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Sohbets Jumada-l Ula Part 1 and 2

As-salamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

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Sohbets by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani
Jumada-l Ula 1425

From June: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 3oth,
to July: 1st, 3rd, 4th , 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th

Saturday, 17th
Destur, ya Sultanu- Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…aiduna bi madadikum…Mededu-l Haqq…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Are you ready? Everyone here? Or through East and West running around?… X. coming from (a) far place, asking to learn. Yes. To learn is (the) most important mission for mankind. For what coming to this life? To learn! About whom? First about (Him) who is (the) Owner of this world, (of) that sun and (the) moon and (the) stars, and skies- for whom (they are)?
We are asking to learn something that is necessary to be known. The Seal of Prophets, the teacher for (the) whole (of) creation, whom they are able to learn- S.Muhammad sws, (he is) coming to teach people, to make them to learn. (But) people are saying: “No, what we are knowing now, it is enough, more than enough.” “What you learnt?” “Something. We wasted our youth, our energy and our valuable life...” “And what you learnt?” They are saying: “Nothing.” That is the limit of heedlessness, the limit of ignorance. You
must try to learn something that you must know (it). If you are not knowing (that), you should be blamed and (you) should be accused. (Therefore) you must learn (that knowledge)!
(The) Sahaba, the Companions of (the) Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, his companions, (they) were surrounding him to learn something, because (the) Seal of Prophets was (the) main source for (divine) Knowledge that (was) coming from (the) unlimited Knowledge Oceans as a grant to him and to his nation. For that purpose we have been created. Not for eating and drinking and trying to enjoy ourselves through this life. It is not (the) time for enjoyment (here), because it is such a short life and mostly people they are making or they are bringing trouble to themselves that they haven’t (been) offered (to do this).
(The) Sahaba- the companions of S.Muhammad sws- they were surrounding him and (they were) listening to him keenly, to take some knowledge that it is (always) new and knowledge (that is in) just that moment coming. Because (the) Prophet was speaking from heavenly Knowledge; when he was opening his mouth to address people, (it was) new (knowledge) coming. He was not using something that just had been sent as knowledge to other nations.
Therefore S.Muhammad sws was getting angry, when he was seeing and hearing that S.Omar was looking (into) some books from (the) Old Testament and (the) New Testament, saying: “For what? I am bringing new ones, leave that. If the Prophets that have been granted from Heavens these books, when am coming here, they were leaving that Old Testament and New Testament. It should be old knowledge (and) new knowledge (is what) I am bringing to you. They are going to be like water just bottled in bottles and you are trying to drink from that, (but) just I am bringing to you from (the) source, new source. Yes, that is water and what I am bringing is water also, but this (is) instantly, just now. I am opening my mouth and new knowledge (is) coming to you that (is) making your real being to open, to enjoy and to know and (to) improve and to come closer from the Lord of Heavens and to be much more prepared for your Lord’s servanthood in His divine Presence.
I know their water, I am not saying it is not water, but (it is) bottled. That time they were using. Now leave that, ya Omar. What I am bringing, if their Prophets (were) here, (they were) not looking these bottles, (but they were) coming to me to drink from me.” What do you think? That sources of knowledge dried or yet (they are) running? Yes, running and what (is) running is enough- or more than enough- that people (are) reaching through 1ooo’s of years from knowledge. They may reach in a second new Knowledge that (is) granted from His Lord to him. It gives to you much more power than (that) what all Prophets (were) granted before you. No need to look there.
Even their Prophet Jesus Christ and Moses coming to follow me. They should leave (the) Old and (the) New Testament and coming, asking: “Make us to drink, oh the Seal of Prophets! Let us drink from your spring new knowledge!” But people (are) no-mind-people now. This source (is still) running, but people (are) running to other sources that are only (like) channels of sewage. Besides (the) spring of (the) Seal of Prophets whole other knowledges that people (are) running after now is only like sewage that you can’t drink (from it), you can’t wash yourself, you can’t live with that. (It is) taking from you, but nothing giving to you. Now people (are) running after that sewage channels water; they are giving, but not taking. (So people are) taking poisoned drinks that they can’t live with that- they are poisoning and now (the) whole world (is) just poisoned because (they are) drinking from (the) sewage of Shaitan. Every dirtiness (is) in it, every poisoned materials (are) in it, but its label (is) so cheating advertisement: “Come to real life and enjoyment. Come and join to our group, oh mankind!” And now 21st century’s people have been poisoned. And (the) most sorrowful event (is) the heedlessness of (the) Muslim world that (they are) leaving (the) real Knowledge Sources coming from Heavens. (They are) leaving it and (they are) following Shaitan’s sewage and (they are) saying: “Sooo important sources, (they are) so good for us to make our physical being to be in enjoyment!”
I heard- you know better than me- that Satan (is) making some kind of pills (that) people and mostly youngsters (are) using it and (they are) feeling much more power, thinking (that) they have more power with that pills. And governments can’t reach to stop it from people, because youngsters (are) using satanic ways for enjoyment and then quickly (they are) finishing (physically). When (they are) finishing, (they are) looking (for) something to bring their physical ability (to be) as before and (they) have been cheated by so many pills (that for their advertisement they are) saying: “Oh, this, if you are taking (this), you are going to be like (a) horse, (you) may jump, high jump. You may run like (a) camel. You may jump from a big channel on (a) camel- so powerful (are) these pills!”
There is a good word in our literature: Anything that you may be in need, if (you are) asking (for it) from around yourself, it is not reaching to you. (And) if (it is) reaching to you, but (it) may be late and when you are finishing (and it is) coming, (there is) no result also. When a young person lost his manpower, coming to zero, (they are) bringing that person, saying: “Don’t worry! If you are taking (this) you are going to be like (an) Arab horse, ohhh!” Or someone is coming, (saying): “You may be like (an) Arabian camel.” Coming to people like X. or (someone) like me: “Because you can’t walk, take this pill. You may be, you should find yourself like a person sitting on (a) donkey; very restful. You may walk from East to West, don’t worry, take this also.” To make him down quickly, (to the) cemetery…Every age people have been cheated by satanic tricks and they fell in satanic traps. We are asking to save them from (these) traps, but (there is) no way. No way- just they have been caught!
Such a knowledge 1oo % knowledge (is) now satanic teachings and (through it they are) trying to make people to be cheated, making them to believe that these material medicines may give to them what they lost. And people (are) learning something to reach high levels of material life. They are saying: “If we are reaching (to) high levels of (the) material life and we are going to be rich ones, (then) we may buy everything with our money, to be like a young man…Oh my Darling, what do you think about me?” “You are like the first night…” “I don’t think, my Darling…” Shaitan (is) cheating (them), making these pills, (and) bringing (them) to such a person like me, 8o, 9o. 1oo, saying: “Take this, you may be like (a) young horse!” And saying: “Oh my Darling, what you think?”
“ I don’t think…” That Shaitan!
Therefore: Astaithu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim! Ya Allah! You must ask shelter from the tricks and traps of Shaitan and his workers and his supporters! This is a life (that) if you are using it moderately, if you are keeping heavenly Rules, you should be happy up to (the) end. But (those) who they are wasting money, they are (the) brothers of Shaitan. But it is so easy to waste money- you may take it back. But (those) whom they are wasting their physical being- impossible. If (it) dried (out), (it) can’t be back that source, once again, no, finished.
(The) teachings of Satan (are) making people to fall in endless troubles and problems and the Prophet was saying (as) the summary of (those) people who should reach nearby to (the) Day of Resurrection: (They should have) two kinds of characteristics: “Himmemuhum kutunuhum wa qiblatuhum nisauhum.” They are running after eating and drinking. Always you are looking (there are) going to be big assemblies, meetings for governments, congress, Nato, European Union or others. Coming this President or Prime Minister or Minister, such first level people (and) they are saying: “For their honour tonight (there) should be big feast.” This is what they are asking, this, nothing else. They are very tired daytime, they are getting hungry and sitting one hour, two hours, three hours, up to midnight, even up to dawn they are eating, speaking, drinking, speaking… no more sleeping…They are living for that purpose. Himmemuhum kutunuhum…No any idea except: “What it should be (that) we are eating tonight? Where we can enjoy with eating and drinking tonight?”
Quiblatuhum nisauhum. “Oh My Darling!” (kissing her hand)… Presidents, Prime Ministers… one woman coming- if you are tying on her leg a piece of meat, even cats (are) not running after her- and (she is) coming… no any hair on her head, coming and (the) President (is) coming…(kissing her hand), then… (bowing to her), then (jumping on her)…Qiblatuhum nisauhum…No other thought, except button and under it…
That is Shaitan’s teaching and satanic aims, sending people on it: “Run to reach to that point!” Also dressing like this…Therefore I am saying: If putting there a piece of meat, cats (even) not running after them…
To learn. But they are not teaching such things. They are making me to speak on the lowest level, because all people (are) just on (the) lowest level. Don’t think that (with) what they are dressing- women or men, ladies or gentlemen- their level getting up, no! Yet they are (on the) first, (the) lowest level, joining their levels the level of animals. That is what they are learning and that is their aims. Therefore eating each other- for their stomach and (for) under it…
May Allah forgive me and keep us with His good servants and bless you and send us from His Saints that have been granted holy Powers from Heavens, heavenly Powers, to change our ways; to save ourselves from Shaitan and satanic groups. We are asking humbly to be that quickly, more quickly (that) no one (is) going to be cheated that time and Shaitan (is) just defeated and his followers and deputies have been defeated by divine Powers.
May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
This is an introduction for Sheikh Hisham… to know about which things we are speaking here…He is making me into that direction, to speak on it for all people that they are ready here and also everyone who has such headphones…All Awliya (in) East and West must listen. They are taking something from this. That opening (is) only for Grandsheikh and he is opening us (a) very thin line, because (if) a little bit we are going up, people can’t carry…(This is) until Mehdi a.s. is coming and supporting them, because satanic tricks and traps (are) making everything so bad that it is no good for the future of people…
Therefore slowly, slowly the Awliya (are) beginning to crawl towards satanic powers. Now they are beginning to move on the direction of (the) important points of (the) satanic center, to make it down. Just (it) began. It is a beginning and it is enough for us. After a while should be seen some other powers that (are) taking up all satanic buildings. One Wali (is) taking it from its bottom up and throwing (it) away. They have power…
May Allah forgive us…Fatiha.

Thursday, 15th
Subhanak, Subhanak, Subhanak, la ilaha illa Anta, Subhanak, inna kunna mina dhalimin, waghfir lana wa tub alayna…
Allah Almighty has endless Power, no one can know about our Lord’s Power Oceans and whole universe with billions of galaxies what is their position in front of Allah Almighty’s Dominions Power Oceans? Do you think that they may have a position as an atom? This huge universe that we can’t reach to cover. Our mindly energy, mindly authority that we have been granted to look around ourselves, what is its amount? We are living on a planet earth, our mindly authority may ask to reach to know about this planet and through its bigness our minds going to stop. Leave this universe that billions galaxies running in it, no one knowing from where coming, no one knowing to where going, When we are going up, when you leave this planet, no direction, no East, no West, no North, no South, no up, o down, no right hand, no left hand, no forward, backward. When getting up, you can’t approve where are you. Are you falling on our brothers on Mars, just we are on South direction or North and we are looking over us some other particular galaxies just passing and we are asking to get a sign as this galaxy, but it is moving also, after a while just disappeared, no direction, finished. Allahu akbar!
If no base, nothing can be in existence. Must have a base to be built on it heir existence. If no earth, we are going to be like this… in air your hands, your legs…what happening? Of no base fro mankind, this world no, where are you? Everything must have some base for approving their existence. If not, no.
This huge universe (is) signing to our minds: Don’t approach too much. From far away you may see something and be enjoyful, because not you, your base that is earth, not earth, bit its base solar system or not solar system, that it is their base this our galaxy, if approaching one of these gigantic galaxies going to disappear, going to be like atom and less just disappearing and don’t work on it too much, because such gigantic galaxy there is some holes. If approaching that, then, if something coming near to Niagara Falls, through second disappearing, you may think and imagine the bigness of that holes that they are saying: It is Black Holes, and Black colour is base of…and black colour also is sign of endless power Dominions. Whole secret ‘Alamu ghujub, everything in it just covered, can’t appear. Everything in it, in that darkness, black colour most powerful colour, but foolish people fighting for their colours. Much more power colour is black colour, dark black that is in it ‘Alamu ghujub, unseen, unknown Dominions that only the Owner of that Dominion He is knowing. That base for His Dominions you can’t find beginning or ending. Black Hole only like this, one mm diameter, so small, but swallowing, sucking, taking in unknown territories, cant be anyone to reach there, no, ‘Alamu ghujub, ‘Alam, Allahu akbar! We are so foolish ones, we are claiming that we are knowing something, we are reaching something from knowledge, they are using only mind productions, mind powers and this their claming something that they have some power or can do everything. This is foolishness of 21st century people. That dark darkness, unknown territories for the Lord’s Dominion Oceans. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!
Wasting time people! They have been offered to think such things for understanding their Lord’s Greatness oceans and greatness oceans that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Dominions and that Dominions one after one getting more dark, more dark. Where He is, the Lord? Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Allahu akbar! When Mehdi a.s. coming and using not to take away that darkness of ignorance from earth, he had been
granted to say: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar” and in a second whole technology finished! 1oo % technology power finished. Center in hands of one Wali, Qutbu-l Mutassarif, one of 5 big Awliya that he is authorized for opening and closing. Now the centre is open. When Mehdi a.s. saying: “Allahu akbar”, shelter by itself coming down, no need to touch that Qutb, no, by itself. And no more any instrument going to be in act, no power for man for these foolish mankind living on earth now and everyone claiming to be like a Nimrod or Pharaoh that trusting on their technology. One word: “Allahu akbar”- finished!
And using from that power only to say once, 3 times, enough to say: “Allahu akbar”, with that power from that power oceans very, very, very weak power he is going to use to change everything from earth from their wrong direction to put them in right direction. Who is getting objecting, getting against , blown, just taken away.
We come to now about our Lord, to know who created us and it is also in limits, according to our capacity. You must learn. “Quli Rabbi Allah”, say: “My Lord is Allah!” You just teach your children first who is you Lord, to say: “My Lord is Allah”, that makes Allah Almighty happy with His creatures. As long as not saying this and running after idols, idols should be taken away.
Oh people, try to learn more and more, as much as possible for Allah Almighty, because our promising from our Lord according to our knowledge to Him. If we are knowing more, you may give more respect, more praising and more glorifying. Therefore Prophet a.s.’s two Rakaat much more valuable from all mankinds’ praying. Why? What Prophet knowing about his Lord, people not knowing. And they are not trying, and Prophet saying: “I am that one that no one can know about our Lord, Allah Almighty what I am knowing, and no one can be much more fearful than me in front of his Lord.”
Try to know more for reaching to His divine Presence and to welcome you: “Oh My servant, welcome to My divine Dominions from every kind enjoyment that you should enjoyful. Come, My beloved servant!“ Try to be welcomed in His divine Presence. But we are preferring to collect rubbish of this life and then losing any chance and going in front of our Lord, asking: “Who am I?” They can’t say: “You are my Lord.” They should say: “My Lord is my ego.” Even not learning to say: “Rabbi Allah”, h e should say: “My Lord is my nafs. I was walking under his commands and trying to fulfil his pleasures. That was my wish.” And He is asking: “That was your mission? Nothing else? To fulfil every kind of pleasure for your ego? You never think about your Creator, what I am asking from you? You never bring to Me something to be enjoyful with you? Oh, my no mind and respectless servant, you are not My servant, you are servant of your ego, of your Shaitan. Now you lost and coming to Me.”
May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us good understanding! Up today such things not coming to Ummah, but it is time of Mehdi a.s. and slowly coming an opening to wake up servants of Lord Allah Almighty… May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of that most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.
When Mehdi a.s. coming, who is going to be in his time, flying like angels…

Tuesday, 13th
Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Allahumma ‘alimna ma yanfa’una wa zidna ‘ilma…
Oh our Lord, grant us from knowledge that it is going to be honour for us here and Hereafter, because no any rank (is) going to be over the rank of a learned person. Knowledge (is) giving honour to mankind. If no knowledge, who (is) knowing nothing or learning nothing, their level is (the) level of animals. And we are asking from Allah Almighty to grant us from (such a) Knowledge that (is) giving to ourselves honour here and Hereafter.
Now people may say: “Oh, everywhere people (are) learning. How you are saying that knowledge (is) giving honour to people and we are seeing here everyone (is) learning, but we are not seeing honour on them.” Yes. No honour. They are learning something- for what? It is an example: Nighttimes, if you are running around cities, particularly (through) rich people’s living centers, after midnight that going-coming (is) stopping. Only two kinds of members of that city are very busy… two kinds of members- they are citizens also, without identity, no identity- they are very busy that time. What they are doing? There is… municipal office (is) putting everywhere a big box to be put in it rubbish. People (are) putting in it rubbish, every kind. Those two, without-identity-people, members of that city or town, they are without salary also coming out. They are coming and working, making everything with that boxes. Some of them jumping and coming in, some others- so many- they are coming and carrying this box on earth to look everything, what is there, searching what is in it. Coming and jumping in it.
I saw so many, several times, that dogs (are) also coming, but dogs can’t jump. (They are) making only like this…, but (they) can’t jump. When (they are) looking cats jumping, (they are) very angry, shouting to them. Then, cats also coming, so many in this, making like this, quarreling and then coming down this…and they are searching what is there good for eating.
Why we are saying this? Yes. You are saying: “Oh Sheikh, we have everywhere, even through your unknown territory- Northern Cyprus- you can find 11 or 12 universities. Some of them ‘European’, some of them ‘Far East’, some of them’ Middle East University’- so many strange names for cheating people, or ‘American University’…”What you are saying? Only handful people here, and 12 universities! How you are saying against our generation, and accusing them that they are knowing nothing? Just we are in knowledge centers. We are learning!”
You are learning to look after that municipal boxes, dustbins, to look what is necessary, what is good to take, for you. You are asking Dunya and Dunya (is a) big dustbin and every dirtiness (is) in it, but you are running to find in it some more, some more things through dustbin and to save (them), to make heaps of that rubbish and dirty things, every dirtiness in it and they are making so many heaps of rubbish. “How you are saying (this) and all (the) world (is) working on it!”
Yes I know! I know what you are taking, after which thing you are running. After which thing you are running to learn, I know it! Therefore I am saying: ‘Dunya jifa’, Dunya (is a) dustbin and you can find in it every kind of dirtiness and rubbish, (it is) in it and those centers- that you are saying high schools, universities, academies, they are not passing over after these dustbins. All (are) in it and they are quarreling. Some of their fighters, their identity belongs… like cats, some others (are) like dogs. All people who run after (the) rubbish of this world, their characteristic is like (the) characteristics of cats or dogs, because they are quarreling to collect much more from (the) dirtiness of this world.
How they are learning this? And we are not saying this is a knowledge. Don’t think that it is giving to you honour. If it is giving honour, we must put on cats crowns and on dogs also. You think so?
Wake up to know what you are doing! After which thing you are running, to reach and to save more, to take more! Everything (of that which you are) taking more, it belongs to that dirty and rubbish things from dustbin. Dunya (is a) big dustbin- never giving honour to you. If (it was) giving honour, dogs and cats should be much more honoured than you.
We have been ordered for knowledge. Knowledge that gives to you honour is heavenly Knowledge, (it) belongs to Heavens, (it) belongs (to the) Hereafter; (it is) Knowledge that is concerning Heavens and (the) divine Presence. You can find such centers now? Where? Who may say?
This is (an) Inn, Holiday Inn, Mental-House Inn, here, don’t say about this Inn…Inn means Khan…And people daily, day by day getting more drunk, more greedy to reach much more. Economy, economy, economy…Euro, Pound, Yen, Dollar…running on it.
Economy! What is economy? To reach much more from that dustbin. From (the) dustbin of this world, to reach much more, that is their economy and they are saying: “Economy (is) coming down.” “Why?” I am saying, “Dirtiness (is) finishing through your life that economy (is) going to finish?” Never finishing. That greed that is a worst characteristic of Shaitan, (is) controlling everyone and they are greedy to use that dirtiness only for them. And what amount a person (is) going to reach, to take from that dustbin?
Cats, when they are getting full, coming and pissing in it and dogs coming and making its leg up…pissing…then running away. Not carrying. But man (is) worse than them, asking to carry also. Those creatures eating and leaving… making on it and running, roaring running: “We are full. Glory to our Lord that (is) never forgetting ourselves and giving us such beautiful things to eat and we are inspectors on it, but foolish mankind, instead to give all of us golden medals on leg, making with stick…”Hush! Go away!”, throwing them away and we are doing for them best.”
Now this is a general view for all nations including (the) Muslim world also. Muslims also (are) running after that dustbin. We know (that) whom they are unbelievers, they are greedy and they are asking to reach much more only for their life, they are saying, (in a) Hereafter they are not believing. But you, as believers Hereafter for (an) eternal life, you are believing (in) eternity, why you are making yourself on their level, oh Muslims? Oh Muslim world- why you are trying to reach to their level? You are thinking that their level is up or down? But no more they are looking to see (the) realities that Allah Almighty (is) asking to teach them, asking from Him such knowledge, to know about themselves and to take themselves from dirtiness and to be clean innerly and out to be ready for Allah Almighty’s divine Invitation (for the) Hereafter.
Where are (the) Muslims? Everyone (is) running after Non-Muslims and I am looking (that the) Non- Muslims are taking much more care for their beliefs, more than (the) Muslim world. (The) Muslim world (is) trying to be much more materialist and Western people (are) saying: “We are fed up from (the) materialist world; now we are asking something else, to make ourselves in satisfaction and contentment and to be enjoyful.” They are turning back, but we are running on (the) same way and we are not taking our lessons from those Europeans who are fed up from their lives and (who are) asking something (that) may give to their hearts enjoyment and pleasure and lights.
They are asking lights now and lights really (are) through (the) Muslim world, but (the) Muslim world (is) never taking care for (the) Lights of Heavens that had been sent through Prophets. They are making it to be extinguished that Lights and running to Western countries that are in darkness. Not only darkness, but dark darkness of ignorance and they are asking now a way to reach to Lights, they are asking to reach (the) enlightened world.
Blame to (the) Muslim world! Blame to our leaders that are never interesting (in) heavenly Lights to reach and to make their countries and territories to be enlightened through heavenly Lights! They are running to Europe, to Western countries, to be their servants and slaves. That is blame!
Therefore punishment is coming to (the) Islamic world day-by-day, day-by-day, but not yet (they are) waking up. We hope when Mehdi a.s. (is) coming, who can reach, who is asking Lights, heavenly Lights, (they) may reach. Who (is) never thinking on it or concerning, they are never reaching; they are coming through darkness and going to be in much more darkness.
May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us understanding to understand reality, what we are learning now, and (the) reality that we lost. We lost it- light and (the) enlightened world of (the) Muslim world. They are thinking that: “We should find on earth some lights”, but do you think that electric power may give light (like) when night (is) coming as (the) sun (is) giving light to (the) earth? Can’t be!
And we are leaving (the) real light center- (the) sun- and we are running after artificial lights, because they are saying: “Oh, we are using neon lamps through every kind of colours and we are enjoying.” No, you can’t enjoy! Perhaps your eyes may be a little bit enjoying, but never (is) taken (away the) darkness from your heart. (And) if (it is) not taken away, you can’t reach a satisfaction and you can’t reach an enjoyful world here and Hereafter. Beware of Satan and beware of (the) civilization of Western countries!
May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of that one who is the most honoured one in His divine Presence, Fatiha…
No one can bring an objection (on) what we are saying now. No, can’t be! If objecting, second day (he) may be (in the) graveyard…
La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah, alayhi salatu-llah…

