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Sohbets Rabiu-l Thani Part 2

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

Here are my details for anybody who appreciates my work and likes to support me:

Maud-Alexandra Siegel
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Thank you very much! May Allah bless you and give more!

Sohbets by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

Rabiu-th Thani 1425 (From: May 19th to: June 17th 2004)

June: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 1oth, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th , 17th

Thursday, 17th

(The limit of learning if 4o years, after that age we start to forget- Allah Almighty is asking this servants to reach perfection and for to teach people and guide them to perfection He sent His perfect servants, the Prophets, who have physical and spiritual perfection- according to their inner urging people reach different levels of perfection, but most of them prefer to stay on the level of perfection that animals have- eating, drinking and dirtying everywhere-, because they find it difficult to leave their ‘freedom’ and apply the heavenly Rules of Halal and Haram- on the level of animals there is no peace, always one is eating another and the powerful one is attacking the weak- we are created to reach perfection, but to reach perfection, to reach the honour of heavenly beings and to be with the Angels, you must leave everything belonging to animals level)

Ya Rabbi, ya Allah, Tauba ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah…Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association that everyone (is) in need (of it). First of all, before everything, there is something that everyone must know and must learn. I don’t know, He knows and His beloved servant, most beloved, most praised servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, he knows, and whom they are learning from that most beloved one, (from the) representative of (the) Lord of Heavens, S.Muhammad sws, they are knowing. We don’t know, but we must ask to know. What you are knowing is nothing! It is nothing. By comparison with what we are not knowing, what we are knowing is like (an) atom through an endless ocean! You must know this point, so that you must not say: “I know”, (but rather:) “I am asking to know”, because unknown knowledge is countless, unknown knowledge (is) never-ending, because (it is always) coming, coming…

Here people are learning first (in the) Kindergarden, then, after Kindergarden, there is primary school. When learning (in) primary schools, asking to learn more, and after it coming secondary school. When finishing secondary schools, if that one really (is) learning, there is a feeling or inspiration from him that he (is) asking more, not anyone (is) forcing that one. They are asking to learn, to know more. That kind (of) people (is) now very rare. Governments (are) forcing (people and): “You must learn!” Who is not asking to learn, by force learning? Impossible- what (they are) learning (by force), is not true learning. Then they are reaching to college and university. When someones (are) tasting from knowledge, tasting to make his horizon as much as possible a big horizon, asking to reach that, their speciality (is that) they are never getting to be tired to learn; they are reaching one horizon from knowledge, when reaching there, he is looking and seeing another horizon and saying: “We must reach to that horizon also!” They have an inspiration through themselves, pushing them or pulling them to a new horizon for learning and so on… if our capacity is to reach to college and then university or high school and then academy- that is last horizon, because our physical being only may reach to that level. It is impossible to run after that limit, because (there is) no more capacity or ability for a person after (he reached) academy to study and to advance to another horizon.

He is getting older, older- perhaps, when (he is) reaching to 4o years, that is okay. But after that age that is the limit of a person; (he is) reaching his perfection. Then (they are) asking to keep their station on that point, but: ‘Afatu-l ‘ilmi al nisyan’- when a person (is) reaching (the) last horizon through their physical being’s capacity, (they are) beginning- as a tree (that) after giving its fruits (is) beginning to leave their leaves- that person also (is) beginning to leave some knowledge that he reached and (he is) keeping through his mind; (he is) beginning to forget and that is their last limit for learning through their minds and mentalities, (they are) becoming to come down, to come down, to come down, and to be on zero point.

For what we are going to speak on it? Why we are saying this, (why they are) making me to speak (this) to you? We must know, we must learn what is necessary for ourselves or which thing (is) asked from us. That is (said in) one word! (The) heavenly Grant to all people living on earth is one thing. The Lord of Heavens (is) asking from His servants living on this planet to reach perfection. That is (the) word: perfection! The Lord of Heavens (is) asking from His servants to reach a perfection. Perfection- one word, most important! Your Creator, your Lord, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Creation, He likes to see (that) His servant reached to (the) point of perfection. He likes it! Therefore He is sending Prophets.

Prophets are perfect ones. Their creation physically is perfect and also spiritually they have perfection. They are coming to teach people, how they should reach perfection and they are guiding people. All Prophets- and particularly the Seal of Prophets- (they are) guiding people to perfection, (to) the level of perfection and perfection has countless levels in divinely Presence.

(There is the) first level of perfection; then there may be a second level for perfection, (and) there is another level of perfection and another level of perfection- (it is) never stopping. Anyone (who is) asking to reach more and more, Allah Almighty (is) accepting (this intention) from him and granting to him what he may be in need.

A person may ask to reach from here to another place. Some of them may walk and reach, some of them (are) preferring a bicycle (and) on that bicycle (they) may reach, some (others) of them may reach to buy a motorcycle, on it to reach that perfection, some of them may be able to buy a car and on car to reach to their perfection and so on…

Countless means you may use and (according to) what you are using, you may reach higher degrees of perfection. A person may reach by walking, but he is not on (the) same level like (someone) who is reaching by plane, by car or even by rocket.

Therefore the essence of associations (is)… We were saying (that) we are in need (of) associations, because associations opening to you ways for reaching to perfection. If you are not reaching for an association, you can’t find a perfection here or Hereafter. Under the perfection that is just appointed or granted to mankind, if you are not reaching to (the) first level, you are remaining with animals world. Animals no perfection for them. They have perfection through their creation, but they can’t reach the perfection that the Lord of Heavens (is) opening for His representatives, for the Children of Adam. Why you are staying in their stable? Why?

Prophets (are) coming to open (the) doors of perfection for you and (they are) calling you: “Come!”, but people like to be on the level of animals, animals world. People (are) saying: “Eh, we don’t like it, we are happy to be on our level, to be friendly with animals and we are happy to be like animals also.” When a person saying this- “we are happy to be on the level of animals”- they (are) never offered anything- for animals (there is) no Halal, no Haram. And people (are) saying: “No, we are happy.” Prophets (are) calling them: “Come! Come, we shall dress you an honour, come with us, leave (the) level of animals! We are dressing you (the) dress of honour and crown you with a glorious crown!”, but people are saying: “No, we are happy, we are not asking to change our levels. We are very happy to be with animals level, because they are eating and drinking and making everywhere dirty”…animals (are) never ashaming; if you are putting them here, (they are) making dirty here also…Those people that now live on earth (are) saying: “We are happy with our level. We are not asking any other perfect level. Our perfection we are happy.”

Perfection of animals is good, it is true, suitable for them, but it is not good a man to be with animals level, to be like them and to leave their perfection in divinely Presence. It is not good, but now (the) whole world (is) running after this. They are saying: “We are not asking heavenly Laws, heavenly Rules; we are asking a free life, to be free as animals- they are free through jungles, desserts, mountains, they are doing everything, no one (is) blaming them- we are asking to be on that level. But when these Prophets (are) calling us to a level, it is difficult for us, we can’t climb there. Leave us on our level. We are friendly with animals. Some of animals we are eating, some of them we are keeping and riding on them, some members of animals world we are keeping for decoration”…people are keeping from animals world lions or such countless kinds of members of (the) animals world, keeping them with them, and they are kicking (the) heavenly honour that is going to be granted for those who are asking an honour and (an) honoured station in divinely Presence. Because mankind, it is not true for them not to accept perfection, that I mean to say, heavenly perfection!

These buildings, that roads, that technology (are) only helping mankind and keeping them on the level of animals world, nothing else. Preventing technology mankind to reach to heavenly perfection, because when you are reaching and asking to be a perfect member from (the) honoured level of perfection, you must leave everything that belongs to (the) animals world. Leave this, reach that- the level of Angels! It is so clear, but people (are) running away. Prophets (are) calling them to the level of Angels, but people (are) insisting to be on the level of animals. Common people (are) asking to be (a) member of (the) animals world. They are refusing to be members of heavenly perfection levels. How you can reach a peace?

Through jungles there is peace among animals? Lions making peace with dears? Pumas making peace with goats or lions making peace with tigers or tigers making peace with zebra or such? Can be? No, because on that level you can’t find ‘akli salim’, a perfect mentality through animals. Someones must eat some others. Impossible. Now all world people (are) asking to be and insisting to be on the level of animals (that on that level the law is this that the) powerful one must attack weak ones and (he) must take all from them. If (they are) coming against them, (they) should kill them. ‘Superpower’. What it means? Weak people (are) going to finish, because (the) ‘superpower’ (is) asking to do according to their egos desires.

Therefore- as long as they are insisting to be on animals level, (there is) no perfection. No perfection (is) bringing troubles, bringing problems, fighting, suffering, miseries- bringing everything that (is) making people not to be rest, not to be happy, not to be in peace. Finished! They must come, they must ask: “What is our perfection?” You are a man, a member of (the) Children of Adam- why (you are) not asking: “What is our perfection?”

Is it not a blame (that) a person (is) living through the 21st century and (he is) not asking: “What is our perfection? For what we are created, why we are living? What is (the) aim of our life? What is (the) honour of man through this life? What is our target, the last aim for us?” They are not teaching that: “You are a created to reach (the) levels of Angels, (the) level of perfection (and) to leave (the) level of animals world. Leave animals world, come to Angels worlds, come to Angels perfection, heavenly perfection. It is your honour, oh mankind, come!“ (But) people (are) running away…If a person (is) calling them: “Come for that perfection”, they are running away and Allah Almighty (is) calling them to be with Angles level, (saying:) “It is suitable for you, you have been created for that perfection! Leave (the) membership of animals world and come and reach, ask the membership of heavenly Beings, Angels, and you should be honoured (with) heavenly Honours!”

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 15th

(In everything our ego is asking a share for itself- a real Muslim is doing only for His Lord, keeping his oath from the Day of Promises- leaving Allah’s Service makes you dirty and the ego wants you to serve it only, using you to fulfil its dirty desires, saying: La ilaha illa Ana- Kufr, Shirk, is to make the ego partner to Allah- with the age of maturity dirty desires arise- Prophets and Saints are teaching that cleanliness comes only with divinely Service- The holy formula: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah’ is cleaning you from the dirtiness of your ego- according to which degree you work for Allah and serve Him you come closer to Him)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim… Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded ya Rijalallah…(We are) asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty…

It is an association. Always our ego is asking from everything a share for himself. He is saying that: “I must have some share from every activity that you are doing. I like you to be for me only. Everything that you are doing must be for me. I don’t like (any) partner!” Everyone’s ego (is) saying this and therefore it is (the) most difficult struggle or fighting to make our egos to surrender. And when you are going to be a real Muslim? When you are going to be able to make your ego aside and to do everything (only) for your Lord, for your Creator!

Why our ego is asking to be everything for him? Our ego, which thing (it is) giving (to) ourselves and asking (you) to work for him? Why? The ego created us? No. He is our provider? You think our ego is providing for us? (So) why (our ego is always) asking (a share)?

Allah Almighty (is) asking from you, oh mankind, to be only for His divinely Service! He has 1oo% Rights to ask this, yes, (because) He is our Creator and His Favours (are) covering ourselves. He has Rights to ask thanks and praising and glorifying from you, because He has Rights on you! You were nothing and (He is) bringing you to be something; He created you, bringing you in existence and honouring you to be from mankind, not making you from animals! And He has Rights (on you), 1oo%, to surrender to Him and to glorify Him and to praise Him Almighty.

He has Rights, but what about our ego? Why (it is) asking (a share)? Our ego is (only) running from one dirty place to another dirty place. It likes to be always through (the) channels of sewage, asking to be there and (it is) asking from you: “You just follow me, you must make for me more and more channels of sewage. You must try to make through your home more than (only) 1, (but) 2, 3, 4 channels of sewage, because I am making my morning pleasure in one sewage and lunchtime I am running to another channel of sewage, (then), (in the) afternoon- as English people have tea-time- tea-time you must prepare for me another channel of sewage, (so that) I may enjoy…(swimming in it:) lab, lub…I am practising myself… and Maghreb, sunset time, (there is) another channel of sewage…”

(Your ego is) making you to prepare (this), oh man, your ego (is) asking to make you (a slave) for its pleasure through (the) dirty channels of sewage and (it is) saying: “I am not leaving you to look (after) anything else. You must prepare always for me new channels of sewage!” That is wholly (our) ego’s main target and pleasure; (it is) making you to be his servant through sewage channels, to keep (the) towel (for it), to follow his orders, to prepare everything through channels for it. Therefore (it is) saying: “I am not leaving you to do anything else except (to work) for me”, and foolish people (are) running to that sewage channels to prepare for their egos breakfast, lunch, tea-time (in the) afternoon, dinner and supper nighttime also…

And you are a perfect creation- Allah Almighty created you on a perfection (which is) not granted to any other creature. Your Lord, who created you on a perfect form (in your) outlooking and (in your) inner life, He is asking (from) you: “Come and fulfil your oath with Me (from the Day of Promises) that you should be only for My divinely Service”, (but our) ego (is) saying: “No, I am not giving a chance to you, except (to be) for me!”

Look now through whole mankind- what they are doing? They are running after sewage channels, they (are) never thinking for their Lord’s divinely Service. He Almighty is calling (them saying): “You are My servants, because I granted to you everything, every goodness here and Hereafter- come and fulfil your oath with Me!”, (but our) nafs, (the) ego (is) saying: “No, I am never giving a chance to you (to do that). Even (there are) 24 hours, (but) I am not happy to give you (free for even) 24 minutes!” “What about 1o minutes?” “1o minutes also I am never giving to you (to be) free for anyone else!”

What (a) bad position or situation for mankind without thinking on that point! 24 hours (you are) running to prepare new sewage channels and leaving our Lord who created us to be in existence and giving us (the) crown of being (the) most honoured creatures and also putting on our shoulders (a) most glorified dress from His divinely Presence. You are leaving that and you run to fulfil Shaitan’s, nafs, our egos’ desires that are all dirty desires.

