that for his spirituality that rains (are) coming on us. Therefore today is just honoured with such a special servant. You saw him, you may recognize him, may be that you are knowing (him) only (as) Sheikh X. But may be his personality through the spiritual world just different and bringing power to our meeting. Therefore the value of meetings (is) according to attenders. (Among them) which one’s himmet, aspiration, (is) going to be his high, (he) may bring much more (from that) divinely Rain on ourselves!

Therefore- Allah Allah, Subhanallah- Allah Almighty (was saying) through the Holy Quran: “Wa kunu ma’a sadiqin.” We have been ordered to ask (for) such people who are true with their Lord! To be with them, (so) that you may reach every moment a new refreshment from (the) heavenly Rains.

Now people all of them are all without life. Their lives are material lives and (the) material life is only like (the life of wheat on fields). 3 months ago (you were seeing that) everywhere was green (and) now all the fields they are dried (up). Only trees (are) keeping their greenliness, because their creation (is) just different.

And people also they are mostly like grass: For a short while they may be green, giving pleasure, and in a short time (they are) disappearing. But trees, their beauty, their life (is) going on. For grass you must renew their planting every year, but not for trees every year you are cutting and putting a new tree there, no! They are growing according to our situation, (and) it is enough. Therefore in Paradise trees (are) growing (and) getting much more brightened and giving much more pleasure to Paradise people. No need to renew (them), but (they are) growing and granting every time much more pleasure to people.

Therefore perfect mind people (are) asking to follow and asking to reach such people whose refreshment continues and (who are) carrying Mercy from Heavens. This is the reason that Allah Almighty is ordering: “Oh My servants, run to those people whose refreshment and Light (is) never coming less, but (it is) growing up! If you like to be happy here and Hereafter, follow that ones. Don’t ask every year (a) refreshment or shelter from grass; grass never continues their refreshment and they can’t shelter you, but trees (can)!”

Oh people! Now (the) whole world (is) in its most terrible days, as it is informed through (the) Prophets speeches and (as) their addressing (to) people; they were giving news for the Last Day, when (that time is) coming, what should be. It is written, but people (are) so foolish, even (in the) Muslim world (they are foolish even) more than others, (because they are) never opening that Book (the Holy Quran) that (in it) is signed (the) signs of (the) Last Day. And (they are) running (around) as a drunk person, to save themselves by themselves. (It) can’t be! (They are) not asking a heavenly ‘Shelter’, heavenly ‘Safety’, (they are) not asking: “Oh or Lord, save our souls!” No! (They are) running like foolish ones, crazy ones and drunk ones, heedless ones, asking to arrange the world and everything on it.

Every day (that) newspapers (are writing it and) that Shaitan’s box, TV, (is) showing and saying (that): (The) whole Dunya (world is) in (the) hands of terrorists! And if you collect them, (they are) not (going to be) more than or one million (people). Everything, all are trembling (from fear of them). Why (you are) not running to good ones? If bad ones (are) threatening you, go and run to good ones that have power from Heavens! Terrorists may have power from shaitanic ways on earth, but true ones (are) supported from Heavens Why (you are) not running to them?

(Events are) grinding them now! They should die (and) everything that they built on behalf of Shaitan should be destroyed! Everyone who (is) living for Shaitan should be taken away, (and everyone) who (is) living for Allah should stay and Allah should make them ‘warithuun’, inheritors on earth up to an appointed time- for (the) Last Day.

May Allah grant us that inspiration to run to good ones! Yet people (are) not running (to find good ones), (yet they are) not asking true ones and good ones. Yet (they are) running from one bad one to another worse one!

May Allah give us and protect us for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha

Saturday, 29th

(The soul gives life and refreshment and heavenly Support to the physical body- the most honoured station of Maqamu Mahmoud is only for one, the Prophet, but Shaitan was asking for that honour and his secret desire was even to be Lord- When Shaitan lost his honour it became his only aim to take his revenge from mankind and to give them trouble and his representative through ourselves is our ego- you must use your ego as your ride, a Buraq, to take you up to the divinely Presence and then leave it behind and enter- all of Shaitan’s representatives will continue to kill eat each other and have never-ending troubles and sufferings from the new Islamic year 1425 on- there will be no be peace, until Mehdi a.s. is coming, the biggest representative of Shaitan, the Antichrist, and Jesus Christ, who will kill him and then peace is established on earth- even one handful believers and good ones who remain are enough for a new generation to be created like after the flood of Noah a.s.)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum…Oh Saints, beloved ones, we are asking support from you! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…Allah Allah…

It is an association to give refreshment to our souls and when our souls (are) getting to be refreshed, then our bodies coming to open and a refreshment (is) coming to our physical being. Because (the) physical being depends on our spiritual being, When Allah Almighty created and formed (the) first man, Adam, (that form) was lying as a piece from mud. Its form was perfect, but can’t move, can’t stand up, can

t see, can’t hear, can’t touch, can’t walk…it was like a piece of rock, you may say, or a statue, nothing else. Then Allah Almighty (was) blowing in that one, sending His divinely Order, blowing means: sending His divinely Order that his souls comes and enters, occupies every part of that form, the form of that new creature, beginning from (his) heads, entering, running in it, when running, getting changing. The secret of life (was) running into that mud form, running, coming to his eyes and opening his eyes, beginning to look and to see, running down through his nose and he started to sneeze: “Haptschu!” Quickly running to his mouth, the secret was running through his tongue and it was getting live and his tongue was saying: “Alhamdulillah!” And then coming down, and then standing up. That means: Our physical being never going to be something or a living something, if that heavenly Support is not reaching to ourselves. When it is reaching, then we are standing up, our physical being is standing up. If not, if it is taken from it, falling down, falling down and coming back to his original elements, coming back to be dust. Therefore spirituality (is) making all people to stand up and to live. When spiritual power (is) reaching from the spiritual world, (it is) making you to be a living one on earth.

I was looking and seeing on some roads there are signs ‘Roadworks’. And I was looking there are some lights flashing. That lamps it is impossible to be stopped daytime and to beginning nighttime. They are flashing till what it is its capacity to flash. How many hours, how many days it must flash. No renewment that, Must continue till finishing. And they are different sizes, different time just given for that lamps and can’t be stopped. When finishing, no renewment, you can’t put in it, you can’t use it second time, you must throw it.

You, oh mankind, everyone we have been granted that power and it is written on it that this should be worked, should be flashed three days, three months, three years, thirty years, fifty years, eighty years, ninety years…written on it. No one can stop it, no one renews it, no. Now our flash power, spiritual power according to divinely Wisdom or Will it is just given, granted to this to that, it continues, but you must know that every breathing is making it less, making your time that we are saying ‘Ajal’, the time of your living on earth, every breathing is making it less, less, less, less…perhaps one billons times flashing for someone, coming down, coming down, finishing, finishing, coming to the point of zero.

Our headquarters (are) warning people, warning every proud one that they are thinking they can do everything with their powers as they like and, instead to do their best to people, they are trying to do their worst to people, because their ego likes it. And (the) ego belongs to Shaitan and Shaitan has a revenge, it has a desire to make mankind to be down, to be suffered, to be finished, every moment not to be happy, (but) to be always in troubles, to live through endless problems. That is Shaitans main target. Why he asked from Allah Almighty to leave him up to the Day of Resurrection? Why he asked? To give trouble to give sufferings and miseries to mankind. His first aim, that up today never changed, is to make mankind to be ground under two mills stones, not to live freely and happily and peacefully. That is Shaitans first and last will. And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Go. If you can do that, do everything. If mankind, if (the) children of Adam (are) not hearing My Orders and (they are) following you, just that is going to be (the) punishment for them. Because they are leaving My heavenly Orders and (they are) asking to follow you, I am saying (that) I am going to punish them here and Hereafter. Go!” Who was representative of Shaitan through a person? Ego! Your ego (is) representing Shaitan through yourself. If you can be able to use that ego, (the) ego is going to help you to reach higher positions, to make you to reach high levels in divinely Presence. But if you are not using it and leaving your ego to follow shaitanic commands, shaitanic tricks and putting for mankind shaitanic traps, they should be punished.

Don’t say. “Why Allah Almighty is giving us that ego!” The Prophet was saying: “Nafsu kama matiyatuka”: Oh people, (for) who is asking such a foolish question, there is an answer from the Seal of Prophets: “Oh people, you msut know that it is your ride to ride on it and to reach to your targets here and Hereafter. For example if I am giving a ride to a person who hasn’t a ride and (who is) carrying his load on his shoulders, he is going to ask me: “Why giving this to me? Why you are giving? I don’t need.” Must be foolish, fully foolish one. “How! It is a grant from me to you, I am granting to you a ride, ride on it and put your load and go on your way. You are getting angry with me? What is that foolishness?” Mostly people (are) saying: “For what ego, nafs? Why giving to us? He knows that nafs, “inna nafsa amaratan bi su”, nafs is from Shaitan, Shaitans representative. Why giving to us? To make ourselves to fall into fire?” Oh, if it is given to you to take your heavy load and to make you to be rest, because you are using rides on earth, but your ego just going to be used for your heavenly Journey. As (the) Prophet was granted a Journey to Heavens and really he is not in need a Buraq to ride on it, but Allah Almighty (is) teaching everyone why; showing people how they should be able to reach heavenly Stations in His divinely Presence. That Buraq just had been sent to Rasulullah sws: “Ride on it and show (the) way to your nation that they can’t come to Me without riding on their horses, on their egos.” When egos (are) going to be rides for ourselves and making us to reach His divinely Presence, the (Presence of the) King of Kings, the Sultan of Sultans, Allah Almighty, (and) you are asking to come into His divinely Presence, just had been said by guardians (to him) who (is) reaching to that limit and he is only to come into divinely Presence- an announcement is coming: “Let My servant come to Me; leave his ride and come to Me.” You ever see a person coming to Kings Palace, to Sultans Palace riding and asking to come into His royal Presence on his ride? What is that! “Leave your ride and come!” That means: that is our ride. We must use it until we are reaching to our appointed level for ourselves in divinely Presence. Then that leaves you and you are free with your Lord Almighty Allah.

But (the) ego, nafs, who (is) representing Shaitan, it is not a true one; there is just a different structure for it. Mans ride, mans ego, it is just 1oo % different from every creature and its characteristic so bad! What is its aim? What was Shaitans aim? When Allah Almighty was ordering to make Sajdah and bow to Adam, everyone from Angels quickly was bowing, (but) he was saying: “I am not (bowing).” What was his purpose? To sit on the royal or glorious Throne and to be instead of his Lord; he was asking to be Lord on all creation. That was his thinking or intention, because that honour just going to be only for one that you are saying ‘Maqamu Mahmoud’(for it). “Maqamu Mahmoud”, Allah Almighty is saying: “(is the) most glorified Throne that anyone from creatures can reach.” But it is only for one, and it is for the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws. It was so easy for Shaitan to bow, but he was asking to be that most glorified Maqamu Mahmoud and praised station through creation for him, to be there instead of Allah, Astaghfirullah! That was his struggling and arguing with Allah Almighty, not for Sajdah.