Sunday, 11th
Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quqatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim.
We have been ordered to learn and to know. What we must learn also it is just informed to nations, to people, (to the) Children of Adam- what or which thing they must learn and (they) must know. If you are asking to know (about) something, you must learn. Learning (is) coming before knowing. (It) can’t be (that) a person (is) knowing something without learning.
Therefore- Prophets they are teaching and people learning. Prophets (are) teaching people first whom they are belonging (to), who is their Creator, or who is that One bringing them in existence and who is that One taking them from existence to unknown areas.
Now- we are knowing that we are living on earth. Every creature (is) living on earth. But after a while everyone- one after one- (is) disappearing. Whom they are living today, tomorrow (we are) looking and seeing that (that) one passed away. And no one (is) asking: “(To) where he passed? He left this life and today he disappeared, but where he went? Where he left? To where he left this life? Where they are now? Billions of people were living on earth, now where they are?” What is the answer? People now (are) never interesting (in) such positions, such subjects, they (are) never taking any care.
Just they are falling in an ocean of material world and they are looking themselves with an eye that they are one member of (the) big animal world creatures. (In the) animals’ world you can find countless creatures. Now the opinion of all mankind is to say: “We are also one member of (that) big animals’ family and beyond (it there is) nothing. As animals they are passing and disappearing, we also, one day we should pass and we are going to be disappeared.” That is the limit (of their) knowledge that they learnt to say: “That is our limit, we are only knowing that: today we are living, tomorrow we are disappearing.”
To where? We are looking and seeing that we are now in (the) material world with our personalities, with our physical being or material. With our material we are belonging now to this material world. But tomorrow we are leaving our material being or physical being and (we are) disappearing. To where? How it is going to be that we are in existence with our physical being and after one day, one week, one month, one year, one century we are not in existence? It is not something that you can bring an answer for, to say, because if you were bringing an answer, it is going to be belonging to (the) material world, but we are looking (that) our material (is) disappearing.
Which thing was collecting and keeping our physical being in existence? That question they are not interesting (in). They don’t like to even ask such a question. Yes, our material being (is) just finished, but we are looking and seeing (that) our material (which) is (the) same as yesterday, tomorrow (it is) going to be changed.
There are two different visions, two different (ways of) thinking on it. One of it (is): we are looking to our material being, (when) it is okay. If a person (is) dying (a) natural death, his body is (remaining the) same. But what, which thing was making that body to stand up, to move, to do, to act, to see, to speak, (to do) so many activities? Now we are not looking and seeing what was making this body to do so many activities yesterday. We are looking now and we are saying: “How? If yesterday it was belonging to our physical being- every activity-, yet our material being is ready, but (now) it can’t do any activity.”
That point is important! It means: There is something in it. Something means: some power (is) making that physical being to stand up and to do so many things. That means: (There) must be some power that (is) making our physical being to act, but it is not in our vision. We can’t see (it). We understand (that there) must be a reason for our physical being to act- but what it is? Today you are looking only (a body there) and never seeing (any activity from it). That approves that there is something beyond our physical being that makes us to act, to do our activities.
This is one important point to be learned that Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Wa nafakhna fihi min ruhina”- “We are giving a power to that material form; We gave something that
never belongs to material beings. From our divine Power Oceans We are blowing through that material form and (it is) standing up. And when We are asking for that person to come (to) his last position, We are taking this holy Breath from him, (and) then (he is) falling down, and, as before, it is in its material being.”
What is the benefit- (the) benefit is important- that we must learn about ourselves? If we are never leaning about ourselves, we can’t reach a learning from our Lord, from our Creator.
First of all we are leaning that we are creatures, created by someone. Our existence is not from ourselves, (but) from Someone that we can’t see that One and we can’t touch that One. And that Power (is) just surrounding everything, not only our physical being; (it is) surrounding (everything) till atoms. Not only outside surrounding, (but) in it and out (of it). Everything in existence must be surrounded by that One’s Power. That One’s Power (is) making an atom to appear. If (that Power is) not surrounding (everything), nothing (is) going to be seen or to be in existence.
Therefore ourselves also (are) just surrounded from our inside and outside; every atom or less than (an) atom that it is collected by his Order, that He said: “Be man!”, and (it was) becoming a man. Everything in that form (is) just surrounded with divine Power, Power Oceans. When He is asking to get it back, that Power (is) leaving (the atoms), that they are connected to each other (by this Power) and giving (the) form of a man. When Allah Almighty (is) ordering: “Leave and come back”, they are coming to (the) Power Oceans of His Dominions, endless Power Oceans, coming and entering and nothing (is) there (anymore), finished. Therefore we are burying people and after a while we are looking (that) everything (is) just separated and coming back as it was before.
We must learn about ourselves! That is something that heavenly Knowledge and our mindly knowledge (are) coming together and saying: “Yes.” What we are saying you are understanding, when we are using (the) full power of our minds and joining that power that belongs to Heavens, now we are knowing about ourselves. We can be through this life for a while and then everything (is) getting back as it was before, but something (has been) taken from your being. Something (is) just taken. What is that? That belongs to Allah Almighty’s Existence Dominions, (it is) coming back, coming back and joining, (and then there is) nothing there.
You may find (that) by (the) heavenly Command: “Be a giantic galaxy”, just it is going to come in existence. Before that Order (is) finishing, that new world, new galaxy, new space must be ready. And when He is saying: “Come back to your real position through My Dominion’s Power Oceans” they (same moment) are just disappeared.
We have been granted a mind for understanding something about ourselves, but we are not using it. We are not using (it) and (if), we are using it for nonsense, uselessly using it, and we are loosing (the) divine Promise of His Grants to (those of) His servants, who are knowing about their Creator. He promised to grant to them something from His divinely Dominions’ Power Oceans that can’t be surrounded, but He is surrounding everything!
People now are not interesting and we have been ordered to know and the way for knowing is to learn such things. If you are asking to learn pharmacy, you are not going to a jeweller; if you are asking to learn architecture, you are not going to an advocate to learn; if you are asking to learn (to be a) doctor, to be (a) physician, you are not going to (a) grocery shop to learn. Everything must be learned from its specialist. This (is the) just much more honoured knowledge that (has been) granted to mankind: to know about themselves, because if you are not knowing about yourself, what is you, how you are reaching ‘Marifatullah’, to know about your Lord?
Therefore Allah Almighty (is) informing that the levels of knowledge (are) countless. You may improve from one step to another, from one position to another, and that is the most pleasure, and most glorifying and praising for mankind: to know about their Lord and His endless Favours, endless Glories that (He is) granting to ourselves.
We are deputies for that purpose, but people like to work through sewage channels. They like it; they don’t like such divine Oceans. It is not channels, divinely Oceans that (are) granted to ourselves; (they are) leading people from (one) level to another level, to come much more through (the) divine Dominions of Allah Almighty. People (are) wasting and loosing their chance and they are coming (to this life), (and,) as they are coming- knowing nothing- they are going- knowing nothing. They should repent, but it should be too late.
And 21st century people (are) very proud with their technology. What is technology! He granted us only a channel of power, no more, a channel for electricity. It is granted to mankind and the Lord of Heavens is making (an) authority for His servants to use that power. Through that power every instrument, every technology is living. They are doing, making everything, but they are not knowing what is (the) source or secret of technology. No one (is) knowing! They are looking (that that power is making the instruments to work), but from where (it is) coming? I am asking: “This electricity- something (is) running or it is atoms’ movement? What is that? If it is something running, or if it is something just appearing through that moment, may be the lines or wires must stop- so many things coming.” But they are saying: “We are looking that electricity (is) jumping from (one) atom to another atom and coming.” What is that? It is not atoms, no, it is something that (is) jumping on atoms and (it is) going to be fan, going to be lights, going to be computer… what is that? No one knows.
And Allah Almighty (is) granting to His servants not such things- it is a grant for believers and unbelievers, because (it has) no value-, but He is asking to grant to His servants something through seconds, through (the) smallest unit of time that our minds can’t carry that, only He may deal with us through our souls that our souls belong to His divinely Blowing.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of that one. We must learn. Who (is) asking to learn, He gives (him). If (you are) not asking (to learn), you are going to be ‘mahrum’, deprived. Give time for heavenly Knowledge! Don’t be like materialist, atheist people, that they are no mind people, but ask real sources of heavenly Knowledge. That sources (are) just granted to Prophets and after Prophets to (their) true inheritors. You must ask!
Therefore (the) Prophet was saying that if you are asking (to find) such a person, not easily they can be reached. May be that person who knows such secret powers may be in China. At the time of (the) Prophet sws China was the farest country in the world and he was saying: “You must ask (for) that (knowledge)! If you are hearing that someone (is) knowing such secret knowledge, run to him, even (he) may be through China!” And from Arabia up to China perhaps (it may take) you 1 year or 2 years, or 3 months, 6 months, or 18 months- Allah knows!
If you are not interested, your level ‘la yazal’, (is) remaining on (the) level of 4 leg people and you should be happy… You should be enough happy (in the) 4 legs world… (you are) never asking more than what you are eating.
May Allah forgive us and open our hearts to hear, to listen, to learn and to know! When you are knowing, (you are) asking to find Him. If you are not knowing about the House of (the) Lord, (the) Kaaba, (are you) asking to go there? No. But when you are hearing about that one, knowing what is (the) position of Baitullah, House of Lord, then (it is) growing up through your heart a deep desire, a deep will to reach to that one. Therefore people (are) running to there. If (they are) not knowing (about it), (they are) saying: “We don’t take care.” Who (is) asking and learning and then knowing, he is asking: “Where is that One?” You must try to reach to that One!
May Allah grant us something for understanding! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
When a sheep is full, sitting and after a while beginning to chew…Now, what you are hearing, make it to be well understood by yourself, it should be for you honour and glorifying.