How we can find a way to be clean? All Prophets are coming to show the ways of cleanliness from our egoistic desires that are all dirty things, and (they were) coming to teach us how our relationship with our Lord should be, how we can find a way to His divinely Presence. They were coming to teach that. Therefore it is not true even one moment to make (the) ego the partner for our Lords divinely Service! (The) ego, nafs, can’t enter to divinely Presence, because it is dirty. What is the dirtiness of egos?

Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Everyone who (is) leaving Me and leaving to be My servants, they are dirty ones!” Even (if) you are giving (only) one moment for your ego, (this is) making you to fall into dirtiness and therefore we are ordered to clean ourselves by saying: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah sws.” This holy Word brings cleanliness for man, to be able to be Allah Almighty’s servants, to be in their Lord’s praising area and (to do) glorifying. But (our) nafs, (our) ego (is) saying: “You must work for me. Everything you must do for me, not (for) anyone else!”

All Prophets (were) coming to teach people (their) real situation, so that they may prefer and choose the right path, (the) honoured path and (to reach to be an) honoured creation, (in an) honoured situation, (with an) honoured dressing in (the) divinely Presence. As long as they are running away, they are (remaining) dirty ones.

Man (is) coming clean from his mother’s womb, but after their maturity age they are becoming to be dirty ones for (the reason of) their dirty desires that belong to our egos. Our egos (are) asking to enter through dirty channels, through sewage channels, and (especially the) new generation (is) thinking that to run through dirty channels of sewage is their target, and they are running on it, thinking nothing beyond that (aim) and their pleasure and pleasement is always to be through (these dirty) channels.

Prophets (are) coming and (also) Awliya, Saints, to take them out (of these dirty channels) and to clean them, (and) cleanliness (comes) with divinely Service.

Everything that you are doing, through your intention (it) may be for Allah, only for Allah, or (it may) be only for (your) ego, or (it may) be for Allah and (also) for (your) ego- but (those) who (are) working only for Allah- they are (the) most near and most honoured ones in divinely Presence- they are Prophets and their inheritors. Then people, according to their efforts, (they are) coming slowly to be in a good position; slowly they are cleaning themselves to be ready for entering divinely Service. (But) some of them (are) never taking any care (to clean themselves) and (they are) happy to be through sewage channels…

Therefore we are asking forgiveness! You are praying- we are translating (now) from our headquarters, (saying) that: even you can pray, (but) your ego (is) asking a share for itself, (so that) if your are praying, (it is) saying that: “I am so important one for praying, no one can be like me.” And really (our ego is) asking to be said for him that: “You are someone that you are going to be glorified”- asking glorification for itself, ego, never asking glorifying for its Creator, for Allah Almighty. (The ego is) never declaring that every glorifying and praising and thanks (is due) only for Him Almighty, (but it is always) asking a share from that (glorifying) to say (about itself): “I am this one… (I am) that one… I am someone that no one can reach to my level for praying… No one can be like me an Imam… No one can be a perfect one for advising people… I am such a one!”

And through that way (the ego is) asking through glorifying to be for him a share. It makes him happy to look to himself and to say (that): “I am someone! No one can reach to me as I am praying, as I am making Dhikr, as I am knowing, as I am doing…” This (ego is) taking everything (and using it) to be for himself.

That is Kufr, that is partnership that Allah Almighty never likes! Therefore He is ordering to His servants, whom they are asking to come to His divinely Presence, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, and your ego (is) saying, “No, you must not say this! You must say: La ilaha illa ana (Arabic, meaning: me), illa ana, illa ana…”. Instead to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, ill-Allah, ill-Allah…”, asking to say: “La ilaha illa ana, illa ana, illa ana”, asking a share from everything, from every movement (it is) asking to take a share. When you are giving a share to it, (you are) making that one a partner for your Lord Allah Almighty, because every glory and praising, ever-ending glorifying, praising and thanks (is) only for Him, Allah Almighty!

May Allah give us an understanding to know (the) secret tricks of Shaitan and our ego, (that are) asking to put us in a big cage. Beware from your ego! Don’t say: “I am this, I am that.” When you are saying: “La ilaha illa ana”, you are not on His service, you are working for Shaitan and your ego!

May Allah forgive us and give us that good feelings (inspirations) that we may know for whom we have been ordered to be servants.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 14th

(Who is running after gold and silver will be its slaves, but gold and silver are under the feet of the servants of Allah- first reaching of Islam is patience, so you can control your ego- with a full stomach you can’t be able to rise to the level of Angels- the taste of physical pleasure is getting less, the Favours of Allah remain the same)

Destur,ya Sayidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Rijalal malakuti, ya Malakutiin…aiduna bi aunillah!…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is a free market…free or flee? If they are selling old things, means flee market. Free market means anyone may take something without paying- very good market! Flee market you must pay something, market you must pay more than this, hyper-market you must take your credit card… Looking…How much you are buying? 2ooo! Can’t be, it is not flee market hyper-market: Safeway market, Queensway market…But this here is free market that means: If anyone buying something and going away, even horses can’t reach to them…Therefore keep the doors!…Alhamdulillah, most people are not understanding, they are not knowing (the difference) between (a real) diamond and (a) plastic (stone)- therefore it is okay…

May Allah forgive us to be good customers for this big market. (The) whole world is a big market and people (are) running for gold, for example, to Russia, or they may run to buy diamonds from Jehennemburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, some are runing to Ceylon for Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, some people are running to Iran for Firuz and other expensive or valuable stones. Jewels, not stones; what people step on, is stones, what I am saying (is not about) stones, they are jewels. No one (is) putting under their feet jewels, only (the) Prophet Suleiman (in) his big hall that people are coming for visiting him, (the) reception hall.

It was his Throne Hall, people (were) coming to give their respect and obedience to him, peace be upon him, (and) Sayyiduna King Suleiman, (was) sitting. That area that people were walking on it to reach to Nabi King Suleiman was (made with) tiles; one golden, (the other) one silver. When (the) Queen of Sheba sent a gift to him- (and) she was thinking that what she is sending is so valuable- and (they were) showing (it) to him, he wa saying: “Oh, what you are sending as a gift to me is under my feet, I am walking on it! I am not asking gold or silver; we are not slaves of gold and silver- we are (the) servants of the Lord of Heavens and He honoured us. When we are not slaves for gold and silver, (He is) making gold and silver- that people (are) worshipping (it) and quarrel and fight (for it)- to be under my feet. That is for you valuable, it is not for us valuable, it is under my feet. I am not asking from you, from that one who sent you with that gifts, I am not interesting in this, they are under my feet. I am asking something else from your Queen, (the) Queen of Sheba: to come to me (and) to surrender to the Lord of Heavens! I am that asking, I am not running after gold and silver. Who is running after gold and silver, they are (the) slaves of gold and silver. We are not slaves, we are servants for the Lord of Heavens, who created and (who is) giving value for gold and silver. It is only for you!”

Because they were slaves for gold and silver and their honour (was) going down and gold and silver (is) going to be over you. Making your value down and then, when you are making your value under gold and silver- silver also is white gold, platin, silver also that valuable one…silver that people are using it… Who are slaves, running to save more and more gold and silver, they are slaves for gold and silver, (and) no honour for them. They are going to vanish or to be vanished after gold and silver. But who is going to be servants for the Lord of Heavens that He created gold and silver for man, they have been granted honour from their Lord and their Lord (is) putting gold and silver under (the) feet of His servants.

The Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, he was hungry for some wisdoms and (the) Sahaba also were finding nothing for eating. To take (away) the suffering of hunger, they were putting a stone on their stomach, not to feel the pain of hunger and they were saying to Rasulullah sws: “Ya Rasulullah”, showing him the stone on their stomach, “we are so hungry!” and he was showing under his shirt there were two stones (tied on his stomach)…

And first Islam (is) teaching people to be patient. If you are not learning to be patient, you can’t be able to make your control on your ego, because (the) ego belongs to (the) animals world and (it is) always running after what it is going to eat or drink. If a person can’t be able to make a control on his ego, he is going to be under the order of his ego and he is never going to be a servant for his Lord. Therefore every religion (was) coming and their Prophets (were) teaching their followers to be patient, to be able to reject (refuse their egos’ desires). If you are not patient, you can’t be able to reject your egos desires. If you can’t do that, you are going to be always the donkey of your ego; you can’t be an honoured servant in divinely Presence, it is impossible! Therefore- every Prophet has miraculous powers; they may bring tables of food with so many kinds for their followers, but (if they are doing that) it is going to be (like) a patient in hospital: to bring to him every kind of food without making any limit and giving to him: “Eat”, not asking if this is good for him or that, no. If you are bringing to a patient to eat everything, you may kill him! You may kill their physical being and Prophets (are) coming to arrange, to give (the) real position to our beings: to be good servants, to carry servanthood in divinely Presence. Therefore they must learn first to be patient- Sahaba, the most honoured ones from beginning of mankind’s residence on earth…To be able to train themselves and to give the value of servanthood, Prophets (are) firstly making them to be patient. And (the) most difficult thing for man (is) to be hungry!

If a person is hungry, asking to stop (the) pain (of) hunger, he is looking after everything to eat to fill their food-sack; they are going, coming, asking to eat. And we are asking to move from the level of animals to the level of Angels. With (a) full stomach you can’t get up; you can’t be able to rise from your level- that (the) material level is (the) level of animals- you can’t be able to rise up to Angels‘ level. Therefore don’t say: “What is the reason that Sahabas time by time were getting hungry?”- even several days (they were) not finding something to eat and (they were) putting on their stomachs stones not to feel the suffering or (the) pain of hunger! That is the reason!

Islam is asking from people to learn to be patient. Now (people in) all (the) world no patience for them. They are asking everything instantly. Like Ali Baba and the 4o thieves (that were) coming to the entrance of that cave, saying: “Open, Sesame!”, people now (are) asking for their desires to be (everything) instantly ready in front of them, and it is impossible, until you may teach your ego to be patient!

A person is fasting and coming nearby to break his fast (Maghreb time). He is looking his watch and someone is saying: “You may eat!” “No, we have yet 3 more minutes!” If anyone is saying: “You may eat before”, saying: “No, must be at the time: beginning and ending!” That is such an important wisdom through our worshipping kinds towards Allah Almighty: you must learn to be patient! If you are not learning (patience), (you are) never reaching (up) and never leaving (the) level of animals. Therefore (the) Prophet was keeping two stones and his followers, Sahaba, Allah bless them, they were putting one stone and (he was) saying (to them): “Be patient!” If Rasulullah was ordering, he may fill fields and lands with countless foods and drinks, but (he was) not doing that! He may say: “Be!”, and (it) may be, but (he was) keeping that power, training and teaching his disciples and his Ummah, his nation.

And (one day) he went for a visit of the holy tomb of S.Hamza- Allah bless him-, the uncle of the Sal of Prophets sws, (at the feet of the Mount Uhud). He was walking and he was hearing in a place behind himself a sound (like) when you have gold and you are pouring (it), (a) very nice sound is coming from gold. He was hearing behind him that sound of gold and he was turning (around) and seeing that (the) Jabal Uhud- that big and holy mountain- was running after him as gold and silver, and gold was making that good sound. The Prophet was seeing (that), stopping and saying: “Stop! Why you are running after me?” And a sound from the holy mountain was addressing to him, saying: “Oh Rasulullah, the beloved one of our Lord! You are suffering and your disciples are suffering from hunger- how it is going to be from us a good manner to be stones! We have been changed to gold and we are running after you so that you may use it any time and we (even) don’t give any trouble for carrying: anywhere you go, you may take from it and do, what you are doing with it.” And the Prophet was saying: “No, I am not in need for you! My Lord (is) enough for me and I like to be one day full, one day hungry. It is much better; I prefer to be in such a way: when I am full, I am saying to my Lord: ‘Thanks and praisings to you, oh my Lord’, (and) if I am hungry, I am going to be patient and say: ‘Oh our Lord, look after us!’ And for being patient we have been granted also a reward here and Hereafter- therefore you stay there, our Lord is enough for us!”

People now are running after golf and silver to save much more so that they are thinking if they are saving more gold and silver, they may reach their targets- that no doubt their targets are only targets of their physical being. They like gold and silver for fulfilling their physical beings’ desires. But it is never going to be as they like, because day-by-day, if you are reaching to a table that may be (as the) table of a King or Queen, and every day (it is the) same table, you may feel a kind of (being) fed up, you may be fed up from that. You may reach everything, but day-by-day your taste is coming to be less, less, less and the Favours of the Lord Allah Almighty is same.

Therefore- when you are going to be patient for Allah, not to be slaves for your desires, He is accepting you as His servants and servants have been granted something that should be honour for them and light for them and pleasure for them here and Hereafter. Or (else) they should remain on the level of animals that they are eating straw and every kind of grass and they should be happy on their levels.

May Allah forgive us and make our desires as He likes (them to be)- to change our level from the level of animals to reach the level of Angels. That is important!

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 13th

(Yourself and everything you do must be for Allah, or it is rubbish- don’t make your ego partner to the Lord, that is Shirk- how are you using your time daily?- the ego’s main characteristic is to be lazy- if people are working, they are working only to fulfil their egos’ desires and they have no time for the service of Allah and worshipping)

Ya Rasulullah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

By the name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent. By the Name of Allah and for His Glory and Honour we must try to do everything- on behalf of Him Almighty, because we are His caliphs, His deputies or the representatives of Allah. Therefore everything that you are doing must be for Him Almighty, on behalf of Him Almighty. First you must live for Him, you must do for Him, you must work for Him Almighty. Anything that you are not intending with such intention is going to be dustbin, because it is rubbish, no value. Rubbish, you are taking it out, sending it away. Everyone’s effort, everyone’s activity must be for Allah Almighty. If you are not looking (after) and taking care (for this point), if you are doing for yourself, you are going to be out of His divinely Rule that He is calling you to be for His service only. If you are leaving His service and running for someone else’s service, that is Shirk- you are going to be Mushrik!

(The) Prophet sws was saying, making everything clear for understanding and saying: “As shirkun fi ummati akhfa min dabati naml.” He was saying that Shirk, to make a partner for Allah, is so hidden and secret, that (it is) so difficult to understand. That is- what the Prophet was saying sws- that is the meaning (of Shirk): To work for yourself!