He was putting this (as a reason, saying:) “You created that one from earth I am created from the flame of fire”, (but it was) not that; it was so simple, no, (there was something) behind, behind, behind- Awliyas they are knowing. Without opening his mouth it was well known.” ‘Ala ya’lamu ma khalaq?” Allah Almighty (is) not knowing what He created, what that one is asking? No, He knows! Therefore his arguing in front of Angels (was) to save himself, to bring a proof, (when he was saying) that: “I am from the flames of fire, this (one is) from earth.” It is so simple this mentality, no need for arguing. Who (was) asking to him that he is created from flame of fire? Allah was not knowing? He knows! And (that) Adam (was) created from earth. He created him and not knowing? But (his) secret (intention was) that: to be on behalf of Allah Almighty- all Glory be for Him- over all creation! Therefore he was kicked out.

And Shaitan and ego they are on the same line. They are asking, (the) ego (is) asking to be (the) representative of Shaitan. And when Shaitan lost that (honour), because it was not of him, it was for Adam, a.s., he was arguing and beginning to make trouble. When he was beginning to make trouble, (the) divinely Order (was coming): “Kick him down! Kick him down, he can’t speak in My divinely Presence in such a way. Kick him down!” and He was saying: “Demon, devil! Take from him (his beautiful) outlooking that I (was) dressing on him (an) honoured dressing! Take (it) from him and let him to be the ugliest one through My creatures. “ And he was coming down…therefore he was asking to be given to be with mankind up to end, (up to) the Day of Resurrection. For what? To take his revenge from mankind through their egos, using egos of mankind and he is doing every time troubles. (The) first trouble maker up to end is Shaitan, and his representatives.

Now fully whole earth people on this planet, all of them (are) trouble makers! “I am not making trouble.” I am asking: “Are you praying?” “No.” “You are first one trouble maker. Your line Shaitans line because he had been ordered to bow and not moving- you also, five times Allah Almighty is ordering to you to bow in His divinely Presence and you are not doing- you are one of that trouble makers under the command of Shaitan and you (are) never going to be happy here or Hereafter! Now everyone, through 21st century’s people everyone (is a) trouble maker- how you are asking to be peace on earth with such foolish inhabitants? How! And everyone on their size (they are) trouble makers- from king size ones up to ant size ones, everyone (is) making trouble, to harm people, to give to people sorrow. Sorrow makers and trouble makers and they are wild people, horrible people, they are happy to hurt people, to kill people, to destroy people and their buildings, to destroy their cultures, to destroy their homes, to destroy their villages, to destroy their buildings- all of them (are) Shaitans representatives. Everyone now (they are) trouble makers!

Therefore everyone must be taken away! That divinely Order is just on act now; from

the beginning of 1425 (it is) going on now. Impossible (to be) peace, until coming Mehdi a.s., (until) one of (the) biggest representatives of Shaitan, Antichrist, (is) coming and Jesus Christ (is) coming and killing that biggest trouble maker after Shaitan, and then peace is established on earth, if not finished this earth

Keep yourself away from those Shaitans representatives, let them to eat each other! As long as they are not hearing from Allah Almighty let them to kill each other, to destroy each other! Never ending troubles and sufferings for them it is true for them!

May Allah forgive us and may He send us what you are hoping, (the) hoped one Mehdi a.s., to come quickly and to save even one handful believers. And it is enough even to stay on earth a handful believers and good ones. As just rode on (the) Arch of Noah 8o people and others all drowned, finished. Allah (was) giving (a) new generation from 8o people. Now it is going to be much more remaining people, but (the) majority should be drowned, should be burned, should be destroyed. No any system, no any state or states can stop it! It is a divinely Punishment of cause that earth people now they are making their leaders Shaitan and following him. As long as they are not changing their way, all of them (are) going to fall in Hells here and Hereafter:

May Allah forgive us and grant you from His endless Mercy Oceans, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 27th

(Real Ranks are Allah’s divinely Grant dressed on His chosen servants, who have cleaned their hearts for Him and their speciality is that when you look to them you remember Allah- Allah Almighty is looking to the state of our heart, not to our outlooking and clothes- nowadays the whole world is running after new fashion to dress their physical being and to reach artificial ranks which are going to finish and vanish with their physical body’s death- the highest rank is for those who have divinely Knowledge and Shaitan is cheating and occupying people with fashions)

Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah…Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya sulranul Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi aunillah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, l haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…

Nothing can be much more precious than ‘Ilm, Knowledge. Knowledge (is) giving honour to mankind and “Rutbatul ‘ilmi ‘ala rutab”, “the Rank of Knowledge is the highest rank”, (as) Rasulullah, the Seal of Prophets, the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws- Allah bless him and give him more glory- (he said). There may be for mankind so many ranks. (These) ranks all belong to this life and most ranks are artificial, they are not real ranks. That ranks which are artificial, (they are) just (only) reaching (up) to death of that person. When that person (has) died, his ranks also disappeared, because they are artificial, not real ranks.

Real ranks (are) heavenly Ranks, that are grants from the divinely Presence to Allah’s servants. That Ranks can’t be granted to everyone, no! Heavenly Ranks (are) only for some people that are chosen people among whole mankind. How they are going to be chosen? Who is choosing them? Whom they are? It is not like election of people, voting people and bringing a dirtiest one and making him the last level of animal level. They are not elected or chosen by mankind. It is not from people, no. They are chosen and elected through Heavens. Whom they are? They are those whom “Iza ruu, thukkir Allah”- they are some people (that) if you are looking to them, immediately you are remembering Allah and you will say: “Allah!” That is their speciality. They are just different ones among other people. Their dressing is different from others.

“What is their dressing oh Sheikh? They are following fashions? New fashion every time they are dressing? Following fashions? What id their dressing?” Shaitan (is) playing with people with fashions. To rush and to run on keeping fashions. Now the whole world is running after new fashion for everything. They may say: “Our furniture is now old fashion, now New Year coming, we must change it in a new fashion furniture. If he has a car in December, and coming January, he is saying: ”No, my car is now old fashion, I must look a new fashion (car). New Year, new fashion!” Dressings, for everything man has a so bad habit now. Bad habits (are) just planted through mankind. Everyone is asking new fashion, new things. They are thinking that if they are using new fashion clothes they are going to be changed into another personality. They are thinking that their physical being is going to be changed for the reason of new fashion clothes. Therefore they are throwing away. Everyone’s wardrobe is full with clothes. If you are asking: “Why you are not dressing this?” (They are saying:) “This (is) for last year we are dressing this, now we are asking new fashion clothes.” They are so square head people, no mind people that thinking new fashion clothes… It is same clothes, same material, but sometimes this jacket, I was looking, sometimes they have only one button. Then becoming after a while I am looking: Oh, they are using two buttons. Now I am looking that it is going to be 1,2,3… They are not dressing one button. It is so blame for them, no, can’t be! How it can be! Moda, fashion, new fashion, three button, how you are coming (like) this! Sometimes you are seeing that jackets for another style and colour and trousers another. Sometimes trousers bottom so large…and then I am looking and it is going to be like this oven pipe…”Because we are civilized people and we must follow fashions”…What is the benefit? Shaitan is making them mascera…Shaitan playing with their small minds…Look X…becoming old fashion little-by-little…

People now on earth are occupied by such a foolish habits. 1oo % foolish habits. Particularly women. Women running after fashion. New fashion followers. “We must look this TV how she is dressing, we must dress like that one.” “Oh my darling, you must also dress like this one!” Putting one eye-glass and looking to her…seeing four…And people they are thinking that their dressings are giving them an honour! And finally then, when they are dying, taken everything from that one, all new fashions, nothing on her or on him, you can’t look to their faces! Shaitanic teachings! And then Shaitan is using his representatives from devils that they are new fashion makers in Paris…new fashion center…people looking new fashion coming from Paris…Shaitan’s representatives for new fashion, in Paris…English people not too much running after such things. They are conservatives, people are keeping their old systems much more…particularly Scottish people never changing…Scottish people they are dressing their grandmothers, grandfathers dressing, when they were using it for wedding ceremony…and Germans…they are also using ‘Leder’ trousers from their ancestors…I don’t know to where reaching their ancestors…from the time of…or Wilhelm using this?…”We must keep this!” Feridudin never using ordinary trousers, always coming like this and his group also…I am happy with them…X., why not using your grandfathers…stolen? Jamaluddin, where is your grandfathers (trousers)? No grandfather for you? Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

Shaitanic teachings and also Shaitans representatives. Practising people everywhere. “You must follow this, because your honour (is) top honour to follow a perfect following for fashions.” This year fashion is yellow clothes, yellow hats, yellow tie…only priests are unhappy because always dressing black clothes…they are unhappy not to follow new fashion clothes…and people (are) running after fashions and practising what Shaitan (is) making them to do and to follow, and they are saying. “Your honour (is) with your clothes. You must take much more care for your clothes.” It is written through holy Books that it is traditional knowledge reaching to me also through 1ooo years, that Imam Ghazzali- he is famous learned person in the Islamic world, well known, as well as he is well known through Western countries. They are saying: “Most important philosopher in Islam.” Western people (are) saying. Oriental people, Muslims, (they are) saying: “One of our most high level learned ones, ‘Alim, learned person.” He was saying that when a person died and put in his coffin and taken to graveyard, on the way his Lord, the Lord of creation, the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty, He is asking to that one until his coffin is reaching to graveyard, 4o questions. Before the questioning in the graveyard, 4o questions. He was saying first one of that and the other 39 keeping with him: Allah Almighty is asking His servant: “Oh My servant! I was looking to you along your life; you were taking a perfect care for your outlooking, as much as possible you were taking care for it” (Sometimes coming (in front of mirror), making (like this, like that)…women and men looking (in) this big mirror…making like this…”Okay”…If not, putting (make-up…arranging his) beard…then full…) “You were taking so much care your yourself, your outlooking, because you were very happy that people (are) looking to you and to say: “Oh, so beautiful one”…some others may say: “So handsome one”… Through your whole life you were interested only in ‘tanzim’, for decorating your outlooking so that people may look (and say about you): “Ohhh!”, that people may see you in a perfect condition. Were you ever thinking for Me, that my Looking was to your heart, to say that: ”My Lord is not looking our outer being, our forms, but He is looking to our hearts”? You ever thought on it, you ever tried to make My Looking to reach through yourself in a perfect looking and to see and to be happy with your heart that you (are) taking care for it? You ever thought on it?” This (one question already) is enough! It was enough! That people, what they are doing for themselves, for their physical being! (And the) Ohysical being is nothing! (It is) going to be a rubbish with bad smelling.

You should be put underground, through your grave, and just covered with earth, but your soul, your heart, if you are not taking any care for it, Allah Almighty (is) blaming you. He should blame you (And say): “Oh My servant! Why you were not taking care for Me to show Me a good show through your heart? You (were) ever thinking on it?” Now people, all of them, (they are) making (this)- dressing on their physical being so many bad habits, bad fashions- they are saying: “New fashion” (for it)- and finally that physical being (is) going to be on a worst position. They are running (and looking) after their physical being, they are not running to make their hearts clean, prepared for their Lord only!