Thursday, 8th
You are ready?…Here or anywhere else?…Now we are trying to get up, we are on runway…
Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
For the honour of the most honoured one we are sitting here. For the honour and glory of the most beloved one’s honour we are sitting here! You know it or not? Don’t forget, (or you are) going to be forgotten. Who (is) forgetting (the) most beloved one, (he) is going to be punished to be forgotten from Allah Almighty’ s Mercy, (and) if (His) Mercy (is) getting up, cursing (is) coming on them. Therefore for the honour of the most honoured one we are sitting here. Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik alayh. Zidhu, ya Rabbi! Oh our Lord, give much more honour and Glory for Your most praised one in Your divine Presence from pre- eternal up to eternal, S.Muhammad sws!
(In) every meeting, (in) every gathering, (when you are) sitting anywhere, you must remember the Seal of Prophets, our Prophet, (the) most beloved one in divine Presence. You must know that you are living for his honour. The creation (was) just brought from unknown territories, (from the) unknown Dominions of Allah Almighty (it was) coming in appearance. If he (S.Muhammad sws) is not there, nothing (is) getting to be in existence. You must live for his honour! You must try to be his servants, because his servanthood is servanthood of his Lord Almighty.
Alhamdulillah- we are thanking to Allah Almighty that He is granting us through 24 hours even (a) very short time to give our most high respect to that most glorified one. And you are coming here from East, from West, from Far East, from Far West, from North, from South- you are coming here to be honoured for his honour. I don’t think that you can find such a meeting now on earth through East or West, through Islamic countries or (through) Non-Muslim countries. I don’t think you can find. As (it is) my authority, I am looking through East and West, and I am not seeing. Therefore you have bee honoured and for your honour I have been honoured that you are coming and (you are) attending this humble meeting. If no one (was) here, I must speak to (the) columns of this building, to the walls of this building, to the ceiling of this building, to the roof of this building- Alhamdulillah you are here! And your level (is) over (the) level of donkeys- it is okay, I am putting your level over donkeys, it is enough. Happy? Understanding what I am saying?
Who is making his hand up and saying: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws” never (is) going to be down! No one can stand on your shoulders! La ilaha ill-Allah, Sayyidina Muhammadur Rasulullah sws. Biggest honour, biggest glory for us, that we have been chosen people to be here. You should find this short time (on) the Day of Resurrection coming to you with heavenly Lights, and you should be dressed heavenly glorified dresses with heavenly crowns. Who (is) not attending, who (is) putting out from their hearts (the) glorifying of their Lord- and glorifying is (the) most beloved one’s glory- they are dustbin, ‘zibil’, rubbish. (They) should be rubbish. It is not honour for you to live here several years and finally (you are) going to be rubbish. It is blame to mankind that (they are) going (and) living this life without dressing (the heavenly) dress of honour and going without (being) coronated by heavenly crowns. Big blame!
You must change your direction; you must change your face and your heart from Dunya to Maula, to Allah. Everything that you may ask, you can find (it) through His countless treasures. What you are taking? Or to which amount of this life’s precious jewels or treasures you are reaching? Even Kings and Queens or Sultans; (they) have treasures, but in comparison to (the) bigness of this Dunya’s treasures, a King’s treasure is going to be nothing. And no one can reach (even) one Sultan’s treasures now, no, because (in the) past time only one King was collecting and keeping treasures for his nation.
Now (there are) countless wolves, jackals, bears, foxes, running to take: “A little bit for me, a little bit for me”, putting for themselves, not for their nations. Kings were keeping treasures for their nation, because they were Sultans from beginning up to end. But through democracy, people who (are) coming on (the) power point, on treasures, (they are) saying: “As much as possible we must carry from these treasures for us, for our people, for our tribes, for our relatives”, (and) they never getting to be satisfied. Therefore even you have reached whole treasures here, it is going to be (of) no value. You should be asked: “Oh, that one, oh man! You just saved so many treasures, but it was not for you. Now you are looking (that) we are taking you away from your treasures and (we are) putting you under earth.”
One person’s beloved one to him died and (he) buried (him) and he was asking: “What I must write on his tomb stone?” One (other person) like Bahlul Dana was saying: “Write as that one that (is) buried (there) now (is) speaking to me (that) yesterday he was stepping on grass, (and) now over his grave grass (is) growing: ‘You must write on my stone: Yesterday I was stepping on grass, but today that grass (is) growing on my graveyard and people (are) stepping on me now.” That person (is) going to be rubbish.
If you are not using everything that He granted to you for his (S.Muhammad’s) honour- He has endless honour; for Allah Almighty glory (is) endless, but He is asking (it) to be used for the honour of that one who is most glorified one in His divine Presence- you lost everything! You and everything (that) you reached from Dunya is going, you and what you collected and saved, (is) going to be rubbish. You and those saved material treasures (are going to bi thrown) in(to the) dustbin.
Allah Almighty (is) asking: “Take this dirty one from My divine Presence that I granted to him a balance for balancing what is valuable, what is a jewel, a treasure, (a) real one, and also My balance was showing what is imitated and (of) no value. But I am looking that servant ran after no value, not valuable matters and he became also rubbish, and everything that he collected and saved (became) rubbish also.. Throw him and everything (that) he saved in fire! No value (for) that one except to be burnt and to be nothing.”
People now are in trouble, endless trouble. So many people (are) coming and asking to complain to me. I am saying: “Don’t speak! Say thanks to Allah! Don’t complain! You are in a good condition, but you are not giving your thanks and praisings to your Lord (and) therefore you are becoming to complain. No! What Allah granted to you is best for you and He is looking and asking from you for Him glorifying and praising from His servant. He likes it, but people like to complain: “My salary (is) coming down”, “My business (is) coming down”, “My company (is) going to be bankrupt”…Why you are saying this?
I was in South Africa, once upon a time, and some of our brothers were big business people. They (were) taking me to their store house. I saw a gigantic building, full with their stock. They are producing something for ladies…to make much more red (their lips), to put much more to be white (their face), to put on their heads much more paint not to be seen like this…(white hair)…cosmetics. I was looking like this, where is end of this? My turban (was) falling down, I can’t reach. And in front if it big lorries (were) coming, from here up to (our) mosque, big, filling, and (the) smallest piece of that cosmetics: “How much it is?” “2o Dollars!” What is happening? Because when ladies (are) putting this, X. (is) falling down…For cheating men…Very good! And if 8o year old lady putting here also like this like that...saying her husband: “Oh my darling, you are so fashionable, so beautiful! From where you are taking this cosmetics?” ”From South Africa…”
What you are doing! That one is native Imam, X. I said to them: Leave cities and city people, run through jungles, native people that they are yet with their origins, with nature. They have friendship (with nature). City people (have) no more friendship with nature. When people (are) going not (to be) friendly with nature, nature (is) coming against them and their lives (are) going to be poisoned. Those people are living in jungles and they are friendly with nature and Islam is just with nature. Islam (is) with nature, nothing you can find artificial Islam. Islam is original, with (the) origin of nature, therefore Islam so quickly may be acceptable. I am saying to them: “Go through these people, make centers there, collect them. Open big farms to work those people and this money (that) you are taking, not billons, (but) trillions of Dollars, give some of it to these people to stand up to know who they are, to know about Islam, about their Lord’s servanthood. Teach them, support them!”
I don’t think they are doing this. They are not doing this, only counting money… so many hundreds of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yens... Treasures! I said: “One storehouse only perhaps may be put to save whole Turkey from their debts and to buy all Turkey.” One building only!
Doctor X. very happy…He is saying: I am not doing anything, but coming to me. It is alright… When people (are) sleeping, doctor (is) counting money…Euro, Dollar…Look, no Euros?…He likes now more than Dollars Euro…
Oh our people! Allah Almighty (is) giving a chance to you for using that treasures for His Glory! You should find it in eternal life for you. Do it! Don’t leave (it) here, because that one, when (he is) dying, quickly (they are) taking (him) to (the) graveyard and this gigantic store (is) staying (there), as it is, never helping to that one to be saved. No, finished.
Use your mentality and look what is good for you and do it! Don’t save for nothing! What you are saving for yourself is rubbish and to be thrown in dustbin, in fire. What you are doing for the honour of that most honoured one, for the glory of Allah Almighty, you should be happy here and Hereafter.
May Allah bless you and forgive me. For the honour of that most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 7th
Allah, Allah…Meded, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Everything must be for His Glory! Everything that (you are) going to do (must be) only for His Almighty’s Glory. Don’t do or don’t work for yourself, for your ego! That is Haram! “Al Haramu bayyun wa-l Halalu bayyun.“ The Seal of Prophets was saying: “What is forbidden is clear and what is permitted is also clear, well-known.” And, as a summary, if you are asking to say what is Haram, forbidden, and what is permitted, Halal, we can say: Everything that you are doing or working for your Lord Allah Almighty, that is the way of Paradise and it is (the) Halal way of our life. Everything that you are doing for yourself that is Haram. Everything that you are doing for yourself, for your ego, to make it happy, that is Haram. This is a balance that can ‘t be changed.
From beginning up today all Prophets (were) coming and asking people to know what is Halal (and) what is Haram; what is forbidden or what has been ordered. Orders from Heavens (are) either saying: “This don’t do, (it is) forbidden.” If heavenly Orders saying: “Do this”, that is (something) permitted and Halal.
Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana! Don’t look (in the) Holy Quran as you are looking (in) any book! Don’t read (the) Holy Quran as you are reading (the) newspaper! Don’t try to understand (the) Holy Quran by yourself. (The) meanings of (the) Holy Quran (are) coming also from Heavens. The meanings of (the) Holy Quran can’t be mindly production. Therefore who is putting his mindly production on it, (he is) making a big sin: Just he is putting his opinion about the meanings of (the) Holy Quran. And (the) Holy Quran (is) showing everything, if you are using heavenly Lights that are a Grant from Allah Almighty to you. If you are not putting that heavenly Lights, you can’t understand anything from (the) Holy Quran.
Therefore 1oo’s of people are saying: “We are translating (the) Holy Quran”; into English, into French, into Russian, into Latin, into Spanish and through so many languages. They are making a translation, but they are not believing. That means their translation (has) no value! It is only an imitation, not real understanding. If he was understanding really, (he) must say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws” and (hat): “(That) the Holy Quran (is a) holy Message, (the) last Message from Heavens to mankind.” Thousands of people (are) making translations according to their mindly productions, but mind productions always are always accused to be (there) some wrong views, or some wrong ideas, or some wrong thoughts or understandings in it, doubtful.
(The) Holy Quran (is) saying about (the) first man and his position and also the Lord of Heavens (Himself is) saying through (the) Holy Quran what Shaitan did finally and then what Adam did finally.
Shaitan worked, he worshipped. He worked- not (a) work that we are working on earth now; he was working (for) what he was asking from his Lord: to reach levels and he was asking to reach (the) last level or (the) top level or (the) limit level.
Allah was knowing that his aim (was to reach something) for himself. He was working for himself (and) therefore all his efforts, thousands and thousand of years, even billions and trillions of years he was working, but the line for (the) final point (was that) he was working for himself and his real aim was to reach the top point of creation, to say: “I am after your Lord (the) first one!” That means he worked for himself, for his ego and all his efforts just finished. It was Haram, so that Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Take him away! Kick him away! Everything that he did (was) not for Me, (but) for himself! Kick that Shaitan down!”
Anything wrong through Ingil, Torah, Sabur, Quran? Anyone (is) saying from Prophets that Shaitan did his best? Yes, he did his best- for himself, not for Allah! Therefore: “Al Halalu bayyun wa-l Haramu bayyun.” Shaitan and his efforts, it is so clear that he was working for himself, not for Allah. Finished, all works were Haram and up today he is doing for himself, not for Allah. He is with us, running around, coming in ourselves, going around ourselves, running from East to West to make people democratical, (saying): “You must be democratical”, because democracy is not for Allah and (the) heedless Muslim world also (is) running after democracy. Democracy (is) for Allah? Bring your proofs! Shaitan’s biggest trap for mankind is democracy, to make them away from Halal, from (the) Holy Commands of Allah Almighty. He is saying to heedless people: “You may arrange yourself. Use your mind productions and you should be happy!”
Ma sha Allah! They are so happy now! Everywhere where (there is) democracy, (people are) eating themselves, someones each other. Shaitan saying: “I am so happy! You are now democratical people, listening to me. Yes, eat each other without cooking, don’t put in big pot, no, like this!” Like (a) snake (is) swallowing another creature, not asking to cook. No, only putting inside (its mouth)… and saying: “Oh my darling, how are you inside me now? Happy? I am doing democratical system for you to give everyone rights. You (are) my rights, I am swallowing you!” Now powerful one asking to swallow others and saying: “Ohhh. Now I am happy that I swallowed you!” That is democracy. Shaitan worked for himself and just (he was) kicked down, thrown away.
And then Adam- alayhi salat wa salam, peace be upon him- he was in Paradise and the Lord of Adam, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Paradises, the Lord of creation, (was) saying: “You are here in My Eden Garden. You can do everything, you can eat from everything, it is okay, but- I am your Lord and you are My servants and My right (is) to order My servants what I like.”
So many foolish ones (are) asking now: “Why 5 times prayings?” from heedless Muslims, “Why He is ordering to fast, why He is ordering not to drink wine?” So many foolish dirty ones asking: “Why (He is) preventing us from adultery?” So many dirty people that they are followers of Shaitan and cheated by Shaitan.
He is the Lord of Heavens, He is (the) Creator; He has only Lordship, lordshipness (is) only for Him, Almighty, not (for) anyone else. “You, Adam, (are) My servant, but now I granted to you all Paradises, you can go from East to West, everything (for you), but, as I am your Lord, I must show to you or I must teach you about My lordshipness and Your servanthood. I am putting you in My Paradise and (I am) dressing you (the) honour dress of Paradise and I am crowing (you, putting) on your head crown, but you must not think that with your honoured clothes and crown you are going to be something else from My servanthood. I am that One who dressed you and crowned you, coronated you, therefore I may order and everything that you are dressing from honour I may order to you servanthood, therefore I am saying: Oh Adam, listen to Me and obey! Everything here in that Paradise is for you. But that tree I am putting there and, as I am your Lord, (I am) ordering to you: Don’t eat! Don’t approach!” Heybet, Azamet from Allah Almighty! He is Glorious! And that Command was so gentle yet, because if He is giving (even only a) ‘nukta’, a small point from His Greatness Oceans, just disappearing Paradise and everyone in it also. Adam also. Saying gently: “Don’t come closer to that tree and don’t eat!” That means: “Beyond this, if you are not obeying, it means that you are doing, you are working for yourself. If you are eating from that, it means (that) you are (the) servant of your ego, you are not My servant. You are doing Haram!”
Therefore it was not originally Haram, prevented, but that acting, that eating, that was Haram. Therefore, when he approached and (he was) eating, just whole works (were) going to be belonging to his ego. Not working for Allah, therefore Allah (was) saying: “Get out!” And (the) divinely Sound (was) coming from every direction, not only from one direction. Everything was saying: “Get out, get out, get out, you are becoming dirty! Get out!” Allah Almighty’s Order! And when “Get out” Order (was) coming, he and Eve (were) looking that these honorable dressings (were) falling down and they were appearing with their nature, nothing on them, just disappeared. They were running like this, like that, like this, like that, to cover themselves, finished, only fig tree’s leaves coming and giving this and getting out, coming down. Because he did, he worked for himself, everything becoming Haram.
Therefore, when (the) Prophet (was) saying: “Al Halalu bayyun wa-l Haramu bayyun”, (it is) a big ocean. They are making me to speak only a little spot on it, to make you to understand what is Halal, what is Haram: Everything, every effort that you are doing for yourself is Haram, everything you are doing for Him, is Halal! Everything you are doing for your ego, finally (is) taking you to fire. Everything that you are making for your Lord Allah Almighty is taking you to Paradise.
People lost their ways now; you can’t find anyone for working (for Allah). (They are only) saying: “My business, my company, my work…” “For whom?” “For myself; to make happy my children, to make a good future my children, to prepare for myself a good future.” Anything else? No one (is) saying: “I am trying to be a good servant for my Lord.” No, (but): “My business...” Making green bank notes- Dollars-, and different colours Euro and English Pounds, putting: “Take this (to) bank. This is my future’s guarantee.” People asking their guarantee with those bank notes. Where is Allah for them? That is democratical teaching for people, shaitanic teachings for people!
Oh people, try to live for Allah, to do for Allah, you should be His servants. If not, you are doing Haram and you are servants of Shaitan; not servants, slaves!
May Allah forgive us and change our hearts to Him only, to be His servants, to be glorified by being His servants. For the honour of the most honored one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 6th
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Whole sufferings, whole badness, wickedness, bad characteristic that making people here in trouble and hereafter in Hells, that must be well-known. So many people (are) complaining, because they are suffering and their life is in troubles. They have countless problems; they are running to bring a solution for one problem and after that (there are) coming two problems. (They are) trying to bring a solution for that two problems, (and) behind it (are) appearing 4 problems, 8, 1oo- countless problems. What is the reason?
Awliya are (the) inheritors of Prophets (and) also they are inheriting (the) heritage of (the) Prophets. They are Awliya. They are taking pearls of wisdom from (the) Knowledge Oceans of Prophets. What they are saying why people (are) falling in endless troubles and (there are) appearing countless problems and they are not getting in peace? Troubles (are) running after them and never leaving them to say: “Oh, I am in peace today, I am happy today.” No one (is) saying (this) from these people that they are the servants of Dunya. They (are) never going to say: “Oh, I am today in peace.” Dunya (is) never leaving its servants- not servants, really (they are) its slaves- to say (this), because (it is) making them to think about tomorrow. They are finishing today perhaps, (they are) bringing solutions for their problems for today, they are finishing, (but) when they are sitting, Shaitan (is) coming, Dunya (is) coming, and saying: “Look to me! Don’t sleep peacefully. Don’t be in pleasure, because tomorrow you have such and such and such a problem, countless, you must think about tomorrow! Don’t sleep peacefully!” And this person (is) saying: “Oh, my head, oh, my head, oh, my head (is) going to be like Dunya!” Yes, because (the) whole Dunya (is) in his head. “Ohhh, I can’t sleep! Please, oh, my wife, bring to me Valium, (so that) a little bit perhaps I may rest.” Nothing (to worry) for tomorrow (yet), but Shaitan (is) giving that (to his mind) to make him not to be happy or to be in peace. “Bring Valium!…Ohhh, what is the time? Only half an hour, but yet my head is growing more, growing more…and this Valium that is 25 mg, it is not enough…How you are sleeping? Stand up and bring 5o mg Valium.” Up to morning 25, 5o, 25, 5o and (in the) morning he is lying like a dead body….
What you are saying? Do you think that I am making joke with you or it is reality? No rest, no peace, no pleasure, no enjoyment, no contentment, no satisfaction. How that person (is) going to be saved from this? They are not asking. They are thinking that they may save themselves by Valium. No!
(The) next day (that person is) carrying that Samsonite to bring solutions, taking suitcase, making like that…”Oh, my Darling, what was (the) code number for this? I am forgetting”, and ½ hour (he is) asking to find (the) code-number. (Then he is phoning home): “Oh my Darling. I am in (the) office, but I forget… I am looking (for the) (code-)
number, but (I am) not finding (it). Look if you can find (it) there.” (One) problem (is) bringing another problem…until he is opening that Samsonite, (it is) going to be noon. Openong…”Ohhh”, he is saying, “Where is that paper?… Hello, my Darling, I think I am leaving some important documents (at home). Look (in) my room, where I put it.” And she is saying: “I am sorry, I am looking also in dustbin?” So many papers in it…”Look quickly there, because I was not in myself last night, perhaps I am making like this, putting there...” “Yes, yes, just I found...” “Make copy and send here...”
Problems (are) bringing (other) problems. What is (the) reason (for that), no one (is) asking! Now all (the) world’s people (are) in that way. If anyone (is) saying: “No”, I am sending (him) to make (a) check up for him in (the) mental-house… and I am the expert for check up… I may check up their doctors also…All people! Do you think I am joking or saying (a) lie? That is (the) real report, (the) real check up for all (the) world. No one can say to me: “You are wrong, oh Sheikh.” I am making him then not to sleep 3 months. (And even) if (he is) drinking one kg- not mg, but kg- (of) Valium, (he) can’t sleep (for) 3 months.
What is (the) reason? Why? Allah Almighty, He likes His servants to fall in such bad conditions? Why? But Shaitan (is) carrying them to fall in endless problems (and) sufferings and they are now beginning, from here, falling in a valley of Hell. What is (the) reason? Those whom they are representing Prophets, whom they are on (the) steps of (the) Prophets, who are (the) real followers of Prophets, (they know the answer). (They are) inheriting (knowledge) from (the) heavenly Knowledge (that is coming) through (the) Prophets, through traditional knowledge. It just reached to them through (the) Holy Books particularly (through the) last one- (the) last Message- (that) just it had been sent to all mankind. I am challenging all other religious people from Non-Muslims and I am also challenging the Muslim doctors to come here and to say to me what is (the) reason, (and) what is their cure and treatment for mankind!
They are all liars now, all governments and statesmen! They are saying: “(The) treatment that can save mankind (is) democratical rules.” They are liars! Democratic rules (are) never coming from Heavens; (they are) coming from toilet people, (they are) not coming from Heavens. But people like what (is) coming from toilet people; they are not taking any care (for) what (is) coming from Heavens- they are denying (it). Therefore their punishment just reached to them and (they) can’t be able to bring peace on earth through their democratical rules. All of them (are) imitated, false. Never, useless, (the) whole world (is like this). Look everywhere! Beginning from America, ending in Turkey; coming to Iraq, Palestine, going to Russia, going to Germany, going to East and West. All (countries are) asking to find peace through the imitated or plastic, synthetic, rules that (are) shown to people from democracy.
I am sorry to say (that the) Islamic world also (has been) cheated. They are leaving (the) Holy Commands, (the) heavenly Rules and (they are) running after democracy. I know, I understand (that) Christians have no any heavenly Rules through (the) Archangel, through (the) Bible and (they are) using (the) Old Testament Rules. But (they are) not using that also! But we, Muslims, we have been granted from Allah Almighty heavenly Rules for arranging our life peacefully, but- I am sorry to say (that) (the) Muslim world (is) refusing (them) and saying: “Democracy.“ For what? Why you are changing? And (they are) falling down, (they are) not going to be successful: Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran… Iran (is) saying also saying: ‘Islamic Republic'. No republic in Islam! No parliament in Islam, no democracy in Islam! This (is) all for (the) Non-Muslim world, not for Islam. They lost their honour and (they are) falling down also.
Rules that should save people from (the) darkness of their life, from Hells here and Hereafter, they are heavenly Rules only. Till (they are) bringing (them back), (people are) eating each other. Not civilization, but they are running after violence. People (are) becoming much more violent and (they are) asking to destroy each other.
Therefore- oh people, we are coming now to the important point that we fell in it for that reason, because democracy is something imitated, as plastic figures, (it is) never giving any power to us, (neither) physically nor spiritually.
When people (are) never reaching to that point, they can’t reach a peaceful life. It is prevented. (There is the) holy Order (coming) to everything (in creation, saying): “Give trouble to these foolish people!” Therefore countless new illnesses (are) rushing on mankind and (the doctors are) saying: “We never saw such an illness through our knowledge, through our books.” Whom they are making these heart operations! What is that! Everyone now is making now operations. (And) after (it, on the) second day they are saying: “We must open your heart.” How you are doing this? Leave that person to die, better. For what? After six months (they are saying): “We must change another…” (for money…)
One of our brothers in Istanbul who built this Dergah was in reanimation, (in a) special control room, (because) they (had) made (a) second operation on his heart. And they are putting (him) in that room, (putting) so many machines on him and through 24 hours (he was) passing (away). (The) doctors (were) saying: “We must do another operation, because we lost something in it.” And he was (already) dead! Really he was dead, because I heard (it) through (the) telephone from his wife; she (was) saying: “I was (the) only one (who was) permitted to go in (that room) and to look to him and, oh Sheikh, I was seeing (that) his eyes (were) never looking anywhere.” (His) eyes (were) showing that he was a dead body. But even (he was) dead, (they were) taking (him) into (the) operation room, making another (operation), and after 2 hours (they were) saying:
Everything (is coming) against mankind who (is) not obeying heavenly Rules, heavenly Commands. Finished. Allah Almighty (is) saying: “If you are changing, I am changing. If you are coming to My way, I am changing My dealing with you in(to) (a) peaceful dealing. If you are not (changing your dealing with Me), you are going to be (punished). “And (the) real reason for all troubles (is this:) because peoples’ hearts (are) connected through this temporary life. All our efforts for this life (are) connected (to it), and we are leaving (the) connection through our soul to Heavens and (therefore) all (the) heaviness of (the) material life (is) falling on us and we can’t be saved.
May Allah forgive us and bless you, not to be slaves for this, nothing, imitated life that all people (are) running on (this) imitated life, leaving to ask (for the) real life. (The) imitated life is for only a very short time and (people are) leaving the real life- (and) that is (the) trouble. Until (they are) coming back, (people are) not coming to be in peace or happiness.
May Allah forgive us and send us quickly one of His deputies to save people from (the) traps and tricks of Shaitan. For the honour of (the) most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 5th

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded Ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim! Ya Rabbana, ya Allah!
No one (is) asking to be second-class…where is X.? First class lecturer…No one (is) accepting to be second-class, everyone (is) asking to be first class, but they are only asking, as a person (who is) asking to be on (the) Moon, asking to be on (the) Venus, on (the) Mars or on (the) Jupiter or asking to be on (the) Saturn- everyone (is) asking to be there, but only they are claiming to be there, and no one (is) asking: “How we can reach to that (planet)?”
Allah Almighty (was) sending (the) Holy Quran through (the) most honoured one, (the) most praised one, (the) most beloved one in His divinely Presence, sending His last Message that that message is on act, from pre-eternal up to eternal: “La tabtila fi kalimati-llah”- from pre-eternal up to eternal that is (the) most perfect Message for (the) whole (of) mankind. And when we are saying ‘mankind’, (that is the) mankind that we are
knowing. (But) don’t think that Allah Almighty has only one world and one Adam and his descendants and his children. Such a thinking, to think in such a way, is going to be very nonsense. You can’t think in such a way! But He is making mankind to understand (something, starting) from one (world up) to countless worlds, from one (descendant of Adam) to countless children of Adam. That (one) is as a sample, (but) don’t think that Allah Almighty has only one world and only one Adam with his descendants on this planet!
Scheich Ahmad Rifai (was a great Wali)- (may) Allah bless him, may be his high power with us to support our spirituality against our egos. When you are mentioning one Wali, one Saint, you must ask from him what he had been granted through S.Muhammad sws:
a power; the (Saints) are spiritual power centers. Allah Almighty just granted to them from His endless Blessings and from His endless Favours. Granting to them something. If anyone (is) asking something from Allah Almighty, no one can take anything directly from Allah Almighty, (not) even Prophets- only one! No second one can be in His divinely Presence to be honoured (to) directly (take) from His divinely Powers; no one (else) can jump through that Oceans, quickly (he is) going to disappear and finishing, (and he) can’t be able to get once again in existence, finished! And Allah Almighty (is) granting to His most beloved, most honoured, most glorified servant, (the) most praised one in His divinely Presence (an) opening, (and) everyone from Prophets and Saints and Angels may take from that. And those Oceans no one can reach its limits, only one, that one! He has (the) power to reach what he had been granted.
But when he is reaching (that limit) today, tomorrow he is not going to be on (the) same limit- another opening (is) coming and he is rushing in it also. (On the) third day, third week, third month, third year, third century, don’t think that it is same Oceans, because ‘Mu’ti’, He, who is that one that (is) granting to His most praised servant in His divinely Presence, (He is) giving to him, giving to him, and he is always full: with full desire, full pleasure, full will to reach more and more, never getting to be satisfied (with) what he had been granted. Every second or less than (a) second what He granted, (he is) asking much more…
And all Anbiya, all Prophets and Saints and the representatives and heavenly beings (must have a base for their existence). That Heavens they are lands, but not like our lands; (they are) for Angels, (their) Makan, that for everything (that) they are coming in existence, without a base (it) can’t be, (there) must be for him a place, (and) according to their worlds should be that place for them. ‘Li kulli makan makil’: if anyone (is) going to be in existence, (he) must be in need (of a base) for standing on it; without anything under them, without that land for ourselves, we are not (able to) be in existence. (There) must be a place that we are landed on it.
And heavenly beings also must have something, some another existence of creation that they should be on it. Even (for the) 7 Heavens (this) must be, (and the) earth must be on it, (the) moon must be on it, (the) universe (also) must have a base to be on it. If not, (it) can’t be in existence. Everyone must have (a base) under their feet to approve their existence. If you can’t find that place, they are not going to appear in existence.
Therefore, (when the) Prophet sws was saying that this world is on the horns of an ox, and (the) ox (is) on a rock, it was only to make people to understand something. Beyond this we can’t understand; because we are in a prison of (a) material being, we can’t think on it. Therefore (he was) making an example (and saying) that (the) world (was) going to be on the horns of an ox and (the) ox (was) standing on a rock and (the) rock is standing on air and air (is) standing (in) the Lord’s endless Power Oceans.
Everything in existence must have a place to put his existence (on it) or (else) it is impossible to be seen in existence. All these universes they have a base, or they have an envelope, (that) they are in it. If this (is) not going to be, (there is) no existence of (the) universe.
Even (the) Kursi, (the) holy Chair and then (the) Holy Throne, Arch, everything (is) just -’ala-l archi stawa’- montaged on something from Allah Almighty’s Power Oceans. He is Mighty, Almighty, and (he is) granting (this) for (the) Arch, for (the) holy Throne, to be on it, (He is) covering his being. If (He was) taking that, (it) means- He knows- that every part from (the) holy Throne (was) just landed on Almighty’s Power Oceans. He is covering, not riding on it, no, no, no! (This is a) wrong understanding, wrong understanding! (And if there was) not (only) one throne, (but even) if (there were) seventy million or seventy billion holy Thrones- it is only like an atom; how you are saying that (the) Lord (is sitting) on it! What is that foolishness? How they are understanding!
Therefore Allah (is) saying: “Wa ma qadarullahi haqqa qadiri”...oh ignorant ones, don’t give wrong meanings, you are not understanding (the) real position of the Lord of (the) holy Throne and (of the) whole creation! “ ‘Ala-l Arch stawa”… every part of (the) Arch, (of the) holy Throne, (is) just covered from outside and inside; His divinely Power (is) catching (it), so that it is going to be seen in existence. If He is not making this ‘istiwa’, His power not keeping everything, every part of (the) Arch, that every part from outside of them and from inside (is) just covered from (the) divinely Power Oceans. We are saying this that everything in existence must have a base to be on it. If no base, nothing (is) going to be seen to be in existence. We said about this ‘Sama’a Dunya’, our skies, that it is going to be like a ring besides the bigness of the holy Chair, the holy Kursi, and the holy Kursi is going to be like a ring beside the holy Throne, and Allah Almighty (is) making them, asking to be in existence and giving a base. If no base, no more existence for them. Base from Allah Almighty and He is showing anything as He likes, Makan. Everything in existence is in need for a base to be on it. If not, can’t be in existence.
And (the) Prophet sws, he is in (the) divinely Presence only, and he is base for whole creation! If you are taking him away, no base for any creation, no, finished! Base for whole creation from pre-eternal up to eternal (is) S.Muhammad sws, (the) most beloved, most praised one! And coming to him…without stopping that coming from Allah Almighty Meded, support coming, coming… Countless Heavens may be. We are speaking on earth, as we are understanding that Allah Almighty He has only one world and one Judgment Day, one Paradise, one Hell- what is that! We are making it for understanding so big, so big, to make your vision to be much more wider, wider, wider…that our Dunya (is) going to finish. And no any time or unit of time you may do it less, less, less, you may divide one third, perhaps billions, quatrillions, pentillions part, He may do, and through that ones He is supporting whole creation, so every creation going to be their base from His Power Oceans coming through (the) Seal of Prophets and he is that one that appearing every creation from him, without getting any connection to Allah. No connection for anyone for Allah.
Allah only One who is not a need a base! If He has a base, He is not Allah. Allah who never needs a base for Himself, no. Therefore you can’t understand. Don’t say: “How it can be?” No! If you are coming to ask such a thing, I may say: “Show the base of moon, then ask me for his Creator base!” He is not in need base, but ever creation needs His base, must have a base. And that base (is) only from Him coming in appearance and everything (is) just getting in existence, when He is putting a base for them. If not that base, no more worlds, no more skies, no more space, no more sun, moon, stars, and gigantic galaxies, no, all of them need a base. Therefore Allah is (the) One who never needs a base, but everything must have a base for appearance, and that base coming through the Seal of Prophets. He is granting it to him and he is giving whole creation their bases to be seen in existence. If He is taking that base- nothing (is) in existence, finished, nothing in existence. If no base, nothing in existence.
Oh people, use a little bit your minds to understand something! That is from Marifatullah, from divinely Knowledge, showing you some ways for understanding for the Lord of Heavens, (and) how (creatures) they are in existence. And everything in existence needs a base, because without Makan no Makil. Nothing can be in existence, if they have not a base. And we are saying (that) we are learning something. We are knowing nothing! We are knowing nothing and we have been ordered to know something.
Therefore, oh people, don’t waste your precious life for nonsense and for useless purposes, but try to reach some perfect unchangeable aspects to understand something, because you are going to be asked the Day of Resurrection: “What you learned?”
This is something that they are making an opening, because the time of S.Mehdi a.s. (is) coming closer. People are wasting their time through this dirty life and (they are) loosing their chance for an understanding and they should be repented when they are going to be put on a base, (the) base of ignorance. Whom wasted their chances to know something, therefore they should be thrown. That is fire for them, burning them: that they are not understanding, they are not trying to understand about their Lord and His divinely Aspects, divinely Commands, divinely Orders, why He is ordering something or preventing something. To approve for you that you are on a base. When you are approving yourself in existence, then you have been loaded something that mountains can’t be able to carry and they are saying: “Oh our Lord, forgive us. We can’t carry.”
But you may understand something! When such a heavenly Knowledge (is) coming, you may understand about yourself, about the position of (the) whole creation, particularly your situation as the deputy of the Creator of everything.
May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us much more understanding for his Glory! For the honor of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim!