(They are) calling Adhan, calling people to their Lord’s servanthood, prayer service; you are saying some people (are) never thinking on it, (they are) saying: “No time for me for servanthood, no time for me for praying.” Oh! How! To whom you are working? Who is commanding you and saying this that: “I have no time for my servanthood for Allah”? “To whom you are working? Ask him!” That means: He is working or acting or doing something for himself so that he is refusing praying and refusing servanthood to Allah Almighty, and he changed his oath that the was saying (on the Day of Promises in the divinely Presence): “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants, from pre-eternal up to eternal. We are keeping Your servanthood, because You are our Lord!” He forgot this, and then coming here, saying: “No time for praying.”

A day- how many hours (it has)? 24 hours. If a person (is) working, they have rules and laws that are saying: “6 hours daily or 36 hours weekly (you must work). Or: 8 hours daily and 48 hours weekly (you must work).” If you are working daily 6 hours, weekly (it is) going to be 1 ½ day! If you are collecting 36 hours, (it) means: 1 ½ day. A week- how many hours (it has)? How many days? 7 days. Take 1 ½ day (from it)- what (is) remaining? 5 ½ days! What you are doing, oh donkeys? Those people that are not knowing anything about mathematics! Weekly your work (is) only 1 ½ days, remaining 5 ½ days- what are you doing? Why you are saying: “No time for me for obedience, for servanthood (to my Lord)”?

I am speaking to those people who are only (by) name Muslim, but their activities (are) not Islamic. I am not blaming Non-Muslims, because Non-Muslims have not (been) offered divinely servanthood, because (they are) not accepting the last Messenger and the last Message- leave them! But I am speaking on these people who say: “We are Muslims” and if you ask them: “Why not praying?” they are saying: “No time.” I am blaming them, because they are not ashaming to say this!

5 ½ days- how (you are) passing (them)? And if you are taking 6 hours from 24 hours, remaining 16 hours. You are working 6 hours or 8 hours (and) remaining 16 hours or 18

hours- what you are doing 16 or 18 hours? Sleeping? No! What you are doing? Wasting time! You are not working and also you are not worshipping- what you are doing 16 or 18 hours daily? If you are employed through any work, (it) may be 6 hours daily or 8 hours- remaining 16 hours or 18 hours. What you are doing?

And all prayers, if you are collecting the time of 5 times prayers, (that are each let us) say: 1 hour- it is not 1 hour, but if you say 1 hour- take 5 hours from 16 hours- remaining 11 hours! You have yet much more time! (Even) if you are giving 1 hour for each praying time, worshipping time, it is remaining also 11 hours or 13 hours. What are you doing? How you are wasting your life? And your life- the Lord of Heavens (is) asking (that) your life-tree must be fruitful, but you are making your life-tree fruitless. Why? (For example): you are planting. There are some plants that even bees (are) not coming on them, through streets the government is planting so many, because they have different coloured flowers, but it is a poisoned plant, even bees (are) not coming on their flowers to take honey. I am not speaking about other trees- every tree has some benefit, giving benefit, even pine trees- they are not like that plants and even (they are) not giving fruit, but (they are) useful, its weather (is) giving refreshment for our lungs.

Why you are making your life-tree fruitless? Why? You are wasting 24 hours, that means you are working for someone else and its main characteristic is ‘atalet’, laziness. Laziness is (the) most well-known or (the) main characteristic of our ego. The ego is well-known to be accused by laziness. (It is) so heavy, never asking to move. You can’t move it.

Allah Almighty is giving His guarantee for our provision, but He put (as a condition)

that people may run or must run to find their provision daily with so many works or jobs, different jobs.

Allah Almighty (may) give the people that are living now as He gave to (the) Children of Israel through the dessert of Mount of Sinai- daily their provision (was) coming from Heavens. Without planting, without doing any work, Allah Almighty was feeding them, giving their provision, but He just occupied them with one thing, (so) that even everything was ready- daily (their) provision (was coming) without (them) moving their hands or feet- but (they were) not sitting. (He was) not giving them a chance to sit. They were by day getting up and walking to find a way to get out from that prison that (there were) no any guardians, no mine fields, no wires- nothing, it was (an) open area. And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “I am imprisoning them in that area (for) 4o years”, but, because (of) their weak belief (they were) not coming to say: “Tauba, ya Rabbi”, to ask their Lord’s forgiveness. They were insisting and saying: “We are not going to that country. Allah and His Prophet may go and they may open that city, taking away our enemies (and then) we are entering.” For that reason Allah (was) imprisoning them 4o years and (still) daily their provision (was) coming, (they were) eating and drinking, but yet they were not happy, they were asking to move. Even their egos liked to sleep, but, as a punishment, Allah Almighty (was) making them to run daily to find a tunnel or way to get out. If not, (they) were sleeping like this, eating and like this…sleeping.

And Allah Almighty is Guarantor for every creature that He created; He is (the) Guarantor for their provision. Even an ants provision (is) just prepared and just reached to that one. Any creature that has a mouth must eat and must glorify their Lord, only heedless mankind their mouth (is) open to eat, but never (they are) asking to glorify their Lord Allah Almighty!

Therefore, if Allah Almighty (was) leaving people not to work, sending them their provision daily through (their) homes or in front of their doors, they should be happy (with) eating and sleeping, not moving. But Allah Almighty, by His divinely Wisdom, just related works, (like) farming, trading and crafts, making them the ways to reach to their provisions. People are knowing and believing that if they are not working, their provision (is) never reaching to them. That is wrong. But (it is) as a punishment Allah (is) giving (this) to them, because they are following their egos and egos are the essence of laziness. All of them you can find- if their provision was sent down from Heavens- they should eat quickly and then… sleeping. Then, second provision coming, eating… then sleeping… never standing up to work!

If Allah Almighty (was) not making this, all people were going to eat and to sleep, not to move. That is (the) main characteristic of our egos and people therefore are saying: “Oh, I am busy, no time for me to work, no time for me for prayer, no time for me for servanthood, I am busy.” Then they should be blamed (on) the Day of Resurrection: “How? (There are) 24 hours! You were working 3,4, 6,8, hours and remaining 16 or 18 hours- what you were doing (in) that time?” “ We were enjoying, we were trying to enjoy ourselves, our physical being, we were following its desires and we were running for the refreshment of our physical being and to reach to our physical desires.” That means: They are working, giving their whole efforts for their provision and then, after provision that we said the hours of their work is 6 or 8 hours, (during the) other (hours) they are trying to enjoy or to make their egos to be pleased and to be in pleasure with countless dirty works that (are) making them away from their Lord. Therefore they are saying: “No time for us!” “Why?” “I am busy.” “For what?” “I am going to do this, to do that, We have such meetings, such playing and occasions to make ourselves happy and no time for me to give for Allah and for His worshipping. I am just occupied 1oo% with my ego, with my physical being’s desires. My commander is my physical being, or my commander is my ego; what my ego (is) ordering, I am trying to fulfil it and therefore (I have) no time for Allah and His divinely Service!”

When people (are) coming on that way that it is wrong way and wrong life-philosophy, their life-philosophy (is that they are) saying only: “We are trying to make our egoistic desires to fulfil and to fulfil also our physical being’s desires and enjoyments. That is all worlds inhabitants’ life-system, life-philosophy. “If we can find a time from our egoistic refreshment and enjoyments, we may give a time to our Lord’s worshipping”, and it is so difficult. And so many times we are looking some people coming to pray and praying so quickly and running away, because these people (are) just tied through their necks with a rope and that rope (is) in the hands of Shaitan. If they are coming in (the) mosque, they should be hurry as much as possible, because Shaitan (is) pulling them and saying: “Enough! I am tired outside. Come! Oh my donkey, come quickly! My legs (are) so weak and I am tired! Finish it and come out, I shall ride on you.” The throne of Shaitan where it is, you know? Here… sitting on (the) shoulders of the Children of Adam! “My best throne, I am taking my revenge from them, making them my donkeys. Sending them as I like. I am enjoying and they are suffering. Their suffering is my enjoyment!” Shaitan saying.

Therefore so many foolish ones are praying and saying: “Long Khutba, long Namaz (prayer). Ohhh… if finishing, I may go out for a cigarette…” Incense…”Oh my donkey”, saying his Shaitan, I am here fed up and tired. I was looking after you. Quickly take a cigarette, put in your mouth that its smoke (is) making my head so pleased…Quickly!” Therefore so many smoking people are very angry if (the) Imam (is) reciting long Sura or making a little bit long Khutba. Therefore order (is) coming from up to Imam: “Don’t do long Khutba!” That means: they are under (the) control of Shaitan also. It is not for them to order Khatib, who (is) addressing and advising people (to say): “Make it short.” No! No any one has such (an) authority to say: “Imam, make short your prayer, make short your speech.” No! But Shaitan (is) making (the) head ones also to be under his control, and they are saying: “Yes, we are sending to you a page, half of (a) page. If you are happy to read all of it, it is okay. If you are asking to read (for) Khutba half of that, it is better. If you are making from it ¼, very good, very happy, you are first class Imam and Khatib!”

Everywhere you may see people hearing and obeying satanic representatives, whom they are making people to run away from their Lord, to run away from Paradise and to fall into (the) sufferings of Hells.

May Allah forgive us and send us someone to take away satanic people, satanic works, to be people in health and wealth! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 12th

(Half of the people of the 21st century are writing programs for this temporary life to reach to their physical desires and they are leaving the program that the Lord of Heavens has made for our real being, for our eternal life- the material life is a burden that gets heavier with age- materiality is crowned by spirituality- people need someone to wake them up from their heavy sleep to understand about their real program)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Who is forgetting, going to be forgotten! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association and associations (are) reminding people to remember what is important for them. Through associations you may understand about yourself, what is your mission here and what is your destination. They are saying: “Our destination is (that we are) going to live (for) a while, a short time, and then (we are) going to die.” (That is) their knowledge. All nations and their education programs (are) programming the destination of mankind up to death.

Now we are living in the 21st century and perhaps officially (there) may be 5o % (of the) people they are programmers of computers. Officially. Unofficially all nations, all youngsters, all generations, all youth their interest (s) through internets; they are running to make programs. I am surprising always what they are programming? Everyone is, (as they are) saying- ‘computer programmer’ and (there are) countless centers, youngsters (are) running and sitting each one in front of (a) computer and giving their whole care on it and I am looking what they are following?

Yesterday I was in hospital… by force… I was looking screen of that computer and doctor making such a thing, such a thing, I am following, I am looking, what he is following? I saw a small mouse, looking to it and that small mouse running like this, like that…Ya Rabbi, Subhanallahi- ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…21st century people are followers of mouse! Tauba, Astaghfirullah! Is it not true? Everyone looking…this mouse is running like this, like that, running, coming…As in some airports, there are some cars, written on it: Follow me! When (an) aircraft (is) coming down and asking to know where (it should stop), (in) big airports, (there) must be a guide, (a car), written on it: Follow me! It is going tin front and (the) plane (is) running after it, following.

Now 21st century people are following a mouse. What honour! Alhamdulillah, I never followed that mouse! And that mouse knowing Deutsch language also, knowing Pakistan language, Urdu, knowing English, knowing American, knowing Kurdish, knowing Italiano, knowing Erzurumi…this knowing, and following. Not speaking, but everyone understanding from it and following. Without that no one can do any program! I don’t know but I am looking, thinking, everywhere I am looking this, running away, running away. Before I was thinking that just coming on screen a fly, then looking, this is not on it, but in it running and saying: That is programmer…(The) whole world (is) running for programs, to make a program. ‘Programmer’- billions of people (are) asking to do programs, and each one (of them is) never happy to copy another one’s program, (but) everyone (is) asking to be independent for his program. This is well understood.

Now- as a summary- if you are looking the summary or essence of whole programs what it is, important is that point! What they are programming? What they are asking? They are programming for themselves or for others, on behalf of someone else, they are making that program and everyone asking to reach to an aim or target. They are asking to reach to that point, but when you are looking commonly, their wills, their desire is only for their temporary life. They are running through this circle, on that orbit, and their wills is to reach through their programs to a limit or target, bout their physical beings desires or to reach their egoistic limits and targets, nothing else. Ya Allah, ya Allah, ya Allah!

We are so heedless, so ignorant! This is a big teaching for people to know! Billons of people (are) running after programs- what they are programming? They are trying to make a program for their temporary lives- anything else beyond that target, that (they are) interested only for their temporary life that belongs to their physical being. They are running on that area, on that circle, only for their egoistic targets or physical beings desires. The summary or essence for whole programs that is!

And we need something- a new program that it is beyond the limits of our physical being or egoistic targets. Beyond that. The Lord of Heavens programmed this life, but no one (is) asking to learn about that programs that it is for our real being. We said about our destination. People (are) running to now their destination, their knowledge (is about) when (they are) born up to (the) day of their death, this area, they are asking, and they are saying: “Our destination is to be born one day and another day we are going to die, to pass away. That is our destination. Our destination is just going to be put a full stop on it and finishing.” Beyond that no one (is) asking a new program for themselves. They left it and they are running after material aspects, and they are giving 1oo % their efforts only (for) their material aspects and beyond this it is heavy burden on everyone who are interested only (in) their material beings importance and material beings destination. And material always getting more heavy through the life of people. Don’t think that the burden of our material being is going to be (the) same as we are three years old, then 1o years old, or then 15 years old, 2o years old and more- don’t think that that material burden is going to be same- no! When we are reaching, climbing through our lives (in) years, that heaviness of heavy burden is going to be much more heavy on ourselves. Therefore young ones (are) standing like this… old ones (are) coming like that…bowing… bowing down. For what? Material burden go to be heavy burden on themselves, making them to bow down. And that heavy burden of material aspects it is for common people (the) last point of their destination. When they are ground with heavy burdens, and finishing, they are saying: “Our destination is just finished.” Beyond this no one getting (any) interest, no one (is) asking any program about beyond our physical being. And all Prophets coming- peace be upon them- and particularly the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, just he brought programs for mankind (for) after this life, showing them that it is not finishing when you are vanishing and finishing through your

physical being,(but) beyond (it) that there are other programs that have been sent from Heavens to common people, to interest or to be interested in that programs. Now 1oo % you may say people are never interesting for that programs, (that are) just brought, that had been sent from Heavens through Prophets to make people to know their real destinations. When their physical being (is) dying, disappearing, that programs through this life just finished, but coming another programs. As a child, a baby through his mother’s womb, its program is something, when coming out, being born, he is seeing and knowing another program waiting for him, (and it is) not (the) same program (as when) he was through his mum’s womb, no, just 1oo% different.