We are speaking on knowledge, a (kind of) knowledge that people must know. It is a kind of knowledge that (is) giving honour to its owner, making his rank over ranks, making his rank over the ranks of common people, making his rank a special rank, just different from other peoples’ levels- that (knowledge) gives them honour. Therefore the Prophet was saying: “(The) highest degree for our ranks- that it is not from earth, from people granted to you, (but) it is granted from Heavens and you dressed (it) on yourself- that (rank) is much more or that is what Allah Almighty is asking His servants to reach! And when His servants (are) cleaning themselves and coming (clean, then) Allah Almighty is dressing them heavenly Ranks, (because that time) they are suitable for (these) heavenly Ranks. His servants have rights to be dressed heavenly Ranks, real Ranks. (They are) not like common people living on earth that they are asking ranks and honours from their dressings.

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, bi hurmati-l Fatiha.

Wednesday, 26th

(From the time of Adam a.s. Shaitan succeeded to make mankind is in two parties: Those who follow Prophets and who obey heavenly Commands and those who are asking for absolute freedom, refusing any Command and who follow Shaitan- Shaitan is cheating people with freedom in democracy and this freedom is leaving people to do all of the 8oo Harams, forbidden actions, which are harming humanity physically and spiritually- absolute freedom is an illusion and freedom is only for a small shaitanic group of people who are using others to fulfil their desires- Until people leave following Shaitan terrorism and violence on earth is not going to stop and people will continue to kill each other- we are looking for heavenly Support for good servants, and even only united on one heart are enough to defeat evil and devils)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Rasulullah, Meded, Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Man, mankind, people, when Adam alayhi salat wa salam was landing on earth and his generation (was) spreading around this world, becoming some of them were coming to obey to their Father’s. They were trying to keep that heavenly Commands on earth, (but) some (others) of them were refusing to obey heavenly Commands and the generation of Adam a.s. (was) coming to be into two parts: one part (of his children were) obeying (the) holy Commands that he a.s. just had brought to his generation, and some others (were) making themselves free and saying that: “We are not following your Commands. We are not believing what you are saying and our feelings (are) giving to us to be free ones. We are asking freedom, we never like to be under any command, no- we like to be free ones!” So that people (were) going to be into two parties: one of them (was) asking to keep holy Commands and the second party (was) asking to be free from any Command that had been sent from Heavens to the first Prophet S.Adam a.s.

When Shaitan was thrown out and kicked down on earth, he was swearing and saying: “Oh, the Lord of Heavens! Just (Your) cursing (is) coming on me for the reason of the Children of Adam and I am going to take my revenge from his generation. I am going to run after them to prevent them not to follow Your Commands, heavenly Orders! I shall try, as much as possible, to make them not to listen (to) Your holy Commands. That cursing on me must come on them also!” And when he (was) thrown away from Heavens (and) landing on earth, from that day up today, he never rested, he never slept, he never tired, saying: “I must follow everyone from Adam’s children not to be obedient ones, (but) to be cursed ones! You are giving to them the honour to be Your representatives on earth, but I am going to run after them, not to accept to be Your representatives, but I shall make them to follow me, to be my representatives!” (And the) divinely Command (was) just addressing to (that) cursed one: ”You can do anything, if you can do. Go, Demon, and try to do what you are asking to do with them. Who is following you, with you I am catching (both of) you finally and I am putting (both of) you in fire!”

And he was beginning his importance. How he was going to do this? He was so Shaitan, so dangerous ideas, to make servants of Allah not to obey to Him Almighty. How he was successful? He was saying: “Oh children of Adam, look! Those people who are obeying to Adam, they are not free ones; they can’t do, as they like! I am calling you to be with me! I am taking (away) every order that (is) making you to be servants, (and) I am making for you an earth, a free life. Freedom for you! Come with me and live as you like! I am putting my flag that (is) written on it: Freedom! Let Adam and his obedient children to keep Orders; that is a heavy burden on them, they can’t live as they like, leave them to be suffered, to make themselves always under a control and they are preventing their desires”, because there is a heavenly Order for your desires: some of them it is okay, Halal, granted to you, and (the) second (kind of desires) is forbidden. “Who is coming with me, I am not ordering to you anything, no! I am opening for you a land that everyone may live as they like! No any obligation on you, nothing forbidden for you- nothing (is) forbidden (for those) who (are) following me!”

And from that time up today these two parties’ struggling continues, their fighting is going on, and satanic freedom is attracting people and people are running after Shaitan, because his attraction- that he is promising to people an unlimited freedom- (is) collecting people to run after him. From that time step-by-step, step-by-step people are running and asking ‘freedom’, unlimited freedom.

Now we are nearby to the Last Day of this life on this planet; we are approaching there, and you are looking and seeing everywhere that (this) satanic freedom (has) reached to (the) top point, (the) top point of ‘freedom’. Allah Almighty is making (a) ban on 8oo activities or movements or thinking in such a way; (and these) 8oo kinds of (the) satanic freedom table (board)- it is a table and it is written on it, just the Seal of Prophets brought it- it is (these) 8oo (forbidden) points that Shaitan is calling people to do them, to follow that ‘freedoms’. It is just 8oo; can’t be 801. The limit for mankind to do, (the number of) that cursed and worst movements or activities, (it is) reaching to 8oo. (There is) no more power to run after that point more, to ask more freedom. And we in our days just reached what Prophets had written on that table: 8oo forbidden works and activities. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …every forbidden thing people now are making! Now it is for them the last point of freedom, under the flag of ‘democracy’.

(The) democratic system (is) giving (to) people unlimited freedom to do everything, as they like. Nothing (is) forbidden! And people upstairs, up, people on (the) top point, (who have) unlimited freedom, they are giving much more courage to people. First they are making man to waste their precious lives with something that (has) no meaning- no any benefit (for it): billions of people Shaitan (is) making (to run after) football! What (is a) football? One ball! Billions of people- not millions-are running after that, wasting their lives for this! What is that? What is that foolishness? And, Subhanallah! I was angry with that always, because from small ones, (from) childhood, up to 3o years, people are drunk from football. I was so unhappy and I was throwing this bad desire that people (are) just running on it. Then, from our (spiritual) headquarters (they were) sending to me a message, saying:

“It is as you are saying (and) showing, that billions of people (are) just occupied with that football. Oh Sheikh of this time, you know, but we are saying to you- perhaps someone is asking: It is a very good idea (from) whom (was) bringing that football through (the) whole world. They are playing and occupying the heads of (those) people, whose heads (are) only like (that) football, nothing in it, empty heads. You must be thankful, because they have been occupied with that football. If it was not coming in acting, that football, those people, billions of people should run after worse activities that you can’t find any way to save people! (Therefore) leave them, billons, even (if) through their lives (for) some hours daily or (the) whole day or weekly they are only thinking on football and (they are) looking on it! (They are) prevented from worse activities. Leave them, but say to them that this is a shaitanic activity that (is invented) to make people not to pray! They are occupied by football and football (is) preventing them to think anything else and they are forgetting their servanthood in the divinely Presence and they are wasting their lives!”

But after this there are 799 other (things), that (are) harming humanity through their honours and destroying mankind physically and (also) destroying mankind spiritually. Full, under the umbrella of ‘democracy’.

People are running to make democracy- everyone must speak, everyone must be free, everyone (is) asking to live as he likes! But it is also a dream that (is) never going to be reality, no! They are taking up the flag of democracy and (they are) using it only for cheating people! (It is only) for (the benefit of) someones, (that they are) making (some of) common people to reach to their habits, to reach to their aims and (the majority of people) man commonly they are never given anything (of) what they are asking. (It is) never granted an absolute freedom, no, only (for) the headquarters for (that) bad system of world governing systems. It is only cheating people! They are 1st class liars, 1st class cheaters, 1st class wild people, 1st class violent people- no mercy with them, no justice with them, no any good quality with them, they are just (the) representatives of Shaitan! (The) head ones, not the feet ones! Feet ones (are) always kicked and cheated. That freedom (is) only for a few people. They like to do everything as they like, to use nations, to use men, to use women, for their bad, for their worst desires, for fulfilling (them). So that all nations, all mankind either (are) going to be the representatives of Allah or (they are) going to be cheated by devils and they are (the) representatives of (a) shaitanic life and (they are) running and running and never reaching to anything.

Oh people! We are making you to take care, it is a warning! People are every day crying and they are saying: “Ohhh, so many people (are) killed here”, “Ohhh, so many people are killed there!” We are looking that they are so sorry from bad events, but they (are) never asking what is the real reason and they are knowing nothing to stop it. If a physician (is) understanding what is (the) problem with his patient, (he) may cure that one. If he is not understanding, (there is) no cure (for the patient). Now (the) whole world is drunk and they never know how (they) should cure terrorism, never knowing how they should stop that violence on earth. I am saying: “Look (to) East and West- what you are finding? Your armies, your nuclear bombs, your tanks, your guns (are) never finishing that (terrorism), (but it is) growing up! It is like some grass- if (you are) cutting (it), after a while (it is) getting up (and growing again), because its roots (are) not taken away. Roots (are) enough (for it to grow, so that) after a while you are looking: “Ohhh, (but) we were thinking we finished it, now it is growing up (again)!”

If (you are) not reaching to (the) real cause (of a problem), (it is) impossible to finish (that violence) by guns, by planes, by rockets- you can’t do anything! You must leave Shaitan! You must understand in which trap you fall; with which trick people are coming in (Shaitan’s) trap you must know! You must know this, if not, (it is) impossible! All nations should die, but violence (is) never going to finish, until people understand (that) this is a shaitanic (that) they (are) making people to kill each other.

Allah (is) never ordering people to kill each other, but Shaitan (is) saying: “Kill and don’t be sorry! Kill them, don’t be sorry! Billions of people- let them half of it may die and then who (is) remaining, (they) may take their rest.” No, they are like that harvest field- after a while (it is) going to stand up, as it was…Until people (are) leaving Shaitan terrorism is never going to be ended!

That is only we may say. Who can understand, may save themselves. If not- leave them, don’t be sorry! (Allah Almighty was saying to the Prophet sws:) “Wa la tahsan alayhim! Oh My beloved one! Don’t be sorry for those people, whom you (are) calling to Paradise and (instead) they (are) running to Hells and burning. Don’t be sorry! You are calling them to Paradise, (but) they are refusing you and (they are) running to fire. Leave them burning!” Allah granted to His servants mind to use it and to obey through his mindly power; to choose (a) peaceful life with heavenly Commands, keeping heavenly Orders and being happy here and Hereafter. Who (is) refusing, (they) should be punished here and Hereafter. May Allah forgive us and bless you. That is only (what) we must understand.

Now we have no power in our hands. (The) power (is) through Shaitan and its representatives- we can’t do anything. “Leave them- you are not responsible for those whom they are running to fire; fire should burn them! Oh My Beloved one, don’t be sorry for them, and don’t be let your heart to be in unrest, because they are making so many tricks and traps for you and your message. Don’t worry, I am looking after them! They should find their punishment from each other. Leave them!”

Therefore- what we can do? We are waiting only (for the) heavenly Support (to) come for Allah Almighty’s good servants, even (they) may be (only a) handful people. But, as the Prophet (was) saying: “If (people) from my nation (are) on (the) same heart, on (the) same way, no any power (is) making them away, (and) they should be victorious!” We are looking (for) that ones…May Allah make it hurry to come and to save Islam and Muslims from (the) hands of devils, (the) representatives of Shaitan. As soon as possible may Allah grant us His divinely Support from Heavens for weak and poor Muslims!