Sunday, 4th
Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Holy people may be everywhere and we have a saying: ‘Sharafu makan bi makil’- this earth is not by itself going to be holy, but who (is) stepping on it or sitting on it or living on it, that one’s holiness (is) making that place to be holy. Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Petra- (it is) holy land, this area that people (are) fighting on it now to take it, to reach it. It is not by fighting, no, it is a grant from our Lord. If He is giving (it) to a person that he must be a holy one in His divine Presence, then he may be there…May Allah forgive us…Oh people, listen and keep it! All Prophets were calling people and saying: “Come and listen and keep what you are listening!”
We don’t know, ya Rabbi, we don’t know, ya Rasulullah, anything, we don’t know anything, oh holy ones, oh Friends of Allah, oh good people, oh good servants! Who is fighting for Dunya, he is not a good one, no! Who is asking his Lord’s pleasure, he is good one. May be Israeli, may be Arab, may be Turk, may be English, may be American, may be black one, red one, yellow one…I didn’t hear that there is green ones?
There is one person we are saying ‘Green Man’, S. Khidr. One person is green only. Whole nations you may look around, you can’t find, only green: Al Khidr. That means, he (is the) only green one. How you are knowing that he is (that) green one?
He was at time of Moses also living that Allah Almighty granted to him to be alive among mankind living on earth. Khidr. How you are knowing that he is (the) green one and (the) green man and that one of (the) beloved Friends of Allah Almighty? When he is standing in (the) sun, his shadow is green! That is (the) proof that he is (the) ‘green man’, no one’s shadow is going to be green except that one’s. Therefore- if Allah Almighty (is) asking to make a green man, He can do, but it is not suitable to be everyone green one. Only one (is) enough for a proof.
He was very happy with S.Musa a.s., but Moses a.s. was impatient person, asking so many questions and such people never ask to be questioned. You must say: “Okay, Sir. Yes, Sir!” “What is this, what is that?”- no! Only Moses, a.s. had been authorized to ask such questions, because he was authorized to speak with Allah Almighty. So many Prophets (were) speaking with their Lord, but not on earth, up. Moses’ specialty was that he was that one only that Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him on earth. And Moses- even he was so powerful person, his creation his special creation for hearing his Lord’s divinely Words and Commands- even he had such powerful structure, but without a means he wasn’t able to hear. Therefore Allah Almighty never directly addressed to him, without using some mediator. It was the olive tree, (he was) hearing from (a) tree. Directly can’t be. Moses! And (it was) on (the) Tur Sinai, Mount Sinai- time by time he has a visiting card, no on other can be- once he was hearing from (the) tribes of (the) Children of Israel and they were asking: “Oh Moses, please take us also to hear, because we are positive people. If we are not hearing ourselves, what you are hearing, we are not coming to believe in you 1oo %. Eh, 1 %, 3%, 1o% we may believe, but so (many) doubts (are) coming to ourselves. Therefore please take us also.” Prophet Musa (was) cheated and (he was) taking them, bringing (them there) and they were hearing.
When (they were) hearing, (they were) bringing another objection, saying: “Oh Moses, we are not getting satisfied to hear (only), because we are hearing from that tree. Who is through there, through (that) tree speaking? We are materialist people, we must look, see and to say: ‘Yes’.” And Lord of Heavens (was) very angry. Coming a lightening and (those) 7o people (were) falling down dead. Not ordinary dead people. They were like dead people, like frozen shapes, looking like this...(up in astonishment). This lightening (was) coming on them, finishing (them).
Then Moses (was) saying: “Oh our Lord, those from (the) Children of Israel (were) doing something that is really ignorance. Their minds (are) not too much (working). Oh our Lord, forgive them. If you are not making them to be alive”- Moses (was) teaching Allah also- “If You are not bringing them back to life, when I am going back to (the) Children of Israel, they should say: “Where are our people”, accusing me that I murdered them, I killed them. Therefore, oh our Lord, give (them) their lives and I am taking them quickly back!”
(The) materialist vision (is coming) from that time and now (it is) everywhere. People are not accepting beyond (the) material anything. They are saying: “No, we must look and (only then) we must accept.” They were saying to Moses: “Show us and we should believe you.” Allahu akbar!
We are saying this as an introduction to you, for the honour of that holy land’s person (a visitor from the holy land) that we must speak to him. Clever for Dunya, no one can be like (the) Children of Israel clever or in science or technology. Can’t be anyone, any nation. That is a grant from Allah that He is saying (in Sura Duhan): “We are choosing the Children of Israel with such a special structure We grant to them, that that is a knowledge, just We grant to them that we never give to other nations. Therefore if they are not working and finding such things, whole nations, no one can reach to that point. But (at the) same time (the) Children of Israel did such a big headache for Moses, until (they were) making him to be imprisoned in (the) desert of Sahara Ti, only desert, and he was imprisoned through (the) Bani Israel, (through) the Children of Israel, in that area. Subhana Huwa wa ta’ala! Allah (is) patient, but He granted. If the Children of Israel (were) not chosen, (there would be) no technology. No any instruments, so many inventions, so many technical instruments, everything… Other nations can’t reach to find it. But they used it against Allah, against Moses, against other people! (But they are) first class (for) cleverness, first class (for) understanding, first class (for) finding (the) secret powers of nature. No one (else) can reach.
And Moses- peace be upon him- he had been chosen as Kalimu-llah, who was speaking with his Lord and speaking and meeting his Lord, speaking and asking and taking answers. No one can be authorized as Moses a.s. to say to Allah: “Why?” No one, no any (other) Prophet (was) saying: “Why this?” except Moses. He was authorized to ask: “Why?” And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Oh Moses, be calm! Be calm, don’t shout to much, I am hearing. Ask, I am answering.”
Shaitan (was) taking courage from his bad ego and (he was) asking: “Why?” 1ooo’s and 1ooo’s of years he was (the) teacher of Angels and when he asked and said: “Why I am bowing to Adam?” he was thrown away. Therefore it is impossible to anyone to ask: “Why?” to Allah, only Moses a.s. Allah Almighty He knows the quality or qualification of (the) Children of Israel. They are (the) most difficult ones through nations, most difficult ones for following something and asking to reach to his final position. (They are) first class researchers, asking this: Why this, why that, why this, why that?” Therefore Moses was asking sometimes. He was tolerated to ask: “Oh my Lord, why?”
For example: So many times (he was) going and coming and asking so many questions. Once he was passing, going to (the) Mount Sinai and he was looking a person, sitting on a rock. Only he had a Sarong. (He was) sitting and saying: “Oh Moses, where are you going?” “I am going to my Lord to speak to Him. He called me to come to Him. He likes to speak to me and I like to address to Him, Almighty.“ “Oh Moses, you can ask everything?” “Yes, I can ask.” “Look. I am one of His weak servants. I am sitting here, (I am) so poor, (I have) nothing, only this piece of cloth (is) for me. Please ask from your Lord to give me something.” “Yes, I may ask.” Moses was going and he was speaking and making association with his Lord. Then (he was) saying: “Oh my Lord, You know everything, without I am speaking to you, but I must say (this). Just I met when (I was) coming here, a weak servant, a poor one, sitting on rock, and he has nothing. He was saying: ‘Oh Moses, please ask your Lord to give me something.”
“Oh Moses, don’t ask! It is good for him to be on that rock in such a way.” “Oh my Lord, give something!” “Oh Moses, it is good for that servant be on that rock. It is good for him.“ “Oh my Lord, for the honour of that one that he is (the) most honoured one in Your divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, give something!” Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Oh Moses, you are insisting. In My divine Presence, if anyone (is asking a) second (time a) question, I am making him dust, making his existence non-existence! But for your honour and for the honour of that one in My divine Presence, tell him (to) come down and (to) dig under that rock. He can find what he was asking.”
And Moses was coming and (that person was) sitting on (the) rock, looking: “What is, oh Moses, good news for me?” “Very good news! Come down and dig under that rock. You can find what you are asking. “ How many years he was sitting on that rock, on (a) treasure, (and he was) not knowing…Moses was going on and quickly (that person was) running. Before he was showing (himself that) he can’t move, (that he is) so weak…he was like that…”Oh Moses”… he was so quick, when (he was) hearing (this), jumping like (an) ape…(digging with his hands)…Gold…Perhaps our holy land’s friend should ask me: “Where is that rock?” I shall show you…
Then quickly (he was) taking, as much as he may carry and (he was) running (to the) city. Taking and buying something, buying something, buying something, building palaces and making feasts for people, citizens living there. And finally that country- that (it) was a kingdom- (the) King just passed away, no children (for him), and people were wondering: “What we should do now, our King passed away and no any crown-prince. What we shall do? From where we must look a new King?” And (then) all people were saying: “Why we are leaving our city and run to other places to look a new one? That person is just suitable. For that dressing he is (the) most suitable one, we may do that one our King!” And he was chosen (to be their) King in (the) King’s palace.
And after a while Moses was remembering one day: “I must look after that person, what he did, where he is.” Asking, asking and then (he was) finding (out about) that person that he is now (the) King of that kingdom. And he was interesting to go and visit that one. He reached to the capital of that kingdom, asking: “Where is (the) King’s palace?” They were saying: “The King’s palace (is) there.” “Oh!” And he was beginning to walk and to reach, to meet that one. That person who was (the) new King was sitting in a high place (in the palace) that (he was) looking people under him) passing and (he was) looking, recognizing Moses coming. Quickly (he was) sending his guardians and (he was) saying: “Quickly run to that person who is trying to come in, (and) say that (the) King is not ready. If (he is) insisting, say to him: ‘Go away, because our King is so busy, (there is) no time for him to meet such (a) person that we are not knowing’.”
And Moses was (the) most angry one among Prophets, Jallali! His anger (was) not (coming) from his ego. Prophet’s anger (is) divine Anger, that (the) divine Anger just appeared once through Shaitan and (it is) coming to appear also (on the) Day of Resurrection on unbelievers. And Moses was granted such (an) anger. Of not, if he was like Haroun, Bani Israel were eating him. (They were) not fearing from Haroun, but fearing from Moses a.s. And Moses (was) getting very angry! When (a) lion is angry, his hair (is) coming like this…Moses (also was) coming like that, (he was) saying: “La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim”, leaving him and going.
And when he was going to (his) meeting with his Lord Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty was looking and seeing the signs of anger on Moses. He (was) saying to him: “Oh My servant Moses, what about today? I am looking you are very angry. “ And Moses was saying: “This Shaitan one…” “Who is that one?” “(He) that I was asking for him, something to be given.“ “Oh Moses, I said to you that that position is good for him, but you were insisting and I was giving. That is your punishment. But for your honour and (because) he is dealing with you in such a bad way, I am taking your revenge from him!“
Allah is (the) only One (who is) changing hearts; you can’t change the hearts of people, (not) even Prophets. “I am doing what should be for your pleasure.“
And He ordered (the) hearts of people. They were accepting that one, (and He was now) changing their hearts, and they were coming to hate him. Love and hate (are) shoulder by shoulder. Changing love to him into hate; people were becoming to hate him. Finally (they were) throwing him away, sending him away, kicking him away, and no one (was) accepting him (anymore) and once again he was coming and sitting on (that) rock. Moses (was) coming and looking: “Oh, that is good for you, not to be King there. Sit here!”
Allah Almighty was giving him honour and permission. He was permitted by his Lord to ask (: “Why?”). If anyone (else was) asking (:Why?), (he) was thrown away like Shaitan. But (not) Moses, for teaching nations that (are) coming after Moses, up to (the) Day of Resurrection, to learn people (about the) heavenly Authority and to follow it, not to follow people on earth, who are not following heavenly authority!
Therefore everyone including Israelis, Arabs, Muslims, Christians- all of them, they are not taking care for heavenly Commands and they should be punished by each other, until they are saying: “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants!”
May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 3rd
Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Allah, Allah… Allah, Allah…Destur, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
(Those) whom they are forgetting the Friends of Allah, they are going to be rubbish. Whom they are not taking care for Awliya-ullah, (the) Friends of Allah, no value for them, rubbish, to be put in dustbin!
Now Islam (is) as it is, or as it was before the time, that Allah Almighty (was) dressing Islam a greatness and honour; who is dressing that dress, should be honoured and should be on the top level of honour and (they should be) respected on earth and on Heavens. Who (is) taking these clothes (off), that honoured dress that Allah Almighty (is) sending to nations, to all nations- that they are the nation of (the) most beloved, (the) most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws- who (is) accepting him, (they are) just granted an honour. Who (is) refusing to accept what the Seal of Prophets (is) bringing from Allah Almighty, they are rubbish people.
Subhanallah! Glory be for Him Almighty! He is asking to grant us honour and glory, but those two-legs-animals (are) refusing, they are running away. Heavenly people (are) calling them: “Oh people, why you are running away?” All nations (are) escaping.
And their example (is) just mentioned through the Holy Quran, from the time of the most honoured one’s time, S.Muhammad peace be upon him. His tribe first- Allah (is) giving their description, saying: “Those people look like donkeys when they are seeing a lion- (they are) running quickly away; they are not coming and approaching that honoured lion, but (they are) running away. And those people that are running away from the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one in (the) divine Presence, they are on (the) same way, when the Prophet (was) calling them and saying: “Come to Me. Who (is) coming to me, (is) coming to Allah.”
He is not saying ‘I am Allah’, (but): “Come! I am coming from Allah to you. I am not Allah, but I have been sent from His divine Presence to you as an honoured presence from His divine Presence to you. Oh people, come to me! I am not Allah, but I have been sent by Allah, and I am not saying that I am Allah, but (that I am) representing (Him). He dressed me that I should be on behalf of your Lord- (the) Lord of Heavens, the Lord of creation- Allah’s representative. I am representing Him Almighty. I am not coming to show to you that I am something, someone, no! I am only coming and saying to you about my mission. My mission is to be His representative through creation, particularly to you, oh mankind. Don’t run away! I am calling you to your Lord, to my Lord, the Lord of creation!” They are running away… “Come! I have been ordered to dress you heavenly Dress and also I have been ordered to crown you. I am calling you for coronation, that honoured crown to be put on your heads.”
Anything Prophets (are) asking from you? Any Prophet (is) saying: “Pay me?” Which Prophet said to their nation to pay him? “Oh people! I am not coming to collect from you something, but I am coming to you ‘fi-llah’, ‘li-llah’, for His Honour. I am not asking (a) salary or something”, as foolish people from (the) time of ignorance (at the time of the) Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one, the honour of creation, (the) representative of (the) Lord of Heavens and creation from pre-eternal up to eternal. No one can come and say: ‘I am representative’, only that one, that he had been chosen to be Allah Almighty’s representative, caliph, caliphatullah, deputy, who (is) representing (the) Lord of Heavens.
Everything created (was) just given to that one: “That is for you, oh My beloved one, oh My most honoured one, oh My most beloved one, oh My most respected one, oh My most praised one! Everything (is) for your honour!” Allahu akbar!
Don’t think, don’t (even) try to think on Allah Almighty’s Glory! He has divine Dominions of Glory, granting, granting to that one. Don’t ask about His Glory, ‘Alamu-l Ghujub, (the) secret Dominions of Allah Almighty- no one knows, only Him Almighty. You can take something from that representative- Allahu akbar- Rasul-Allah!
People are looking and saying: “Oh, you are like ourselves, eating, drinking, going up and down, marrying, you have children, you are doing this and that, like ourselves. We (are) never seeing on you something different from us.” Haha! Look! Just their looking is deepest ignorance; they are in that depthless ignorance oceans and Allah Almighty granted to that one.
And they were coming and saying to his uncle: “Say to him, say to your brother’s son, Muhammad sws: if he is interested or if he likes or (if) his interest and care and the last point of his desires it is to reach to be our King, we are ready to make him King on us. If the last point of his desires is to reach to be (the) richest one, we are ready to give to him everything that we have from gold and silver and silk and everything from precious things. If his last desire or the limit or his last target is to reach to (the) most beautiful ones from our tribe or from others, we are ready to give to him (the) most beautiful girls, ladies, to be for him, to enjoy. Ask him, we are ready!
Only we are putting one condition: he must stop to say (anything) against our idols and not to say to us:’ Come to the Lord of Heavens, to my Lord.’ He must leave that and we are ready to do everything, even ourselves (are) going to be his servants and slaves. Only we are asking (him) not to say: ‘Come to my Lord’.”
And he had been ordered to call people and he was saying: “Oh people, come to Allah! I am not Allah, but I am only inviting to Allah. I am only calling you to Allah. I am not Allah.” And then, when his uncle was coming and saying this offer and what they offer to him, he said: “Oh my uncle, say to these people, that their understanding area (is) less than a mm square, square heads, but less than mm 1oo times, 1ooo times smaller”, only you can see that square under radioactive microscope, “Tell those people (that) they are imprisoned, their understanding (is) imprisoned in such a small square, we may say in (the) square of (an) atom. They are imprisoned. I am asking to break down their squares of understanding, because they are not created to be imprisoned in such a small area. The Lord of Heavens just granted to them a free field to run in it, a free field for understanding (so) that without hindrance and limits they may run through that understanding oceans. I am not asking anything! If they are putting (on) one (of my) hands (the) sun, (and in the) other (one the) moon and all treasures, I am never going to leave what I am calling them (to), because my mission, no one reached to that glory!”
People (are) thinking that Prophets (are) asking something, no, Astaghfirullah! But their understanding (is) just closed on material. Therefore they are running away.
They were imprisoning themselves through such tight point, therefore they were never getting to reach a satisfaction and all of those people- billions of people on (the) same position, on (the) same conditions- all of them may be entered on that smallest square as (the) square of (an) atom’s distance. And all of them (are) so (much) getting (into) troubles and problems and fighting, miseries and sufferings, eating each other there.
And the Lord of Heavens is calling: “Come, leave your prison, come to an unlimited field of understanding, come to Me!” and (He is) sending His most beloved ones to call his people, his nation. People (are) running away; as donkeys (are) running from (a) lion they (are) running away.
And (the) same position is now also in act. People (are) never asking to leave that prison that is only (a) square in (an) atomic distance; eating each other and not coming (out). (Allah is calling them): “Come out”, they are not coming. That is biggest problem for mankind and Allah Almighty (is) calling them: ”Come out” through His most glorified servant, most praised servant, giving to him unlimited power and authority to take them out and to grant to them what they can ask, but people (are) saying: “No, we can’t leave our position here, we must be here.”
That is (the) source of troubles, problems, suffering, miseries on earth now and people (are) fighting for that, because they are in such a small distance, they are saying: “Go away. I must have little bit more.” That one (is) saying: “No, you go!” And saying: “We are going to make a group of our people to be all together against that ones.” And they are coming and making for each other a pact: “You must take our hand, hand in hand to defeat those foolish ones, to be all (of that) area only under our authority.” And they (are) saying: “Why you (are) saying that? We must be! On that distance we must be first ones, and glorious and victorious.” Now they eating each other.
That is real panorama of world that we are living in it, because people are running away from Allah Almighty’s deputy, Allah Almighty’s representative. When he is calling them, they are getting away, running away. Whom they are running away, (they are) finding other lions; if (they are) save from one, other lions are going to eat them.
That is (the) history of 21st century’s civilized nations. All are trying on that point: to eat one group another group, so that (they are) asking not to remain except their group only. They are asking to take away, to take off other nations and to be, to say: “We are now on that prison, we are prisoners.”
May Allah forgive us and send us what we are expecting and believing, that He promised us to send us from His divine Presence power and also supported by heavenly powers, supported by miraculous powers that making that miraculous powers material world under their feet to save the servants of (the) Lord and to give them their honour in His divine Presence.
May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha

Thursday, 1st of July
Ya Rabbi laka-l hamd! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
To be thankful brings more blessings. Who is complaining, (even) if he has (the) whole world’s treasures, never (he is) going to be happy. The entrance of happiness for people is so easy- to be thankful to Allah!
Anger (is) preventing to be thankful and anger- as it is well-known through traditional knowledge that Awliyas (are) reaching to that knowledge through the Seal of Prophets- peace be upon him- (the) most dangerous characteristic for mankind is anger. Terrible! Anger is fire and coming from Shaitan. Shaitan (is) created from fire (and) therefore he is the source of anger. He is teaching people to be angry first about their destination, to be angry with so many reasons. And anger is a secret, very secret characteristic. You may see a person calm, but under it there is (the) fire of anger and it needs only a reason to appear!
X. very calm person…only don’t touch his tail…don’t step on it! If you are touching his tail… “How you are saying, oh Sheikh, we have a tail?” Yes, originally we haven’t , but who is trained by Shaitan, and Shaitan (is) happy with him, he is saying: “Oh, X., you are my follower!” And follower is not only by saying. You have a knowledge heavenly knowledge- he is so proud that the Seal of Prophets is teaching you, Shaitan- saying a big word, big ones’ saying: “Man tashabbaha bi kaumi wa laissa minhu”...”If you really belonging to me, you must have a tail also”, so that everyone who has anger, but it is secret and you are seeing that he is a calm person, very calm person- but if you are stepping on his tail, uhhh! Making so big trouble for you!
Therefore when Awliya looking, first looking: “This small tail… this big one…7o meters!”…Some of them saying: “Reaching that one’s anger like tyrants tails, their tails surrounding world”, tyrants, the worst ones, that (it is) their time now. They are full with anger! One word (is) making them to explode like a volcano: “How you are saying such a thing to me!”
Anger is (a) terrible tail and (the) Prophet sws always was saying: “Oh my Ummah, beware of anger, because when you are getting angry, you are just going to be a full representative of Shaitan!” When you are angry for yourself- as Shaitan was angry for himself, angry with Allah, Astaghfirullah! He was so angry! When Allah Almighty was ordering: “Bow to Adam”; he was saying. “What is that?” Just touched on his secret tail. His tail was secret, (but) when he was touched on his secret tail, (it) just appeared and his tail (is) surrounding (the) world seven times. Everywhere Shaitan’s tail surrounding and (he is) saying: “Oh Children of Adam, I may give to you a power through my anger and it is not like electricity-meter, I am not asking anything from you, to be a meter. No meter, free!” Saying to X.: “Use it, that power that I am giving to you, it is free, use it! No meter! And also, if anyone (is) asking to reach to you, send wires to him also, free wires, let him use this power, because it is (a) secret terrible power. Oh, the Children of Adam, I am with that most powerful one among creation”- Astaghfirullah- and anytime you are stepping on Shaitan’s tail, (he is) making a big explosion like atomic bomb. Terrible power that (is) burning! Who is using that, (he is) burning himself. First burning his faith, then burning also his physical being. Look! If a person (is) going to be angry, put in front of him (a mirror) to show how his face changed. His face (is) changing in a so violent masque, on his face coming, if dying that moment, passing to Hells. Terrible!
Yes. We were saying now to be thankful, to be thankful to our Lord and anger (is) preventing you and all mankind to be thankful to Allah. And Shaitan (is) giving to them so many means and reasons or causes to be angry. Everyone you can find that they are complaining. Some of them (are) complaining from their physical being; some (others), so many people are complaining from their wives; so many people (are) complaining from their husbands; so many people (are) complaining from their lives; from their children, from their neighbours, from their salaries…So many foolish women (are) saying: “Why my nose must be like this?” So many people (are) saying: “Why I am carrying this …so heavy”, some of them (are) like stick…some are saying: “Why my hair (is) like this”, some are saying: “Why my eyes is not like Europeans eyes”, some foolish European ones (are) saying: “Why not my eyes like African peoples’ eyes?”…
Countless reasons teaching Shaitan to make mankind complain. When you are complaining for anything, you are not a thankful servant, no! Countless reasons and you can’t find- if I am asking- so many people without asking to them they are beginning to complain. How their Lord (is) going to be happy with them and giving more to them? What He granted to us, only one point, if you are thinking on it, you should be so thankful:
There is a donkey. His owner (is) putting his bags on its back and also riding on it and also kicking it and also hitting it and that creature (is) not saying anything.
Only once a person was riding on his ride, and so much kicking with iron spurs and also with his stick. (Allah Almighty was) making that ride to speak to him, saying like this: “Oh my master. You can kick me, you can give my so many troubles, but you must know that in our coming future there is the Day of Resurrection that everyone (is) going to take their rights and every cruelty should be punished! Hit me as much as you can do! The Day of Resurrection I am asking from my Lord that He takes my revenge from you. Then you should be my ride on the Day of Resurrection and I am going to ride on you and kick you!“ (That person was) coming down and catching (embracing) that donkey: “Oh, forgive me, forgive me”, taking (the) bags, putting (them) on himself, making (the donkey) to walk freely and he was carrying this…
Don’t think that they are not understanding! No, they are understanding! As long as they are understanding also Angels (are) looking what you are doing and it is written. At least you must be thankful you are not created (as) a donkey or (as) a rat. It is enough!
And He is able it change you in a second to be a rat, not to be a man. Fear from Allah! That point only is enough for mankind to be thankful. When they are looking to a mirror (to say): “Alhamdulillah, alladhi sawwir khalqi, Alhamdulillah, ya Rabbi, I am thankful to you that you are designing my form as a man, from mankind!”
And people (are) looking to make much more complaining and they are never going to be happy either here or Hereafter!
To be thankful. When you are going to be thankful to Allah? When you are finishing your complaining and getting to be satisfied and to be pleased (with) what He granted to you. Then you are making a real thanks to your Lord Allah Almighty.
Anger. Its source is not to be satisfied (with) what Allah Almighty gave to you; not to be happy (with) what Allah granted to you. That is (the) main source of complaining and complaining (is) bringing people to be angry with Allah Almighty and when they are getting always complaining, their lives (are) going to be the life of Hells people.
But who is going to be thankful and leaving anger- anger (is) bringing complaining or complaining (is) bringing anger. Who (is) leaving them, (he is) going to be in Paradise here, because (he is) happy with Allah Almighty, his Lord. And (it is) He (who) chose for him to be man or woman, tall or short, fat or thin, black or white, labourer or minister of labourers.
And everyone who is complaining, (it) means (that) he has a tail from Shaitan. Don’t look that he is now calm! Step on it! Then you should find that he is angry, representing Shaitan. He is (a) follower of Shaitan. Because Shaitan is yet angry, up to the Day of Resurrection, angry with his Lord, his Creator. Astaghfirullah! Everyone (is) complaining now: man or woman, young or old- everyone (is) complaining. No one (is) saying: “Oh our Lord, it is such big pleasure for us to be Your servants and to be granted countless Favours from You. We are thankful to You, oh our Lord, ‘zid wa barik’- make it more, we are more happy with you!” When you are happy with your Lord, your Lord (is) going to be happy with you!
Now you can’t find a person that is not quarreling with his destination that Allah Almighty (is) making his destination . They are coming and complaining for their destination, asking to change it. Why? You know if you are reaching to that position, (if) it is good for you or not? Why you are insisting? But people (are) insisting: “If I was on that position”, “if I was in that condition...” Who is complaining, they are out of the Mercy Oceans- never reaching to the!. Mercy Oceans (are) reaching to everyone to be in existence, but I mean to say that the Ocean of Mercy and Blessings, there is a special ones that dressing you honour on divinely Presence.
Oh people, you must try to be calm ones, not to complain, try to be a good servant for divine Service. As much as possible you must leave complaining and be happy (with) what Allah Almighty (is) granting to you.
May Allah forgive us and prepare for us from His endless Mercy Oceans Paradises and Beauty Oceans and Blessing Oceans. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha.
Shaitan’s tail like dragon’s tail, split…if you are stepping on it…uhhh!…Turks and Arabs are famous for their anger…saying: No one is like us!…Take your ego away!

Wednesday, 3oth
(After the big fire in the surroundings of Lefke)
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah tubtu wa raja’na ‘ala-llah…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd...
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah,
Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh, Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh, Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbuna wa Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh…
Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd…
Allahumma ajirna mina-nar! Meded, ya Ashabu Nauba!
Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Meded ya Ashabu Naubati ya adiil ruqa mina-l insi wa-l jan…

“Man rashana, fa laissa minna.” Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
“Who is cheating us, is not from our nation”, the Prophet sws was saying, the honour of the whole creation, the most honoured one in divinely Presence, the most glorified servant in the divine Presence, the patron of all creation. Patronage Allah Almighty (is) giving only to that one, the most beloved one, S.Muhammad peace be upon him! Allahu akbar!
One person was not taking care for that one’s honour, that one’s greatness, not taking care for him; he was thinking that that most beloved one is a simple person from mankind, no any difference between (him and) common people (and he was) saying: “Ahmad”. Not giving that honour, not saying his holy name, (but) saying (only): “Ahmad.” Up to morning his mouth (was) going from here up to his ear…just (he had a) stroke, his mouth went from one side to another side. I don’t know what (is) coming to Turks that they are never taking any respect, without respect, 8o years fighting…I don’t know what (is) coming to them…
That (person) was one (who was) claiming that he is a philosopher. Philosopher means he is balancing everything through his mind; no balance for him beyond his mind. Everything he is asking to bring a solution for understanding (within) the limits of his mind, that is philosopher. That means: all philosophers no mind people. If they have even a small, very small amount of mind, he was not going to claim and to say: “Everything (is just) through (my) mind field”, but they are claming and asking to bring a solution or an understanding that belongs to their mind and mentality area, asking to bring everything in that area. That person (was a) no mind person. Under zero. Or, his value- 1, if you are putting a 0 (on its) right hand, giving a value, taking a value, but that is zero. In front of 1 it has a value. If that 0 (you are) putting (it) left hand of 1, that means: no value.
In front of 1, 0 (is) taking (a) value, even it is 0. And real existence (is) for 1. And countless 0 may be put in front of 1, and countless universes may be, even they are 0, but, because (they are) in front of 1, (they are) taking an existence and honour. But behind of 1, 0 (has) no value.
And those people that are philosophers, because they are not accepting 1, they are running on the line of 0, saying: rurrrrrrr…. Going on the line of 0. That not accepting 1, running on line of 0, 0,0- nothing, nothing, nothing…When accepting 1, in front of it, you have been granted honour. One 0, one honour, two 0s, one another honour…and countless…Therefore Atauna ghaira mamnun… the Grant of Allah endless. Who (is) accepting His Existence that One (is) always granting. His Grants (are) never ending, even it is 0, but full with One’s Favours and countless favours (are) coming on that 0.
It is 0; therefore ‘lam yalid wa lam yulad’- Allah Almighty (is) giving countless Favours from Himself. That is a Grant. But when He is giving, it doesn’t mean that that Grants (are) going to be registered on that 0, no! Even it is 0, but (it is) full with divine Favours. ‘Yura’, divine Favours (are) through 0s, but 0, because it is nothing, only (is) going to appear; that appearance from 1 to endless countless 0s, continues and everything that Allah Almighty He is asking to be in existence- and their existence (is) not (a) real existence- on that 0s (is) coming (to) appear.
1. Philosophers are never accepting 1. If they are depending on their minds, (they are) not declaring 1. Therefore they are always 0, 0, 0…and those 0s that belong to philosophers, are empty; (they) can’t reach (to the) Favours from 1. And through that 0s the Lord of Heavens that He is that One (He is) giving and showing through (those) 0s countless universes, only in appearance. He is not making them to have a special being, special existence. That is ‘ajaib’, astonishing!
Therefore our minds (are) just stopping, you can’t think on it, you can’t say: “How?” No ‘how’! That is (His) secret of being (the) Lord of (the) whole creation, (the) secret from his Lordship, a secret from His creation, (a) secret for His endless and countless Favours and Blessings. Looking and seeing everything in it. They are sucking from 1, but never belongs to that 1s- all from Him.
That, the second ones, philosophers, that are not accepting one, they are going to be nothing and disappearing, never reaching to anything. They are running through the darkness of satanic oceans, disappearing. But others, the Lordship of Heavens, the Lordship of the Lord of Heavens, all 0s, 0s (are) running through His divine Dominions’ Oceans…ohhh…Azamat! Through His Dominions’ Oceans: Dominion- you (are) understanding something here about Dominions, but everything that belongs to Allah is just 1oo % different. “We are not accepting 1, we are accepting 2, 3, 4…” No. No value. No value to say: “I am not accepting 1, but 2,3,4…four can’t be in existence without 1. Therefore you must say: “1.” Philosophers! Therefore I am bombarding them! All philosophers! They are thinking that they are knowing something. They are so proud ones! They are so foolish ones, when they are feeling something and running to toilet, their personality is something… before getting in toilet, when coming out, their personality is changing…going to be another one…
This is written through antique books, in our days, Awliya all laughing, happy…We have been authorized for bombarding the castles of Satan and satanic ideas.
Philosophers are representatives of Shaitan. Because Shaitan (was) not accepting his Lord, discussing, fighting and bad mannered... (They are) like Shaitan’s representatives…
Take it away, your mind! Leave to run through your being heavenly Currents! Don’t put your ego (there). Philosophers are worshippers of Shaitan; Shaitan’s representative through themselves is their ego. Philosophers are worshipping to their minds and minds are a means through the hand of Shaitan for cheating people!
That is an introduction. We were saying the holy words of (the) Prophet sws that it is not (the) fruit of minds or thinking, no, he is bringing pure knowledge from Heavens. Others- that they are claming (to be) ‘knowledge’- (is) running through sewage and sewage (is) never getting to be clean, always (the) ego (is) supplying (the) sewage (with) urine… Everyone reaching there and Shaitan saying: “Quickly urine in it, not to come down.” Everyone- both sides, banks, full with philosophers…and everyone urinating…Shaitan (is) saying: “Be ready! Now begin!”… Sewage…
Therefore- cheating. Shaitan first cheating from men philosophers and (he is) selecting who is most suitable for him for that purpose and (he is) beginning to cheat that selected ones. Shaitan has an academy; selected ones (are) coming there, (he is) teaching them, then sending (them) East and West and one saying something like this, another coming, saying opposite, this (one) saying: East, that (one) saying: West. This saying: Up, that: Down. This saying: Fire, that one: No, water…Preparing, treating them, or training them, all philosophers, and then leaving (them to go, saying): “Now you go and cheat people!”
Therefore- (these are the) Prophets holy words that coming from Heavens: “Who is cheating us is not from our nation.”
And also through his nation so many people that have been cheated, also they are trying to cheat common people and common people (are) so easily cheated.
Once upon a time one person, learned one- this is an example how they are cheating common people, those representatives of Shaitan:
A learned person on his way found a mosque in a village and (he was) coming and asking to pray. And ‘ahlu-l qura’, pheasants, showed (it) him: “This is our mosque. You may come and you may pray. We have an Imam also, a learned person, very good, “ He went in and after (the) prayer he was looking and seeing that that person (was) knowing nothing, everything (he was) doing wrong and he said: “Oh people, your Imam (is) knowing nothing.” “How!” They were coming to (the) Iman and saying: “Ya Hu, that person (is) saying that you don’t know anything. Why you are cheating us? “ Demagogy: “How! I don’t know anything? We may do (a) test. Yes. Come! All (of) you should be jury and we shall be here discussing, and you may know which (one) of us is a learned person. “ All pheasants (were) sitting and looking. And (the) I mam (was) coming and saying: “Oh, you are saying I don’t know anything and I am Imam here, come for debate. These pheasant people are jury, they may say which (one) of us is on perfection, which (one) of us is much more learned.” “Yes.”
Sitting and saying: “You are claiming that I don’t know anything. Look, oh our attenders, you are jury. Take this paper and I am taking one paper also and I am saying to you write: Ox. Write: Buffalo. And I am writing also.” That learned person was writing and he also was writing. “Now you finished? You wrote, ya Sheikh?“ “Yes, I wrote.” “Show to people.” They were looking: “Make it like this…like that”… they were not knowing which side (is) up or down. “Look, what I am writing, my writing: buffalo”, showing and he was drawing a buffalo, painting, drawing with horns, four legs, and making like this, like that…(chewing)...”Look, oh jury people, attenders- which (one) looks like buffalo? Which (one) of us is knowing?” “Ohhh. This is buffalo! That one we don’t know.” “Look! Take your shoes and go one. These my people know that I am (the) most important learned person for them. Look. Put there, on (the) door of (the) mosque (for) everyone to know that I am (a) so learned person, I can write buffalo…”
That is demagogy, cheating, that 21st century people (are) just cheated, but the representatives of Shaitan (are) in such a way. They (are) never saying for truth: “That is truth”, but what Shaitan is saying, that is truth. Those people are not from my nation, saying Prophet.
Ya Rabbi, ya Allah! Ya Allah, send us (someone) who may teach us what is right and what is wrong! Ajilnana bi faraj, ya Allah! For the honour of Your most honoured servant, most honoured Prophet, most glorified and most beloved servant in (the) divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 29th
Ya Rabbi Shukr! Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, Destur ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sahibu Zaman! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
There is a machine (that) several times now for check-up they were putting me in front of that instrument, like x-rays and other so many kinds of technical works…They are saying to me: “You must rest. Don’t do anything. Lie down. Only stand up. “ Then (they are) saying: “You are free.”... “Do nothing.” And we are obeying and doing as they are saying- doing nothing…
Now this is a spiritual meeting, (an) authorized meeting, it is not an imitated meeting,
no. And we are sitting here, we are making a check-up daily, looking where we reached, what we are in need. And when that instrument (is) showing that this or that must be for that person, (the) doctor (is) making some treatment on them…Now- how many people (are) sitting here- just on this table (up), it is shown what we are in need to make it to increase or something to make it down. For something for ourselves we are in need to push (it) back, some of them they are in need to be pulled…And we are sitting here as attenders; we are not asking from you anything and that heavenly treatment that (is) coming on earth to (the) Prophet sws and through Grandsheikh (it is) reaching to me, they are making what is necessary for you, and you are sitting, hearing, listening, sleeping- doesn’t matter- at least through this short time you are getting a treatment, a spiritual treatment.
There is these big tanks of water. Sometimes the tap on it is closed, rusted (and) it is difficult to open. And (you are) using a power, then quickly (the water is) coming, taking (that blockage) away…Now they are doing such a treatment for everyone here- a cleanliness. It is a cleanliness first that we are in need (of).
Your structure- as it is well-known through Prophets and their followers- (the) traditional knowledge that (is) coming through Heavens (is) saying for our physical being’s structure (that there are) 4 elements: water, earth, air, fire. Beginning like this…ending like that…Living and dying point. These 4 elements- we have been ordered to keep each element on its real position, not to be mixed with something else that it is not suitable (for) that element’s nature. (There must be a) balance. If you are leaving yourself without (a) balance, that 4 elements (are) going to mix up and finally each one (is) coming against another one and giving the sign of end of our physical being. (For) our physical being (it) is necessary to be on a balance through (these) 4 elements to continue through this life that it is our material being and physical being. Whole troubles that (are) coming to peoples’ nature through their physical being that is (because) we are loosing balance. Someones (are) growing like this… too much, someones no chance to appear and going to disappear, some other (ones are) coming against another one without any rights and (the) 4 elements (are) getting in(to) a chaos. When (the) chaos (is) coming, (the) physical being (is) going to finish. Our physical being (is) going on earth to come down, down, down, and so many kinds of troubles and sufferings and pains (are) coming on the structure of man’s physical being.
And all hospitals and doctors (are) trying to cure people, but they are not looking (to the) real points or (the) real beginning of our structure that it has been used by (the) Creator. They are not knowing this and they are trying to cure everything without balance.
Now doctors are knowing (that) so many kinds of medicines (are) just prepared, countless, so many medicines, tablets or injections, but they are saying: “We are using this. This (is) going to be useful for that illness, for that problem, but (it is) bringing another problem from another side.” That (is) showing that (for) doctors (there is) no (such) balance; they are knowing nothing about the balance of (the 4) elements. Therefore (there are these) side effects! That means: doctors never knowing (about the) balance (of the elements). (They are) using (medicine) for this problem, but that (is) bringing another problem on that and on that, (the) elements (are) going to fight each other (and) therefore finally (they are) saying: “We can’t do anything except we must use surgery. We must cut it and throw it away.”
Ya Hu! This is a watch. When (it is) getting (to be) something wrong in it, and (they are) opening (it) and saying: “We must take one of it away”- it works? How they are cutting, saying: “We must take it away”, sometimes kidneys, sometimes liver, sometimes lungs? Sometimes they are saying: ”We must open, (make) surgery for heart”, sometimes they are saying: “Big problem, we must open head and to look what is in it…” They are using something that…and their intention (is) to save that person from troubles and problems, but when man (is) involving through our physical being, (that is) bringing another, countless problems behind it. And they are saying: “We must do an operation. It is necessary, no (other) way”, and when they are doing this, involving (in) our creation, a big hole (is) beginning to open. From a needle hole (it is) getting bigger, bigger, bigger and (they are) saying: “We did what is possible to do, but now we are sorry, we can’t do anything: “We can’t do anything.” Making like this…(rubbing their hands), saying: ”Put him under intensive care!” That means: finished. Or beginning?…”What we shall do? So many people coming, let him die…Only we may take money, let him die.” That wheel must turn- taking…giving, taking, giving…
All trouble (is) that everything they are learning, but real area, real treatment what it is, they are not asking. (They are not asking) what is for such conditions heavenly knowledge, what saying, because they are denying that and everything they are looking through material eyes, nothing else. Therefore- when (the) 4 elements (are) loosing their balance, that person just finished.
And all religions first of all (were) bringing some rules, bringing something for doing and some other forbidden (things)- people think that it is a play. When heavenly Orders (are) coming and saying: “Do this, don’t do that. Eat this, don’t eat that”, they are saying: “Why? Why they are preventing us (to do,) as we like? To live as we like, to use everything to eat and drink?” They are on the level of animals, no thinking for them, no, empty heads! All rules that (are) coming from Heavens are only to keep (the) balance among (the) 4 elements. Therefore- whom they are keeping heavenly Rules they are not going to be ill or to be under (the) control of their egos. (There is) no control that time (for those) who (are) refusing prevented things, (doing) forbidden orders. They are thinking that they are reaching a pleasure through their lives, (but) no!
Therefore people are beginning now from childhood, they are going to destroy or (it is) going to be destroyed the balance through their physical beings’ elements. If (they are) keeping heavenly Orders, they are never going to be hurt or harmed, because each element (is) knowing its way; (they are) not coming against each other, (there is) no accident. This (is) for our physical being. For example: you are drinking. You may drink through when you are eating and after you must be patient until one hour. (But they are) saying: “No”. (Or a Rule is) saying: You must drink and sit down. (People are) saying: “(It) doesn’t matter.” Everything that (is) concerning our physical being’s life (is) under (heavenly) Orders, because Orders (are) keeping balance. If you are refusing orders, you are out of balance and out of balance people soon (are) coming to be out of order. Finished.
But the more important thing- that we are on it now- is for our spiritual being’s situation. Because our spiritual being asking a full balance among our 4 elements; to be pure. Therefore purification, tahliya, is (the) first step for our spiritual being’s development or for their reaching to their heavenly positions.
Therefore we are using, all Tariqats (are) using different methods to keep (a) full balance through (the) 4 elements; to make each one (of it) on its private level, not one jumping to another. All seclusions that Tariqats (are) ordering are to make (the) 4 elements friendly to each other. When (they are) going to be friendly to each other, (there is) no harming (of) one (to) another one. When (there is) no harming and all of them (are) on (the) same direction, (they are) going to be prepared for their heavenly travelling, (for their) heavenly flying to their heavenly positions.
Therefore- this is a small group of people here, and our Grandsheikh (is) making us to be here (for) even 1 hour, 1/2 hour- (this) helps ourselves to arrange our nature’s balance that (this) our nature (is) just combined through 4 elements. This (is) helping; even 1/2 hour we are sitting here, but that instruments- heavenly instruments that they are authorized people’s instruments- (they are) coming through our real being to combine and prepare them, to bring them to (a) balance, (a) full balance for moving to Heavens.
They are sending time-by-time rockets (up). How many times the engineers (are) coming and trying, looking if anything- more or less- (there is) something wrong on it. When (they are) giving their report that: “1oo% according to our control it is ready to move up”, then…ohhh…Therefore- don’t think that you can move from earth to Heavens by yourself as you like, no!
Grandsheikh (is) making (a) trying, then (he is) coming to (the) Prophet, sws, saying: “That one (is) ready to reach to his Amanat”, what it is granted to him to reach, their heavenly positions. “That is okay.” Then- ohhh…coming that spiritual power, dressed on him, then he can move.
We are thinking that (the) importance of religion (is) so simple and (the) majority of people (are) looking (to) it and (they are) saying: “Useless or needless”, never interesting or never taking any care. Therefore quickly coming their elements to each other, fighting, and (they are going) underground…
Oh people! Try to take more care for your physical being that it is (the) structure of our spiritual being. Just it is assembled. They are thinking that (there is) no need for a person (for) such a things and (really) our reality (is) assembled on our physical being. As the base, foundation, (or) platform that (a) rocket (is) sitting on. It is going up, but that platform is always here. If anything (is) wrong on it, that (rocket) can’t be sent.
Therefore our physical being (is) like (a) rocket’s platform. Must be everything 1oo % perfect. If not, you can’t go up. May go, going-coming…and coming… ohhhh…so many times these rockets (are) coming back, something wrong. It is important to be known what they are giving us to teach, to speak to all people. It is most important, perhaps Awliya (are) knowing this point and (they are) asking (for) an opening to mankind before Mehdi a.s. (is) coming and before Jesus Christ, Isa a.s., (is) coming (down), to prepare…
May Allah forgive us and give us much more attention to use it for such important points or we are going to be like (those) billions of people (that are) going to be carcass… and mostly people (are) becoming carcass…even through people not through (one) million you can find one or two, and their sign (is): (that) when (you are) opening their graves after thousands of years, they are same, never changed, and others (are) going to be carcass… Ya Allah, alimna ma yanfauna…You like to be in divine Presence like carcass? And you have a chance to be dressed with heavenly Dressings and to come to His divine Presence… or to come like (a) carcass…
For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws may Allah grant us Mehdi a.s. quickly, to arrange the life of mankind on earth, Fatiha