And this material life just had been crowned by spirituality, but people (are) never looking to that crown of honour on their heads and they are running for their donkeys’ pleasures, and programming everything only for their donkeys, their rides, never taking any care for their honour, (for the) crown of honour that (was) just granted to them.

Therefore people now are in a very dangerous position. Their full care is for their physical being- nations, governments, common people, commonly and individually- everyone (is) making their program for their material being, no one is interesting beyond that and they should be taken away. They should be ground and taken away. Only whose interest (is) coming through their spiritual being, they should stay on earth and others (are) going to be like rubbish and (they) should be taken away, swept away.

People take your care, look after your real program that belong to your eternal life! Take your interest more and more for your real life, you should be happy. Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, eternal, never ending life, its program (is) just thrown away and people (are) running on dustbin, leaving jewels, running to dustbins to enjoy themselves, and our physical being whom their interest (is) only in their physical being, their physical being (is) going to be like a dustbin. No any other value, dustbin, and then, when they are passing away, what they were carrying through that dustbin, very bad smelling coming out. They lost their chance to be for eternal life. They lost it, becoming dustbin through their graveyards. Quickly buried away. And now whole Non-Muslim world they are burying their dead bodies with coffin. (In) Islam, (in the) Muslim world, they are burying with their white clothes, but they are bad smelling, so bad, therefore they are closing the coffin and putting under earth and putting on it earth, not to come any bad smelling from that body.

May Allah forgive us and send us someone, someones to correct our lives, to correct our interests, and to wake up His servants, so that (those) who (are) awakening, (they are) coming to their Lord’s servanthood. They are asking, (and) then Allah Almighty (is) dressing them the honour of being Caliphatullah, being deputies of Allah Almighty and (His) representatives. We are asking from Allah Almighty humbly His Blessings, to send us- before this world (is) going to be in ruins, in ashes- to reach us Mehdi a.s., to collect Muslims and to wake up Western countries from their heavy sleepiness to understand for what they have been created and what is their real program through their lives.

For the honour of the most honoured one in divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 1oth

(From the animals level by an awakening people reach to the hope for a change of their situation- Prophets come to make that hope change into belief and when people follow Prophets their belief comes to be certainty- the three levels of certainty: ‘Ilmu Yaqin, Ainu Yaqin, Haqqu Yaqin- when people reach Haqq, the last station in the divinely Presence, there are no more desires for them except that they are asking Allah to be pleased with them)

Ya Hu, ya Hu, ya Daim! Destur ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…aiduna bi madadikum…Ya Awliya-ullah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association that is making our spirituality to hope for a good future here and Hereafter. We need hope and hope is (the) common level of believers. They are hoping and over that level (of hope there is) another level, (it is) going to be through certainty.

(There are three levels of certainty:) (First) people are through (the certainty of) their knowledge (‘Ilmu Yaqin), and over it (there is the) certainty of their looking (Ain ul Yaqin) and another level is going to be Haqq ul Yaqin, (the Truth or Reality of certainty)- when they are reaching to that level, never remaining with them any doubt.

But (the) first level is the level of common believers, that their belief is only as (the belief of) a student of 5, 6 or 7 years, (who is) beginning to learn the letters of the Holy Quran: What his teacher is saying to him, he is repeating, saying: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Alif.” That small one is saying: “ Alif.” Then: “This is ba, ta, tha”- that small one is following his teacher. Without bringing a proof through himself that this sign is Alif, he must say that it is Alif. When he is learning letters and beginning to join one letter with another, then a word (is) appearing. Then he is understanding that this letter really is Alif, because when you are putting in front of it some other letter, appearing a word and it has a meaning. So that first of all our belief is going to be as Prophet was teaching to them. (The) Prophet (was) coming and saying: “Oh people, you just say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws.” Say! Follow your teacher! Follow your teacher, and you should reach what you are asking! And we (are) now, we may say, we are on the level of hope.

We are hoping to reach for example to Paradise. That is our hope, and over this hope (is) coming our belief that is are just depending on certainty, on 3 levels. We hope to be from Paradise people, and we are here, (in Dunya). According to our belief for Prophet and what they are bringing, we know about Paradises and Hells, and on that level now we are hoping to be from Paradise people. Then this hope changing to belief and belief also (is) getting more strong, on 3 levels through certainty. 3 kinds of certainty. Firstly we are hoping to be from Paradise people, and the last level is that when we are entering Paradises we are saying: “Yes, it is not (only a) hope, but it is certainty that we are in Paradise.”

Now we are trying to call people to (even) the lowest level; but it is (the) limit of animals’ level. Animals are not hoping anything for them in future, no. Therefore the level of hope is going to be over the level of animals. Until a person is reaching the level of hope, his membership is going to be with (the) animals world. He is one member of animals world, nothing else, because they are on (the) same activities, on same desires, on same pleasure; they are concerning only (for) their physical being and they are not saying (that there is) anything beyond their material being. So that they are fully members of the animals world.

When people (are) reaching (up to think) about their situation, conditions or (their) manifestation level through their mind and (they are) beginning to ask a continuous life, it means (that) they are awakening. They are awakening and asking to reach to another level. They are those people who (are) fed up from being a member of (the) animals’ world. That is (the) beginning of awakening. When (the) awakening (is) beginning, that hope (is) carrying them up from (the) limits of (the) animals world; their belief (is) getting up and (they are) looking and seeing: “Ohhh- this is another world than the world that we were in; this is more wider and more enjoyful and more hopeful for our lives!” Coming awaking…And these people on that level may touch with someones (like Prophets)- that Prophets just have been sent to people on that level, and on that level people are coming nearer to Prophets, but others are not, because yet they are with animals membership, they are running (with them), (and) therefore they may kick who (is) calling them to another level, they may bite and kick, because their membership is for animals world. Those people have an identity card, (for) their identity (it is) written: “These ones are members of (the) animals world, don’t touch them!”

Therefore Allah Almighty was saying (to His Prophet): “Say: Lakum dinukum, wali ad-din. Don’t touch these people, because they have (a) membership for (the) animals world, may bite you, may kick you, may harm you., may hurt you. Leave them on their level. But (those) who reached (the) level of hope, when (they are) astonishing and looking: “Ohhh- this is a level (that is) just 1oo different from the level of (the) animals world, that we were in it, but now we reached (another level), we may think something beyond our membership of (the) animals world.” And they were amazed, they were beginning to look (up), not like sheep, sheep (are) looking like this, like that, where is grass, never looking up- but those people, who belong to mankind, when they are reaching to the level of hope and (they are) looking another world, they are amazing and saying: “Ohhh- this is another world! But we (are) never going to reach the wisdom of being that level over level of (the) animals world.”

Then the Lord of Heavens is sending those people who (are) hoping and asking (for something) beyond their lives, beyond their beings, hoping (and saying): “Perhaps we may find something in this direction or in that direction”, and (it is said that) if anyone is asking something and he is serious for (his) asking, the Lord of Heavens must send that person to that direction that he may find something, making their hope to be a belief. They have been sent to that direction and there they should find someone speaking something that they never heard about!

“Oh people,” (he is) saying, ”come! Welcome to you, to your new world! You are new ones here, come and look what we have or what (is) just prepared for us. Come and look, come and give a look!” Those people that they were believers in idols, idol worshippers, they are looking and saying: “Those people (are) calling us to some other world that is (an) unknown world, but we (do) hope to reach to unknown worlds beyond our world”, and these people who (are) authorized through Heavens, they are Prophets; they have hooks, making like this… carrying them (and) making their hopes beliefs.

People are coming and listening. First (they are) coming and sitting around Prophets (and listening to) what (they are) saying and their hopes (are) growing. Growing, but that hope (is) never giving a satisfaction. (Prophets) make (their) hope a belief that that belief (is) giving to them a strong desire to reach to their targets through that beliefs and (therefore) they may follow Prophets; what Prophets (are) saying, they are following them and according to their deep desires and deep wishings they are giving much more effort, much more time to reach what they have been shown through heavenly people that show to them (something) about (the) eternal life through Paradises or Hells.

They are giving much more effort and make much more activities, and according to their efforts and activities certainty (is) growing through their hearts, that (the) first level of certainty is for their knowledge, Ilm ul Yaqin. When they are reaching the horizon or the limits of (that) certainty of knowledge, (it is) appearing to them another level, that they should be in that level looking and seeing and what they are knowing; there are going to appear some signs from another world, from another level. Beginning to appear, and if they are giving much more efforts and they are working on it, trying to fulfil their obedience through their first level, (it is) coming another opening (and) they have been granted ‘Ain ul Yaqin’, to look, to appear an ocean. That ocean is so far and they are asking: “Ohhh- if we can reach to that ocean!”

And as much as you are giving much more effort for reaching to that level, Allah Almighty through His beloved one (is) giving much more power and making a way for them to reach to that oceans of Beauty, oceans of Knowledge, oceans of Power, oceans of Wisdom, oceans of Paradises, oceans of Desires- endless oceans with endless aspects. (They are) asking to reach, reaching, (and) when we are stepping in Paradise, then we are reaching ‘Haqq ul Yaqin’, (the) most highest (level of) certainty that we were hoping to reach and we were believing and following Prophets (for reaching that) and that ocean, when we are entering (it), we are saying: “Ohhh- we reached to our hopes!”

And that is the last point of certainty, to be with Haqq; (there are) no more desires remaining, because they reached the ocean of Beauty that it was their main target to reach (it). When (they are) entering in it, finished. They reached to their last target and their enjoyment and pleasure and satisfaction and peace and to be honored and praised in (the) divinely Presence. (It) just happened, (so that) they are asking nothing (more), only (they are) saying: “Oh our Lord, be pleased with us” and the Lord is saying: “I am pleased with you, oh My servants.”

That is the end of their desires; they are entering through never-ending oceans. They should be there. They are finishing, they are becoming one point through that ocean under the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens…

May Allah give us a good understanding and send us someone, someones, to make us to understand, because now such speeches are going to be (so strange) for people, as the language of Jinns. We are asking an opening and that is the way of salvation of mankind, that is the way of peace for mankind, that is the way for their honours and glory.

We are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and blessings, for the honour of (the) most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 9th

(Your profession is not your identity- The honour of mankind is to be able to learn and know about themselves and their identity and then to know about their Lord and that they have been created to serve Him- people surrender to their egos and are occupied with their physical beings pleasures, instead to surrender to their Lord’s Will that may take them up to 1oo% different life conditions and the pleasure of your eternal real being)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

Al-‘ilmu nurun- (Knowledge is a light)… The honour of mankind (is), because they have been granted a characteristic or an attribute: to learn and to know. That is their honour- to learn. For what? To learn their identity- who are you? You must now it! You can’t say: “I am a creature as other creatures, only they are walking on four legs and we are walking on two legs. They are looking on earth. They may be bigger than our beings, our physical being, but yet they are looking down, looking on earth, but they are walking on two legs. And to walk on two legs is not an ordinary thing; it may be ‘harikatu-l ada’, it is (an) extraordinary position to be on a height (of) 2 metres or 1 ½ and to have a weight and to walk on two legs through that position. It is difficult, but people are not thinking on it. It is an extraordinary grant from the Creator to mankind to make that balance on our form. Through our knowledges, it is impossible.

You are sitting like this, standing on your knees, standing up through your height- you may step and you are using your hands, making like this, like that, moving your hands- if not, it is difficult to walk. These hands have so many special works for them and one of the most important positions, most important qualifications for our hands is to make a balance for man, when he is walking. If you are not… you may think you have no hands, it is so difficult to walk on earth easily and through these two hands giving full balance for our creation; we may walk, we may run without falling.

We are living creatures on earth, but we are different, our creation (is) just different from other creatures. First what we are saying for your identity, who are you? We are saying: “I am a creature, just different from other creatures”, and we have (been) granted to speak anything that we are in need to speak, we have been granted to look and to see, we have been granted for so many efforts on earth to do. Animals can’t do anything, except (that) when (they are) coming from their stable to (the) meadow, (they are) eating, then coming back. They are doing anything else? Wild animals also, through jungles have their places, (where) they are going to be there, when they are hungry, running and hunting, eating and coming, sitting there. Sleeping, awakening, hunting, eating, riding on their females- that is their efforts, nothing else!

You? Countless efforts- people (are) running. And you may collect everything, but you can’t reach every point that a man or (a) member of mankind (is) doing. Countless efforts! You can’t give a description that: “I am an engineer.” You can’t give a full description on yourself that: “I am an architect”; it is not enough. You can’t say: “I am a painter”, no, it is not a full description for all mankind. Countless works, countless activities, countless efforts for mankind- how you are going to give a full description on yourself? What is your identity? “I am a teacher.” It is not enough. It belongs perhaps to a group of people, (but) it is not going to be for everyone. X is saying: “I am a cook.” He is cook, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is a cook. “I am a carpenter.” It belongs to you, but commonly for mankind?

Therefore- man (is) created to learn and then to know or to know and to learn for their identities, and it is impossible (to know) if your Creator- that created you and landed you on this planet- (doesn’t give you that knowledge). He only knows your real identity: who are you, and for what you have been here, for what you have been landed on this planet. He knows, (and) therefore we are in need to learn who landed us on this planet and what is our common identity, commonly. He only knows.

Such things that you are learning, you are doing, you are working, it never gives your real identity, no. Without this works and activities you are all same! That is something you learnt for your life, how you can live, they are all some reasons or some means to reach to your provision for eating, and it is not true that a person (who is) running after his provision with countless means, (is) giving is identity (through these means), no.