For the honour of that most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 25th

(Prophets are sent as trainers to prepare people for the divinely Presence, because man originally is like a wild fruit tree that needs grafting to be of benefit – Prophets make people to move form their earthly positions; the real aim is perfection and people will reach according to their himmet, spiritual aspiration- when we look up, we may reach to far away galaxies in a split of a second, but the extraordinary powers of our souls make its speed to be much more and our souls to reach everywhere like the rays of the sun- first man needs to reach his real being, then he can approach Marifatullah- Only He is in existence, there is no room for any other creature- He is with us, but we are not with Him- everything we have been granted through our real position, but people all left their real position and look for fulfilment somewhere else)

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, Innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

It is an association, as the pillar of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order, Shah-u-Naqshband, was saying that our Tariqat, our way, its speciality is to make association. With whom? With Prophet sws, (but) you can’t reach to (the) Prophet, (and) to (the) Companions of the Prophet sws. The Companions of the Prophet were ignorant people and they were in need to be trained. And for what purpose they should be trained?

The main purpose for training the nation is to prepare them for the divinely Presence. That is the main purpose for sending Prophets. Every Prophet is or was a trainer. Or a

teacher, but training, because man, through their creation (they) are like wild trees or wild fruit trees, growing on a hill, growing on mountains, growing through jungles- all of them are in need for a graft, to be suitable to come to the presence of mankind, (for mankind) to take from that fruit benefit, eating and looking to it, enjoying, eating and enjoying and taking power to be a good servant (of Allah Almighty).

And all Prophets were training their nations for to be good servants. The real purpose is a perfect servanthood, but to reach to that point is so difficult! Not everyone (is) reaching top positions from a nation, honoured positions, no! There are common people, but from (these) common people some are getting up and (they are) reaching top position or perfect honourable position among their nations. And Prophets were coming and training people. (Even) if they are not reaching 1oo % perfect positions, they may (still) reach (something) according to their intentions, according to their Himmet, (spiritual aspiration), according to their inner desires. (Prophets) reached (to people) to make them

to move from earthly positions, to make them- even they are on earth- at least to look up, to bring a difference between (the) animal world and mankind. You can’t see any animal looking up like this…(to the sky). You met some cows or camels in Egypt looking up? But man they are looking up! Animals (are) looking on earth; they are asking (to find) the things they need on earth. They are running on it, because the wisdom for their existence, for being in existence, is something else beyond mankind’s desires. Those animals (are) created for man, to be their provision, Rizq. Therefore they are looking to complete their creation’s reason: to look for themselves, (and) to prepare themselves for mankind. They have been created for mankind, to use them or to eat them; therefore they are not interesting in anything else from eating and drinking and looking after themselves. That is the level of animals. Therefore they are not taking any care to look up- for what (should they look up)? They are not going to the divinely Presence, no. But mankind, even (they) may be unbelievers- everyone (is) looking up, and through everyone’s heart is hidden that secret desire to reach up. They like it; (they are) interesting (in it).

Therefore sometimes that Shaitan’s box (TV) is showing something about (the) universe, about space, about stars, about galaxies- (and) no one is changing that screen to another channel, no! Everyone (is) taking very keenly care to look what (is) happening, what is this, because their souls (are) asking to reach to their real stations (in the divinely Presence). And man (is) knowing that it is impossible to reach out of this planet with their material being; (our) physical being can’t carry this, no, it is impossible. But (our) souls are knowing that they may reach, and for witnessing that: Anyone (who is) looking nighttimes to any galaxy or may be so many galaxies, but they are only just seen as a spot and he is making like this….(looking up) and reaching there…

Our looking (is) reaching in less than a second that place. (It) may be as far as you can imagine- (but) if you can see anything from its lights- even (it may be) billions and billions of light-years (away)-, if it can be seen through naked eyes, you are there, you are going to be there! And this belongs to our physical being and our looking. Man can reach to that point with their eyes only, with nothing else, no! That is (a) witness from our material being that we have such power through our eyes to reach to that point.

That is a small proof that mankind’s creation is something else- (it is) just different- and (it) proofs also that through our physical being the light of our eyes (is) reaching through that huge distance; its distance may be billions of light-years, far away, but we can reach easily; when we are looking up…seeing…

And that power is only a proof (for) what we have from extraordinary powers and distinguished creation. And if we are using this power- that our eyes (are) reaching (to the furthest point in space)- we are going to be like a person riding on a donkey in comparison to our soul’s power. This, that our eyes are so quickly running there, it is going to be like (the speed) of a man walking on (his) donkey, when we use our spiritual power!

Therefore man is ‘Hazreti Insan’, (Honourable Man), Man, the Man! That is (the) honour, (that we have been granted), not looking to our physical being, no, no! This power (is) granted to us through our souls, so that we are going to be (the) deputies of Allah Almighty. (And) that power of our souls may reach not only from one direction, (but) from countless directions it may reach to everything, as (the) sun (is) reaching to everywhere with its rays. If our soul’s power (is) going to appear, (it is) reaching to depthless places through this creation and (you are) looking and taking power. Then our souls (are) going to find (the) way to Marifatullah, (the knowledge of Allah Almighty), to be for His divinely Services servants that time. Our souls (are) taking all creation, looking in it and then ‘tawajju’, orientating (themselves) to the endless Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, to be in His divinely Presence, reaching the Oceans of Allah Almighty’s Dominions’ Power Oceans or Wahdaniyatu, His Unity Dominions’ endless Power Oceans, ‘Alamu Ghujub (unseen worlds), ‘Alamu Ghuyub, ‘Alamu Ghuyub …

What do you think! What is our position here!

No way to know about the Lord of Heavens, if you are not reaching: “wa ma qadarullahi haqqa qadiri”. Man also can’t be able to reach first to himself! Yet we are not, never reaching to ourselves, never reaching to our real being- how we can reach to Marifatullah, to know about your Lord Allah Almighty? Ohhh, ‘Alamu Ghujub... Ohhh…

Oh our Lord! Forgive Us! We are in need (of) Your Blessings to come to our real position, because we have been moved from our real positions! Shaitan (is) carrying people from their real positions on wrong positions. All people (are) on wrong positions. They left their real positions in Existence; leaving and running away, running, asking something else… Everything you have been granted through your (real) position! No need (to run and look somewhere else)!

Therefore association (must be) with Prophets, because Prophets’ Himmet, aspiration, their spiritual power, (is) reaching to (the) whole Ummah and (they are) asking to carry them (up), to save them and to turn their faces to (the) real Being of the Creator! “Fa aynama tawallu, fa thamma wajhullah!” He is with you, but you are not with Him! He is with you, but you are not With Him… No, you can’t understand… He is with us, but we are not with Him. (There is) no room for creatures in His divinely Presence, no room; no anyone else (is) in existence, (there is) only His Existence! Therefore He is with us- but we are not with Him!

May Allah forgive us and grant to you to be a good understanding, little-by-little, for reaching to His divinely Presence, that you are going to finish through that Oceans. Unity Oceans (are) never accepting to be another one there, no room. No room, but He is only in Existence. (There) can’t be for anyone (or) anything a room through His Existence- no, but He is with everyone. Everyone belongs to Him, but you can’t take a room from His Existence, no!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, Allah forgives us!

Alhamdulillah wa kafa, rahimallahi man daa...This is a grant from Allah Almighty, because time is over now for a new opening!

May Allah give much more power to our Grandsheikh and give him much more honour that (he is) sending us such jewels for a new opening through our understanding…Fatiha.

Monday, 24th

(Only His Will is going on- Allah has granted us from His divinely Attributes willpower, but He is asking us to use this exclusive grant for His servanthood and to put our desires in accordance with His Will- the worst characteristic of our ego is to ask everything and everyone to be as we like, trying to get out from the position of servanthood and to become a lord as Pharaoh and Nimrod were claiming to be- the whole world is imprisoned in a difficult situation, and people by their own will cannot save themselves from that prison- People must turn to Allah and ask Him to save their souls and then, if it is His Will, He may order me, His weakest servant who holds the key, to open that prison)

Ya Daim, ya Daim, ya Daim….(for some time, about 4o times, Maulana is making Dhikr with this holy Name of Allah)…Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Huuu! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l –A’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…“Ya man alayka kulli asiin yassir!” Subhanallah! We must believe that only one’s Will is going on. Only One’s Will should be in acting, no anyone else’s will may face force for anything to be done; only His Will must be for everyone, (and) everyone’s desires must be related to His divinely Will. Yes- our Lord, Allah Almighty, granted to us as an honour willpower, but we have been ordered also to know (and) to accept that only His Will is on power.

Because He created man to be His representatives, to be His deputies, to be His caliphs on earth, and (He is) granting to them willpower. That is an honour that (is) never granted to any other creature, no! Even Angels haven’t been granted willpower, directly they are under Allah’s Willpower. The animals world, animals level (is) that they are under the level of mankind; also they haven’t been given willpower, no. All of them with His divinely Will (are) moving, working, or acting. Mankind has been granted (willpower).

When a person is just granted an honour, (he) must also be given a responsibility! When he is going to be an ordinary worker and employee, he has no any responsibility; his responsibility belongs to his headmaster that he is under his command. He is not using his will, when his master is keeping that honour through himself. (But) when he is getting up and (is) given an honour, he must be loaded also a responsibility.

Therefore- mankind has been granted that honour, and (at the) same time they have been offered from the Lord of Heavens to do everything under His Willpower. That means: you may use your willpower, but you can’t ask to be your willpower over His Willpower! That one who (is) asking to be something according to his will, he is going to be failed. Failing that person. For what? For his bad manner. Bad manner! He has a bad manner, because he is asking to be his willpower going on and (he is) never concerning or observing his Lord’s Willpower. He may say: “I wish this, I wish that, I like this, I don’t like that…” Everyone is using this, and we are passing through hundreds of events daily. For every work that they are intending to do, people are insisting, asking that: “I like it to be like this.” For example: “I like to be that one for me”, or (he) may say: “I like this thing to be as I like”- never leaving a chance for his Lord’s Will, (but he is) saying: “I like it”… “I don’t like it”… Oh! Who are you! You are master or worker? You are Sultan or you are servant?

People now in our days just forget that they are servants. They are trying to break down servanthood and everyone is asking to be (something, saying): “I am here. I am Sultan. I am King. I am ordering. I like this, I don’t like that.” That is (the) biggest mistake from servants: to try to break down (the) Sultan’s Will! Now the whole world is running after that way. Everyone is asking: “I like to be a Commander, I like to be a Judge, I like to be a MP, I like to be a big business man, I like to be President, I like to be Nr.1- that is my hobby. That is my life’s style. I like that style of life that everywhere I must be Nr.1 and everywhere I like to be everything as I like. I am never taking any other one’s will, no! I am thinking only for myself. I like to be everything as I like.”

That is the worst characteristic from our ego. It means: he is claming to break down his servanthood and to claim to be the Lord of people, as Pharaoh was saying to people. “You are all my servants and I am your Lord”, or as Nimrod was saying to Abraham: ” I am the King of lands, the King of all the world, and your Lord is on skies. I don’t like that He involves in my work. I am free to do everything as I like! I am not understanding, oh Ibrahim. You are coming and speaking something about the Lord of Heavens. I don’t care (about) this, because I am lord on earth and your Lord (is) through skies, in Heavens.”