Sunday, 27th
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
If you are understanding, why you are sitting on front of me? X.! Understanding?…They are all sleeping…
(In Turkish:) ”There is a proverb: ‘Naumu dhalim ‘ibada’- the sleep of the tyrant is his worship. That is why you shouldn’t wake him up; you will save people from his cruelty, because when he is getting up, he will do some cruelty. As long as he is sleeping, it is written for him like worship.
Each ego is dhalim, cruel, and the degree of its cruelty is according to the chance you give it. If you give it much opportunity, it will be a big tyrant and do a big bela. For example a street-sweeper. You tell him: “Sweep here” and he is saying: “No, I will sweep there.” He is also showing his ego, he thinks he is someone. What si speaking is his ego.
Today there is a handful of people here from all over the world. I am thanking to Allah that with this meeting we are imprisoning their egos for one hour, or for half and hour, because otherwise, when they go out, their egos only do badness. So this is also a favour for us. Don’t give a chance to your ego! “Fa iza fagharta fansab, (wa ila Rabbika faghab)”- if you are free from one work, occupation, occupy yourself with something else, don’t leave your donkey free, because if you leave it, it will kite or kick or do some other trouble. Therefore: ‘Fa iza fagharta fansab!’
When you finish one service, do some other service, don’t stop, or the ego will do evil. This is important. In Islam there is no being unoccupied. No one is sitting around unoccupied, without work, the hands in the pockets, a cigarette in their mouth, smoking in the streets or in the coffeehouse. This is not Islam, this is not being human. Outside Islam people don’t become human, people become like wild animals. May Allah not leave us in the hands of our ego and not let us give a chance to our ego! Because we are not yet saved from our egos, we are not yet free! Who is reaching to freedom, they are Mujahids! Who is riding on their ego, they are Mujahids. We are still feeding our egos.
It is beginning in childhood, from 3 years old, that they say: “I like this, I don’t like that, I want to do this, I don’t want to do that, I like to do this, I don’t like to do that”…
This so-called ‘freedom’ is a Bela, coming from America.
(In English)
There is a philosopher in America, who was putting in front of people: “Leave children in peace, let them do, as they like, don’t touch” and he is also giving to women freedom, he has a school… very famous one, saying. “You must leave children to grow as they like. Don’t make them to be threatened, don’t say this, that, no. Leave them to grow as they like.” That opening doors to youngsters, doors of discipline, taking away and saying: “You are free! Do everything as you like! “ That is his school and on that people (are) running; first America opening, making people, particularly small ones, to do as they like. And now they can’t stop people, because without discipline just they (have) grown (up) and (now) you must have as the number of man (police) for keeping youngsters not to do bad things, not to do violence and it is impossible! This is. And they are saying after this ‘democracy’, democracy means: people, everyone may do as they like, everyone may live their life as they like. How it can be! And this is the fruits of that philosopher’s way, new life system. (It) just reached to (the) ends of this world, East to West, North to South. Therefore governments (are) preventing teachers, schoolmasters, even not to take like this (his ear), or to make like that…saying: “No, it is forbidden. You must keep children and they must do everything as they like, to show what they are keeping through their creation wisdom.” And bringing (that)… That is the limit of Shaitan’s desire: to reach to that level. When they reached… Shaitan (is) now (is) sitting on his throne, saying: “I worked so hard and now I must have my rest, because (there are now) so many of my representatives, no need (for me). Now I am very happy. I am looking how (they are) killing each other, how they are bombing each other, how they are burning, destroying everything. I am very happy!” And also big cigarette putting…Freud!
That is the top point foolish one to make people in worst position and situation! One person, Freud, giving freedom (to) women, (to) children, (to) youngsters- they must do as they like, and they may live as they like! Now all governments (are) thinking: “Ohhh, how we can save ourselves now? Finished!”
As long as Freud and his foolish opinions, satanic opinions (are) in act, you can’t reach (a) peace, no. And nafs, our ego, (is) saying: “Oh, ‘Eidu-l Akbar, biggest pleasure for us, to run like this, like that! We are playing everywhere…We are measuring everywhere your ‘member’…Suitable this or suitable that?” Freedom! Someone saying: “Come, measure”, someone saying: “I must measure.” Freud’s philosophy this! Ibahiyun- everything permitted! What they are doing, it is free, Ibahiyun, they are out of (the) discipline of religions.
And that bad idea, bad philosopher’s teachings (are) just going through secret ways, through Christianity and (through) Judaism and now (it is) running through the arteries of Islam, to say: “You may do everything, you must give freedom (to) your youngsters, (to your) people!” Finished! No more heavenly discipline on earth now, no! They are saying: “No!” They are not accepting heavenly Discipline, no. What do your think?
Governments (are) helping Shaitan; governments and Presidents and Ministers and Prime Ministers and Chancellors- everyone (is) accepting Freud’s philosophy and asking to run and they are saying in Turkish language ‘Cagdas’, in English ‘the age of freedom’, in Arabic ‘hurriya’. ‘Hurriya in barriya’, not in cities, no. ‘Barriya’ only living animals. Without hindrance to do everything belongs only to animals’ world, not for mankind; on (the) human level (there) can’t be unlimited freedom. No, you can’t reach to the level of humanity without using discipline! But commonly people they are running not to be under a discipline.
Therefore first they destroyed (the) discipline of religions on people, beginning from 1789 in France. They were saying: “No more discipline for people! Open the doors of (the) Bastille Prison! Why you imprisoned our brothers, let them out!” and inside (there were) all wolves, scorpions, tigers, dragons, and worst violent ones, inside, in prison.
(There was) one mistake from the time of monarchy. They did some wrong thing, a mistake, big mistake: That, when they were catching some scorpion and dragon or wolf or bear or fox, (they were) imprisoning them, keeping them. Ottoman Sultans they were doing the best, because they were following (the) heavenly Order: Such a scorpion, even a n officer, such a person that was keeping an area from security powers, he had an authority to cut heads, instantly, without asking, if (he was) seeing a scorpion. Not to take that (one) and put (him) in (the) jail, no, instantly his head finished. “Take away, throw away!” (It was the) biggest mistake from Louis 16th to keep (the) Bastille Prison. For what? What is your hope from scorpions? What is your hope from bears, what is your hope from wolves? Do you think they are changing their nature or their behaviour? Why keeping (them)? You think one day (a) scorpion (is) going to be (a) silkworm? What is your hope for scorpion? To come to be silkworm? No! You think a bear (is) going to be a cow? Why keeping? Do you think that… what is your opinion to keep a snake, a dragon? Perhaps- it was written on Holy Books that this snake was the guardian on Paradise entrance and (that) then he opened, giving way for Shaitan to enter Paradise. But, as Adam repented and coming in his original form, if that King was saying: “That snake I am keeping in Bastille Prison; perhaps one day it is going to be changed into an Angel…” Do you think such a thing? There is such a possibility? For that keeping them inside, those Shaitans, those monsters who were putting even small children under (the) Guillotine and cutting!
Wrong thing they were doing! Holy Orders, Commands that Christians must use, are the Holy Torah’s Commands about Dunya. In Evangelos no, but they must use the heavenly Orders that Allah Almighty just sent to Moses, (in the) Old Testament. (In the) New Testament no. But in Islam (there are) coming Orders for whole people, for Dunya and for Akhirat. They were not listening- King Louis 16th – and (he was) keeping them, and one Shaitan (was) coming, opening (the) door and sending out hundreds and thousands of such…What you think (it) should be if zoo garden’s entrance (was) broken? What should be London, what should be Paris, Washington, New York, Malaysia? They are saying: “We are friends with our people, jungle people, therefore they can’t touch us…”
Everything that (is) against heavenly Orders must be punished! That is punishment, coming: thousands of Asilzades, thousands of royal people even small babies (they were) putting under Guillotine, cutting. You must take care! And now Shaitan (is) just giving that freedom through Freud. They are not listening to Holy Books, but listening to Freud, what he said, giving full freedom, (and) now even (the) ‘superpowers’ are wondering: “How we can be able to keep ourselves?” They are trembling: From which hole they are coming out, from which direction they may fall on them, they are never knowing!
Listen and keep yourself! Keep heavenly Orders, if you are asking safety. Don’t give freedom to your children, to your wife, to your husband, to yourself more than what Allah Almighty just granted to you. If you are jumping beyond, everything is going to be against you and cursing area, the area beyond the area of loyalty beginning area of cursing. (On the) area, the field of loyalty, raining blessings, beyond that falling on them cursing.
May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 26th

Meded, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Ashabu Nauba…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…alhimna rushdana…
At least (the) benefit for such a meeting is (that during) one hour or less or more (that) we are through this meeting our egos (are) going to be imprisoned, because if you are leaving it, it is going to do something (that is) hurting people, harming people, giving trouble. That is its nature. Always (the) ego is (a) trouble maker, because its teacher is Shaitan and Shaitan (is) never teaching to his students or followers or servants, only (he is) saying: “As much as possible make trouble and give harm to mankind.” (This is the) main target for shaitanic teaching: only he is asking to take his revenge from mankind, to make them in trouble here and Hereafter. Therefore (the) main purpose of his teachings is to make people troublemakers and first (of all he is) using people, making big big advertising for his teachings, saying: “We are ‘positive knowledge representatives’ and beyond that we are not accepting anything. Positive- you must be positive perspective.” Trainings centers of Shaitan all these…after teaching (centers there are) training centers (where) Shaitan (is) teaching (them) how they should harm (other) people with troubles and Shaitan (is) teaching (them) to make countless troubles for mankind. And (for all the) unsolved problems for mankind that is (the reason). Through universities, academies, colleges, O level, A level, eschek level- they are teaching centers. Then (he is) sending (the graduates) to (the) community for training, practising (as) practitioner…
countless…Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!
And all shaitanic efforts, high-level efforts, (are) trying to make people troublemakers. And, for example, (they are) giving to an ox one tablet poison. Then, when that ox (is) getting ill, (they are) calling (the) vet. (He is) coming (and asking): “What happened for that ox?” “We gave a tablet to make it more strong, but coming more trouble.“ “Ah. We must use another one, trying, till we are killing ox. Before killing, if we are getting hopeless, when we are getting hopeless, you may cut it, you may slaughter and give to people and people (are) eating, coming another illness to people and we are going to treat them…”
Beware of Shaitan! Everywhere that there is (a) trouble, look, that is a person sitting on that center, who is (a troublemaker). Who is going to be most troublemaker, he is getting up. If (they are) calm people, never giving trouble people, they are on base, never giving trouble people. And others according to their trouble making, they are getting ranks, ranks, ranks. Top rank (for the) much more troublemaker. Sometimes (they are) using some people that are not troublemakers, but Shaitan (is) taking such people for his advertisement: “Look, such good person also we are putting (as) President, putting (as) Minister, (putting as) Commander in chief” and under it (it is) full with mines. Putting them first to make them, when explosion coming, uhhh… first they are going and they are downstairs, (saying:) “Ohhh, we are very happy these people going! Now power (is) in our hands…
Troublemakers. Beware! But no one (is) taking any care that Shaitan is the source or Shaitan is (the) ocean of trouble and every troublemaker must belong to Shaitan and Shaitan must graduate that person and (he is) giving a useless title: “You are Dr”, means: “You are on behalf of myself. You must go through (the) community and move people to make troubles, ordering hundreds of people, thousands of people to come together and to shout, to ask much more troubles. And they are in (a) good position, but Shaitan making them…injecting in them, to say: “No, you must ask more” and (the community is) saying: “Ya Hu- we are in troubles”, and saying: “Trouble only may leave you through another trouble”, and trouble multiplied with trouble going to be double (trouble). Shaitan (is) saying: “No, now you are in trouble. Make a big meeting, ask freedom, to be more free for troubles, because your rules (are) preventing you to do more troubles individually or through community!”
Now everywhere (is) just full with troublemakers. (Shaitan is) making people to sacrifice their most precious life to make much more trouble; putting on himself bombs, explosive things, tying on himself or herself, giving their precious life to make much more trouble. Sacrificing him or herself. What is your hope, if you are not taking care for troubles, the sources of troubles, coming from Shaitan? Shaitan is (the) most terrible creature on earth for the Children of Adam, asking to make much more trouble, so that no one (is) going to be happy through their lives. And they are asking endless wishes or desires, asking more, giving more, asking more, giving more, asking more… and it is going to be like a circle- (a) person (is) running on it, running on it and never ending their desires for freedom. They are not getting satisfied (with) what is going on (on) earth from troubles; (they are) asking to be able (to do) more trouble, they are asking to shoot people, to kill people, but (that) no one (is) touching to them. That is 21st century’s civilization! Puh on such civilization that (is) all against (the) Children of Adam and they are the followers and representatives of Shaitan.
Therefore we are saying here: At least (the) benefit of this meeting (is that) we are keeping ourselves, our egos even one hour, ½ hour or more, to imprison our egos here, because our ego is going to do something that is no good. There is a good word in Arabic literature: “Naumu dhalimu ‘ibada..” (The) sleep of a representative of Shaitan, dhalim, (is his worship). Who is dhalim? Who (is a) first class troublemaker, that is dhalim.
Through historical periods we are knowing some oppressors that for satisfying themselves they were asking for their eating (the brain of man), (as) Shaitan (was) teaching them: “You must eat (the) brain of mankind” and daily so many people were killed and taken their brains to that representative of Shaitan. In such a way, that is dhalim, oppressor, first class, that have golden medals from Shaitan to be first class Number One representatives. They are giving trouble to people and they are getting happy as Nero, one of the famous representatives of Shaitan, that he burnt Rome and he was laughing. Even he was in such a big pleasure as a man sleeping with his wife, how coming, he was looking burning people through Rime, and he was (in) such a position happy to do that trouble, big trouble for Romans, Italians… they are first class…And now like Nero countless Neros and also in our time countless Nimrods, countless Pharaohs- from miniature-size up to king-size ones.
Therefore a cleaning (is) coming from Heavens to take these monsters. Must come! Earth needs a big cleaning and we are looking that (a) cleaning (is) coming. Before Mehdi a.s. (is) coming, people (are) going for their ‘muhasaba’, trying to take their revenge one from the other and (they are) killing themselves by themselves.. As Allah Almighty (is) writing on that nation of Muhammad sws that (a) revenge (is) coming now- they are killing each other; therefore don’t say: “What (is) happening daily in Baghdad, daily in Turkey, daily in Spain, daily in Germany, daily in East, in West…”- don’t say! (A) cleaning (is) coming! This (is) only (like the) small drops before a windy storm (is) coming on a city. When (the) full power of cleaning (is) coming, (it is) going to
remain from 6 people one. 5 (are) going to be taken away, dirty ones. Who are dirty ones? (Those) who are representing Shaitan and who are giving trouble to people. Be far away from them! Don’t give your support to them, don’t elect them, don’t follow them, or (else), if you are supporting Shaitan’s representatives, oppressors, you should be punished as they are going to be punished.
May Allah bless you and forgive me, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
Shaitan is showing himself so big…but, when the permission is coming, even an ant can finish him …

Thursday, 24th
In a theatre people don’t amuse themselves…people go in happy and come out unhappy because it is a gathering for Shaitan He is telling them: “You will amuse yourself, but, because it is a gathering for Shaitan and cursing is raining on it, they come out depressed.…Our meetings Shaitan is preventing and cutting, saying: “You will be bored, they will put pressure on you.” But who is not listening to Shaitan and coming, they get out happy, because in our gatherings mercy rains on in. Cinemas, casinos, theatres, coffeehouses are all meeting places for Shaitan and it rains cursing on people there and also on those who just look to them…These people forget their Holy Ones, they fight them, destroy and close their places, now they are in such a bad situation, they can’t get out anymore…)
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
It is an association, it is a small gathering here; we are thankful to Allah Almighty that (He is) granting us to follow the ways of His Friends. We are happy and thankful! (But) we are sorry also that (the) majority of people (is) not interesting in a real situation, a real meeting that (is) teaching them something for Allah. (The) majority of people has been cheated by Shaitan. We are happy and thankful to Allah Almighty that He guided us; that is a biggest grant of Allah Almighty to be guided on (the) right direction and (the) right direction (is) towards Allah and every direction that (is) leading ourselves (in the) direction to Allah Almighty. We are not going to be proud on other people; we must ask from Allah Almighty, from His endless Blessings to send us a guide that he should have a sword in his hand.
A dog, if it is not threatened with anything, with stones or a stick or a sword, (it is) never leaving you, (it is) running after you to bite you. When you have something in your hand, he is not looking to you, (but) looking what is in your hand- stick. It knows that: “If a little bit I am approaching, he should hit me on my head.” Thinking on it, therefore (it is only) barking from far away, because it knows: “If I am coming a little bit, that stick is hitting me on my head.”
We have been landed from Eden, from Paradise, on earth, Adam a.s. and Eve, Allah bless her. (At the) same time Shaitan (was) kicked down from Heavens and also (the) snake. (It was) through (the) divine Wisdoms… or (the) divine Will (was) making them to be each other’s enemies. Adam and Eve have been landed on this earth (and) Shaitan is (the) most dangerous enemy for Adam and Eve and also that snake or dragon that (was) kicked down. He was guardian on (the) Paradise entrance, because it (was) also cheated by Shaitan and leaving (its position), giving way (to) Shaitan to enter Paradise and to cheat Adam and Eve. When they were going to be cheated, they were going to be disobedient (to) their Lord’s holy Commands, and everyone who (is) going to be disobedient for their Lord’s Commands can’t be in Paradise! (He) never enters Paradises, until they should be punished here or Hereafter. Sins are a blame on them and Paradise (is) never accepting a disobedient one to step on the clean land of Paradise. Paradise land is clean and must step on it clean ones. No, dirty ones can’t enter, no. Pure, clean people may enter Paradise. Until they are going to be clean, Paradise (is) forbidden for people to enter in it. Therefore when Shaitan cheated Adam and Eve, (the) holy Command, (the) holy Order, heavenly Order (was coming), saying: “Get out! You can’t step on My Paradise land and you are now going to be disobedient ones, now you are not clean!” When you are coming to pray, you must be clean. You can’t enter (a) mosque, Mascid Harram, Mascid Nabawi Sharif if you are not clean. You must be clean to enter. Therefore they have been sent out, because you can’t step on Paradise with dirty steps.
And (all of them) had been landed (on earth), but all of them were enemies to each other.
And here people are going to be cheated by Shaitan that his target is to make the Children of Adam to be enemies to each other. They know… When they were coming and landed on this planet, if they are following Allah Almighty’s guides… through His guides, (those) who (are) accepting heavenly Guidance, they should reach cleanliness and peace on earth. Therefore Shaitan is running- as he ran after Adam and Eve to make them away from Paradise- now on earth he is (the) first and most dangerous enemy for (the) Children of Adam and trying to make them dirty ones, and dirty ones (are those) whom they are never obeying heavenly Orders. When (they are) getting dirty, (they are) trying to kill each other. Through that dirtiness growing enmity between Children of Adam and (Shaitan is) making Adam’s Children to be enemies to each other: Nations to nations, races to races, men to women, women to men, children to their parents, parents to their children, neighbours to each other, women to men and men to women- so easily they are coming to be enemies!
Now in our days people (are) suffering. For what (they are) suffering? Because (of the) dirtiness of mankind; they are falling into dirtiness, into sewage channels. If a person (is) falling through sewage channels, (he) can be clean? No. All of them (are) now in sewage channels. You can’t find clean people now, finished! And (even) if a person (is) taking his care, but (he is) going through that sewage channels, even some drops must touch to him or to her. And if we are using (the) heavenly Balance that Allah Almighty put, (saying): “I put (a) Balance”, if you are using that balance, we can’t use (it), but Angels- if they are using- you can’t find now clean ones. Dirtiness (is) through East to West, from North to South, and Shaitan (is) very happy and dancing. Putting rings here and rings there and dancing…happy with hippies…Happy Hippy…new nation, new generation, that they are never accepting to be for them a Lord, never believing in anything, never asking any Command from Heavens, their ‘meslek’, their target is only to reach full freedom. Full freedom people are those who surrender to Shaitan completely! Muslim, aslim, taslim- Muslim is (someone) who (is) surrendering to Allah. But hippies- that 99 % (of) people are on the ways of hippies- (they are) asking freedom, endless freedom; they are completely dirty ones, completely they are surrendering to Shaitan. If you are saying: “Come to surrender to Allah”, they are saying: “No, no, no! Why?” Particularly Western people, Non-Muslim world, if you are saying: “Come and say: I am Muslim”, they are saying: “Islam? No, we are not accepting!”
So many people are coming to me or (to) someone like me, they are thinking that: “We are on way of Heavens and we are trying to make people to reach to their heavenly Stations” and they are giving (their way) a name, mysticism, Tasawwuf. They are accepting (that), but they are running around, they are not getting to be satisfied, because nothing with them. (They are) coming to someone like me, saying: “Oh Sheikh, we are asking a way from mysticism, from Tasawwuf, to reach that spiritual Stations or heavenly Stations. Please guide us on that way.” I am saying: “Yes, okay. (The) first step (is): Come and say: I am Muslim.” “No, no! We are not accepting this. Without becoming Muslim we are asking a way to reach to heavenly Stations!” And I am saying: “Do you think that even in a high building without using a lift you can reach (the) top? I am saying: Come and say: ‘I am Muslim’. Ask, what is the meaning of ‘Muslim’!” “No, no, no! If you are saying Islam, we are not (accepting)…” Up to Jehennem (with them)! If you are not using (a) lift, how you are going to reach? Eiffel Tower- anyone can be able to reach the top of (the) Tower of Eiffel? Impossible! If you are asking to reach, use this! And they are insisting: “We are not using…” I am saying that time: “I am making ropes out of that Eiffel Tower, everyone putting around themselves these rope and when we reached top, we are making people to carry them up, up, up. If you are not coming inside to reach (the) top point and asking another way, another way that is only this! You are asking something that is impossible!
Who (is) asking to reach to their heavenly Positions, must be clean first and if you are not cleaning yourself as Heavens (is) asking to be clean, you can’t reach to that point and Islam (is) coming to clean people from dirty ideas, dirty works, dirty characteristics, to make your ego under your feet and to make Shaitan far away from you! And you are saying, coming as a limited company: “Limited Company: Mr. No-Mind, limited company with Shaitan and ego.” Your company (is) very important! Company of Shaitan. Your company is with Shaitan and ego and this dirty Dunya that (is) making you to be slaves and with Shaitan. You have this company and you are saying: “I am asking to reach up, higher positions of Heavens.” Oh. These dirty ones, if you are not leaving them, you can’t get up, because Heavens (are) never accepting your limited company. People are saying: “No, we are (a) famous company and most important company. From the first step of Adam on earth we established that company and we should go up to end. We can’t leave our company- so important limited company (of) Shaitan and his helpers, his members, his partners. We are not leaving. If you are taking us up, up, if not, we are not accepting.” And we are saying: “Leave (that company) and come!”
Now (the) whole world (is) going in such a way. If you are asking for them to be clean because they are asking to reach heavenly stations, they are objecting on it, your way of cleaning them, (saying:): “Islam? We are not accepting.” “Go away! We are saying: “Leave.” “No!” They surrendered to Shaitan, but it is difficult for them to surrender to Allah. Islam means: To surrender to the Lord of Heavens, our Creator. Even they are not able to carry the name of Islam- what is you hope for these heedless and foolish, no mind, square head, but mm square head people? What your think for them? Which hope you have for them for their future? Now Dunya and its inhabitants reached to that point: all are refusing Islam, all are making Islam down, making another show, the worst show for Islam. If you are saying that: “Islam is in such a way”, giving its description, why you are coming and asking to reach Heavens? Go and use your way! They can’t use!
Ants- now it is the time of their election, election for their queens and mostly the noble ones who are going to appoint or elect their queen, they have wings now. They have wings and other ones, ordinary workers, (they have) no wings. Ordinary ants, if they are asking: “We like also to fly up, but we can’t carry these wings. We like to fly without wings”- what (is) saying mentality? (It) can be? “That wings”, ants they are saying, “you must have this.” They are saying: “No, we can’t carry this.” “Eh. You should be on earth, we are flying…” And mankind, who is accepting Islam, they may fly, if not accepting…there are workers of ants, they may be there, until they are finishing…
Try to have wings and wings are only given through Islam! Without Islam you can’t be given wings to fly to Heavens. Impossible! You must know this. If not, work on it as ants workers, you can’t be Queens or Kings.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha.