Everyone (is) running after their provision; that means, it is not their real personality or identity, no. You are architect, you are working for your provision. You are doctor, you are working for your provision. That is carpenter, running to reach to his provision. That is teacher, running, that is sailor, running, that is shop keeper, that is pharmacist, that is advocate, that is physician, that is cook- you are working all this to reach to your provisions, and these (professions) are not giving your real personality or identity, no. That is all the level of animals, nothing else!

Animals’ life is simple; they are eating from nature, or they are hunting someones some others, reaching to their provisions. We are not saying a lion is a ‘hunter’, no. So many kinds of animals are hunters also, but that is (called) lion, that is (called) tiger, that is (called) wolf, that is (called) fox, that is (called) horse…X. is shepherd of buffalos…in Pakistan so many…Y. is a machinist for cars. We are not saying that he is car, no. People are not using their mentality to understand their position and know about themselves. “Man arifa nafsa faqad arifa Rabba”- first you must know yourself! You must reach an understanding for your real being. When you are knowing that, you are finding a way to your Creator!

All these things that we are speaking on, are all for our physical being and its needs, its provisions- may be King, may be Grand Wezir, may be Prime Minister, may be mayor, may be MP, may be biggest business man- all are on the same level, they are asking their provisions and they are asking also more than they are in need, because they are saving perhaps millions or billions. For what? For what wasting your time, your life? For saving millions through banks! For what! It is Batil, not giving to you your real identity, no, all of them (are) on (the) ame level for their provisions and asking more, collecting and saying from this temporary life’s pleasures. They are running after it to reach much more pleasure through this temporary life’s pleasures.

Therefore- it is not their identity. Until the Lord of Heavens (is) sending someone saying: “Oh people, what are you doing? You know who are you? You know about that One that (is) bringing you for a while through this life and then taking (you) away? Where are your ancestors? They were living, but now they are going to be unseen, unknown ones; their lives (are) just written through history books or through other romantic books, but the people, who are chiefs of (the) scenario- where they are? They left you- where is their real being, where they are now? (They) passed away!” And these people (who are) coming are reminding them: “Oh people, you had ancestors; you are not coming from Heavens in a basket, sending, landing on this earth, no. You are knowing (that) you are coming from your mother’s womb, and I am asking: Where are your parents? Where are your parents’ parents, where are your ancestors?” (They are asking this) to touch their care, to take some care what these heavenly people (are) informing them (of), saying: “Where they are?” And if those heavenly beings (are) saying to them that: “You are going to die and the Day of Resurrection you are coming back a second time (to) life”, they are coming and saying- that is for a proof for them that their ancestors once upon a time were living ones, because (they are) bringing (a) handful dust from earth and saying: “This is (from) our ancestors’ grave, we are bringing only their dust- how you are saying: ‘These people (are) coming once again (to life)’?” They are knowing that once upon a time they were living ones, but now they disappeared; they are becoming dust through earth, finished. But it is a proof that they are knowing that their ancestors lived and finally they are going to be dust, and they are saying: “How it can be?” approving that they had ancestors once upon a time. And this (is) signing that identities are not (that) what you are looking when they are walking and living on earth, no, it is not your real being. If you have a real being, you must continue your life; but it belongs to (a) material world that is coming and finally going to be dust.

To them people to be awakened, Allah Almighty is sending (someones) to people to make them (to) wake up, to awake and to think on it: “How happened? How happened (that) we are living today and tomorrow we are not living creatures!” When Prophets (were) coming they were asking to teach people about their creation and about their importance and about their mission and their creation., and when they were coming and learning this, they were asking: “Who created us?” (First) you must learn this. When you are learning this, you are getting up from the level of animals and you are going to ask: “Who (is) bringing us in existence? Our existence is not from ourselves, no. If it was from ourselves, we (were) never going to be dust; we are not going to die, to be dead ones.” When people (are) reaching to that level of knowledge- that Islam is saying: To learn is an obligation for men and women, because both of them are the Children of Adam and they must know their identities, they must learn about themselves- when they are learning (this), they are asking: “Who is that One that (is) bringing us in existence?”

(And so), secondly, (they are) coming to know and learn about the Lord of Heavens. When you are learning about yourself, you are asking: “Who is our Lord? We are looking that no one can be Lord because Lord, His Existence (is) never-ending, from pre-eternal up to eternal (He) must be the Lord of creation. We can’t be Lords! Who going to die, finish and vanish, (he) can’t be Lord! Therefore our position must be different from the position of our Creator. He is Lord, but we are not Lords!” Then (the) Prophets (are) saying: “You are His servants! He is creating you for His divinely Service! Oh people! Try to learn about your Lord and try to be His obedient servants in His divinely Presence!”

May Allah forgive us! People are drunk! That is (the) level of people now; they are saying ‘civilization’(for it), ‘21st century’- what is (the) difference among other centuries and this century? People (are) on (the) same level, they are not changing their position; everyone (is) running either for their provisions or running after how they should enjoy themselves more and more, nothing else! People (are) running to reach even (a) less (part) from their provision and (the) other group of people (is) running to reach more and more pleasure for this life. (They are) on (the) same characteristic: poor ones (and) rich ones. Poor ones (are) running after their daily provisions, (and) rich ones (are) running after to save much more money, to reach enjoyment, to live a life full with pleasure, more pleasure, more pleasure- on same level. No one (is) thinking more than this on earth. I don’t know (anyone)! If you know someone that is asking to know (something) beyond these limits on earth- up today I am not seeing, except Anbiya and Awliya. All (other) people (are) on that lowest level, occupied through their physical being’s desires. They are surrendered to their egos. If you say: “Come and surrender to your Creator”, they say: “We are not slaves”, but (really) they are slaves for their egos and they are servants and slaves for their physical desires.

May Allah forgive us! When we are passing this level, we are feeling (something else), our feelings (are) coming to change 1oo %, because the conditions, when you are passing up, they are not (the) same conditions, (but they are) just 1oo% different. And if you are asking the refreshment for your beings and endless pleasures, you must cut this distance out, you must surrender to your Lord’s Will and that Will is taking you up, taking you to a level that you are going to be belonging to heavenly beings. If not, you are belonging to the level of animals.

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 8th

(Man’s personality consists of his soul and his ego; the ego is our soul’s ride in this material world- the Prophet’s Night Journey happened with his spiritual and his physical being- man is imprisoned through their material being and the 6 senses cannot take you out of the material world- every material needs to be transformed into a power to be useful- we need to listen not only with our physical ears, but also with our hearts ears to understand about realty and to accept truth and that gives you the power to move beyond the limits of the material world to your real target)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

We are asking from Allah Almighty to make ourselves to hear holy speech through our hearts’ ears! Not from here… Everyone (is) hearing from these (physical) ears, but mostly they are hearing from this side…, sending (it out) from the other side. We need something to take benefit for our beings. When we are saying ‘our beings’, that (is) your personality, your identity.

Someone (was) coming and asking me about the Last Day that we are leaving this life, what should be through death or after death through our grave or on the Day of Resurrection or through Hells or coming in Paradises, asking if our egos and our souls are going to be separated? That means, (if) our souls are going to one side, (and) our egos, (our) nafs, (are) going to another side. As some people in (the) Islamic world, some learned people, they were discussing about the Prophet’s Night Journey, if it happened spiritually or physically. Some people were claming that it happened spiritually, not physically, (and) that is a wrong answer to say for (the) Prophet’s Night Journey; to make (the) Prophet’s personality two personalities: one personality represented by his soul, honoured soul, and (the) second part (to be) represented by his nafs, ego. No! (The) Night Journey happened to Muhammad- peace be upon him- and his personality, with his soul and nafs.

If we are saying, (for example), (that) a person reached to (a) Sultan’s royal presence, you are saying (that) this person reached to (the) Sultan with himself riding on his horse. (He is) reaching to his royal presence (and) he is in his original creation; that ride belongs to him and without that (he) can’t move through this material life. And we also, when we have been sent (here), our souls (have been sent) here, we need that ride for this life and that (ride is) our ego, (so that) we are going to be in one personality with our egos. The perfection of man (is) to be with his soul and with his nafs, his ego- one personality.

Therefore, if we are reaching to (the) graveyard we must be on (the) same personality. If we are coming to the Day of Resurrection, coming our souls with their ride on the Day of Resurrection. When Allah Almighty is calling (us) for our Judgment, we must be ready, as we are now.

Therefore, we are living in a life (that) it is difficult for understanding such things, if you are not hearing realities through your heart. If you are hearing only through your ears, it is going to be passed away, but when you are hearing with your heart’s ears, it is for you.

And we are asking from Allah Almighty to grant us to listen (with) our whole being, our personality, what had been sent from Heavens on earth through Prophets and their inheritors. All troubles now- we are living in the time of troubles- it is (because) man (is) making everything for understanding through their physical being and (the) physical being’s feelings (only). Every time our physical senses (are) coming in front of people and saying: “You must understand what I am saying to you. Beyond this you must not listen, you must not hear, you must not ask!”

Now all mankind is imprisoned through their material being, never asking beyond that (material) senses anything else. And really beyond our material senses that belong to our physical being, (there are) unlimited worlds, unlimited creations that or physical being can’t reach to that limits, (but it) only must be in its material limits. Material limit- what (it) is going to give to you? 6 senses- what (they) can give to you? 6 senses (are only) touching everywhere (the) material world’s walls, touching. As there is an aquarium, in it fish running and coming, touching glass, getting back, can’t be able to get out- now people’s senses (are) only reaching material limits, but material limits are not the end of creation. If you are saying: “Material limits are the end of creation”- where is the Creator of that material world and material limits? If you are saying: “Beyond this (there is) nothing”- how it had been (brought) in existence the globe of world or the globe of Venus, or the globe of sun? How it can be? If themselves (are) going to be in that limits, material limits- you know this is material; that means: if you are not using a power to push, to bring, to show it, that means by itself material can’t work.

Now everything, every machine that mankind (is) using… they can’t be able to use material as (it is in) its real form, to use it. For example oil, petroleum. If mankind is asking to use it as it is, (for example), one gallon (of) petrol, if you are pouring it into a car, (is it) making it to move? No! That must be changed into another condition.

Petroleum (is) changing from material being into another being that there is a secret power in it. When it is going to be in (that condition), coming to be such (a) gas, and with that condition it is working, making something. Or (else), through one barrel of petroleum, if you are putting (it into the car) and lightening (a) match, going to be fire. But one bottle like this, petroleum, if you are putting it in its special situation, special condition, changing and making, coming power, and that power (is) making (it) to move. Like this. Taking a car perhaps 10 litres, 15 litres, (and that is) making it to move 15 km or 20 km, this secret that never belongs to material world.

But people are heedless to ask for that point what is that? How this one litre (of) petrol (is) going to carry a heavy vehicle to run and you are in it, what is that? They are not asking: “How is it going to be changed, how it is working”, because people (are) just imprisoned through (the) material world’s limits. (They are) in it. But (there are) so many signs that the Lord of Heavens (is) giving them signs, but they are not thinking.

I am looking swallows- think on it! They are so quickly flying and coming. What they are eating, what they are drinking? They are hunting mosquitoes- (as) they are saying- and (they are) coming through hundreds or thousands of kilometres from one continent to another, flying without taking refill. Which power (they are using)? Material power using?

Through this material world so many examples we may bring and we may show that there is something beyond (the) material world that (is) making everything to move and to reach to their real targets through this life! But people (are) never thinking on it, they are saying: “Material world” only. And that is an example to make people to know, to understand, that (the) material world can’t be by itself in existence or (that) they can’t be able by themselves to move, to act without taking anything for their outer directions, without taking a power to make them to run or to turn or to be in existence.

Look sun, look moon! Do you know something that is running and (at the) same time it is standing? We are looking (that) it is not moving, (and at the) same time we are looking (that) it is moving? Oh learned people! Sun! You are looking, (it is) standing there, then you are looking it is here, but you are not seeing (that it is) running like (a) plane. Or (the) moon. Maghreb time, sunset time, it is rising, but you are not seeing that it is moving. You see (that) it is in its position standing, and then, until you are coming from Isha prayer, you are looking that: It was standing there, (but now) we are finding it here! By itself (it is) moving? That is (the) material aspect or thing that we are looking it is moving, but no one (is) seeing how it is moving- behind (it there is) someone pushing it or in front (someone is) pulling it? How they are denying (that) beyond (the) material world there is another world? How (they are) saying: No? How (they) imprisoned themselves through the material world? No mind people! No mind people, never thinking on such things.

I was looking (to the) school diplomas of children and what they are teaching to them. They are teaching nothing! They are always escaping not to touch reality. Escaping, not making children to look and to think on it. Say: How a swallow is coming thousands of kilometres distance and coming, finding its nest? It is using (a) radar? It has (a) radar showing (the direction) or something like that? (And) if (they have all the) same radar, (they) must come all to one place. So many kinds, millions of swallows (are) going to their homeland and coming for holiday- how they are saying (there is) only (the) material world?

That is satanic teaching not to say: “There is another world behind (the) material world, which is not material (and) it belongs to the Creator that makes as He likes.” Trouble for mankind (is) coming from wrong ideas, wrong teachings, wrong learning- making people to be imprisoned through this heavy material world and its heaviness (is) killing people. Killing (them) and also taking their identities, making them as rocks or as trees or as animals.

If people are not coming to accept truth, (it is) impossible (for them) to save themselves by themselves. No! Leave yourself in the hands of the Lord of Heavens to take you safely to your real destination. Now all people (are) on (a) wrong destination; (they are) asking a destination, (that they are) thinking it is (a) perfect destination, (but) no, it is (the) satanic destination that Shaitan is pulling them (to it, saying): “Come, come, come after me!” All universities and educational systems (are) imprisoned through materialism, (through the) material world and (they are) denying (anything) beyond our 6 senses, saying: “No!” They are so foolish ones! (They are) not bringing such realities through the eyes of youngsters to understand. Their whole effort is not to understand and accept anything beyond (their) material being.