And now the same characteristic is just covering the whole world and people are going to be from every size of Nimrods- small size, medium size, and king size- army people, (saying:) “We have power!” Second (ones to claim to be powerful they are) Civil Government, saying: “We have power with ourselves and we are going to de everything as we like.” And (then) youngsters, because governments (are) urging them and saying: “You must learn, because as long as you are learning, you are reaching (to the) top level of servanthood and you may step on Lordship area. When you are reaching (the) top point of your education, (of) your studying, then you may look yourself and say: “’I like that one, I don’t like this one…”

(In the) whole education of mankind and their studying, they are saying: “Oh, when I am finishing, I must go to London! It is not enough to be in Malaysia or Brunei, or Singapore, or Thailand or Ceylon or Pakistan- their universities are not very well-known and I like to be someone well-known, (so) if anyone is asking me:” Do you have any graduation”, I may say: “Yes, I am graduated from Oxford!” That one saying: “Oh, you are also (graduated), my friend? You have such a graduation? “Yes, Sir, I am graduated from Cambridge!” You, Haci Jamal? “Yes, I am graduated from Boston University, America.” America- very famous…You? Another foolish one- Jamaludin? “Yes, I am from Berlin University, Berlin Academy, just graduated.” What about French ones? Sheikh Abu Bakr? “Yes, Sir, I am from Sorbonne graduated.” If you are asking poor Nuruddin, (he is saying): “I was a cook, I am graduated cook”…Better…

Yes- everyone (is) asking to show themselves that: “We reached to a point that just we break down to be an ordinary one on earth. We are claiming to be top-level people; we don’t like to be on servants’ level, we like to be on Lord’s level.” Ohhh, true or not?

In Spain, I don’t know which university (is famous)…Madrid? Not too much…Perhaps Rome University? “Yes, we have such glorious history, glorious past time that no one can reach to our Caesars, that we reached to East and West of this world and our Rome University is the first one that I just graduated.”…What about for Sheikh Filfil from Trablus? He is saying: “Eh, I am not graduated, but I can do more than graduated people. (They are) empty pocket (people), but I graduated from market and my pockets are full with money, therefore I have rights to say this and that…”

You haven’t any right to say such a thing: “I will, I don’t will…I like, I don’t like…” No! And people are running on that! Ferhad? Ferhad saying: “Oh Sheikh, from Canada up to Damascus I have a long graduation paper, written on it in French, in Arabic, in English, Berber language…every kind I have- finally a shovel is coming on me…I have such a big graduating degrees and suddenly coming one shovel on my head- I never take any benefit to keep me, only Allah Almighty protected me or His deputies protecting me, from to be in pieces…” Allahu akbar! You are learning? Never…Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd!

We are coming now to complete our association. Everyone (is) asking to reach to a point that that level never belongs to servants, asking to be on the level of Lordshipness, to order, not to be ordered; to order, to be commander and others his servants!

We were saying that people (are) saying: “I like this, I like that.” Allah granted to His servants from His divinely Attribute to ask something according to their wills, but they must put their wills under His Will and (they) may say: “If my Lord (is) asking (this), I like it. If my Lord (is) not asking (this), if my Lord is not happy with my will, I am taking my will back and I am looking His Will!”

We are speaking on that: “Ya man kulli assin alayka yassir.” We are speaking on the illnesses, on the bad characteristics of egos. We have been authorized to speak on it, as well as to make a cure on (these illnesses). That work, when I am coming to me, when I am sitting here to say to Allah, that is His divinely Attribute: “Oh my Lord, oh that One, every difficulty that we are going to be faced with, every kind of difficulty, it is for ourselves difficult, but the only One who is making that difficulties to disappear, to go away and to finish, to be easy, that is only You! You may do that. Every difficulty that Your servants from mankind are going to be faced with, they must not run there, here, leaving You and asking an easy way, some ways to reach to their freedom, to save themselves from difficulties. Only by Your Will it is going to be, not with our wills. If all people’s wills were coming together, it is impossible to make (the) difficulties that (are) growing through people to be solved or to come an easy way.

That is very important! Don’t try yourself, by yourself, that you can save yourself from difficulties. No! Your wills, all mankind’s wills, if (they were) coming together, they can’t find a way to get out from this closed area. Because you are inside; (it is) just closed on you and the key- (He) that (is) making you through that closed area, (He) who imprisoned you, only He may be giving to you a way to get out!

As the Children of Israel. Allah Almighty was giving His Judgment, His divinely Judgment: “You are now in prison. 4o years I am imprisoning you in that area, Sinai. 4o years. Finished, you are inside, I am closing on you, I am keeping the key. I may open, but I am not going to open for you, because I am giving my just Judgement that you should be punished (to be) 4o years through that prison!” And it was a free land, but they can’t escape. And just they were all buried in that area and they died…

Now (for) all mankind (it is) closed on them and the key is in my pocket! I am the weakest servant to be porter on them. I closed, keeping the key with me. All of them inside, till they are coming and asking from Allah Almighty freedom; then He may order to me to open, (and) I may open. Or (else) the whole world… may die all of them, they can’t get out…

May Allah forgive us and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence…

I am nothing, but their order (is) passing through (me) as that electric wire. If (you are) giving power (through it), you can’t touch it, if not, it is an ordinary wire… I am nothing; when I am saying this, I am saying the true. But when it is ordered (for them) to be free (and) the Lord of Heavens is giving Permission, when (they are) coming and saying: “Oh our Lord, save us, save our souls, S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., oh our Lord!” then (He is) opening…If (they are) not asking this- let them to come under oceans, finishing… May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one, bu hurmati-l Fatiha…Ya Rabbi, yessir, ya man kulli asiin yassir… As long as they are running away, they are falling down…

Sunday, 23rd

Last day of Sheikh Adnan’s visit

(The pure structure of people makes them to look for a clean and safe place to save themselves- people come from all different countries to our humble but powerful place, where they can drink from heavenly Sources or wash themselves- it is a center for people to leave their bad habits and to run away from Shaitan, who is cheating people with everything that is making egos to enjoy- our aim that we are fighting for is to prevent people to be on animal’s level and to reach the honour of being human- who is coming here will be ambassadors to their family and nation, if they are clever- the story of the flute-player of Hameln: Time is over- Allah can do everything, but He will punish disobedient servants)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…No one clever one here to understand before I am speaking?… (So) I may be rest?…Tauba, Astaghfirullah… Subhana man khalaqa sawa, wa shakka, wa sawa, sayyan…Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…

It is an association. It is like a market. May be mini-market, may be supermarket, maybe mega market, may be hypermarket- our market (is a) mini-market, poor people’s market that they may reach to buy up to 5 Dollar or more, 1o Euro… (They are) coming, asking to buy something (for) may be 2o Euro, (and they are) saying: “Ten (Euro) write it down, 1o I am paying (now)”…”What we shall do- it is our customer, we must try to keep him”…

(This is a) mini-market, but it has a special position…This is a group of people, (a) handful (of) people, but it is a different group. Because you may find is some places to be there only one kind of people- from Turks or from Arabs or from French or from Greeks- this (market) is just different from other mini-markets, because here you can find perhaps (only) 4o people, but from 3o different countries, different nations, different languages, different cultures! Yes, it is small, but it is like Senate- from every kind of man may come here. That is the different position for our mini-market. And that is its speciality; it is not from me, but it belongs to heavenly sources that everyone may be interested in

heavenly springs, to drink from it or to wash himself.

Here people are coming, (and) they are asking (to find) something. It is really difficult in our days to make a collection, to make people to come without asking them to come, and you can’t find people (who are ready) to pay a lot of money to come and visit this place, (that) through the bigness of this world it is going to be an unknown spot. Even (the whole) Cyprus Republic, (the) whole island, through the bigness of (the) huge map of this world, you may see it as a spot; very little place (is) given to it. And on it to find this place, it is so difficult; to look and to find (it) and to ask to come here is an extraordinary happening now on earth! It is impossible to make people to move from Moscow or from California, from Canada, from South Africa, from South America, from Europe, from England, from Japan, from China, from Malaysia, from Australia- to collect them, it is unseen or very rare; you may know, but you can’t see…This is an introduction. We are making a way to reality now.

What is the position that it is (an) extra(ordinary) position for this small place and to be here (a) handful of people? Why? Everyone has different cultures, and there are people coming also from Ceylon, from Singapore, from Uzbekistan- why? What is the reason? And I am giving (a kind of) food to them, (that) if someone from other groups of people is coming to look and enter our kitchen, (he is making a disgusted face…). I am saying: “Give soup to that gentleman.” He is saying: “I just had.” “Give soup!” “I can’t…” (he is saying,) because he is looking inside…But our people they are never escaping; they are very happy! If you are making a handful flies in it, making (food), (they are asking): “What is that!” I am saying: “Meat”…Eating…First Pakistan people saying: “Very good.” Drinking… “Where they are sleeping?” “Here.” Best place, more than prison. Prisons, Allah may make you away from such punishment places…You are free, you are sleeping here, eating (here), but you are free to go up and down.

Only I am angry with someones of our group that they are smoking. If I can catch that one, I am breaking his head, because (they are) smoking and throwing (that cigarette) on ways without thinking. May be a fire! Therefore I don’t like anyone smoking here! If I am catching him, second day I am saying (to him): “You must leave! Either you leave smoking or you leave our place.” This is a training center to make them to leave bad manners, to leave Kufr, to leave the ways of Shaitan, to kick out shaitanic teachings! This is the center’s personality!

We are trying not to leave Shaitan to come in this place, we are asking to run away (from him) and people are fed up from Shaitan and shaitanic traps and tricks, and they are asking to save themselves from satanic traps and tricks! They are going around- they are not coming firstly to me; they are asking something, their feeling through their souls is making them to ask some safe place and clean place to save themselves, because Western countries (they) are not clean countries, no! Everything there (is) against humanity, against our physical being, everything is against our spiritual being. All European countries, Western countries, including America, Russia, all countries! And our heedless Muslims, heedless Muslim countries are asking to be like them! I am sorry to say this, because our nation (also is) asking to follow them, to be member of that group of people who are making tricks and traps of Shaitan, making advertisement daily to make people to fall in it for their egoistic desires also.

Therefore this is a center against Shaitan, against everything that (is) harming humanity, hurting humanity, destroying humanity, destroying the rights of human nature! Shaitan is playing with people, cheating them, and they are asking to cheat people with which thing? With everything that may give a kind of pleasure to people. But really they are not tasting that pleasure, because a person may understand when his mind is working; (then he) may understand which thing is giving them pleasure or not. When they are drinking, they are loosing their minds, they are never understanding if they reached a pleasure what they are asking, because a drunk person- how he is understanding?

Someone was asking another one: “Sleeping- what is its taste?” And he was answering: “I never tasted the pleasure or taste of sleep, because when I am sleeping, I am knowing nothing. When I am awakening, sleep just left me- therefore I never know if sleeping is giving pleasure to me or not.” (A) drunk person, when he is drinking, his mind just stopped. Out of order minds of drunk people- how they are going to distinguish, if it is pleasure or not? No. Therefore- everything that they are making big advertisement (for) everywhere in Western countries, that is the biggest foolishness and biggest blame for mankind to run after these people. When they are drinking, they are tasting nothing, no, finished!