Wednesday, 23rd
Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Mede ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum…la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Nothing (is) going to be as a servant (is) asking (it to be). If a person (is) going to be servant, servant to a Sultan, do you think that his will (is) going to be or Sultan’s will is going on? What is that foolishness from people, form everyone to ask to be everything as he wishes, as he is asking? That is (a) big mistake from servants: to run after impossible. That (is) making this world to be in endless problems and to fall into depthless sufferings. (It is the) main point, because people (are) running after to catch (the) impossible. Shaitan (is) showing them an aspect and to reach to that aspect or target or limit, it is impossible!
Sometimes a person is playing with his cat: binding a piece of eat with a string, making like this…(up and down)…approaching to cat, when asking to reach, making like this… jumping, and that person (is) never leaving (the cat) to reach to that piece of meat. And then (the) cat (is) making like this…. angry, running away.
Now Shaitan (is) showing people a target, saying: “You must try to reach to that point”, and it is beyond of our limits; neither our physical being (is) suitable for reaching to that point nor what we are using from some means to carry a person to that distance. But Shaitan (is still) saying: “You must do this.“ Look the endless foolishness or unlimited foolishness from mankind: I heard before 3-4 days that now there is a new travel agency. This is new! What is that new travel agency? (They are) saying: “It is for travellers (that) they are cutting a ticket going and coming.” “How much?” “Only 2o million Dollars one ticket!” You heard such a thing? 2o million US Dollars. For what? One ticket, return ticket, but they are saying: “Only we can’t give any guarantee for returning”…What is that! And (they are) saying: ”Oh my darling, you heard such a ticket? We must be first travellers!” “To where?” “Space! Travelling to space! We are putting you in a missile, your head must be down, your feet must be up. If anything (is) happening, your feet (are) going to be taken, not your head, head down!” What they are saying, ordering me to speak it is ajaib! People (are) running after impossible… This American here not knowing yet, heedless Americans…
Making man, playing with their minds, with countless tricks and traps, putting for mankind that Shaitan. “Return ticket” saying, and: “We are saying that no guarantee for returning…”
I was fearing from Concorde- because (it is) so quick, so speedful, taking from England to America (only) 3 hours- and people may say to me: “We may sent you from England to America”, like our brother (was) saying: “We may cut a ticket for you, (in) 3 hours you should be there”…But I (was) never getting a guarantee for that Concorde place and quickly that finished. Now they are not using it, (it is) retired, and I am rest now- no one (is) asking me: “Come ya Sheikh, with Concorde we may sent you!” What about this that their aim is to reach beyond of atmosphere? And atmosphere, as they are knowing, it is only 7o or 8o km. Subhanallah! Allah Almighty (is) making everything in a suitable position, because if (it was) going to be that thickness of it more our blood (was) coming out, exploding everyone. Allah Almighty (is) making (everything) suitable: “Wa wadana’l mizan”…We are putting everything in its best order for Our servants, not to be disturbed by atmosphere, by rains, by winds”- only sometimes, when the Lord of Heavens (is) getting a little bit angry, (He is) sending hurricane…(making everything upside down), carrying people and throwing them into ocean…no one knowing where they went, only Allah Almighty…
Now so many people (are) asking to be first ones for that travelling, to be written their names through Encyclopaedia Britannica: “That first foolish ones who are paying 2o million Dollars and going up for travelling through space….But, I m sorry, no one (was) coming back” and therefore (that) agency (is) taking a guarantee from that person, (saying): “If anything happening (and) you can’t return, no one (is) coming from your inheritors to ask about (your) return ticket money! You used 1o millions, they never come back, 1o million give us!” So that no one (is) coming to ask (a) refund…
Now I am looking who is going? I am offering to all Presidents, Prime Minister, and top-level people- generals, field marshals, to be first ones to look after that area, because they are understanding what is its distance to make a division for parcelling space beyond atmosphere… and I was intending to send as my deputy Y…may be on behalf of me to look big parcel for Sheikh, for Dergah…
People! Subhanallah- “la yukallifu-llaha illa wusaha”…Allah Almighty (is) never asking from His servants impossible. Our possibility (is) everything that may be according to our power possible. (That) possibility we have been granted, but beyond (that) possibility there is (the) impossible, Allah Almighty (is) never asking. If you have been given billions of Dollars, but you are not going to be offered that you may take a return ticket to travel through space- no, it is not for us! Allah Almighty (is) never happy to make His servants… or (for they) to run through impossibility or impossible. (The) biggest Bela, (the) biggest cursing that people (are) running on it, it is from Shaitan: to make them to run after impossible (things). And if you are going to make a list of (all) impossible things and (to) speak on it, it may take weeks for us. Now through (the) 21st century people- that they are so proud people- they are saying: “We reached (the) top limit of civilization, we reached the limit of being able to control nature and natural powers give us that possibility, giving us an authority to ask impossible things.” (Because of) that possibility that mankind (has been) granted now through (the) 21st century, Shaitan (is) never leaving them to enjoy what they have been granted from possible chances, possible pleasures, possible favours; they are leaving it and asking to run after impossible, because after (the) possible there is (the) impossible area. No one (is) giving a guarantee to you when you (are) running to (the) impossible area, but Shaitan (is) making them to be proud in such a way like Nimrod, (who) was asking to reach Heavens and to fight the King, the Sultan, the Lord of Heavens. Just he passed his limit, (and) then he was shot down, Nimrod…
Those people now (are) asking what Nimrod asked and how Nimrod (was) punished, another punishment (is) waiting for those heedless people, inhabitants of all (the) world that (are) asking to run beyond possibility to impossible areas. They should be punished also! Everywhere, through every field of life, people (are) running and asking impossible areas. Through every field of life: doctors, engineers, business men, governments, nations, power engines… universities, farmers, shepherds, shippers, flying people- all of them they are asking (the impossible), they are not saying: “Thanks to our Lord who created us the possibility to use these powers from nature and we take benefit and safety for ourselves! It is a grant from Allah to us! ‘Wa zakhara lakum ma fi samawati wa ma fi-l ard’- that is from our Lord’s Favour that we have been granted!” They are not saying this, but they are listening to Shaitan and Shaitan is showing them: “No, it is not a limit for you to be in (the) possible area only, you must run through impossible (areas), to look after impossible areas through space!”
What is your possibility to jump into space? Who (is) giving you that authority? They are not looking our manifestation, our physical being and its possibilities? No, they are not looking, never looking, but shaitanic ideas (are) always making people to leave (what is) important and to run to unimportant things. You are living your life only very short time, oh people- why you are running and wasting your energy and physical being running after (the) impossible? (The) impossible area needs another structure that it is not granted to mankind that they have been landed to live on this planet, not to jump up! Allah created some other creatures, Angels’ world, that they may use this impossible areas that are possible for them, impossible for ourselves.
Everything- we are (on the) wrong way: Our governments (are on the) wrong way, our Presidents, our leaders (are) on wrong way. Particularly universities (are on the) wrong way. Every teaching center (is) under (the) control of shaitanic ideas and teachings- how you can hope (for) a good future for mankind on this planet? As long as they are running after (the) impossible, that means they finished, (except those) whom they are saving themselves and keeping their limits, that it has been granted to them to live on this planet…
Even flying from continent to continent is also beyond our limits; therefore all of them (are) travelling under a big dangerous atmosphere. Any moment may happen something for a flight, and no one (is) going to be saved because even these 1o km, not 1o, but 3 or 4 km, it is so, we may say, on earth limits, but beyond this, that rockets, all of them (are) passing away, passing their limits, therefore mostly their riders (are) looking and seeing some figures approaching them and coming around this (rocket)… They are not saying this, they are keeping (it secret), not giving any knowledge about them, but very few, some people are saying that: “When we are passing up, the guardians of first space (are) coming and looking whom they are you and what they are doing, and (then) coming (a) big fear through them, they are going to be like drunk people and they are asking to move down. They are not seeing safety up, but they are looking safety for them (is) to come down…Oh people, come down, don’t pass your limit! You are not spiritual beings no, your creation (is of) another kind. Keep it! Keep your Lord’s respect and Glory for the Lord of Heavens and try to give to the Lord of Heaven your glory to be happy here and Hereafter.
May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Tuesday, 22nd
Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultan-l Awliya, Meded a Rijalallah, Meded ya Sayyidi and Sultanu-l Awliya, Destur! Ya Rijalallah alhimna rushdana…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
For everything there is a protocol. Without protocol that means we are a group of creatures that belong to animals world. Through animals’ world (there is) no protocol. In jungle there is protocol? Do you think so? If a community (is) loosing (the) protocol, just they (are) falling from their human being level down and coming to be with animals’ world. Through animals’ world (there is) no protocol. (They are) free, (there is) freedom through desserts, freedom through jungles. And now Shaitan (is) urging people, particularly youngsters, not to have any protocol.
As when Allah created (the) ego, nafs, (He was) saying: “Come to Me” and it was turning back and going. And (when He was) saying to him: “Go away”, (it was) coming back. That means: (the) ego (is) never accepting a protocol, even from his Creator. And Allah Almighty is giving such knowledge to His honoured and chosen servants, (the) Prophets, through traditional knowledge that is heavenly Knowledge, to teach His servants (about the) protocol. And when He is informing His servants about their egos, (He is) making so clear its qualification or speciality or real characteristic. You must know! If you are asking to know about someone, you must know his characteristics. If you are not knowing that one’s characteristics, it is difficult to work together or to be with him or to leave him.
That was at the beginning of our ego’s creation. The Lord of our egos (was) saying to him: “Come to Me” and it was turning back and running away. When He was ordering to him: “Run away”, he was coming and facing to his Lord. That means: No protocol. Through protocols there are Rules and Commands and Orders. That is real protocol. And then Allah Almighty (was) asking to show His servants to give some knowledge about our egos why he did like this, ego? When He was ordering, his Lord (was) ordering: “Come”, and (it was) coming back and (when He was) saying: “Go back”, and (it was) coming forward. (To show) what is (the) reason, which thing (is) making our egos to do that, Allah Almighty (was) asking: “Who are you, who am I?” To make (it) clear and the ego was saying: “I am myself”, and: “You are You and I am myself.”
That means: he was declaring to be independent, for himself, and to do independently everything as he likes, that means: Never accepting any protocol: “I may do everything I like to do” or: “I must leave everything that I am not interesting to do that.” Real point Allah Almighty (was) showing, (the) real point, (the) real reason why he was always coming against his Lord’s Command: that he means or he was believing or asking to be his situation as his Creator’s situation, (saying:) ”You are You, and I am myself. If You are Commander, I am also commander and I am that one, (that), as You are not getting under anyone’s command, I am also now, I am never accepting (anyone) to be commander on myself. I must be also like You independent!”
The Lord of Heavens (was) teaching the characteristic of our nafs, our egos. Everyone has this and their nafs- if you leave it- it is asking only to eat, to drink and to enjoy with his physical desires, as animals- they are interesting only for eating, drinking and their sexual activities. Anything (else) you (are) knowing for animals? Therefore they are not in need for protocol, they are free.
Now Shaitan (is) urging people to say: “We are free ones” and (the) most suitable area for our egos to live through their freedom (is) the field of democracy. (The) democratic system (is) saying to everyone: “You may take your freedom! We are not keeping any protocol from Heavens, originally we are not accepting, we are not believing (in) any involvement from Heavens. Heavens is in our sight like (the) tales of fairies, no more. Therefore we must be positive people, we must live imagination and dreams”, as nations lived and spent their whole ability, capacity and energy through their imagination, through their wrong ideas, through their fairy tales. They spent it and for the sake of their dreams and for their imaginated worlds that they are believing through some people that there is Paradise and Hells, they did a protocol that this protocol (is) always making them (to be) through a trap- never leaving them to do anything as they like. That means: They were keeping protocols and claiming (that) these protocols (are) from Heavens and they were making their freedom through that imaginated protocols, making trouble on themselves and they were not living as they like. And shaitanic teachings (are) for destroying humanity. (His) first aim (is) to take away heavenly protocols. Doesn’t matter. They may do artificial protocols as they like, according to their egoistic desires they are doing something, but it is never going (to be) a real protocol. Therefore we are speaking on protocols that for everything there is a protocol. Man’s life must be through protocols, what I said now that they are making me to say.
Asking from Allah to look after ourselves and to guide ourselves, it is too much, because to call Allah to do something individually for yourself is not a protocol, no. It is not protocol. (The) protocol is in another way. The Lord of Heavens created man on this planet and He was dressing (him) from His divinely Honoured dressings. (Adam), the first man, (and He was) making him to be (the) Qibla, (the direction) that our hearts have been asked to turn towards. That is what we are now turning to: (the) Kaaba, the House of Lord. It is for our materials Qibla, but it is not (the) Quibla for our spiritual being. (Our) spiritual beings’ Qibla is S.Muhammad sws. You must turn to him! That is protocol, real protocol. Not as they are saying: “We are asking from Allah.”
You know Allah? Who He is you know? Your representative, your ego, was saying: “Who? I don’t know anything for You. You are You, and I am that one!” Our ego is never declaring Allah Almighty’s Existence; (it is only) declaring existence for himself, therefore- how your ego (is) coming to declare the Existence of the Lord of Heavens?
Therefore- (the) first Qibla for mankind was Adam a.s. It is protocol. You must come to him and to look to him and to follow him, because his face (is turned) to His Face and your face must be to that Adam’s face. Adam was Qibla.
And then every time- the world (was) never becoming empty from Qibla. Therefore (it is from the) Adab for Tariqas also: they are saying their Sheikh is Qibla. That is protocol also. Through that Qibly you may find your way to (the) real Qibla Rasulullah sws, that all (are) coming and joining in his divinely representation. He is (the) only one representing the Lord of Heavens! Therefore we are saying, asking from Allah: “You know Allah?” If you know Allah, it is okay. But you don’t know!
Every Prophet (was) coming to teach people to know their Lord Allah Almighty and no any nation can pass, leaving their Prophets and pass forward to Allah- they must (all) pass on that bridge! If you are not accepting bridge and you are saying: “We are not in (of a) need bridge, we may walk on water”, water takes you away. You must use (the) bridge. No mind people (are) leaving (the) bridge and (they are) saying: “I must pass over water.” Yes, you may be able to pass over water, if you are a full keeper of (the) heavenly protocol. (Then) you have been granted such power to walk on water.
After the Seal of Prophets sws, (the) Sahaba, his disciples, Companions, they were moving towards East and West to reach people with heavenly Lights and Muslims armies were moving from the heart of Medina Munawwara through East and West; they were taking their powers from the heart of Medina Munawwara. And one of that armies (was) turning towards Iraq and Iran. Iranians were not Muslims and (the) Sahaba were running to take (the) Lights of Islam to Iranian people. They were making their roads (ready) for fighting and (the) army of Islam was coming, in front of them there was a river, Tigris or Euphrates- one of them. When army of Muslims (was) reaching to that huge river, one Sahaba that his name is not on my memory now, he was first on his horse rushing on (the) river and he was walking on it as a person (is) walking on earth and after him (the) whole army with their heavy equipment, everything that they carried for their army, was passing after him as they are walking on asphalt. When (the) Iranians (were) looking these people (are) running on that huge river, they were saying: “These people are not from mankind; may be they are Jinn, we can’t be able to fight them. Run away, because they are Jinn, you can’t be able to fight them!” Running away and leaving everything…
Yes- someones are not in need (of a) bridge, because they are bridge. Becoming bridge, because (they are) keeping (the) real protocol that I mean to say: heavenly protocol. They can do; (the) earth (is) under their command. But who (are) not accepting (the) heavenly protocol, (the) earth (is) never going to be under their commands, no, nature and world (are) fighting to them, never giving way to them and cursing them, (saying): “You are cursed people, never accepting heavenly protocol, go away, Demon you!”
May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Monday, 21st