Therefore we are asking from Allah Almighty to make (these) real aspects that we are hearing (now) to be heard through our hearts’ ears (also). That gives us power to move beyond (the) material world also. If you are not putting that power that is a grant from Allah Almighty, if you are not granted that, you can’t move beyond (the) material world. When (it is) coming through our heart- that power beyond (our) 6 senses that makes you to move beyond (the) material world- that is freedom! Now we are imprisoned.

May Allah forgive me and grant you from His endless Blessings for understanding something. That is ‘Marifat’, holy Knowledge, what we are speaking on, holy Knowledge, to make people free from (the) prison of (their) material being so that we may use our spiritual being to pass (our) material being beyond unlimited oceans, unlimited and unknown Territories and Dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

May Allah accept us! For the honour of His most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Sunday, 6th

(People are only learning knowledge concerning their physical being only, and Allah honoured Adam and His Children with the knowledge of His Holy Names- each holy Name leads to an ocean for our soul, our real being, and makes us closer to His divinely Presence, to know Him and to be more suitable for His service, but people are asking to be themselves lords on earth, not to be servants and deputies for the Lord- the Day of Resurrection you will be asked if you know your Lord and if you did your best for Him)

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…

This is an association- the way of Prophets, the way of Salihien, the way of Awliya, Saints. Without (a) Prophet and without associations (with him) which means (the Prophet) to sit with common people, man (is) never going to reach to their real target of this life.

Everyone coming, (being) born, knowing nothing; then, day-by-day, we are learning something that we can reach to support our physical being: how we can live, with which means we can live. And that knowledge we are saying (is the) knowledge of (the) level of animals. Animals don’t speak to each other; they are just directed to those targets that they (are) created for. They are under divinely direction, they are directed.

Man also is directed through their parents; (they are) learning something that with that knowledge they can continue to live on this planet up to their last moment, that just Allah Almighty (is) giving them a limit for their life. Up to that limit they are learning something and they continue on that way. That knowledge belongs to our physical being that our physical being belongs to (the) animals world. What animals need for living and bringing their generation to continue, on (that) same level mankind is learning. First of all (they are) learning from their parents. Day-by-day, when (they are) growing, they are learning.

Now we are looking and seeing that (there are) so many kinds of knowledge just on act and people (are) running to learn something- but what they are learning? They are leaning what is concerning their physical being. You may say now nations have hundreds, thousands, ten thousands (of) elementary schools, secondary schools, gymnasiums, universities, academies and so on- what they are learning through these thousands and thousands of schools? What they are asking to learn and which thing schools are teaching people? It is an important point!

Someone may be a physician, someone an architect, some (other) one (is) going to be artist, someone engineer…learning, learning- through universities and schools (there are) so many knowledges and also people (are) learning handcrafts- (but) all of them for what? It is only for one target: People (are) asking to live and reach higher levels of this life, (that) all of them belong to our physical being, (asking): “How I can be able to reach a satisfaction with my efforts, to (reach a) high level life for my physical being?” Thousand kinds of schools, universities, people are saying: “We learned in Indonesia. It is not enough, we must go to London University”, some others (are) saying: “We must go to Harvard university”- for what?

I was looking in a newspaper yesterday and it was written that now the Turkish Prime Minister’s son is learning through Harvard University, they are saying. “Where is it? On moon or on earth?” I am asking. “My son is in Harvard University.” These foolish ones here also running to reach high-level life. It is no good to be in Caribbean island, we must do a long jumping from (the) Caribbeans to England or from England to US university (of) Harvard!” Jumping.

(The) Prime Minister (is) very proud that his son (is now) learning in Harvard university. What you are learning? For your stomach, for your physical being, and what is the result? (A) Harvard doctor is not going to toilet? He must not go to toilet, WC! And he is graduated from Oxford! What is the result? I am asking: “Not going to WC?” Everything (they) may learn, but (the) last point is to reach to WC. Whole efforts of people, what is its last station? WC station! What is the benefit? All that knowledge (is) making people to reach even (a) high life, (as) they are saying- but (they are) coming from high life to ‘WC life’. Whole knowledge’s final point, final limit, is (the) WC. They learnt and its summary (is) that they must go to that place to look the summary of their knowledge…

Then there is common knowledge for everyone; without learning through universities they are learning it, only they are claming to have a diploma for it, but (the) result (is the) same. (Even) who has not learned anything, he (also) knows what the physical being is asking. If a person is bringing a diploma from Harvard or Oxford- (it is) not giving anything else, (but it is) same. Same result for all of them. (For) that knowledge they wasted their time, but if a person is not knowing anything, (he has the) same result.

Allah Almighty is giving honour to you, oh man, and your honour is with some knowledge. Allah Almighty is not honouring you through your ride; (He is) not giving honour to you through your ego, not giving to you honour with your outlooking, with your colour, with your height or shortness or to be big. (He is) not looking (to) that. Allah Almighty is never giving honour to you looking to your creation. He designed everyone as He likes! No one can object on it. It makes Allah angry to say: “I am short, I must be tall”. “I am so fat, I must be thin”... No one can say: “My colour, I don’t like it.” Pu! on that person who is saying this, fighting (his Lord)!

“Yusawiyu fi arhama ma yasha”- Your Lord is giving your model and design to be man or woman- black, white, yellow, red- don’t speak on it! That is foolishness. Everyone in divinely Presence is honoured- through their souls, not through these forms, and people are running to make their forms (like) ‘model’, ‘mannequin’: “Oh my Darling, how I can do? If I am dressing such mannequin dress?” What is that foolishness? This (physical being) is a dress (that) Allah dressed on us, but He is asking and He granted us another honour, not looking to your colour, your sex, your dressing, no! Something He granted. People (are) never taking care for that honour, running after outlooking forms to make it another: every year, every month (dressing a) new fashion, thinking that if they are dressing every month another fashion (they are) going to be another personality. No mind people! Now full all (the) world (with them) and that is (the) reason of fighting, wars- (it is) only for their physical being.

Allah Almighty was teaching Adam a.s. all (of His) Names; something that He is saying (for it) ‘Names’, but every Name is leading to an ocean for our souls, for our real being. That knowledge Allah Almighty was giving and teaching Adam and giving honour to Adam over (the) Angels for that reason. When Allah Almighty was saying: “If you are looking and seeing (that) Adam that I created him, he is not suitable for this honour, you come and say what you are knowing!” What Adam knows that is another knowledge that is giving more honour to our real being. Now people lost it, they forget it, they are running after this physical figure and its desires, that (are) finishing.

Allah Almighty was sending Prophets to teach people some knowledge that is so precious! Through that precious knowledge you can be in divinely Presence closer to His divinely Presence and you are going to be more suitable for His divinely service.

People now (are) running on a line that (is) never reaching to an end; (they are) never changing their level, all of them (are) on (the) same level, no one (is) asking to go up. No one (is) running after the teachings of (the) Prophet sws. You know any university teaching heavenly knowledge? They are saying: “It is banned to speak in our university (about) heavenly knowledge, traditional knowledge. We are not accepting.” As Nimrod was saying: “I am on earth and your Lord is on skies”- mankind (is) now on (the) same characteristic and Allah Almighty should take them away, giving their punishment from someone to others, from others to someone. No peace! If (they are) not changing their level to ask real knowledge from their Lord that (He) just granted (to) us through His Prophet, (there will be) no peace, no rest, no satisfaction no blessings here and Hereafter also.

The Day of Resurrection (when) Allah Almighty (is) calling one after one, asking: “Oh My servants, what you learned?” - what you are going to say? “What you learned? “Oh my Lord, I learned how I can built a palace” or: “how I can be a good engineer”, or this or that, something…”Leave that! Did you do anything for your Creator, for Me? What you know about Me? What you learnt? If you say: ‘I learnt’- did you give for Me your best praising and thanks? Where it is? How many times you are bowing in My divinely Presence? Where it is (your worshipping to Me)? You are bowing in front of ladies, in front of your tyrants, you were kissing their feet- but for Me- you ever once bowed for Me?” “No.” “Take him! This one lost his biggest chance that I granted to him to know Me and I honoured them (with that knowledge) -they lost it. Take him!”

Oh people don’t be cheated for this Dunya! Dunya (is) cheating you and it is the main aspect that Shaitan is using to make you to fall in troubles here and in punishment through the Hereafter. Think on it before coming your last breath, your last day, that you should be taken from here. Try to make your Lord pleased with you and give (your) most high effort for His praising and glorifying.

May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… That is knowledge that everyone is asking to know and to walk on it.

Saturday, 5th

(You are only reaching divinely blessings through blessed ones- Prophets and Saints, who have a relationship with Heavens, they are always looking up- Shaitan is making people to be like animals, always looking down to Dunya, not to look up and reach their real honoured level- people have become like wild animals, and they call them ‘terrorists’- Saints are the lions of Allah; they are protecting Allah’s sincere servants- remember the Saints and ask help and protection from them to be sheltered here and to be under their flag on the Day of Resurrection)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Who is (an) authorized person? (The one) who can look through the hole of a needle and may see (the) whole world! (An) authorized person, who (is) authorized by heavenly headquarters, they may look and see the whole world through a needle hole. That is an authorized person! You must look after that person. All others are cheating you!

May Allah forgive me and bless you! Oh our Lord, make this gathering a blessed gathering. If You are blessing…I don’t think when His blessings (are) reaching to a person, (he is not) to be changed; that gathering and that person must be blessed up to end. That is important! Therefore (those) who (are) coming to a Prophet and looking to him and accepting him, (the) blessings that (are) coming on (that) Prophet must be with them (also). A Prophet must carry blessings from Heavens, or it is impossible to reach attenders through themselves a satisfaction or to feel peace through themselves. Prophets and their inheritors are the only ones for the reason of whom blessings (are) coming on earth. Not for others, no, (it) can’t be!

Who may reach to an authorized person- (that) means (to someone who) belongs to Heavens, their relation (is) with Heavens- who (is) reaching to such people, blessings (are) reaching to them. Don’t ask blessings with other people, no, blessings (are) coming from Heavens. Don’t ask blessings from earth, no, from up (it is) coming! Therefore you are looking (that) trees (are) asking to reach that blessings (and) therefore they are not asking to come down, but they are asking to come up, asking to reach (up). But people not taking their lessons from even plants- (that) they are growing up, not down, and asking to reach the blessings that come from Heavens. And you, we, we must look such people who are looking up.

About (the) Prophet- peace be upon him- the Holy Quran is saying: “Oh My beloved one, I am looking (for the right time to change the Qibla…” When (the) Qibla had been ordered (to be) towards Jerusalem, Quds-u Sharif, (the) Prophet sws was longing to (be the direction of Qibla the holy) Kaaba and always (the) Prophet’s eyes were going up. He was looking up. (There is an) Ayatu Karima. He was looking up when (the) divinely Blessings (are) coming for changing the Qibla from Jerusalem to the Kaaba.

Blessed people’s physical eyes are looking up as well as their real being is always looking up, asking to reach blessings from Heavens. Those who are always looking (down), like this, they are on the level of animals, they are belonging to the animals world, because animals are always looking down. You saw any cow, any sheep, any donkey or horse looking up? (No, they are) looking down to eat grass. (Those people) whose importance is only eating and drinking, their level (is) only (the) level of animals world, no more.

They are thinking on it only. 21st century people’s civilization- what (it) did for mankind? (It is) bringing mankind from Heavens, from up, from (a) high (level) of humanity, carrying them to the level of animals. That is 21st centuries civilization- bringing mankind, carrying them from their real levels that that level is just honoured, (down). No any other creature reached to that level, only mankind! (But) Shaitan (is) making them, saying: “Come down! Here (there is) pleasure for you. Come down .Our level (is) so enjoyful, you should find peace, come down!” That is 21st century civilization- making mankind to come down, on level of animals. If they were only (like) dears, zebras, cows, giraffes, such people it was very good. But among them are (people who are like) leopards- leopards (are) very angry looking ones! Standing up and looking like this…jumping to reach…

Now people are saying: “Terrorists!” They are not terrorists, they are (like) wild animals on animal level. How can stop them cows, dears, giraffes and so many grass-eating animals? How they can protect themselves from them and (the) whole world (is) now on that level. “Terrorist people”, they are saying, “(are) running here, running there, making their wildness, (in this) place, in that place, in unexpected places”, they are rushing and doing (harm), because (they are) representing (the) wildness of wild animals. Therefore- violence (is) climbing through violent ones. And all people (are) on that level, (only) very few ones (are) asking (and) saying: “Ya Hu- this is not our real level. Why we are here?” Sometimes (they are) blaming that one, blaming Israel, blaming Russia, blaming Chechnya, blaming Qaida, blaming Murabba, blaming square head people- blaming, blaming…ya Hu- why blaming? Why sitting with them? Change your situation! Get up from their level, come back to your real level. (If) you are asking to come to your real level- that Allah Almighty honoured that level- come back and He is saying: “Wa-llahu yu-aiyyin”- Allah is (the) Protector for people, for believers. Allah is saying, making His oath and saying: “I am defending My honoured servant, no one (else)!”

Once upon a time there was a Grandsheikh, a Saint, Waliullah. One person was asking to visit that one and (he was) coming and on his way he was fearing, because one lion was following him, running after him, and he was coming full with fear. (He was) visiting (the) Grandsheikh and after the visit he was asking to leave and he was saying: “Oh beloved one in divinely Presence! Through your area there is a lion, making me to fear!” (And the Grandsheikh took his cap and) said: “Take this (cap), put (it) on your head and go”, giving this (cap) to him. (He was) putting (it) on his head, getting out, the lion was looking and escaping. These people are lions (themselves)! Ask (the) lions of the Lord of Heaven for protection! No one (else) can protect you, no!