Therefore Shaitan and shaitanic methods (are) making biggest trouble for heedless mankind, and mankind lost their humanity that humanity it is honour for them, but they are leaving that humanity, (and) falling to the level of animals. That level, mankind level, when you are reaching up from the level of animals’ world, you should find humanity. Humanity is symbolising the perfection of mankind! If a person (is) going to be drunk and making every evil, every dirty thing- do you think that this is giving honour to mankind? Who (is) preventing himself to fall (on) the level of animals, that one is given honour and (it is) dressed on him (the) honour to be from human nature. But under the level of mankind people are (going to be) on the level of animals, either to be like flocks or to be like violent, wild animals.

We are fighting this. (It is a) small group, but our aim is to prevent mankind to be on animals level. We are trying to make them to be fixed and to reach to humanity, that it is honour among creation. No any animal, no any other creature reached that honour! That is our aim. We know that everything (that) belongs to Dunya and its treasures, is not for you, is not for me. No one reached or kept from Dunya something forever for himself. And people are not taking their lessons from Pharaohs- how they carried away the treasures of Dunya under that pyramids. What they reached? And they have been kept, protected as mummies- now, if you are looking to their faces, you can’t eat 4o days, you can’t sleep also, from such an ugly, and hating face…(you are) running away!

I don’t think that anyone- not under pyramids, but if you are bringing that mummy to an ordinary place- I don’t think, (even) if anyone was given 1 billion Dollars to him to sleep with him in that room up to morning, he is never accepting…Why? Their physical being is just coming in such an ugly form and its smell is so bad- they are saying: “We don’t like it!” Perhaps they may say: ”We are dying up to morning to be second to Pharaoh and we are going to leave 1 billon Dollars also…”

Oh people, you must think on it! Enough you are following satanic ways! Enough falling in tricks and traps of Satan! If you like! If you don’t like- (there is) coming a windy weather, Taifun, carrying everything, those people. Never remaining on earth such foolish people, who are insisting to follow the ways of Satan. No, time is over!

Therefore these people are coming from different countries, to be ambassadors from here to their people, to their friends, to their families, to their nations. If they are clever ones. If (they are) not- if they can (only) save themselves, it is (also) okay. May Allah forgive us. That is the reason that the pure structure of people is carrying them to such humble but powerful meetings, which are very rare to find in the world, through East and West! May Allah forgive us and send us a powerful shepherd with heavenly powers to carry people (with him), when he is going!

There is a tale about a flute-player- German people are knowing better than me. Once upon a time there were many, many rats in a town in Germany, Hameln. They were terrible creatures; each one, if a hungry person was taking it, frying and eating, it was enough (for him). So fat (rats)- running everywhere…When people were sitting at the table to eat, they were jumping on tables, jumping on the heads of people, on their shoulders… and (when) one person was taking (something) to eat, one rat was stealing (that food) from him and biting him…They were biting cats also- cats were fearing from these rats!

And then, one day there was coming and passing through that town a strange person with a flute. People were looking: “Who are you?” “I am s strange person, going around.” “How you are living?” “With my flute, I may play with my flute.“ “What is the benefit of your flute?” He was saying: “I have so many kinds of melodies; if I am playing (the flute), all animals may run after me.” “Oh, very good. Look, we are sitting now to eat and you look what is happening to us.” They were making him to sit and putting food to eat, and there were rushing on it so many rats; some of them were biting his ear, some were biting his hand….he can’t be able to eat. He said: “It is for me to save you from these rats.” “Okay, if you are making this, we should pay you a lot of money to be happy.” “How much you are giving to me? I am asking”- no Euro at that time, perhaps Mark…(but) instead of Mark (also) there were golden coins for (the) Emperor, (the) Empire- “I am asking 1oo golden coins.” And they made a con tract that they should give to him 1oo coins. “Okay.” And he was getting out, beginning to play his flute. All rats were running after that person. He was walking and they were running (after him), he was walking, and they were all running, and he entered to the river Rhein and all of them were coming (after him), falling in it and the water was taking them away…

Then he was coming back and asking: “Give me my money!” and the mayor of German people was so stingy, saying: “What we did? 1oo coins? What is that! Your flute is never going to be (worth) more than one coin.” “Look, I just made a contract. I like my payment here now. If not, I know what I am going to do for you!” Subhanallah- they were insisting not to give (that money) and he was saying: “Leave that one coin also for you.” And he was going and playing another melody and all the children were beginning to run after him. And all people were regretting, calling (after him): “Come (and) take your money!” “No! “ He was playing and all small ones were coming after him. Coming to a hill, going there and coming an opening and entering that strange person and all children were coming in it and disappeared…

This is a story that Allah Almighty is asking to collect His servants. He can do everything, but those who must be punished, they should be punished, (for the) others (He is) sending someone to follow him and (He is) saving them. We are looking (for) that one to make this- S.Mehdi a.s. and then Jesus Christ, S.Isa a.s.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 22nd

(If you are not leaving your egoistic physical desires you poison your heavenly desires and you cannot be an obedient servant and you become like Shaitan who refused Allah Almighty’s Order- who is asking to be Allah’s servant must observe his activities if they are for Allah or for his ego; if for the ego, you fall in Kufr- Te events are coming as a punishment to people- believers must look for wisdoms in everything- people are only running to fulfil their physical desires and they need a discipline, because they have lost their balance, and no discipline now except in Islam- Westernised Islam means Kufr- The Paradise of the Antichrist is Hell and what he shows as Hell is Paradise)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim…May Allah grant us strength and good intentions to be suitable for His servanthood! That is something that all our works or activities may built on it. If a person is loosing his strength he can’t do anything (of) what he may be in need for his life here and what he is going to ask form his Lord: Obedience for his servanthood! If a person is losing his physical strength by any reason he is going to be useless. (And) if he is loosing his intention to be a good servant for Allah Almighty, (it means that) he is also loosing everything, (and) he is going to be a useless one, to be a rubbish one.

Therefore we are saying: “La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim”, to change our real being towards Allah’s servanthood and to leave our physical being’s desires that they are just against what our obedience is asking. Therefore, if a person is not leaving his physical desires it is impossible to be an obedient servant. Finished!

If you are saying time-by-time (I may do servanthood)- what do you think: If we are going sometimes with our egos and sometimes we are coming to make a service for our Lord- what is the judgment, ‘hukm’, (for that attitude)? Allah Almighty (is) describing it in the Holy Quran and) saying: “Thumma amanu, thumma kafaru, tunmma amanu wa thumma dhalu kufrun.”

When you are working for your ego you are not with Allah, no, you left Him! You are going to be (the) slave- not servant- but the slave of your ego, the slave of your egoistic physical desires. You are running to fulfil such useless and poisoned desires, (poisoned,) because such desires are poisoning your heavenly desires. When you are coming on it and becoming your ego’s slave and trying to fulfil your physical desires and to enjoy with such works and activities, you are not for Allah. You are out of (the) obedience of your Lord, you are in Kufr! In that moment a person is becoming Kafir, because he is not working for his Lord, but working for Shaitan and his ego, that it is (the) representative of Shaitan through yourself. That one just fell in Kufr; his level is going to be the level of Shaitan, no doubt; Shaitan, that he refused to be with Allah, to be with Allah Almighty’s Order. Shaitan- how he became Shaitan? He refused to be for Allah and he asked to be with his ego and (like this) he was becoming Shaitan. Any everyone who is with their egoistic works, trying to fulfil their physical desires, they are not for Allah! Just they are falling from the level of Iman, (faith), the servanthood of Allah Almighty, to the slavery for Shaitan!

If (the) last moment is coming to a person and he is caught that he is following Shaitan, he must be with Shaitan! And (for) every trouble (that is) coming to mankind through their physical being, (the) main reason (is) that people are following shaitanic ways to fulfil their physical desires. Every problem physically and commonly (is) coming for that reason. And if a person is listening to his Lord and asking to be His servant, he must observe (himself), he must look and must use as a balance for his activities: If it is for Allah or not. If that balance is showing that you are now working for his Lord, with that activity you are on the right way. Or (else), if that balance is showing (that) you are not on the real way, (that) you are running to the wrong way, you are in danger.

Subhanallah- shaitanic teachings (are) making some instruments…I was sitting in a car and in front of me there was a screen. I was asking: “What is that?” “This (is) showing the position of the car, if it is in a safe position or (it is) coming to touch (something) from this side or that side or from in front of it or from its back.” New cars (are) warning (the) driver: “Look that! Don’t go like this or like that, or you are touching something and (it is) coming to you some harm, harming you or your car or (the) other car, touching, coming some harm to you.”

A man may think (abut this) for a car, man is taking care for their metal, a car, to be safe- but (they are) not taking care for themselves, if they are coming and harming themselves from their eyes, from their mouth, from their ears, from their heads, from their hands, from their legs, from their third leg…No one! They are saying: “No, we are free!” You are free, but you are touching (something) and (it is) coming a punishment on you, because you are heedless, not looking where you are touching, how you are driving! Blame to mankind, all of them! They are thinking to keep their cars (safe), but they are not taking care for themselves, if they are going to be hurt and harmed. No! They are saying: ”We are innocent ones”, or: “We are such ones! We can do everything as we like. We may touch (someone or something), (it) doesn’t matter! Someone (else is) touching and hurting us, (it) doesn’t matter (also)- we are free!”

What do you think? It is true or not? (A) muqmin, (a) believer must look to everything to see and look and learn wisdoms. That is a big wisdom! Before I was not seeing that screen, but someone was bringing a new car and I was seeing there is such a thing in it (and) I was saying: “Oh! That car (is) carrying such an ability in itself to show (its) driver (and) to warn him: “Look right hand! Look left hand! Look in front of you! Look back!”, and for himself they are making themselves cheaper than a car. They are thinking not to be touched their car, not to be damaged, but themselves- doesn’t matter! So foolish mankind! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Look people- (to) where they are running, and we are asking peace on earth! How we can find peace! No mind people, drunk people, heedless people, dirty people, dirty mind people, dirty intention people!

Yesterday I was looking for news and in that TV Channel there was a person, they were saying (a) ‘religious one’. Everyone may ask some questions to that person (and) I was looking (and it was) written under it that question, what someone was asking: “Enjoyment for mankind, it is prohibited?” That was a question! If we are saying: “No”- their whole life is (already only) for enjoying their egos! That (is a) satanic question (and he was) asking through his ego: “Enjoyment is prohibited or forbidden?” That (religious) person, I was not understanding what he said, I was not following, but that question was making me to think on it: People (are) trying to do every dirty thing for their enjoyment. (There is) no (more) limit for enjoyment now for mankind. To make their egos happy and enjoyful, they are doing countless ways and (with that question) he is asking to make all of them (the same- Halal and Haram enjoyments), (asking): “If enjoyment (in religion) is prohibited or not.”

If we were saying “No”, no more, nothing you can do (to prevent them); (and) their lives are running only for their egoistic enjoyment. (And) they are asking to do that, they live for that purpose! (There is) no (any other) purpose for them to think any other thing. All

people’s mentality (is) only for enjoyment. Everything! Look! That is their beliefs, that is their lifestyles! Why they are asking such a question? Who may say: “Yes, it is Halal enjoyment”, and behind ‘enjoyment’ (they hide) every dirtiness! Full! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

People (are) becoming drunk! (That kind of) ‘enjoyment’ that people (are) running after, it is not Halal enjoyment, no, (but) dirty enjoyment, directed by Shaitan and shaitanic ways and shaitanic teachings, bringing mankind to that dirty enjoyment! And children from seven years (of age are) beginning to ask enjoyment, boys or girls, up to finishing with Heroin and dying…That is the way of Shaitan!