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
It is important for everyone to look with which importance he is doing every day. It is 24 hours, a day. 24 hours, every hour must be loaded with something, as a wardrobe (that has) 24 drawers, according to our traditional knowledge that we are believing in it and depending on.
We are not depending on other knowledge, because other knowledge is mind productions. Mind productions (are) going to be so many different kinds, perhaps everyone’s mind production (is) going to be different from others. Therefore you can’t be able to trust on individual mind production, because they are not using a balance. No balance, that is just prepared for balancing every mind production as well as physical activities, something that man may think on or try to bring from himself and most people are so proud ones, they are saying: “My idea, my opinion, or my sight it is (the) best one and (there is) no need to use balance, no!” That is the pride of mankind that Shaitan (is) injecting to them to be proud. Shaitans injection. Shaitan mostly (is) running after mankind to make them proud ones and (he is) injecting to them pride.
Therefore everyone (is) sitting in a meeting, through people, through university, academy or everywhere and they are saying: “My opinion, my theory is the best and I am not accepting others, I am following myself.” But not using a balance, because he is so proud to say: “Who is going to control or look after my mind production, who can do this! All of them their level is under my level. I am top level!” He is so foolish one that through that claming he means to say that: “Over my level (there is) no level, (the) last level is for me. Last level. Over my level (there) can’t be another level. I am the limit of people’s levels, no one can reach that.” Coming and finding this ceiling and saying: “Beyond this finished, I am the last one.” Therefore he is not asking to make a check-up with any other ones understanding level, saying: “No. I am that last one and finishing (there on my level).” That Shaitan (is) making people to think everyone an independent idea and then to come and fight each other and remaining only ashes, burning their ideas by themselves and remaining only ashes. Ashes giving nothing, but it is suitable for Shaitan, satanic teaching that to be proud. May Allah forgive us!
We were saying (about) mind productions. How many billions of people (are) living on earth, but they have no balance or they are not accepting a balance and billions of peoples’ ideas and theories and understanding is coming and pouring in the same place and beginning to fight each other and no any balance for all ones to give them (a measure for) what is right, what is wrong. And that is the trouble that people now are falling on it; they are asking to fulfil that pride through themselves and they are bringing so many kinds of ranks about themselves, saying: “This is assistant, that is assistant professor, that is professor, that is international professor”…(all of this is only) to fulfil themselves. But they are not accepting a control on their limits of understanding, and if (there is) no control, all of them (are) going to be wrong!
(The) main balance- therefore we are saying- (is coming through) traditional knowledge. I am not trusting their knowledge that they say: “Positive knowledge and technology”; I am not trusting on it or taking any care for that knowledge, no, I am trusting (in the) Heavenly Balance: Heavenly Knowledge (is) balancing your knowledge, your mind productions. Every day TV (is) giving for watches (a) time balance, correcting. Looking and correcting. Every day daily you are in need a correction- what about your knowledge, what do you think? You are using same materials, everyone’s capital (is) from (the) same material, everyone is using (the) same diversion and (the) same methods, so how you are coming to refuse one another one to say: “That is better, that is true”? If you are saying: “That is true”, one billion people (are) saying: “Why? What about ourselves?”
Therefore one balance that every believer must believe and must follow (that) balance (is): “Wa wa’ada al mizan”, the Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “I am putting balance, oh people, you can’t put balance on your knowledge, on your actings or activities or on your lives, you can’t bring a balance. I am bringing, just I put it. If you are happy to keep My Balance, you should be really happy. If not, you can’t reach any good end, full pleasure or a full honoured final. You can’t reach. You must use My Balance.”
What about our people now? What we are saying is real reality and truth. Take truth from true ones! Whom they are? Whom they are using Heavenly Balance, they are true only. Other people (are the) slaves of their ego and slaves and servants of Shaitan. Therefore people finished.
We are saying according to Heavenly Knowledge. You ever hear this through TV, through broadcasting, from government people? You can hear such things (that they say): “According to our Lords Balance that is mentioned through traditional knowledge”? And Shaitan (is) cheating people and making them to throw (Heavenly Knowledge) away, not to put (it) in their teaching centers, not to put in it traditional knowledge, they are saying: “No value. Value what we are putting.” Eh- what you are putting! And we were on that point: People are proud ones. Proud ones with which (thing)? With nothing!
And today is a new day and it has 24 hours. That is what we are coming on it from traditional Heavenly Knowledge. That these foolish people, drunk people, no mind people, never understanding people, square head people, the members of animal world people, are not understanding, they are not accepting what we are saying- traditional knowledge. “No”, they are saying, “We are not accepting.” “Bring what you are bringing from truth, from reality for this planet and through this space. Bring us a solid knowledge, unchangeable knowledge, bring and teach us!” No…
Traditional knowledge (is) saying that every day has 24 hours and every hour is like a wardrobes drawer. We have been offered to put something; not to leave that drawers empty, (but) to put in it something. Believers are trying to put through their drawers some precious jewels, (they are) trying to fill it, because (according to) traditional knowledge that (is) reaching to mankind through Prophets- heavenly chosen ones- they are saying that: “Coming once again every day on the Day of Resurrection for everyone- everyone’s wardrobe and drawers through all his life.” And what they put in it? (The) first hour of your whole life, of your life’s days (is) in one drawer going. You are going to look what is in it, what you put in it. You are not seeing now, it is going to appear to you (on) the Day of Resurrection and you are looking.
People are going to be repented. For what? Because some people (are) leaving (their) drawers empty. Someones (are) filling it with dirtiness, someone (are) filling it with scorpions or snakes, some people (are) filling it with straw, some of them (with) no value things, some of them (are) filling it with stones, but not precious stones. Some of them (are) filling with precious stones…People (are) looking and saying: “Oh! What we were saving? What we were putting on our days and hours through our life?” They should be there repented, but they lost their chance, because it was biggest grant that the Lord of Heavens who created man to be His deputies on this planet just granted to them such precious jewels that (He) never granted to others, (not) even (to) Angels.
And you should say: “Ohhh- what we shall do now?” You were not using divinely Balance, oh man, you were not using (the) heavenly balance.” To look (the) measure of some golden- you are going to jeweller to understand its value. Some (are) 4, some (are) 24… You never used that balance, now (you are) saying: “Why, what happened to me?”
Your foolishness (is) making you to be in (the) divine Presence in such a shame, to be ashamed. (When) Allah Almighty (is) asking: “Oh my servant, that is your collection! You like it? Look what you collected through your life. Look now. If you like, I like it. If you say: “No”, I am never happy with this” - what you are going to answer? Dunya, Dunya, Dunya, to save Dunya, running after Dunya through our mind productions we are running after it, but finally it is nothing, going to be blame for (the) owner of that wardrobe and (its) drawers.
Oh people, don’t forget to use (the) Heavenly Balance. Don’t say like those foolish people that: “We have only balance according to our mindly productions and we are not in need (of) another balance (like the one) that you are believing.” Don’t be from those foolish people, they are drunk ones, they are on (the) wrong way, (they are) mistaken ones.
That is…people running. whole life of people- look what (they are) gaining, to where they are reaching. I was asking someone- now so many people (are) coming and complaining, I am asking: “Where is your husband?” And she is answering: “Working.” “Working? Long time I am not seeing him.” “Yes”, she is saying, “he is working.” “Even I don’t think I met him since years.” And he lives really ¼ hour from our place, but I am not seeing him. But she is repeating, saying: “Working.” “Good. I think he is so hard working one, he bought half of your village?” And she is saying: “We have more and more debts on ourselves. Not taking, but we are falling under huge debts, banks are asking to take everything from us, therefore we are trying so hard to cover or debts and to be free from debts. Therefore we are working.” “You are working for your ego, for Shaitan, and Shaitan (is) making you under such heavy burden. If you are going to work for your Lord, He never makes you under heavy burden, (He is) taking from you every burden, (and) you should be so light, like Angels.”
People (are) cheated. What is reason? Because they are not using their mind, they are not using their willpower and mind to change their ways from mistaken to true direction, to be happy here and Hereafter. They are not asking. They are doing, as they like, never interesting (in) what the Lord of Heavens sending to us, (a) balance for every movement, for every activity that we are in and people are going to be punished, beginning from here up to (the) Day of Resurrection.
May Allah make us to awake and to understand and to follow (the) steps of (the) servants of (the) Lord. If you are not stepping on their steps, you are loosing and you are running to Hells.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

Sunday, 2oth

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…
It is an association. May Allah grant us something from His endless Favours to keep ourselves on His servanthood level, not to go on wrong directions. Wrong directions are wrong ways, reaching to Dunya.
When the Children of Israel were getting disobedient to their Lord, (when) they were refusing the Holy Commands of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty (was) punishing them 4o years through the dessert of Sinai. 4o years. They did wrong and therefore they had been imprisoned. If you are not doing wrong, (you are) not going to be imprisoned. And it was their jail, prison.
They were sleeping in that prison, (it was the) first night, then they were saying: “Oh, now (the) sun (is) rising, we are looking and seeing everywhere, every direction. We are seeing (that) this place is a free prison- no guardians, no wires, no barbed wires, every direction we are looking it is an empty land, we are seeing that it is not a prison that Moses (is) saying (that) his Lord (is) imprisoning us through this land. We are looking it is not an ordinary prison, that means it is only as a symbol- outlooking looking like prison, but it is not (really a prison). Symbolic prison. Name is prison but it is not real prison.” They were sitting like you, heedless people, heedless heads and they were saying, big Rabbis: “We must not be here, we must move to get out”…each ones beard more than X’s beard…”We must move to find our ways from this prison, to make ourselves free! So that, oh tribes of Children of Israel, free march, we must move!” And they were beginning. Coming their provisions from Heavens, eating, drinking and they were saying: “We must not sit here, we must try to find our way out from this symbolic prison.” And they began. Beginning, from morning marching, walking, running to find their ways out of that land of Sinai. They were going, going, going, and beginning from sun rising to sunset. (Then) they were coming, looking: “Oh, we are on same place.” Then they were saying: “We must look tomorrow other directions, we are (yet) not using that direction, we must use another direction to get out”, and second day they were beginning a new march to get out from that symbolic prison. But really it was a real prison.
(The) first wrong thing of them was to think that it is a symbolic prison, they were not thinking that the Lord of Heavens has Power and Will to do everything as He wills! They were not thinking on it that who is saying that place to be prison for them that is not like themselves. Wrong thing! And they were running to get out and to jump or to get over the Will of their Lord- to jump and to run away. They were thinking to run away from that prison.
Another sin, another wrong, another big mistake, another big sin for them (was) to think that they may jump over the will of that One who (was) imprisoning them there. They were not thinking, they were saying: “We may get out.” Another bad manner, big sin; they were not coming to say: “Tubna wa raja’na illa-llah! We are mistaken, our Lord, You save ourselves!” Saying: “No, it is only symbolic prison, we may get out!” Allah Allah! Look! And they were under the teachings of S.Moses, Musa, a.s. And Musa a.s. was knowing that (the) punishment must continue, but they were not coming to say: “Musa, we are going to get out. What you are saying? What is your opinion?” No, they were saying like democratic people: “Get out, no need to ask Prophet!” And 4o years every day (they were) making another mistake, another wrong thing that (was) making the punishment from Allah Almighty to be fixed on them, not to be taken up, until all of them died and (were) buried on that land.
(The) biggest wrong or (the) biggest mistake for them what was it? (The) biggest mistake, (the) biggest fault for them? They were asking a direction, a way for their physical beings to be free; they were not asking the ways that (are) reaching to their Lord Allah Almighty! If they were asking (that), just that (same) night they should find themselves out of that prison! But 4o years they were asking a way to save themselves from that land to another land for the pleasure of their physical being, because they were unrest, unhappy and (there was) no peace for them. That feelings (that) are coming to every prisoner, just fell on them and they were thinking only for their physical being to save their physical being from that heavy burden, from that dark place, from the atmosphere of prison; they were asking only for their physical beings pleasure and peace.
They were never asking… that all was wrong way, every direction they were moving was
similar to the past direction and they were all moving on (the) same wrong direction. Even they were using different ways, but it was wrong directions; only were asking to save their physical being from that dessert and to be free with their physical beings to reach pleasure of their physical desires and to ask for their physical being a peace.
They (were) never thinking on (the) right direction that (the) right direction was only one: to Allah! Without moving 4o years on directions- if 4o million directions, all directions were wrong directions! And (the) right direction, true direction for saving themselves from the heavy burden of prison, to make them free from that prison, was only to direct themselves towards their Lord Allah Almighty. One (way), no need (a) second (way)!
And now, oh people, (the) whole world (is) imprisoned on this globe and (they are) making everything global, and (they are) using hundred or thousand kinds of directions that their imagination (is) bringing them into their minds and they are looking to find a way to save themselves (from) what now (the) whole world fell in it- Allah Almighty (is) imprisoning (the) 21st century people. All of them and all governments (are) running to find a way to release themselves from the heaviness and darkness and violence that they (are) saying: “Violence (is) climbing for the reason of terrorism” and everywhere terror seeds (are) just planted and growing up and they are not knowing what they can do; they are using so many ways to stop it- it is impossible. From (the) beginning (they are) on wrong ways, therefore no result. As long as looking and seeing: instead to come down, that (terror is) growing up, because they are using countless imaginated directions through their mentalities to stop it and it is impossible.
(The) only right way, right direction (is) to turn to the divine Presence of the Lord of Heavens and to say: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!” As long as they are not coming to say: “Oh or Lord, save ourselves”, Allah Almighty is leaving them as He left the Children of Israel through the dessert of Sinai. All of them passed away and then (He brought a) new generation. Allah Almighty (was) ordering to be taken away (every disobedient one) and (then those), whom (they were) asking their Lords pleasure, their Lord’s pleasement, their Lord’s peace, (when they were) doing this, that time (for the) new generation Allah (Almighty was) sending them (Prophet Yusha a.s.) and taking them away from that prison and giving them honour, because they were saying: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!”
21st century people all of them (are) heedless- Muslim world and Non-Muslim world, because they are not asking, not taking up their hands to say: “Oh Lord of Heavens, save ourselves from this bad situation, worst situation, from terrorism and violence!” As long as they are not saying (this), all of them should pass away. That time (the) Children of Israel were (only) one handful people, now (the) all world (is) on wrong direction, asking to save themselves, (but) it is impossible. Wrong directions countless, right direction only one: to say: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!”
They are so proud people living now on earth. Everyone (is) claiming to be a Nimrod from king-size to miniature-size. Allah should take them away and (should) remaining on earth only (the) new generation, whom they are asking Lords pleasure and contentment, asking their Lord’s favours. They should be saved and granted what they were asking.
May Allah forgive me and bless you to understand that point that never going to finish. That is the key what we are saying now.
You heard (about) the prison of Sinai but today’s inspiration coming on it is just the declaration of truth and also it is a warning, heavenly warning for mankind on earth, that they should be under heavy punishment from Heavens to come on them and to save themselves, to carry themselves from this life to graveyard, as people whom they were with Prophets were saved and others just taken away.
Now a handful people asking from Allah Almighty (from) His endless Power Ocean to involve and to take away that ’sharr’, that cursing, to close down cursing, because cursing (is) coming from Heavens and (it is) growing under the feet of mankind.
I was hearing today that there was a hurricane coming to the capital of Turks- that never take any care for their Lords Commands- coming and taking one area away. That is a warning, that means: “Oh mankind, we are here! Any time we may come on you and we may take all of you! If I am sending a big hurricane, (it is) taking all of you inside and carrying you to an ocean, to sea, and leaving you inside and going to be your capital empty, and your houses empty and in ruins!” That is big warning that happened to Turkish government firstly.
May Allah forgive us and send us for His chosen and powerful, heavenly powered servants to take away wrong ones and to bring people (to the) right direction and (the) right direction (is) only towards their Lord Allah Almighty. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Saturday, 19th

Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded ya Rijalallah, Destur, ya ‘Ibadu-llahi salihien…Without the Awliya the world would be finished long time, they are keeping it…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah, All Mighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…
It is an association and the essence of association, essence of the teachings of Prophets, is
to glorify our Lord Almighty Allah. Glorifying Allah! We must learn that before everything must learn people. Therefore when we were small ones, first out parents were trying to make that baby first childhood that beginning asking to speak to make his first word the Holy Name of Allah Almighty, to say: “Allah!” and to teach him also a little bit further: “Hu, Hu, Hu…”, after a while to make that new one to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah…” First teaching must be glorifying of our Lord Almighty Allah. That is most and most and most important point that mankind now never taking any care either for small one or big ones. They are not trying to teach new ones to say: “Allah”, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, to say: “Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws. First step that must be- glorifying who created that one and who granted to you, oh heedless man. That is a grant to you from your Lord Almighty Allah that new baby. Therefore you must try to open his words his speech her speech by saying: “Allah, Allah, Allah…, la ilaha ill-Allah”, to begin with holy words, to speak. Who may be on that way, that is in our authority to do that, we can do this. But we can’t do anything when a person going to die to make him to say “Allah”, or to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, it is out of our authority. Therefore at the end of our lives…it is out of our order, out of our authority to make a person to say, to make his last words to say: “Allah”, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, but we hope if we are trying to make little one small one to begin to say his first words holy words holy Name of Allah Almighty we hope that it is going to be granted the last word of that one when he is passing away from this life to be last words: “Allah” and: “La ilaha ill-Allah”.
People now are heedless from the most important point of our lives. That is our foundation of our lives. If our lives just built on that strong foundation, your life building never going to fall down. You can be in it in safety here and Hereafter. If not, those people going to be under any kind of danger, danger must be through his life, following him. Because whom never thinking for holy aspects that they have been offered, always they are under danger, danger following them, no balance for them. They don’t know if they are going like this it is danger for them or going like that, going to be in safety. Therefore everyone who cut off themselves from heavenly orders, through every moment, every second, they may be attacked by dangerous things from right side or from left side or from their front or from their behind or from their heads side or from under their feet. Six directions may fall on them some dangerous things making them if he is going to complete this what it is destroyed for example from right hand, till that going to be complete, coming another attack form his left direction. He is trying to save himself and to be as an original one, till he is doing that, coming another attack from in front of them a danger, making another damage on them so that those people who are not taking any care saying: “I don’t care for heavenly orders, I am a free one. I can do everything, because I am powerful, because I am rich one, or because I am such an important VIP person”…Ehhh, if not coming from outside, coming danger one day saying: “Oh, my stomach”, or may say: “Oh my head”, or one day may say: “Oh my heart” or may say: “Oh my back”…from inside coming…If not from outside, from inside coming- what are you doing? If you are President, if you are King, if you are VIP person, richest one, and you can’t move from your chair, saying: “I can’t walk, I can’t move”, bringing this bed that they are putting sick one on it and carrying quickly, coming from ambulance emergency, quickly coming and taking him from where? From fire stairs. Fire stairs is easy, because can’t be in lift. “Oh my friend. What about… how are you?” “Don’t ask.” “How? You are chief one, what happened to you, why you are not keeping yourself?” “I don’t know, it was such a unseen spear coming on my back and just touching on my back I finished…”
Man just created weak, very weak, but they are not thinking on it, they are saying that: “We can do everything, without we are not in need to be a relationship through Heavens, we are not accepting such things.” Eh- now look after yourself.
Therefore people, if they are not arranging their lives according to heavenly Commands, always through every moment may touch to him something that he is snot going to be happy. May be billionaire, may be Kings, may be President, may be anyone that may claim: “I am this one or that one”, no. Therefore heavenly teachings (are) asking to wake up nations, to wake up people to think on it. Heavenly Commands (are) making people to think, but Shaitan (is) making people and saying to them: “Don’t think on anything.” Heavenly Order is ordering for thinking, shaitanic teaching is saying: “No, you must not think on such things.“ That is biggest cursing now on people.
One person was asking me for some country that it was richest country, but now (is) going to be (a) poorest country and the governors of that country (is) thinking, asking: “How we can save ourselves from coming down economically?” And there was an answer: “(It is happening) because your involved in heavenly Orders; you tried to change nature. When you tried to change nature the Lord of Nature (is) punishing you. The Creator of this planet ,(who is) giving its rules to nature, He is not happy what you are doing against nature. You are trying to change nature, He is not happy, the Lord of this planet, the Lord of Heavens is not happy with you, therefore He is asking you…
Therefore, first of all, what you did wrongly, you must come back, you must try to correct what you did wrongly. Wrong things must be corrected. As long as you are insisting on wrong attempts and leaving (the) real rules of nature, you are fighting nature and its rules, you (are) never going to be as you like. Your life (is) going to be (the) life of people of Hells. You are going to taste every badness, you are going to taste every bad thing. You can’t be able to taste the pleasure of this life.
Even this world is such prison for believers also, but Allah Almighty (is) never leaving them to taste as a prisoner (is) tasting, no, because they have been granted a hope, not (a) hope only, (but) a real Favour from Allah Almighty, saying to them: “Oh My servants, this place is going to be seclusion for you and after seclusion I am taking you to unlimited Paradises and endless pleasure.” This one is something else, another group that they are never believing in such things they are grinding under the mill stones every second. This is a prisoner, that is a prisoner, on same planet, but they are looking for Paradises at the end of their seclusion and other ones are waiting to open the doors of Hells to them. Oh people keep yourself, don’t try to change nature! Nature is under its Creators Command and Rules!
Therefore those countries they are making against the Rules of Nature and they fall down and if they are asking to save themselves, (they) must come back and to live heavenly rules (of) nature and they must follow this. And for whole mankind- they are trying to change the rules for life of mankind. The nature of mankind they are trying to change it. When they are trying to change our natures, (they are) coming and falling in endless troubles and sufferings.
Therefore one way for all nations to save themselves, (is) to take away, to throw away artificial ideas that are teachings of Shaitan and shaitanic ideas (are) making people to go wrong and to change the Rules of nature. When they are doing this, when they are changing this, that commanding nature, they are fighting against you and never giving a chance to you to be rest.
People are thinking: “Oh, when we are coming from Cyprus to Turkey it is going to be changed our situation”, or some people are thinking that if we are going from Pakistan to England, we are passing over this dam and we are reaching to a best life.” No! Where Allah (is) making you to be and giving to you and making your destination, don’t change! You are going to be cursed people through that country. You are not people that you have been honoured in England, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, no! Those people that (are) running to Europe to find a better life, but they are not understanding that they are giving from their honour, making their honour under the feet of that nations and that nations (are) saying: “Why you are coming? Go away!”
Why? Allah granted us so many countries, lands, why (you are) not working on it, keeping nature as Allah Almighty said to you and (you are) running away to find an easy life? Euro! “Oh my friend, every hour 1o Euro.” “What you are taking in Turkey? 3 Euro? Why you are sitting in Turkey? Go to Germany, go to England, go to France and take every hour 1o Euro. If you are working 1o hours, 1oo Euro, in one month 3ooo Euro. Why you are sitting here? Go there!” Oh heedless people! You are taking 3ooo Euro, but you are putting your honour under the feet of Germans or English of French people or Europeans! What is the benefit? But no mind! They are asking to go there to make much more Euros, much more Pounds, much more Dollars- but what is the price to take that amount? The price is to put your honour under their feet. They are saying: “Why you are coming? Who is saying to you to come? Why fighting?” And now (such a) big territory (is) asking to and crying an shouting: “Please accept ourselves” and they are saying: “No!” One word was enough not to ask second time to be with them, but they are putting their honours under the feet of Europeans. But we have honour! Eat dry bread, but don’t go to them! You are fighting against nature. When you make this, you must be under their feet. No one going to enjoy through this life and when they are coming to next life Angels (are) taking them: “You, that one, who not keeping honour of Muslims, going to be servants to those people for Dunya?”
Till they are taking away that idea from themselves and to believe that Allah Almighty is that One who is giving our Rizq, provision, and provision is a grant from Allah Almighty, but our honour that we have been honoured to be Muslims is a much more high grant from Allah Almighty and you are putting that under that to take some money that it is nothing. (Even) if they are opening their treasures, you must not put your honour under their feet.
May Allah forgive me and give us a good understanding to make us to keep our honour every time. Don’t change your honour for some pieces of food- that it is nothing. The sweet food (is) what it is good for you and suitable for your honour. Don’t think that what you eat and drink in European countries is good for you, no. Be patient (with) what Allah Almighty (is) granting to you. Keep your country and make that dam, take it away to come what Allah (is) sending to you. That (is) preventing what Allah (is) sending to nature, to Muslims, believers, because they are running from their homelands to unknown lands, unknown people who are never happy with us. Keep yourself with dry bread and keep your honour!
May Allah give us good understanding and to keep His servanthood. First of all, (before) everything you must think (of) His servanthood and He is (the) only One reaching to you with a sweet life. No one is saying to me up today: “We are living a sweet life in European countries or western countries.” No one (is) saying (this). But we, Alhamdulillah- in our countries we have sweet food that Allah granted us, we are happy. We are thanking to Allah Almighty, we are not making objection (on) what He (is) sending to us, no, everything we have! Give your praising and glorifying to Allah Almighty and teach your children to glorify their Lord Almighty Allah and if you like to save yourself and your children!
May Allah forgive me and grant to you blessings for His pleasure and to keep His Commands and Orders and to keep His Favours by praising. May Allah bless you and His weak servants that believe in Him and in His endless Favours. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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