In Shamu Sharif- perhaps 4o years ago- there was one Sheikh Nuruddin. He was from the line of the Prophet, a Rifai Sheikh, a powerful one, he had heavenly powers also. He was very tall and wide. He was Grandsheikh’s father in law. He was coming and I was sitting with him also and he was telling me something from his past. He was saying to me:

“The first time when I was coming from Diarbakir or Al Aziz, through the center of Anatolia, to go to Medina, and I was 19 years old, I was burning with the Prophet’s holy Presence, to visit and I walked o my feet. Walking to reach to the Prophets honoured Maqam and I was running with my beloved one’s love, ‘Muhabbatu Rasul’, the love of the Prophet, I was running and people, caravans were going. We reached through the dessert and it was the time of Maghreb, the sun was setting and the caravan was sitting down to take their rest and they were going on in the night. We were there, we reached and I was looking there were two ways: one through the hills of mountains, another around mountains, and it was desert. And I was looking (that) no one was asking to reach that way, through hills, all of them (were) asking to (go through the dessert) and I was saying: ‘Why? This way is easy, shorter, but that one is longer.’ The caravan people, Bedouins, were saying: ‘Yes, we know it, but there are lions on that way, and it is dangerous, therefore we are asking to take the safe way.’ I was saying: ‘It doesn’t matter, I may go (that way).’ And darkness was coming and I was running, marching alone.”

And he said to me: “Oh Nazim, Effendi, I was hurrying to pass and I was feeling that there was someone on front of me, also quickly rushing. I was trying to reach to that one. I was reciting the Sura Yasin along my way and I was hearing someone reciting the Sura TaHa. I was quickly running to reach to him and finally I reached and he was reciting TaHa, I was reciting Yasin. “As-salamu alaikum. “ “Wa alaikum salaam.” “ Oh Abdullah! I was asking to reach to you and you are (faster) more than me” and I was seeing that his leg also was broken, but (still) I couldn’t reach (to him). (And I said): “Oh my master, I heard that there are lions on this way. How you are passing through?” And that person was saying: “Oh my son, we are lions! Other lions fear from us. Don’t worry, go (on)!”

Awliya! Those who are blessed through Heavens and they are for Allah, they are real lions! Real lions may protect you from others. People are asking shelter from governments, from security powers, from their armies- and he was passing! They are lions! Ask from that ones! As I said (in the story), if he is putting his hat on that person, lions can’t reach, they can’t approach to them, no, (they are) escaping like this, giving way. Now people forget heavenly lions! They are fearing from dragons and scorpions! Haha! That is a punishment, because they lost also to say: “As-salamu alaikum!”

This holy word (is) giving safety to people and other creatures they are knowing that this one is under protection. “As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum, ya ‘Ibadallahi Salihien.” When you are passing, say: “As-salamu alaikum, Ashabu Nauba.” (Those) who are appointed for protecting Allah Almighty’s sincere servants, they are keeping (them) and protecting (them).

People now lost (it); now they are not asking Awliya, they are denying Awliya, they are those foolish ones (who) are destroying their holy Maqams, holy places on themselves! How theses Awliya (are) going to protect them? (They are) leaving lions to eat them- not lions- lions are honoured animals- (but) others, no honoured creatures, (are) eating them, (saying:) “No, leave them.” That is punishment, because mankind (is) not taking care for (the) Prophet’s respect and for Prophet’s inheritors respect. They are not honouring them, not giving their full respect to them.

Before living people were coming to be with them through their accommodation places and also they were asking protection from cursing; they were making their will to be buried around such lions that are (the) real Sultans on earth. Therefore around these beloved ones, honoured ones in the divinely Presence, you may see big cemeteries, because when (they are getting up on the) Day of Resurrection, they should have flags and their flags are reaching all (those) that are buried through their holy Maqam.

Now people, Muslims, they are only by name Muslims, and they are leaving what is going to be respected: (the) respect to the servant of the Lord, the respect to Prophets and the respect to the Prophet is respect for Allah Almighty. But Wahabi people are not understanding, because they are ‘mm-square-head’ people. A square-head may be a km square, but these people (only have a) mm square- (they are) imprisoned in that point.

May Allah take away badness from Muqmins and may He bless you through His blessed ones. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Thursday, 3rd

(La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah- Allah is the teacher to the Prophet and no one can understand from Him except Muhammad sws, the most praised one in His divinely Presence- he is the representing the Lord of Heavens and he is (the) representative for all creation from His Lord- Muhammad has the full support from Allah Almighty and all creation depends on him- Only Allah has Existence and the creation belongs to the world of Amr, coming on existence through His Order: Be!- the order is coming to Muhammad sws and then it is appearing as creation-also by an order creation is made to disappear again- creation is appearing through White Holes and Black Holes take it back in)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

We know nothing, oh our Lord. If you are teaching, we can know. If (You) are not teaching, oh, oh…we know nothing. Allah, Glory be for Him, He is teaching, He is (the) teacher to whom? To one! No one (is) understanding from Allah except him, that must be known. One teacher, one student. One (is) giving, one accepting. One (is) granting, one keeping. One (is) honouring, one accepting. No one can be in His divinely Presence except one- from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Therefore it is written through pre-eternal: La ilaha ill-Allah. Only? No! Written in front of it: Muhammadur Rasulullah sws. Muhammadun abduhu wa rasuluh. No one can be in divinely Presence to be addressed directly, only one- (the) most praised one. Must be. No one can reach his position, no one can be praised by his Lord as that one (is) praised. Therefore he is Muhammadun sws, (the) praised one, from pre-eternal up to eternal. Ghaghma anfihim- in spite of Wahabi people that are not asking to give that praise (to him). They are greedy people to give to (the) most praised one in divinely Presence his honour, (and they are) saying: “He is only a servant.”

But everyone (is) his servant! He Almighty (is) making everyone to be that one’s servant. They are not understanding! (The) whole world’s people must try to know that reality. For what? To be honoured here and Hereafter, or (else) their level should be under the level of animals. (Those) who are not accepting the Lord’s Praising (of) that one that he is Muhammad, (the) praised one, they should be under the level of animals.

(He was the) first teacher, from pre-eternal p to eternal. Grandsheikh- peace be upon him, Allah’s Blessings be upon him- he was saying that (the) Holy Quran (is) ‘natiqi’, continuously. (The) Holy Quran is not in limits of time, no, its meaning (is) just reaching (to the) whole time and (the) whole space. (There is) no any time out of (the) Holy Quran’s addressing. Every time there are creatures, because Allah Almighty’s creating (is going on) from pre-eternal up to eternal; every divinely Attribute- azzeliyun, abadiyun- (is) continuously, without stopping or without going to be in limits, no! Past time, present time (and) future time (are) for ourselves. In (the) divinely Presence past, present and future (are) on (the) same level.

And He is creating and His creation is continuously, without stopping, and His creation (is) just appearing through one’s existence. If that existence is not there, no any creation may appear. From His Lordship (there is) running countless unlimited continuously creation and He is the Lord of all, but it is impossible (for) creatures or (the) creation to reach directly to Allah Almighty; (it) can’t be! (There) must be a mediator- (and that is) Muhammadun Rasulullah sws- that he is the representing the Lord of Heavens and he is (the) representative for all creation from His Lord. He is (the) only representative in existence for (the) whole (of) creation from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Don’t read, don’t recite (the) Hoy Quran as you are reading newspapers or magazines! (The) Holy Quran (contains) oceans, oceans! That one (is) just supported or granted (a support) and put in front of everything with divinely Support. Everything depends on him. If that reality of that most praised one is taken away, nothing (is) going to be in existence. (He is) the main pillar that just (is) supported (by a) full support from Allah Almighty. When I am saying ‘full support’ it is only according to creation, it is (a) full support for creatures; the support that is coming to the Seal of Prophets is according to creatures, or: (from) his full support oceans you are taking only one drop and that one drop (is) supporting everything in creation.

And that drop from that oceans is an imitated drop, (it is) not real, because Allah Almighty (is) never giving from His Existence to any creature. Because creation can’t carry even one drop that you may say its bigness may be as an atom. No! Allahu Samad! (He is) never giving (from His Existence). (Therefore the existence of creatures is) imitated; only a (divinely) Order (is) giving (them) existence, (when He is) saying: “Be!” and (they are) coming in existence. (Creation is) only (with) an Order! It is not something

from (the) endless Power Oceans, not taking anything. (It is) only that Word, Command, holy Order according to His Will, (when He is) saying: “Come (in existence)” and the creation (is) coming through that most beloved, most praised one and that Order (is) giving existence (to the creation). But who is coming in existence from creatures, don’t think it is something from Allah Almighty’s Existence, no- real Existence is only for your Lord Allah Almighty! All of them (belong to) ‘Alem-u ‘Amr, to (the World of the) divinely Order. He is saying: “Be”, and (creation is) coming, according to His Willpower.

And He is Musawwir, Designer, Manifestor- manifesting, forming or designing according to His Willpower. That Order makes to appear (the) whole creation, and (the) whole creation has nothing from (His) real Being; only through His Order (they are) coming in our view, (so) we may look and see, but no one (has a real Existence)- this, what we are seeing everywhere. And (the) only one- that the Order (is) coming to him and then appearing as creation- that is (the) most praised one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, and that belongs to him.

(The) most praised One- that one He is, He, Almighty, no one can be (most praised One except Him). What about Muhammad sws? Muhammad is only a figure, appearing through His holy Command, or (only through His holy Command Muhammad) may keep (being) in that existence. When He Almighty (is) asking (Muhammad) to disappear, (when) that Order (is) coming, and (it is) only going to (be) in existence (the) real Existence for the Lord of Heavens. When He (Almighty) is asking to bring creation (in existence), (He is) opening a small door from His Existence and from there by His Order (is) coming a show of countless creation.

Astronomers who (are) looking (to) space are finding now Black Holes, and Black Holes are really signing (these) small holes. There are some White Holes also, that creation is coming out (from them), and when He (Almighty) (is) asking to take them in, gigantic galaxies, coming (a Black Hole sucking)… taking it in and disappearing. Everything you can find in the Holy Quran what we are saying, (this is) evidence. Where they are? Finished! What is that Black Hole, what is its identity? Who can say? (Even) if you use your mind, you can’t touch anything. That is beyond your mind and mentality. No, they are looking only and seeing giantic galaxies coming nearby (to a Black Hole) and disappearing. Where is their existence if they have a real Existence? Where (they) Went? How they disappeared? Don’t make an objection on these words! What we are saying is nothing now, because we can’t be able to swim through that oceans; as a child- (it) may put its feet at beach, can’t go inside.

Allahu akbar! La Maujuda ill-Allah! No Existence only for Allah! Don’t claim (existence for yourself)! This- for what we are saying, (for what they are) making me to speak on that point? That you must understand your position that you are servant (and) He is Sultan, (but) we forget out servanthood on earth and every cursing is raining on people now, because they forget their Lord’s praising, they forget to give their most high respects and to do their most perfect servanthood for Him. Therefore they are falling down and a Black Hole is approaching this planet also to swallow it! But (what it is) swallowing (is) only (what is) on its surface, not wholly this, taking (only) these heedless people (away) who are turning their faces (from Allah), (those whom) they are forgetting their Lord’s servanthood. They should be taken away!

That Black Hole (is) coming and as a Taifun (it) should run all over the world. Those who (are) not keeping their servanthood, (who are) not trying to give their most high respect to their Lord, that storm (is) coming and swallowing them and throwing them away. Should be cleaned this earth!

May Allah forgive us and bless you. His Blessings (are) only for His servants. Those who are slaves for Shaitan should be swallowed and carried by that terrible storm, taking them away. May Allah give His Shelter for His weak servants who are running to keep their servanthood. May Allah forgive me and grant to you from His Blessings! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 2nd

(In the world of souls everyone was choosing one kind of work to do on earth- one group of clever, perfect mind people like the Prophets and Saints was choosing the service for Allah, the most honoured work - they are the real Sultans here and Hereafter and Allah is making all people to serve them and work for them- there are thousands of kinds of jobs for people to reach to their provisions and that the community is in need of, but Shaitan is cheating people with universities that offer only a small range of branches and all people choose the same branches so they get unemployed and don’t earn money- who is working for Dunya, their level is the level of animals- who is doing the 5oo works that belong to the divinely Service, he is working for Allah and is a beloved one, and who is doing the 8oo works that belong to Shaitan, he is working for Shaitan and Allah is hating him)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Sayyidi!…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. It is not a school-class, no, it is a free place; anyone (who is) asking to come (and) to attend (may do so) freely, as (in) an exhibition- people may come, may look, but they are not forced to buy something, no, if he likes, (he) may take, if not- free…We are in such a way. It is a humble gathering and we are not claiming: “I am this one, I am that one”, only I am trying to be an obedient servant to my Lord, the Lord of Heavens. That is my real target: to be an obedient servant in His divinely Presence.

And every clever one that he has a perfect understanding (must ask for this real target)- and a perfect understanding is coming from a perfect mind person; if he is not a perfect mind person, they are not asking that point, (the) real target. And when you are going to be a perfect clever one? When you are using all (of) you mind; then you have a perfect understanding.

If you are using only 1 part of your mind, you are not reaching a perfect understanding. If you are using 1 % (of) your mind, your understanding (is) going to be 1 %. Full clever ones, whom they have perfect understanding, they are Prophets, because they are using their minds only for ma’ali umur; Allah Almighty likes from His servants such a work, such efforts and activities that their value is high, very expensive. He likes from His servants to work for valuable, expensive works. Don’t be like a donkey. (A) donkey (is) working. You are putting on him water (and) he may carry (it), wood, (he may) carry (it), any other goods, things you may load on it and it is doing (his work), but that work- what is its value? Its value (is) just granted to that creature that it did its best, just it brought its importance, because it is created to help mankind to carry their loads. It is okay, (so) that they are going to be finally rewarded. But (they are) working from morning up to evening.

(And) you (also) are working from morning up to evening. Your work is not same (with) the work of (a) donkey, but you must ask what is your works value. “Inna-llaha yuhibb ma’ali umur”, He, Almighty, likes high level and most valuable works.

A goldsmith is working, perhaps that goldsmith is making a crown for an Emperor, for a King, a Sultan- what do you think? That one’s work and a worker’s, (a labourer’s) work who is working in a building, working through a ship, working through streets, working through farms- (do) you think that (that) one’s work (is) same with the work of a goldsmith? (It is the) same work as (a) goldsmith (is) working? (The) Sultan likes (the) goldsmith’s work, but he is never saying (it to) who (is) sweeping (his) palace-rooms, making cleaning. This is work, that is work. And (there are) so many (kinds of) works through this life for mankind, so different works that (the) community may be in need, and people choose one of them and work.