Therefore (there is) no balance for mankind now to bring a discipline on egos. Therefore all nations and all governments (are) against discipline and they are making by themselves such a foolish ‘discipline’ that (is) much more harmful for generations, for youth! No one (is) asking a real discipline, because real discipline (you can find) only in Islam! Beyond Islam you can’t find discipline, no! Anyone may come here and discuss (with me). Where is their discipline, to where (it is) reaching? (It is) reaching (to) their enjoyments. (The) dirtiest style of life they are living and asking enjoyment and finally their life is going through their lives’ springtime, they are passing away, passing away, passing away…And Shaitan is laughing to them: “I am so happy! So happy to destroy (the) human nature on earth, to destroy the Children of Adam, that (for) his cause I was thrown away (from the divinely Presence and) I lost that honour that was granted to Adam! I am taking my revenge from them in such a way!”

Whole nations and Muslims also (are) on (the) same line; they are asking to be “Westernised Muslims’ or asking (for) a “Westernised Islam’. ‘Westernised Islam’- how it can be? With Kufr! You are working for Shaitan and you are saying (that) you are Muslims? How it can be! Even (if) a person is going to work for his enemy from morning up to noontime and then he is coming to work (in the) afternoon for his army- who is accepting such a foolishness? (And) those people 24 hours are working for Shaitan and they are happy with that, never thinking! Therefore (they are) asking (if) enjoyment, playing, dancing, singing, every kind of dirty life (that they are) doing for their enjoyment- (if): “It is Halal (or) it is forbidden?” What is that question! This is (the) mentality of 21st century’s people!

If Allah Almighty is not sending Mehdi a.s. and not sending Jesus Christ, it is impossible! All people (are) drunk! All of them are running to fall in that fire! As the Prophet sws was saying: “When Dajjal is coming he is saying: ‘(Your) Jannat is fire and Paradise (you find) with me, come to my Paradise”, and people should run to his ‘Paradise’ and really his ‘Paradise’ is Hells, fire, and his fire is Jannat!” That means: Don’t follow the Anti-Christs, that they should be 3o before (that) famous one, who is coming, preparing himself to come to people.

Now people are running to a life-style that is leading them to (a place that) at its entrance it is written ‘Paradise’, but everyone (who is) going in it, he is falling into fire. (And there is) no way to come out. And what they call ‘Hells’, (that is Paradise). “Go to their Hell, that is Paradise! Don’t go to their ‘Paradise’, because that is Hell”, (was) saying (the) Prophet, warning his nation!

No warning (now), therefore people should be killed, until they are coming from six only living one and five should be taken away. (The) divinely Revenge (is) coming!

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah…No any other way! This is Haqiqat! If a physician is not understanding the reason of an illness, he can’t do anything for his patient. He must understand, then he may give medicine. (And) that is the illness from East to West, through the whole world, including the Islamic world, also they are falling it.

May Allah forgive us and send us quickly someone from Heavens, a heavenly being, to save believers and His servants, for the honour of His most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha... La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Allahuma thabitna ‘ala-l Haqq!

Thursday, 2oth

(Everyone needs a mediator or a teacher to learn the truth of Reality- Allah’s chosen servants have a special physical as well as spiritual structure; who is looking to them it is as if they are looking to their Lord- Allah formed Adam with His divinely Hands and then He blew from His holy Spirit into him to make him alive and therefore he had the honour to be the Deputy of Allah Almighty through creation, other creatures have been created by a divinely Order: “Kun, Be” only - this honour was coming to him from the Seal of Prophets- if he had not been created, no any creature would have been created at all- Angels were seeing Adam’s speciality, but Shaitan never; he disobeyed and didn’t make Sajdah in front of Adam- As the Day of Resurrection is approaching, Awliya have the permission to cut his pride and to make him to understand)

Destur ya Sayyidi, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Destur ya Rijalallah, Meded, Meded…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Talabu-l ‘ilmun faridatun ‘ala kulli Muslimin wa-l Muslimat…By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…

May Allah grant us a good understanding, but He is not granting His grant directly, ‘mubasharatan’- it is impossible- but Allah Almighty (is) teaching His servants through His chosen servants. They have a special structure through their physical being as well as (through) their spiritual being they have a speciality. They are not the same as common people, no, can’t be!

He Almighty created Adam, He prepared him. No any other creature He is going to do, to make them or their design directly by Himself. That honour is granted only to Adam a.s. He was giving his form, his design. Any other (creature) you know (who has been given that honour)? Angels? Angels are heavenly beings. Their creation is (through) “Kun, fa yakun”; their creation is in another way. They are heavenly beings and Heavens is not material things. Their existence is from divinely Lights and they have existence, but their existence is just different from the existence of ‘ardiyun, (of creatures) that belong to this earth, this world. Our speciality, our creation, (is) just 1oo % different from their creation.

And Allah Almighty He said through His Eternity: “Oh My Angels; I am going to bring a new creature.” He was addressing through His divinely Presence (to) who was present in His divinely Presence, whom they are all heavenly beings, angels- “I am bringing, ‘ja’al’, I am asking to bring a new creation and I am asking- it is My divinely Will that according to My divinely Desire I am asking- to dress him the honour that no one can reach from creatures any honour over that honour- can’t be! I am asking to bring a new creation and to dress him to be My Representatives“ - more than deputy, “giving them that honour and making them to be My Representatives and Deputies on earth. I am asking to bring him!” All the Angels were saying: “We are ready for that honour, oh our Lord!” Subhanallah! They were saying this, but they were not seeing the creation of that new one. When the Lord of Heavens was saying this to (the) Angels, the Angels were thinking that that honour might be dressed on them, but it was impossible, because they can’t carry (that honour). Their honour is on another level, according to their creation, but that new one was going to be granted an honour that until that time no one had been dressed. It was prepared (that this honour was going to be given to someone). Angels were knowing this and they were looking (for that honour) and hoping for it, to be for them, but Allah Almighty was saying: “No. It is that one, Adam, who is going to be honoured by being My Representative and Deputy on earth!”

And earth- everything is over the earth, the earth is the main structure, foundation, everything is built on it. The earth is the ‘assas’, the base. And Allah Almighty was saying: “No. I am creating that one, I am preparing that one, I am bringing that one and he should be a new creature, to give something from Me to you.” Adam- “khalaqahu Rabbu ‘ala suratu Rahman”- Allah Almighty just created Adam, and, (as) the Prophet was saying: “Who (is) looking to him (it is) as (if he is) looking to his Lord.” (And that is) such (a) great, such (a) big honour!

Every form, every design belongs to Allah. Allah Almighty has countless designs. He is that One that one (of His) Names is: (The) Designer, Al Musawwir. And, as He likes to show (something) from Himself according to the level of creation- not more up, no, that is (an) impossibility; no possibility for himself, Adam- but Allah is granting to him a design that every creation may look and understand something from His designs and His designs (are) countless, unlimited.

Therefore the Lord of Heavens (was) saying (to the Angels): “No, it is not for you. Your creation is different and Adam’s creation (is) going to be a very special creation. I am making his form, I am his Designer; with My divinely Hands I am giving his form and design!” Any other creature reached to that position? Therefore (even) the worst one that (is) going to be under the umbrella of ‘mankind’, is granted that honour- (he is) just honoured. And Allah Almighty by His divinely Hands (was) giving Adam’s form and then, from Himself, (He) was giving from (His) divinely Spirit, blowing into him. That is an honour that it is impossible to be granted to any other creature, from the beginning up to the end. Can’t be! The last horizon or the last limit or level for all creatures (is) to reach that point, but all creatures are under the level of Adam and his generation! (And)

Allah Almighty was making this for all mankind.

And then Allah Almighty directly created Adam and (He was) blowing into him from His divinely Spirit and Adam was standing up and looking and glorifying his Lord. Then Allah Almighty was giving honour (to) Adam and his generation, his Children. Indirectly (it was given) for common people. Directly Allah Almighty was giving that honour to Adam first, because he was (a) chosen one, (the) first chosen one. When he was granted that (honour) and he was standing up and glorifying his Lord and (he was) dressed the real honour of being the Representative and Deputy of the Lord of Heavens on earth, Angels were looking and they were saying. “This is another one. He is not from our level.” And Allah Almighty was ordering all heavenly beings: “Bow to Adam!” and therefore they were quickly running, making Sajdah, because that secret that Allah granted to Adam to be His Representative- it was ‘Amrun ‘Azim, that is an endless honour and glory. No any other creature (was) glorified by their Creator as Adam was glorified! Angels (were) knowing this and quickly (they were) running to make Sajdah, bowing to him, only Shaitan was getting angry, saying:” I am not accepting Your Command to bow to him!” And he was saying: “You created him from earth! I have been created from the flames of fire!” He was saying this, but he was not understanding that Adam was created and that for his creation Allah Almighty ‘bi dhat’, by His Own Lordship, He was making his form. He didn’t realize that point, and he said: “I am more honourable than him.”

No! You are created by a (divinely) Order to be an Angel or to be from can, Jinn, another kind of creation. Your creation is only (through an Order of Allah Almighty) to say: “Kun” Be, and you are being, but for Adam He (Almighty) was the special Designer. But Shaitan (was) never distinguishing (between) this and that. It was so clear, only he was in depthless heedlessness, Shaitan, (when) he was saying: “He is from earth, I am from fire.” Yes, Allah Almighty is knowing what you are saying- why you are saying this? He is your Creator, you are reminding (Him) or teaching Him that you have been created from (the) flames of fire and Adam from earth? You like to teach Him? Is there anyone else in existence to be a Creator? Only Allah! Why you are saying this? But deep heedlessness (was) with Shaitan. He was created only by the holy Command “Be”; and it was coming from the flames of fire a new creation, ‘can’, and he was standing up, saying: “I am from (the) flames of fire and Adam (is) from earth.”

Adam has been brought in existence in a special way that his Designer by Himself was his Lord; Adam’s Lord was making this. Shaitan was arguing with Allah, saying: ”I am a flame.” What is that! (You are a) flame- but He Almighty worked on Adam, by Himself, ‘bi dhat’. That was enough honour to reach to that level of the limits of honour through that point. Enough! But Shaitan (was) never understanding this, saying:” I am created from fire flame.” Allah worked on you, on your creation, to make you? No! He was (only) saying: “Kun” and you were becoming Shaitan, a ‘can’, but Adam’s creation was in another way. Angels were understanding (and) falling down and bowing to Adam, but Shaitan was saying: “No.” Go away! Never understanding!

But now, step-by-step, there is a new opening coming to Awliyas and they are making Shaitan and his aims their target, beginning to bombard (the) satanic mentality. (They are) beginning to cut that tree of pride from him and little-by-little, little-by-little this pride tree is coming down…Ohhh… Slowly, step-by-step, (the) Awliya are going on him to make him to understand. (It was) given to him a (period of) time to think (on it) and he is coming (down) now little-by-little, because the Day of Resurrection is coming, approaching, (and therefore) it is beginning that Awliya are bombarding him, making him to know his position!