Through traditional knowledge that (is) reaching to me also, now as well as before, and now (it is) coming to me to say that: When Allah Almighty (was) bringing our beings as small forms, miniature forms, that we were there. How we are now you may see everyone with their outlooking and their inner capacities, it (was) just clear. They were in divinely Presence and Allah Almighty (was) ordering to bring, to be brought every kind of work that mankind may work through this life: every kind of handcraft and other works as an exhibition and then Allah Almighty was ordering the Angels to say (to the) whole (of) mankind that everyone (was) just represented in a miniature (form), that they may choose one of these handcrafts or other works; which one they should choose or prefer should be for them. And all people (were running to choose).

And this is an important point also to be known, but they are not teaching. They are making in universities only 7 or 8 or 9 or 1o branches and then all people must be engineer or physician or lawyer or liar or economist or teacher or pharmacist or architect- after this no work, and foolish mankind now, foolish youngsters also (are) running after (to study in) universities. “What you are learning?” I am asking. “Nothing…”

(There are) hundred and thousands of jobs, works and handcrafts that you may be in need (of). Shoe repairer- it is also one craft to be learned (so) that people may take benefit. Those people that graduated from universities are sitting down and no one (of them is) earning money and that shoe repairer (is) better (off) then them.

Someone may bring (some shoes and ask): “Make this. How much?” “Two Euros.” “How much?””5 Dollars” (he must pay) or (he) should be without shoes… That shoe repairer is sitting on his seat and there is a machine. Like (a) King. Saying: “Yes, I may make. Sit down there”, and there is a box…(making), finishing. “How much, my friend?” “5 Euros or 1o Dollars or 2o Marks”- Mark finished- Euros (now)!

Foolish ones now all nations, making youngsters to run through universities, not to learn anything else an they are sitting down (unemployed). Then (they are) going to (their) government (And say): “Give us some money.” “Yes, I shall give you, you should be happy- until we are employing you, take 2o Pounds or 5o Euros and quickly go away!” (And) finishing their ability and capacity. Those universities (are) all working for Shaitan, for shaitanic purposes and shaitanic teachings!

We are saying (that there are) so many handcrafts to make people to work and to reach to their provisions.

(And that time) everyone (was) running and choosing, (saying): “This is good for me, that is good for me.” Why (there is a) crisis now, growing and climbing up and never ending? Because people who choose that time they are not using it (here). They are only running to 1o or 12 (kinds of) jobs for (their) provision and (there is such a) crowding, they can’t enter. Other doors are empty. “Ya Hu- use that doors!” “No! I graduated”! taking this diploma and (they are) putting a Jewish hat on their heads, (taking photograph and saying): “This is memory for our graduation”… “What you are doing with this diploma? (It is) giving (you) any benefit?” “No…”

That day everyone was running and taking (a job, saying): “This (is) good for me, that is good for me, okay. (And)- Allahu akbar- only one group of people was sitting, not moving, not running to anything. They were sitting and Allah Almighty (was) ordering Angels: “Why My servants, these servants are not running to choose one suitable craft for themselves?” (And the) Angels (were) asking (them) and (they were) saying: “We are not interesting in anyone of these.” Then the Lord (was) asking (the Angels): “In which thing is their interest? Which thing they are preferring?” And they were saying: “ We are preferring our Lord’s service.”

(Then) Allah Almighty (was) swearing on His Greatness, on His Glory and saying: “These My servants that they are asking only My service, My divinely Service, I accepted them and I am making all people to be servants to them.” They are not working, but people are working and (they are) coming to them; people are going to be servants to these people. They are not Kings or Sultans (from) outlooking, but they are (the) real Sultans (in the) here and (the) Hereafter, because they preferred ma’ali umur- (the) most honoured work, choosing to be servants in His divinely Presence.

Therefore Allah Almighty is saying: “I like from My servants that they are working expensive work; (the) most expensive, most valuable, most precious work! I like those who are giving themselves for My divinely Presence!” (Therefore) perfect mind (is) for Prophets; they are not using anything for Dunya- their works (are) only for Allah!

And Allah Almighty is hating such works that (have) no value- as we said- all works that are for Dunya. Not only (the work of) street sweepers or building workers, labourers, no; even (if) they are governments (employees), MPs, Prime Ministers and such- all (of) their works (have) no value! Don’t say (that) when he is going to be Prime Minister, his work is going to be valuable, no! If it is not for their Lord’s service, (that work has) no value and Allah Almighty never likes it!

“Pray!” “No time for prayer.” “No time for prayer? No time for divinely Service? (So) your rank (is the) rank of animals, no more!” Don’t look what (they are) carrying on (their) shoulders from swords, eagles or crowns, no! Never (this is) giving any honour to them!

Therefore it is a short but perfect association to be well known for all of us! When you are working, you must look what is the value of this work: if (it is) for (your) Lord’s service or not! There are 5oo branches of works that belong to (the) divinely service; those people (who are doing that) they are accepted in the divinely Presence. And there are 8oo forbidden works; (who is doing that they) are dirtiest ones that their works (are) only for Shaitan (and that are) never accepted. As long as people are working for Shaitan (there is) no peace, no rest, no pleasure, no pleasement on earth or among themselves; all of them (are) going to be in such bad conditions (that they are) never going to be happy here or Hereafter.

Oh people! Wake up! Look what you are doing, what you are working, what is your intention and (according to that) you should be rewarded or punished! And Islam (is) bringing 5oo works that belong to the divinely Service and (it is) bringing also a list of 8oo jobs, works, activities that all of them belong to Shaitan and they are forbidden; who is doing that (kind of work), (there is) no value for them, Allah is hating them, He never likes to look to them and address them.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 1st of June

(Everything and everyone is daily appearing and disappearing, every day everything is new to teach mankind about their imitated existence, because material things have no real existence- thinking is the key for understanding the purpose of creatures existence, but people are only using 1% of their mind’s capacity and that to fulfil their physical desires and therefore they fall from the level of humanity down on the level of animals- Shaitan is cheating people and promising an easy life without the responsibility that comes with the honour of being human- Allah Almighty granted us mind to jump from the level of humanity up and to reach to Heavens)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah, Destur! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

They were asking from (the) Prophet sws: “When night comes, day where going? (And) when day comes, night to where going? One of two must be taken away from existence.” To come day, night (is) taken away from existence, (and) when night (is) coming, day (is) going to disappear and its existence (is) taken away.

And we are living in an existence- it is not a real existence; it is as existence, but really no. Yesterday just passed away with its happenings. Don’t look what is written through newspapers, or: don’t look to TV; all newspapers, all news centers from TV and like that, can’t bring (all the news) from (those) happenings that happened yesterday, (it) only may be (like) a drop from an ocean. Now living on this planet 6 billions people or more- He knows (only) their number. Even your computers can’t reach (to count) the number of mankind, how many (of) mankind were living yesterday and today how many (are) living now. We may say only that: yesterday just lived millions of people, but up today millions of them just passed away; (they) disappeared, (they are) no more in existence. And today (are) coming millions of new ones- (being) born and (being) brought into an imitated existence today. And other creatures also they are not same today as they were yesterday.

It is important to be known for mankind that we are seen as (if) we are in existence, but really we (are) not. What is the benefit to know that? Big benefit!

Because people just have been cheated by Shaitan and Shaitan (is) cheating people by saying: “Oh people! You must run after this material world and its aspects! You must try and give your whole capacity, ability (and) energy; you must spend it to reach material aspects from this material world”, and (there is) no reality, no real existence on earth. What happened yesterday just disappeared and a new happening, a new appearance (is) just opening today up to night. When darkness (is) coming, (it is) covering everything, taking (it) away. And people (are) waiting till (the) sun (is) shining and (then they are) looking what (is) remaining: So many things just have been taken away, so many unexpected existences (are) just coming in existence and you are looking.

Allah Almighty granted to mankind (the) Holy Quran for an understanding about their real positions on earth through this life and to know something about their temporary appearances. To know something, this opening (is) coming daily and people (are) looking. They are looking and asking: “Where is that (what) we lived yesterday? (It) just disappeared! Nighttime coming darkness and covering, a second day we are awakening and we are looking and thinking (that) it is (the) same world, same people, same events- no, finished! That is taken away!” “Kulli yaumin Huwa fi sha’an.” That (is) taken away. Allah Almighty every day (is) giving something to be seen by mankind, to know something about themselves, about their imitated existence. Therefore (in the) Holy Quran (Allah Almighty is) urging people through so many holy Verses, saying: “La allahum yastafakkarun, la-allakum yatafakkarun aw taqilun…” Mankind- they are the real aspect from this creation, they are (the) main target through all creation to come into existence. Everything (is) just created for the honour of mankind and what they have been granted, no any other creature is granted, no! “La allahum yatafakkarun”- Allah Almighty is asking from mankind that they may think on it, because thinking on anything is the key for opening the secret of that thing, (the) secret for which reason, for which wisdom the Lord of Heavens just created that (creature). We have been ordered to look: “For what (is) this, (what) we are looking and seeing in existence?” And their existence is not stable, (but) running away. But mankind has been ordered to reach through reasons to their Lord’s real Existence; to find a way for their Lord’s knowledge (,Marifatullah).

We have been ordered to know about our Creator, and according to our knowledge for our Creator we may give much more respect and we may give much more glory to our Lord, because we have been created in such a way that we may know, and we may respect and we may give glory. (And Allah Almighty is) asking (this) from His

servants. And when we are looking through everything that we are in it now and (we are) thinking on it, our mind (is) going to be bigger and (there is) coming much more ability and capacity for understanding more and more.

Subhanallah! In our days now people are not using (their) whole mind- they are using only perhaps 1 (part) from 1oo- and it is enough for them to look everything on earth, to run after such aspects that are not real things. That one part that they are using they are thinking with that that there is an existence and (that) this (is) their real existence, but always (they are) going to be cheated, because (they are) not asking a support from their minds. (They are) not using (all of their minds), only one (part) from 1oo, and 99 (parts are) out of order, not using. They are saying: “No need, one (part) is enough for us”, to run, to claim to do this, to do that, because that is the lowest level for mankind and Shaitan’s main target is to carry people, to carry mankind from their most honoured level (down) to the lowest level; to take from them that honour that they have been granted from Allah Almighty, therefore (he is) bringing them to (the) lowest level of mankind, which is the level of animals world. And mankind’s real aspects, their real desires and target now is only to arrange their animal beings. They (are) never interested in their spirituality and spiritual being.

Shaitan (is) making them (to be like this), saying: “Come down! Come, come, come- here you are not in need to use 99 (parts of your mind), it is so difficult! I am calling you to an easy life, enjoyful life, you should be happy and full with pleasure. Come to the level that I am calling you (to), down, (it) should be so beautiful, no responsibility on it!” Because animals (are) never carrying any responsibility and Shaitan (is) cheating people, saying: “Come, don’t be up! Up you have been offered, you have been loaded responsibility; (a) responsibility (is) just put on you that even mountains can’t carry- they can’t be able to carry (that load). Leave that! Come with me to lead your normal life that belongs to your physical being and I am asking from you to use only one part from 1oo. This is good for you! This leave, come with me!”

And people (are) coming (down) and rushing and fighting someones to some others for reaching to the lowest level of mankind. Now all mankind is on that level! All people (are) asking only (something for) their physical desires, to fulfil that (desires). Therefore (their mind) is out of order; (they are) leaving 99 (parts) from 1oo (to be) out of order. Biggest cheating! Shaitan (is) very happy that (he) brought 21st century people wholly (to the) deepest, lowest level and (that) they are living on (the) level of animals word. They are asking nothing else (but) eating, drinking dressing and dancing and running and riding- men on men, women on women, men on women, women on men…That is (the) lowest, dirtiest level! (About) nothing else they are thinking. That is 21st century’s civilization, according to their best friend Shaitan!

Therefore people can’t use their whole minds. (And) for what Allah granted to you that big mind? For what? To find your way to keep your level up; not to come down, but to reach from your level (up) to Heavens! But (instead) people are using that one part from 1oo to invent atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, so many kinds of weapons- and a person with one stroke may die. All richness and all of their offers are running only for weapons and then (they are) asking and saying: “Ohhh, economical crisis!” Why not looking to your budget? How many billions you (are) giving for new weapons? That is your honour to prepare terrible, horrible weapons, to destroy what mankind built and to kill them? That is your civilization? That is your mentality? To where you reached and your budget perhaps- if I am saying it is true- from 1oo (%) 99 (%) at least (you are) giving for new weapons and everywhere (they are) saying: “This year we just invented such terrible

weapons, but now new ones (are) coming and these are going to be old fashion. Give new money!” And people (are giving…) People, what they are doing? How they can stop? If that river (is) running, how you can stop the flood? Stop that river, not to run, then you should find a way for saving people. All all nations, all countries, all governments, all states they are only thinking to find new more terrible more horrible weapons- how you are asking to be peace on earth? (It) can’t be! But they are never listening (to) heavenly Messages! Heavenly Messages are saying:“ Don’t kill!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Save weak ones!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Don’t destroy!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Keep people!” Heavenly Messages are saying: “Keep their honours..!“ Where it is? How they are coming together, 2oo states in UN and they are asking. “We must look to stop terrorism, we must look to prevent Israel from Arabs…”, they are asking, saying. “How we can do to arrange peace through Iraq?” Then they are asking: “Ho we can find a way with Europeans and Russians among themselves?” So many (things)…

Ya Hu- you are on the level of animals! You can’t think on it! Get up! Get up (to) your level, (the) level of mankind! Why (you are) coming down on the level of animals! Why? Allah honoured you and you are throwing that honour (away) and (you are) coming to be with animals! Never going to come peace on earth until heavenly Involvement (is) coming on earth to break those heads that are leading people and (who) are (the) friends of Shaitan, making people to fall into Hells, into fire.

May Allah make it quickly (and) send us who can be able to make Shaitan and devils to be destroyed and heavenly situation, heavenly Mercy and Blessing may come on earth. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honor of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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