Now he is yet drunk, because he is saying: “I am from the flames of fire.” Yes, but Adam is not from fire; His Lord by His (Own) Hands was designing him and forming (him) and bringing him in existence and saying: “You are My Representative through creation, (on) earth and (in) Heavens.” Even his land (was) going to be the earth, but his honour was through Heavens also. He may be here, but his honour is reaching to Heavens also. He is not only the Representative of Allah Almighty (on) earth, but in Heavens also.

The proof of what we are saying- that Adam also was representing Allah Almighty through the whole of creation- appeared in the Night of Journey of the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws. Adam was carrying that (honour) from the real representative of the Lord of Heavens, the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, because if he had not been brought into existence, no Heavens and no earth was going to be (brought) in existence- peace be upon him, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim! Despite the Wahabis, Christians, Jews and everyone! They are under the feet of that chosen one, that most honoured one’s feet!

Therefore we were saying that Allah Almighty (is) making it obligatory for all believers to learn. To learn what? To learn the Truth of Reality and to learn (about those) true ones, who are carrying that divinely Amanat, Trust. And this is a little bit (of an) opening that after this is coming oceans, oceans, endless oceans …and therefore we are saying that you can’t learn anything without a teacher, because mankind is in need of a mediator, or: everyone must have a teacher, so that no one may be able to learn something directly, but only indirectly. Prophets (are) special beings and their inheritors also (are) special beings- you must try to reach one of them and to learn! If not, you should be like wood for the fire of Hells; (there is) no value for those who are not learning. They should be in dustbin! May Allah forgive me and grant to you to learn and to understand! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws…

I don’t know. What I am saying, just it is coming from Grandsheikh. It is not coming from books, but he is sending it to my heart, according to the needs of seekers…

Wednesday, 19th

(Lordship is only for One; He is not granting Lordship to anyone and He is accepting no partner- all human beings are servants and also Jesus Christ and his mother, as they were eating and drinking and in need to go to the toilet, which is proving that they are not gods (as Christians say)- Christians need to correct their beliefs- people ask to be Lords themselves and Allah is teaching proud ones that claim to be something that they are only servants- The way of the Prophets is to say: “Oh my Lord, I am Your servant”, but people ask to be like Nimrod or Pharaoh who were claiming to be gods on earth- Prophets were never welcomed, because they make the pride of people down)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula w ala quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd…Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, Innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

(There are) two levels: One level- that there is no any other level on it, only we are saying for an understanding- that is the Lordship Position and (the other level is the) servanthood position. Lordship (is) never going to be granted; it is not a grant to be given to any creature, because no any creature (is) able to carry that position. That position (is) only for one and that One He is (the) Creator! (It is) impossible to be someone else

granted Lordship, no!

Christians are saying ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ’. That is (a) biggest mistake; no mentality (is) accepting (that) or never our mindly capacity may reach to understand that position. (It is) never accepted, (it is a) biggest wrong (thing) to say for Jesus Christ: “He is Lord.” No, (it) can’t be, because Jesus Christ is a creature, from mankind. There is no ‘godkind’. ‘Godkind’ can be? No, can’t be. Mankind- countless; may come in imitated existence, but real Lordship only (for Allah). He Almighty is keeping (it) only for Himself. Nobody (is) there to be suitable for carrying Lordship, because if (there) should be someone to carry Lordshipness, he must be on (the) same position (like) the First One. (And) if he is (the) same (like the) First One that means you can’t say one, two, (but) you should say: “Oh, this is the First One!” If you are saying (that) there is another one- what is his qualification? (It is) same with the First One! Therefore, why we are saying 1, 2, 3? It is only One! 1. Without that One- can’t be any other second one. He must put Himself in the second one (for him) to be able to carry Lordship. That means: (there is) only one! Impossible! Same! And no room for another one (who is) just similar to the First One. 2, without 1, can’t be 2. 3, without 1, can’t be 3. 1oo, without 1, can’t be 1oo, (but it is) going to be 99- all of them are coming, coming, coming…(after the) first 1.

Therefore Lordship (is) never accepting a ‘sharik’, a partner! Allah, He is Lord! When you are saying: “Jesus Christ is Lord”- what about the First One? He is going to leave, (or) to make Himself tired or to make Himself retired? Or He is going to make Himself, to take Himself from Existence to give to Jesus Christ His Lordship? For what? Jesus Christ is going to be inheritor for Him? Why? He tired or retired?

But Christians, billions of them, (they are) never thinking on such things to correct their beliefs to glorify the Lord of Heavens! They are saying this without thinking! And I am meeting so many of them (that) they are reading their Holy Books, (but they are) never understanding! (And) even though these Books (are) going to be one different from the other- (but) they are never understanding, because they have no Light through their hearts!

If you are giving to a person a book, to read it through darkness- what he is going to read or understand? Therefore (there) must be heavenly Lights through that one’s heart (so that) when (he is) looking (to) Holy Books (he) may understand quickly. (But) no one (of them) up today (is understanding)! I am meeting so many of them, even (of those whom)

through themselves (through their hierarchy) (are) reaching (to the) top point- but yet they are not understanding. Lordship (is) only for that One!

What about others? (The) second level (is) for all creation! (Just the) divinely stamp (is) on them as servants! They are servants and their position is servanthood! No one (is) passing over that! But people- and through Muslims also- they like to make someones over that level of common people. (It) may be (that) someones are getting up, getting up- but- even they may reach countless levels- their level is only the level of servanthood. (It is) impossible (to get out of it!) Glory be (to) Allah!

That point is making troubles among people. No mind people from ‘Ahlu-d Dunya’, common people, who are not taking care for heavenly Messages or heavenly Positions and who are atheist people or communist people or materialist people or square-head people or no-mind people or (the) generation-of-apes-people, that they are claming they are coming from apes- they are also asking to make themselves in a distinguished position.

Some of them with their beauty (are) thinking that: “Our level is distinguished”, some (others) of them with their mindly productions (are) seeing themselves different from others, saying: “Our level is not (an) ordinary level. (The) ordinary level is for common people.” Indian people, what (they are) saying? Parias? The lowest level people in India- that they are saying: “No value for them- Animals and those people are same”-, if they are getting up, they are saying: “We are (now) distinguished ones.” When they are seeing themselves (in that way) and (they are) saying: “We are (now) distinguished ones” they are asking to reach through their distance, through their levels, to look (to) themselves with another looking and (they are) saying: “We are not like those people…”

What is your opinion when you are saying (that) you are not like these people- unlearned people, labourers, farmers, pheasants? No, there is something…I am asking: “What is your position? What (is) happening? When you are seeing yourself up (over them that you were like them before)- what is your difference?”

In Spain they took me to a castle of one King and there were different kinds of religious people, priests and such people… They were showing it to me and it was a famous King’s Palace… Then they opened one room. There was a seat, a wooden seat… may be that King was more (fat) than Haci X., because that seat was twice as big as what I am sitting on here… They were saying: “That is (the) toilet.” Toilet place? He was thinking himself so high, such a high rank for himself and toilet for him? What happened? How? (The) toilet (is) carrying them to their real level. Who is entering (a) toilet- what is their level? Who is getting up too much…

Grandsheikh was saying (about) one person, his uncle. (Once he was) sitting in (the) coffee- shop and one person from the Daghestan people- they are very proud people- he was putting his hat like this…(in a special way) and putting dagger on the side…famous dagger from Daghestan, making like this (position)…Grandsheikh’s uncle was over 1oo years and (he was) saying: “Oh my son, are you not going to toilet? “ When that person was hearing this, he was quickly correcting his hat and making this dagger this side…

And Allah Almighty is saying for Jesus Christ (in the) Holy Quran. One word (is) making clear everything what we are saying, that they are claiming: “Jesus Christ is Lord” and giving (to) his mother also such a heavenly position. Allah Almighty is giving the description for them, and He was saying: “Kana yakulani taam”…Oh Christians- that you are saying the level of Jesus Christ is Lordship- Allah Almighty is saying: “He and his mother were eating and drinking”! Anyone eating and drinking must be in need for (a) toilet! (The) Lord is making…toilet? What is that foolishness?

Therefore I am saying (about) that King that was making himself over their level; as much as possible you may are making yourself high, but when your stomach (is) beginning to make gurrr, gurrr, gurr, gurrr…then (they are) saying: “We can’t be there, (on that throne), but we must come down”…coming to the dirtiest place, toilet…(holding his nose from the bad smell, finishing) quickly to run away…

People (are) never using their mentality and minds and give themselves something that is not for them. That is the source of jahalet, of ignorance, that is the source of crisis, that is the source of wars and fightings, that is the source (for people) to say: “Oh, we are Turks, no one can be like us”, (or) Arabs- they are saying: “Ahna Arab”, “We are Arabs.” They are thinking that to be Arab is giving honour to them…No! Never Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Ya ayyuhal Arab”, “Ya ayyuhal ladhina Arab”, (but) Allah is saying: “Ya ayyuha-l ladhina amanu!”

Where are the teachings of the real Islam, where are the teachings of (the) Holy Books? Holy Books are asking from people to be servants or to claim to be Lords, because they are putting something on their heads or (because they are) living in palaces or ride on famous horses or have treasures? All of this it is not for you! (There are) two levels (only) and all Prophets (were) coming to call people to their real positions (and) to say: “We are Your servants!” That is (the) real teachings of all Holy Books! No any book is coming and giving an honour more than servanthood to mankind! Can’t be! But servanthood (is) coming heavy to Shaitan and to his followers and he is saying: “No! You must claim that you are most distinguished ones among creation and (that) you are something!” No, you are not something! Your level is only servanthood!

That is the summary of all Messages that have been sent through Messengers to people. And what happened? Prophets (were) coming and saying this, giving the same Message to people and people, no one was welcoming any Prophet! No any nation (was) accepting to say: “Welcome to you!” Because Prophets were coming to make their pride down, to make them to say: “We are Your servants.” But servanthood is so heavy for mankind!

This is what is happening on earth: People are only trying to be masters of this world. At least if not Lord, to be masters or patrons for this world- but it is nothing. Their real aim is to be Lord. Can’t be!

May Allah forgive us and grant us a good understanding to think on it and to follow the ways of (the) Prophets who all say: “We are servants.” If they say: “We are servants”- what about for their followers? They should say: “We are Lords”? No! But people left heavenly Commands and they are running after their egos. Egos represent Shaitan and Shaitan is representing the first rebellious one in the divinely Presence who was claiming to be Lord for all (the) creation, who was saying: “You are the Lord up, (but) I am the Lord on earth.” As Nimrod was saying (also): “Oh Ibrahim, I am the Lord on earth, your Lord is in Heavens.” And (the) same bad characteristic, worst characteristic now it is with everyone. They are making small ones also to grow on the same idea to say that: “I am one Nimrod. I am never going to be happy to be someone Lord for me. I am living on earth and I am trying to be Lord on earth, not to be under the Command of anyone that you are saying (He is) on Heavens!” May Allah forgive us! And send us someones with power to change their ways! To take away so many rotten heads and to bring new heads, understanding the level of servanthood, trying to be servants and asking the honour of servanthood!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…This is a bombardment on Christianity…

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